Wendy’s: Thank You For Burning Our Stores To The Ground

This is beyond parody.

Note: Now that progressive liberalism has become indistinguishable from Afrocentric Marxism, I propose a new flag, anthem and name for our failed state to replace the American flag and the Star Spangled Banner of AmeriKKKa. This is inspired by Mobutu Sese Seko’s Zaire. It is hard to imagine Joe Biden descending from the clouds like The Leopard on CNN though.

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  1. White hating corporate America deserves whatever their White hating pets dish out to them.

    • Unbridled, globohomo, laissez-faire capitalism which privatises gains and socialises losses is an integral part of the liberal project. It has started to devour its own now, the logical end result of its warped, greedy ideology.

  2. These statue toppling have created a Hitler. He’s around 30, or maybe a she. This person has seen the erasure of these statues and it’s snapped something in them. Maybe they thought the Charlottesville UTR was stupid and racist, but now they know. Every voter will cast their vote wincing at the image of these statue attacks for a decade. Once seen it can’t be unseen.

  3. Hahaha Val Kilmer turned into a old woman lol

    I can’t even say I like one of his films now hes virtue signaling for relevance by quoting maya Angela the black communist. Last film I saw him in was the saint wasnt that good was basically a knockoff bond movie.

    I remember falling asleep and having to re watch the ending this was like 10 years ago The Russians in the film were depicted as either as vodka drinking peasants or evil kgb agents obsessed with destroying America

    • Val was hot stuff in the 80’s. Now he’s a has been. In other celebrity news (((Wynona Rider))) claims Mel Gibson called her an “oven dodger”.

      • I sort of like wynona rider yeah I know shes half heeb but still so its disappointing she’d throw Mel under the bus like this especially considering these comments are 10 years old and is just being rehashed to get Mel Gibson in trouble.

        What a time for her to do this he was doing voice work for chicken run 2 . I previously until yesterday had no idea this was in development I love Nick Parks films and I’m a sucker for claymation. I remember seeing Chicken run in the theaters with my dad 20 years ago he died last july from pancreatic cancer so I’m gutted that Mel Gibson won’t be returning to voice his role

        Tombstone wasn’t bad but I thought Wyatt Earp filmed a year later with Kevin Costner was better done as a western epic Its actually my favorite cowboy film I’d say. Top gun is a classic to be fair but god does Val Kilmer look absolutely pathetic now with the long hair and the virtue signaling for brownie points

        • Kilmer recently recovered from throat cancer. His voice sounds horrible, and I believe it is permanently damaged. I don’t know if he’ll ever again find a decent acting job. I hope he saved up his Hollyweird shekels.

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