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Is America entering a new Crisis?

Is this Crisis being brought about by anti-racism?

A few days ago, I had lunch with a friend who works for Amazon. He showed me a series of threatening internal emails that Amazon has sent to its employees about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. Basically, the upshot of the emails was that no dissent was allowed on the subject and that any employee suspected of racism would not only be investigated and fired, but reported to the police.

After banning countless books from its platform on the grounds of “racism,” this is what Amazon Prime is now giving a platform:

This comes after Al Pacino’s “Hunters”:

Do you see where woke supremacy is going?

How does this not end in tyranny and racist genocide of Whites? An orgy of racial hatred is being cultivated against Millennials, Zoomers and the Homeland generation.

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  1. Conservatives told me it’s “socialism” to regulate corporations like Amazon. Corporations are people too and Jeff Bezos is a billionaire due to the Free Market and redistributing his wealth is welfare because lazy poor people don’t know how to work hard!.

    We must fight the Communist Democrats who are the REAL RACISTS!

    • Consider this TV show a warning of what these animals have in store for us, they couldn’t telegraph their intentions more clearly. The Negroes and their handlers hate us. Their attitudes were not reasoned into so they cannot be reasoned out of these attitudes either. There is no middle ground, no modus vivendi, no compromise possible with these people. The Republicans would be the ones to sell us into slavery if they could.

  2. Actually, many black Muslim sheiks and pashas owned white Christian slaves in the past, how ironic.

      • Looks like he directs rap music videos mostly, so definitely works for Jews in that capacity. Could just be a whigger who has gone all the way and fully assimilated into negro culture.

        • ” a whigger who has gone all the way and fully assimilated into negro culture.”

          Yeah …….with a big cash incentive.

        • He works in close association with ICM partners, c Silbermann, j berg, m levy etc.

          Always the same pattern.

      • Without kosher funding, 99.9% of this racial poison would not exist.

        The remainder would be some crazed john Brown clone, who would either be shot or locked in an institution.

  3. That movie was not made in May 2020.

    This is a long time comin…..

    I saw all this coming decades ago.

    • Ppl with good sense saw this coming in the 1950s, with the integration of schools.

      The trajectory of this scheme is obvious, to any clear thinker.

  4. Snooze-fest! They did stuff like this years ago with John Travolta in a flick called White Mans Burden (1995?)

    And a stage version of Othello starring Patrick Stewart where the races were reversed all the way back in 1997.

    Snore… Just the same ole’anti-Whiteness oozing out of the sick entertainment industry for decades.

    Think I am going to go play some indie video games instead or read a book that hasn’t been infected with anti-White themes. There are alternatives!

  5. Of course I knew that Amazon is all kinds of woke and shady, but this is the last straw. I cannot possibly buy anything from them anymore. This is demonic evil and the whole company should be violently purged.

    • Why is Black world so far in the past?
      They couldnt invent the automobile?
      I call an intersectionality fowl or subtle racism or something.

      • “They couldnt invent the automobile?”

        They couldn’t invent the wheel or a number system , much less anything mechanical.

  6. Do you really think blacks don’t know what the Jews are up to? Do you really think so?

  7. That libcuck White woman is going to get a painful lesson in “White fragility” real soon…

  8. People acting like Whites have never been slaves, or that other races have never had slavery, are really too stupid to live. Slavery still exists in the world, of course, in non-White countries like Libya and Mauritania. But it’s all Whitey’s fault, even though Whitey stopped the Barbary and West African slave trades. It didn’t work out well for us, this extending a helping hand to ungrateful savages. They ended up hating us and wanting to kill us anyway. F^ck ’em all.

    • “. But it’s all Whitey’s fault, ”

      Sure, the ((master manipulators)) know what sob sisters the Whites are, for any outsider.

  9. now everybody is a slave to the revolutionary jew…we failed to heed the warnings now we live and die with the aftermath

  10. Africa for African Americans! Get the heck out of our Nations! The future of the right wing is now and that future is White Nationalism! Deo Vindice !

  11. I looked on the retard’s Twitter. This white trash wigger asshole Dale Resteghini. He is a 51 year old still pretending to be a young tough guy. Apparently he has a criminal record. Went into stupid rap video crap. The guy is literally promoting murder of whites. Even some blacks are writing on it saying they don’t like what he’s doing.

    As usual it’s all just riot promotion. Typical scumbag saying how the police keep killing blacks. Yeah 8 unarmed blacks killed by police compared to 8 thousand blacks killed overwhelmingly by other blacks last year. Total demon spawn, 51 year old criminal scumbag, liar filth.

    Of course he is Trump obsessed. Puts up posts of some lunatic woman from San Francisco who hates Trump. This is why I am voting for Trump despite him being a bumbler. No other president exposes these psychotic demons like Trump does. For some reason he has this ability to raise these demons from their sewers like no other. With all this shit going on, I have no doubt a Trump victory would bring out nationwide riots.

    Trump turned out to be a singles hitter when we were hoping for a homerun hitter. I believe there is at least a chance he will become a doubles hitter if reelected. The fact he gets these lunatic serpents so crazy is worth my one vote!

    • “I believe there is at least a chance he will become a doubles hitter if reelected.”

      Now who’s being stupid? The man is a failure. Enraging the left is the only reason to vote for him.

  12. In the Italian Social Republic business entities were not allowed to rise beyond a certain point and any company guilty of disloyalty or economic malfeasance was confiscated and turned into an employee or worker owned entity. Now tell me again how Fascism is the fusion of big business and goverment? Try this: Revolutionary Fascism by Erik Norling.

  13. “any employee suspected of racism would not only be investigated and fired, but reported to the police.”

    The police, of course, will respond by saying “stop bothering us with bullshit non-crimes.”

    They always do in these cases.

    This is the end result of Yankeeism and the New England Moral-Political Paradigm. You can’t blame the Jews for taking over a system created by Yankees. It was, after all, a golden opportunity for them. They didn’t haf to work hard at building it up over generations, like they had to in other countries. The machinery of subversion was already in place. It was a turnkey operation, complete with helpful minions.

    • “Yankeeism”? Yeah, like the pro-Israel evangelical Bible thumpers that constitute the majority of white Southerners are more redpilled on the JQ and HBD than Yankees like Tom Metzger, Richard Spencer (Boston born), Nick Fuentes, or James Allsup, right? While Northerner George Lincoln Rockwell was speaking and touring the nation during the ’60s, the Southern Rebels were dismissing him for his criticism of Israel, Jews, the Bible, organized religion, and for his support of national socialism. Southerners are probably the biggest Gentile philo-Semites you’ll ever meet.
      “Yeehaw! Israel is the promised land and may the South rise again! Praise Jeeeezus!” LOL!

  14. I Don’t even want to watch the trailer it looks so freaking stupid and a evil revisionist antiwhite fantasy. Leave it up to the scum in Hollywood and its satanic elites to racebait and ok this antiwhite bullshit

    Did Spike “the midget bitch” Lee come up with this trash show?! Guess it doesn’t really matter who directed it but it looks like his work or that Taratino douchebag, his Django film was heading in that direction. If there was ever a Django 2 it would basically be Cracka btw Jamie Foxx is a bad actor and a unlikeable pos I want the 2 hours back I wasted watching that boring trash of a movie

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