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How should we view the Revolution of 1776?

George Fitzhugh once confronted the same problem of how to make sense of the American Revolution and came up with an excellent answer which is still relevant in our own times:

“The Revolution of 1776 was, when subjected to the searching analysis of learned and comprehensive philosophy, the commonest thing in nature. The birth of a child, or the weaning of a calf, excite no wonder, and stirs up no fanatical ardor because of their frequent occurrence; yet the birth of a nation, or the separation of a colony from its parent stem are events quite as much in the order of nature as the birth of a child, the weaning of a calf, or the dropping of the ripened apple from its parent stem. The Revolution of ’76 had nothing dramatic, nothing novel, nothing grand about it. Every child and every chicken, that, getting old enough and strong enough to take care of itself, is quite as singular and admirable as a spectacle, as that of the thirteen adult states of the States of America solemnly resolving to cut loose from their state of pupilage and dependence of their parent, England, and ever thereafter to assert and enjoy the rights of independent manhood. It was an exceedingly vulgar, commonplace affair; it had nothing poetic or dramatic about it. A birth, a christening, a circumcision, or the induing of the “toga virilis” – in fact, anything that marked an epoch in life, was quite as admirable as this weaning of the American calf from its trans-Atlantic dam.

Colonies are sure to set up for themselves when strong enough to do so, and had been thus setting up for themselves since the world began, and excited no wonder by the procedure. So well aware were the Greeks of this fact, that they anticipated and obviated this weaning process, which whether it occur with Colonies, calves or chickens, occasions heart-burning, family quarrels, scratching and pecking and fighting – that they sent out their Colonies as full-fledged and independent nations. Declarations of Independence were unknown then. Nothing so pompous, so malapropos and so silly is to be found in history, until our Revolution of ’76. A hundred guns are fired when a Prince is born in France, yet all the artillery in the world, fired simultaneously, could not make the birth or the weaning of a baby or a nation a grand or imposing event. Either occurrence is decidedly vulgar and commonplace, and Columbian Orators, or fourth of July orations, and lengthy Columbiads, in endeavoring to celebrate and dramatise them, only serve to render them more ridiculous.

All the bombastic absurdities in our Declaration of Independence about the inalienable rights of man, had about as much to do with the occasion, as would a sermon or an oration on the teething of a child or the kittening of a cat. …”

America in 1776 was like a young adult.

The birth of a child is the most natural and commonest thing in the world. It is a tragedy that the American Revolution was ever interpreted as anything but the separation of the American child from its English parent. The event never had any divine meaning or purpose for the rest of the humanity.

The true founding of America was in 1607 at Jamestown, not in 1619 when the first black slave arrived or 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed. The colonies organically grew into the states from these primitive settlements on the eastern seaboard in the early 17th century. The English came to Virginia to emulate the example of the Spanish conquistadors in Mexico and to economically better themselves. Slavery only came later and was nothing but a means to that end. Black slavery was also unimportant in Virginia until the supply of indentured servants dried up in the late 17th century. Virginia didn’t become a “slave society” until the 18th century. It was originally a settler society like New England.

As for liberalism, it was still in the future when Virginia and Plymouth were founded in the time of King James I who was an absolutist monarch. John Locke later wrote a constitution for South Carolina that was rejected by the colonists. America is older than liberalism and slavery. Russia had a communist phase and that is now seen as just a part of the larger story of Russian history.

This is how we should think of July the 4th and the American Revolution. It was a stage in our growth equivalent to the end of adolesence. We can celebrate it, remember it and honor it as part of our heritage while moving on from this narrative that are nothing more than liberal ideology. Woke liberalism is a disaster and this cult offers us nothing useful today.

Note: I’ve written volumes on this subject under the American History Series and Southern History Series categories.

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  1. Two step process on how the next Civil War will happen:

    1. Trump gets defeated in a landslide election, but refuses to concede, declaring election fraud.

    3. The left goes ballistic in rage at Trump’s refusal to concede and begins a violent attempt to overthrow him.

    • Or in the alternative if by some unlikely event Trump is re-elected, the Left will go even more bonkers than they are now. They will literally burn down whole cities and not just parts of them and begin assassinating Republicans, conservatives, and nationalists. They will form left wing death squads.

