Coronavirus: 6/25

United States +40,184

California +5,440

Texas +5,960

Florida +5,000

Georgia +1,714

Arizona +3,056

North Carolina +1,147

Alabama +1,142

Mississippi +1,092

South Carolina +1,125

I know many of you are wondering why I have stopped writing about the coronavirus especially now that it is surging back as I said it would and is dominating the news again.

For almost six months, I wrote about the subject until I was blue in the face. Then on Memorial Day shortly before the George Floyd riots, I wrote “maybe this will set us down the path to becoming a serious country again. If not though, we will all know once and for all where we stand.”

After everything that has transpired, I would say we now know where we stand. I quit tracking the virus on a daily basis because nothing is going to be done about it. Nature will take its course.

I’ve given up on this country.

Here are the latest numbers:

The South: 6/25

MS: 24,516 cases, 1,016 deaths

AL: 33,206 cases, 896 deaths

SC: 29,022 cases, 693 deaths

GA: 71,095 cases, 2,745 deaths

TX: 137,152 cases, 2,334 deaths

FL: 114,018 cases, 3,329 deaths

LA: 53,494 cases, 3,172 deaths

AR: 18,062 cases, 240 deaths

KY: 14,617 cases, 546 deaths

OK: 11,948 cases, 375 deaths

WV: 2,694 cases, 92 deaths

VA: 59,946 cases, 1,675 deaths

MO: 19,950 cases, 1,006 deaths

NC: 57,385 cases, 1,332 deaths

TN: 38,034 cases, 567 deaths

U.S. cases:

6/1: 1,859,323

6/2: 1,881,205 

6/3: 1,901,783 

6/4: 1,924,051 

6/5: 1,965,708

6/7: 2,007,449

6/8: 2,026,493 

6/9: 2,045,549 

6/11: 2,089,701

6/12: 2,116,922 

6/13: 2,142,224 

6/14: 2,162,228 

6/15: 2,182,950

6/16: 2,208,400 

6/25: 2,504,588 <— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

6/1: 730

6/2: 1,134

6/3: 1,083

6/4: 1,031

6/5: 975

6/7: 373

6/8: 588

6/11: 904

6/12: 791

6/13: 702

6/14: 331

6/15: 425

6/16: 849

6/25: 649 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 126,780 dead

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    • Hunter,

      What is the plugin you are using for the comments section. It plays Youtube videos but doesn’t embed the tweets?

  1. I really hope you consider continuing these updates, even if just weekly. The death rate should start peaking again, lagging behind the increased infections.

  2. You’re doubling down on the covid BS yet again? Anyone who believes these numbers, which from the very beginning were patently fake, can never be trusted. If you have a mathematical background, you can see that the numbers given for those tested, for those whose tests were positive for exposure, for those hospitilized and for those who died could not have occured naturally. For example, the number of times a given sample contained the number 33 were beyond mathematical probability. I could go on but at this point you are beyond hope. I really hope your readers take the time to go back and review the numbers released at the beginning of the year. For example, take the the numbers given for a positive exposure and devide by the number of deaths reported. That the numbers are wholly made up from the beginning and could not have been the result of disease and death, will sink into the thickest of skulls.
    You are an embarassment.

    • You have been confused by the “re-opening” (big business) propaganda-featured “mortality rate,” which is still very low because so few have been infected yet.

      Look at the infection and case mortality rates, and excess deaths in areas of the U.S. where the disease first hit and you will change your mind.

      • Yes, it’s the excess death rates that tell the real story on how deadly a disease really is. I don’t quite trust the CDC numbers, but their estimate of excess deaths in the US since 2/1 is 111,720 — 154,575. That leaves a lot of wiggle room, but even the low end of the estimate shows this ain’t just the flu.

  3. All these 125000 deaths could have been avoided if immediate mitigation methods had been implemented. We could be like Taiwan, Thailand or Czechia, with deaths in the 100s.

    Instead, we have president Kushner and his economic/disease disaster building momentum to a greater disaster, all because ” their such smart people “.

    • This is a second rate country, based on a foundation of lies. Cant really expect competent responses to a public health issue, or any other problem.

  4. Don’t lose hope Brad. We just need some leadership that is probably working it’s way to the top as I type this.

  5. Thanks for the update. Martensen is good, though not political. A good point he makes in this video is that 70 to 99% of the deaths in the U.S. would not have happened if “our” government had taken a strong public health stance like some other developed nations.

    Fox News’ favorite medical expert Doctor Siegel cleverly downplays the danger of the pandemic for the pro-business “news” channel, and he says he is an admirer of Moses Maimonides (aka Rambam) – a major influence in his life:

  6. You would have made a fortune investing, if you used the same forecasting methods you applied to this subject!

    • Hunter’s forecasting is a sign of intelligence. Genius-level IQs in my locality have been aware of the pandemic since and began preparing for it in January.

  7. China has pioneered a new “industrial” approach to testing. Many samples are mixed together and tested with a single test, which is considered sufficient if there is no positive result. If there is a positive result, each person is contacted and sampled again and tested separately. In no time at all, millions are tested. But the U.S. will not be able to do the same thing, not just because “our” government “can’t afford it” but also because getting most Americans sampled even one time is nearly impossible.

  8. Good. Maybe this will wake up the anti-government, anti-vaccination, anti-fluoridation, paranoid libertarian types who think even the NRA is too moderate. Then again, knowing how kooky they are with their tinfoil hats, probably not.

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