White Devils

In the last days of progressive liberalism, future historians will recall how it had degenerated into nothing more than the We Wuz Kangz Afrocentrism of 25 years ago.

This was written by the founder of the New York Times’ 1619 Project:

Dey came before Columbus!

White man stole our civilization!

Sure, they didn’t make it as far as the Azores, Canary Islands or São Tomé and Príncipe, but black people traveled all the way to Central America where they taught Native Americans how to build pyramids!

White supremacy is the only thing holding them back from Wakanda!

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  1. All Ghana d needed to do was hop on a raft and let the trade wind take them. Never did bother though…

  2. Never mind that the actual pyramid builders hated blacks (Nubians) with a passion.

    Blacks, a race that never domesticated a single animal, invented a wheel or a number system. Yes, they were great innovators.

    • For someone who hates white people I guaranfuckingtee she lives like an upper class, suburban WASP ca. 1920 with her books, nice house, white neighbors, money, expensive cars and avoidance of ghetto blacks like the plague. She is at the top of the heap of this rotten society now, she knows how to play the “racism” racket like a Stradivarius, however. Too bad for her that the tune has been called, it’s about done.

    • You left out Negroes never even invented an alphabet, seafaring boat, metal tools, or a structure beyond a hut. In fact, even their oral languages were so incomplete their Semitic colonizers ended up LOANING words to them to create more complete languages (research the history of Swahili). The ONLY Negroes who’ve achieved anything significant were either Negroes mixed with non-Negro ancestry (ie Nubians, Charles Drew, Condi Rice) OR Negroes born and raised in the West.
      This shouldn’t be surprising given the average IQ of a Negro is 60-70. A Negro-American’s average IQ is 85, but that figure includes anyone who the Census regards as black which means someone who is 99% nonblack and 1% Negro can be included in it. If you exclude the multiracial people lumped in with Negroes and only point out jet black Negroes, the average IQ of those raised in a First World nation is 75-80.

  3. There are no people on earth that I dislike enough to wish that they had large numbers of black people in their society. The article of that black woman was part ludicrous and so filled with hate and stupidity it was incredible.

    It is the obvious tactic of hate disguised thinly as fighting hate. Logic against such a person is wasted. Ultimately, the main thing is to have power. If you do then you make the rules. If you don’t then you get destroyed sooner rather than later.

    White people gave up their power in the USA decades ago. I have never read of any case in history where a powerful people voluntarily gave other races equal power and then superior power. It is not natural.

    • I don’t think anyone has so meticulously described it quite like physicist Frederick Lindemann….. the abdication of the white man. A lot of people don’t like those words but despite all the indications that trouble was brewing, the silence was deafening. And in the end, that silence became implied consent.

        • Most of the abdication revolves around the money supply and who’s in charge of it, as well as the Jew “sorcery” and its powerful rituals. The money printing machine is more powerful than presidents and kings.

          It’s not really that the white man abdicated, it’s that white men in the pinnacles of power sold their souls along with their brothers and sisters.

          • Critina, ignore them. Instead of respecting an obvious truth, they attack the messenger. You are 100% correct in your assessment of the white race and logic cannot explain its elusive origin. The signs are there if one wishes to “observe.”

            I will always remember one of the most profound comments I read many years ago regarding “the abdication.” I believe it was on American Renaissance probably a good 10 years ago. It went something like this….. As we were leaving San Francisco, I turned around to admire one last time, my beautiful city on the hill. I gazed upon the magic we had surrendered and all the glory that could have been.

          • Snowhitey,

            I thank you as always for your kindness and wisdom. I usually refuse to watch movies with a western european setting unless it is more than 30 years ago. I like to imagine the way it was.

            My family is enthralled with Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best. We do not know how realistic it is but it does portray a society that looks so much better than now that it seems like a fantasy.

            My grandmother who was born in the USA before WW2 turned me on to 1950’s music. I now know about Ricky Nelson, Perry Como etc. Oh and Patti Page.
            She was angry and hurt with the riots and police/military stand down. She is a USA citizen and used to think your country was wonderful until the 1970’s.

            She blames integration for a lot of the problems. I think you know what my people think of the dark ones.