      And the least likely cause of civil war is Biden is elected and the gov’t ramps up state persecution and gives the BLM/Antifa mobs freer hands in destruction. And somehow what passes for the Right gets its act together and fights back.

      • Agreed. Joe Biden is the de-acceleration candidate. He will placate the left, at least for awhile.

        But I’m calling it now: Trump loses election in a landslide due to an energized left and demoralized right, but refuses to concede. He announces a new Justice Department investigation to “look into voting fraud.” The GOP goes along with this, and it very soon becomes clear that Trump will stay in office another term despite losing. The left will completely lose their minds, and will attempt s violent overthrow of Trump. They will literally try to kill GOP politicians. Conservatives will finally get fed up with the left’s evil and will beging to fight back.

    • Horus the Avenger has said a few times, he thinks Trump will be tough to beat for the simple reason that he is the most #MIGA President Israel has ever had.

      I was skeptical, but I have seen very senior Republicans plainly state that if Israel likes a Republican politician they win all their elections, and if Israel doesn’t like them they lose. That is why you see all Republican politicians kissing AIPAC’s ass.

      Other paths:

      1. The elections could already be rigged, since electronic voting can be altered leaving no traces behind. So a few digital numbers are flipped and Trump wins.

      2. The instability is used as an excuse to cancel the elections, and Trump is made President for life.

    • @Gnillik…

      Yes, I do not expect The November Election to do anything but inflame the country, much as did the election of 1860.

      Few people are likely to accept the results of it, which means that the political process, intended to serve as a proxy for armed domestic warfare, will be yet another institutional casualty, at which point it will not be clear how we go forward, peacefully, as is.

    • Next civil war will be such a mess like in Yugoslavia or Syria. Not only in US but in the Europe too.

      It will not start with election but luck of supplies. When supplies run out, then better supplied counties form some kind of autonomous zones to protect their relative security , food and other “good life items”

      Recently truck drives lamented, that they will not drive to the places where is no police. Until now, they only talking but when some of them get killed, then they really will not drive. Then some areas will luck basic things, lot of people will move out but counties with better shape do not want let them in.

      Newcomers will push because they have nowhere to go, it forces counties to fight back, this will happen all over the US and Europe, lot of fights break loose and at some moment, people quit talking about incidents or crime and start using the word “war” .

  2. America is a degenerate, open air insane asylum. I should be allowed to die like the USSR was allowed to die in 91

  3. The true founding of America was in 1607, at. Jamestown.

    That’s what I was taught in school. No mention of New England at all.

    • @James…

      Yes, Jamestown is certainly one of the things Modern Americanism is keen to leave out – anything that would indicate that The South played a prominent role in this country.

      The South is basically being erased from the cultural life of the country, except for providing a bogey-man when darts need to be thrown.

    • You couldn’t have attended New England schools. All I ever heard from 1st grade on was about the pilgrims landing in 1620. Jamestown was only mentioned as an after thought.

  4. I remember once I heard a British take on the American Revolution. He said it was simply a continuation of the English Civil War.

  5. I am a direct descendant of an early settler in Jamestown who arrived about 1610. (I am glad my family beat that 1619 date set by those black fake history radicals as their claim to America.)

    So 1776 came and then 1861 came and our families are still here. Governments come and go but the families have remained. We have the right and duty to honor our ancestors no matter which side of a political issue they were on.

    However, now we have finally confirmed that Trump, the lying tweeter, actually hates Confederates even though he “seemed” to be against the the removal of Confederate memorials. “Strange” that he waits until some of these nuts go after Lincoln and Grant before he gets serious about doing anything about monuments (but he excludes Confederate ones).

    Trump Issues Executive Order To Rebuild Non-Confederate Monuments That Have Been Torn Down By Protesters

    Let no one in or for the South have anything to do with this anti-South Yankee whose favorite president was Abraham Lincoln — the tyrant that waged war against and wasted the South.

    Never forget that we white Southerners are the eternal bad guys whose deliverance can only come after this Yankee Empire finally collapses.

    May God Save the South!

    • @Banned…

      “Never forget that we white Southerners are the eternal bad guys whose deliverance can only come after this Yankee Empire finally collapses.”

      I totally agree with you that we ought not forget who we are.

      I also agree with you that we ought not forget what has gone on to lead us into a subjugation, at present.

