Teenager Dies In CHAZ/CHOP Shooting

This is what has become of our civilization.

It has been so weakened by Open Society liberalism and delegitimized by anti-racism that it has given up on basic governance and has abandoned our cities to barbarians. This is how civilization ends … with a street medic in an “autonomous zone” wearing a KFC bucket on its head performing CPR on a teenager because the government lacks the will to maintain order.

The Chinese Century has begun.

America is a beacon … of what to the world? Degeneration?

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. In a moral panic about “racism,” we tore up the roots of our civilization and rebuilt every aspect of our society around the goal of promoting racial equality. The spirit of anti-racism has now left us without racial equality or a civilization worth preserving.

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  1. Blacks belong in Africa. It was a monumental error to have brought them here, and equally as wrong to have not returned them back to the jungle post slavery.

  2. Now if Chaz was Waco or Ruby Ridge the feds and coppers would be having no problems at all.

        • What’s foolish is thinking that White Men should emulate Godless, hyper-materialistic, anti-White cheaters, spies, and thieves who embrace the ideology of an 18th century atheist jew.

          • What’s foolish is you Xian conservatives thinking modern China is truly commie and criticizing them for their pro-eugenics 2 child policy, mass sterilizations and abortions, and ethnonationalist immigration laws while drowning out any attempts to do the same in our nation with “the real racists are the Democrat Party! Muh Republicans!”

  3. “This is what has become of our civilization.”

    This is TOLERANCE applied in the wrong direction.

    Where’s the tolerance for race science ?
    Where’s the tolerance for self-selected communities ?
    Where’s the tolerance for dissenting opinions ?

    It seems we have a very kosher version of tolerance.

  4. White people have this urge to intervene, clean up and order chaotic situations.


    Let antifa, blm, and cops all kill each other, and let the Starbucks burn.

    Focus on defending our people, and our businesses.

    You should be celebrating every time these mutants off one another, or burn down some corporation (which all support BLM via massive donations anyways)

  5. The establishment running the Republican Party are making this country look pure stupid. What you think all the foreign countries think about us now? We’ll go all over the Middle East fighting ignorant Wars for Israel. However we can’t use our own military and end all these Domestic Terrorists and Protesters. Peaceful or not…..all of them are enemies of this country and should be arrested. It’s time we put the Constitution and Bill of Rights away where it belongs and advance with a Nationalist policy. It’s time we stop fighting War for Israel and use our military and restore peace and order here in America. Deo Vindice !

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