          • Thank you, Cristina. I have been told by many elders that the 1950’s was the best time of all to be an American. It was a really fabulous country until…. the civil rights movement and the you know-who’s and their co-horts starting our massive decline.

    • Cutting words you wrote, I’m on board with that,

      But my Mexican friend. Your people are cutting heads of kids and women, all the time.

      All the time.

      So save your sympathy for your people. We don’t need you here.

      Wanna see some videos of what you people do in Mexico. I have a few. Chainsaws and unreal savagery.

      The problem is we let people like you here.

      • For what its worth, these vatos are chopping themselves up for the privilege of making mucho dinero by keeping plenty of cocaine flowing at elite parties from Miami to Boston and Los Angeles to Seattle.

    • Go to borderland beat and see the dead reporters in your nation. The cartels murder them and rape the women. All the time.

      Savages. And you are a savage too.

      Don’t get high ground moralistic here, ma’am, stay in Mexico.

    • Christina, I’ve been quiet and let you roll here.

      So let’s talk about Mexico. Been there. That place is a sewer. And you know that. The violence down there is unreal. Not even a comparison to any of our cities. I know this, you know this.

      So you are here talking down to Americans, ma’am. Check your area and get back to me.

      It is people like you that fuck things up.

      But you know if your big mouth was aimed at your people you’d be dead. It is that way in your area.

      Why did you come here anyway? For a better life, right? On my dime

      • Ron,

        I am here because my family has had land on the American side as well as on the Mexican side since the 19th century. I have the same nice lifestyle on either side of the border. My brothers and sisters go to nice private, expensive schools whether in Mexico or the USA.

        I am just as aware of the savageries of Mexico as anyone but that is not the current subject. People condemn the cartels all the time. I have and will condemn the situation in Mexico whenever the subject arises. All honest Mexicans are aware of what happens in a society full of Indians and mixed people.

        Also, it is not costing you any money for me to be here. Better call up your politicians and tell them what you think instead.

        Calling me ma’m was interesting. I am considered too young to be addressed so.

        I am also white and am considered so by my Anglo girl friends. Now it would be impressive if you were to find illegal aliens in real life and tell them what you think.

        I have written and spoken against illegal immigration to any country on numerous occasions.

      • Ron, I don’t know if we’ve disagreed on stuff before, but you’re spot on with the “Mexican Karen” comment and your other comments.

        In the end, this lady is just another invasive alien. And she’s preachy as hell, too.

  4. To be fair, many Whites have behaved abominably in the past – and still do today. But the other races are no better!

    • Yes, we have done the bad things that all races have done. But we also have shown benevolence and provided benefits to humanity that other races generally have not.

    • and still do today

      And just exactly who are these Whites who supposedly are behaving “abominably” today???

      • The Walton family, Bush family, Clintons, military top brass, CIA/FBI traitors…selling out America to Asia, killing kids in Yemen and Afghanistan, bringing in millions of illegals

        • The Walton family, Bush family, Clintons, military top brass, CIA/FBI traitors…selling out America to Asia, killing kids in Yemen and Afghanistan, bringing in millions of illegals


          Perhaps so, but all the trash you rightfully cite do EVERYTHING they do in the name of “antiracism — more specifically anti-Whitism — particularly with the bringing in of millions of aliens who are contrary to White racial interests.

  5. I have to give her credit for claiming the Mesoamerican pyramids and Olmec heads were some kind of “sign of friendship” between amerinds and these fabled african explorers to the America (who somehow didn’t cause mass death with disease the natives lacked immunity to), and not proof niggers were responsible for pre-Colombian civilization in the Americas.

    Also lol @ “Balck community” in the first sentence of paragraph 5.

  6. Genuine question…. Does anyone think she genuinely believes this? I dont think they do and that in the back of their minds people who push this type of insanity are fully aware of what they are doing

  7. Stupid creatures still can’t even figure out how to clean water in their “Homeland”.

  8. The American Wakanda, aka CHOP/CHAZ, is shutting down, I guess they are out of cigarettes… a thousand years from now, humanity will reach back in time hoping to grasp the hidden secrets of wood pallet use and other high minded technology, now lost because of Whitey!

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