Today’s Cancellations

James Watson:

For discovering DNA and saying it is racist.

Steven Pinker:

For counterrevolutionary behavior that is systematically at odds with the racial justice movement.

July the 4th:

For white supremacy, racism and settler colonialism.

The Star Spangled Banner:

For being one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon.

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  1. Yet another cancellation: Father Rothrock of St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Carmel, Indiana.

    He stood up in church and told his congregation that BLM and Antifa were “parasites” and maggots.”

    Yes he did that. And the mob called for his head on a pike. In my blog I called it, “the cost of courage” because he paid a high price for telling the truth about BLM and Antifa.

      • When atheists and Marxists can demand and receive VETO power over church sermons, church bulletins, staffing, personal, etc. of various Christian faiths and churches, then yes, we have been conquered.

        So when do WE get veto power over Imams and Rabbis? Just curious.

  2. Fascinating history of earlier USA cancel culture on AmRen

    Big villains: President JFK and his brother Robert

    1950s saw a great blossoming of conservative and right-wing radio, often by Christian people, angry at liberal TV

    JFK began to unleash hell on right wing radio, via lawfare / regulatory abuse, per:
    – Revocation of tax-exempt status of religious groups / non-profits
    – IRS etc audits looking for some wrong-doing
    – FCC ‘equal time’ over the airways rule … If you had a right-winger on the radio bringing in the advertising, you needed to offer ‘equal time’ for free to boring liberal leftist, later you even needed to provide expensive free tapes or transcripts to opponents

    Court defence of the right wing often lost, even back then

    Tactics were also used to destroy Goldwater’s chances in the 1964 election, and attack Southern segregationists

    Leftist churches began to fund attacks on the Right & making FCC complaints using this scheme too

    Funny thing, when Nixon got in in 1969, he took the whole JFK playbook and turned it against the left, even more ruthlessly

    So then they impeached Nixon

    (Watergate was Deep State scam ‘Silent Coup’, Woodward was a Naval Intel officer who worked for Admiral Maurer then heading Joint Chiefs, paired with Jewish partner Bernstein, used fake leaker story, riffing on recent previous success selling Jewish fake leaker Daniel Ellsberg)

    There became an agreement to stop the censorship, Jimmy Carter loosened up, right wing radio took off, Reagan formally ended the ‘equal time’ farce, unleashing Rush Limbaugh etc

    Book by Paul Matzko, ‘The Radio Right: How a Band of Broadcasters Took on the Federal Government and Built the Modern Conservative Movement’
    by F Roger Devlin

    • That’s some “Modern Conservative Movement” we’ve got – it’s not worth a cup of warm piss.

  3. American schools are eliminating standardized tests and moving to full social justice admittance standards. They are also considering race-based grading policies, in which intellectually deficient races will be given a boost. Genetic research will be abandoned when it does not match up with political correctness. Asian countries will be the only hope for advancement in human genetic and cognitive sciences in the future.

  4. Stone Mountain GA overtaken by armed black supremacists, #NFAC.

    You don’t have enough ammo, buy it while you still can.

  5. Dr. Watson’s been persecuted for over a decade now for stating a simple biological fact that was taken for granted before the ’60s. How dare the greatest living scientist today speak the truth say the left and cucked right!

    Dr. Shockley, another prominent scientist from the previous generation preceding Watson, was smeared by the media during the ’70s and ’80s for stating the biological reality that’s race and for promoting voluntary eugenics as the solution for overpopulation and dysgenics. Few people came to his side back then, but Shockley stood firmly until his death and he warned us that everyone would regret not supporting him.Shockley wasn’t harassed to the degree Watson has been, but race realists should’ve reacted back then when they still had a fighting chance and our country was still sane.

    Shockley must be smirking in his grave.

  6. Mister AntiBully twitter account was suspended recently. This apparently happened a few days ago some say it was because his last post on ghislane maxwell possible I doubt it but its probably all his anti china talk and his boomer delusion that America will nuke them for corona he was also critical of blm and antifa a big no no to the blue cheka on there

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