      That said, a lot of Smalltown and Rural people, who live in The North, are sympathetic to us, like us, and like our flag.

      I am not speaking in the abstract, but, from experience of years of having toured and lived among them, and served with them at arms.

      These Northern Smalltowners and Rural Folks will be fighting with us for something better than what we currently have, against those in the big cities.

      So, yes, let us be firmly Southern Nationalist, but, let us never forget to welcome our friends and allies, and to serve each other well.

      We all have a lot at stake, and the coming years will make up for the tragic mistake that we ever fought each other in the first place.

    • After all the sociopathic, Anti-White madness occurring over the past month it’s more than a little apparent that Whites everywhere are the “eternal bad guys”.

  6. Happy Fourth of jew lie. It was a couple of jews that secured the finances from France that paid for the revolution of 1776, and the debt it caused to the monarchy led to the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. So hoist a cold beverage today to mark another ashkenazi-WASP co-production that left dead White gentiles in their wake.

  7. Got to disagree with you here. Those who take no pride in themselves as a people go into the darkness. The self-haters tearing everything down would agree vehemently with you, and that alone is enough to realize you’re wrong.

    Every nation needs glorious myths (often, though not always, in the sense of “real events given a quasi-mystical aura.”) Whether it’s the Romans with the she-wolf or the English with Hereward the Wake or the Americans with the ride of Paul Revere, people need myths, something to aim for, something that reassures them of their place in the world.

    The problem is that White America’s myths are mostly dead, being replaced by the myths of an alien people. If you think your own origins are “coarse,” trivial, and meaningless, what the hell ground do you have to stand on, what do you have to fight for? And you want to kill our myths faster, presumably to demoralize our people more, make them even more rootless and abandoned?


  8. Sooner or later a generation of Americas was bound to grow up who knew not England, had never been there, and thought it insane to be governed by a country thousands of miles away.

    • Most of the colonists didn’t care much about muh independence. And in any case, American Exceptionalism goes in line with “progressivism.”

    • That’s interesting. In England it is called The War of Independence, in the US it’s The Revolutionary War.

      I think the English historians named it more sustainably. It will take decades to put the Nig back the ghetto where he really belongs. By then the whites will be reduced to the status of Boers in SA and China will most likely control the West Coast.

      • The “Nig” really belongs back in Africa. If those slave traders 400 years ago had any idea of the disaster they were causing for their posterity would they have gone ahead anyway?

  9. Re: “The English came to Virginia to emulate the example of the Spanish conquistadors in Mexico and to economically better themselves”:

    The same as the Dutch colony, New Netherlands, with its mercantilism (port of New Amsterdam)
    and feudal slave (patroonship) system that lasted into the early nineteenth century. “New Wales” (Pennsylvania) was founded on the opposite principle, as a refuge for poor and persecuted Welsh people, in a small, restricted space that was occupied peacefully with respect and fairness (at first) toward the native inhabitants. The Georgia colony, which was located on disputed territory (in the northern part of Spanish colony of Florida) was different too, for a short while, until war with Spain commenced and slavery was legalized. But the pursuit of wealth and ownership of land, taken by force or trickery from the native inhabitants, were certainly the main motives of the vast majority of “settlers.”

  10. In just six short years, the USA will be 250 years old. That is, if we make it that long. God willing, this monstrosity will have broken up by that time.

  11. “This is how we should think of July the 4th and the American Revolution. It was a stage in our growth equivalent to the end of adolescence. We can celebrate it, remember it and honor it as part of our heritage while moving on from this narrative that are nothing more than liberal ideology. Woke liberalism is a disaster and this cult offers us nothing useful today.”

    The wife and I no longer celebrate July 4th.

    Not that we canceled it with any rancour or great fanfare between us, it’s just that it gradually seemed more and more preposterous to us to celebrate something as if it were alive, when, plainly, it has died.

    In fact, I think that so many are, at present, celebrating as if nothing has gone on, is another troubling symptom of a country that is far more interested in seeing, or not seeing, what it wants, that what is right in front of it’s nose.

    Let us sober up and stop pretending.

  12. “thought it insane to be governed by a country thousands of miles away”

    Washington DC. ???

    • @Arian…

      “Thought it insane to be governed by a country thousands of miles away”

      Washington DC. ???

      Excellent traditional Southern thinking, Dear Arian.

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