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  1. Third Position will never thrive in America because most Americans are too ignorant and lazy to do anything about the two party and electoral system which effectively block virtually all independent and third party candidates from winning office. Another problem is the rural and urban divide. Rural Americans are way too paranoid about “big government” (except when they’re getting benefits or wanting the government to enforce their morals on others) and Third Position requires a big government to effectively govern the nation state. Urban Americans are more pro-government while suburban Americans are in the middle.

    • “Enforce their morals on others”? So, should morality be a laissez-faire, libertarian hands-off thing? That’s one of the major ways we descended into this cultural chaos in the first place.

  2. Every group says it’s against the state except when it benefits them. Cons are against big government except when it comes to moral values and pork barrel projects. Libs are against big govt except when it’s about government programs they like. Libertarians like the Koch brothers are anti-big govt except when it’s about corporate welfare. “Socialism for me but not for thee.”

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