Frederick Douglass Statue Toppled On Anniversary Of His Famous Rochester Speech

The woke mob had already torn down monuments of Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Hans Christian Heg and vandalized the 54th Massachusetts Memorial on Boston Common.

Democrat and Chronicle:

“On the same weekend in which famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass 168 years ago delivered one of his most historically resonant speeches, a statue of Douglass was toppled from its base and left near the Genesee River gorge.

Located in Maplewood Park, the statue “had been placed over the fence to the gorge and was leaning against the fence” on the river side, according to a statement from Rochester police. The statue was left about 50 feet from its pedestal.

The base and lower part of the statue was damaged, as was a finger on the statue’s left hand. …

Across the United States, Douglass’ July 5, 1852 speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,” has been shared widely on social media and elsewhere as a reminder of the country’s legacy of slavery and racism. …”

How fitting.

The historically ignorant little Maoists tore down a monument of Frederick Douglass on the anniversary of his most famous speech and attempted to chunk him in the Genesee River.

News and Tribune:

“NEW ALBANY — A sculpture depicting Lucy Higgs Nichols fleeing slavery with her infant daughter was vandalized early Friday morning — a year to the day after the statue was dedicated on the grounds of the historic Second Baptist Church. …

According to New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey, someone painted the faces on the statue red and painted “BLM” on it. He said the case is under investigation, and no arrests had been made as of Friday afternoon. …

Located at 300 E. Main St. in downtown New Albany, the church is noted for being a link in the Underground Railroad. A massive restoration project has been ongoing at the church, which included the addition of the sculpture of Nichols and her daughter, Mona.

In 1862, Nichols escaped slavery from a farm in Tennessee and later joined the Union 23rd Regiment of New Albany.

She worked as a nurse until the end of the Civil War and was named an honorary member of the Grand Army of the Republic. …”

The morons also vandalized this monument of a runaway slave and wrote “BLM” on it:

Yeah, keep telling us this is a great moral crusade against “racism.”

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  1. Frederick Douglass is the literal black Karl Marx who held “modern” views on Confederate soldiers and the Confederacy itself….good riddance to him. Revolutions always turn on revolutionary’s.

  2. Irrationality aside, it’s quite clear that the monument-lynchers simply want to erase everything pre-2020 about this country to start again.

    In theory, I can see where they are going and why, but, in practice, it is not going to work out like they think.

    i won’t speak for non-Southern Whites, but, I will say this about Southerner Whites : —— yes, we are at an historical low ebb right now, but, as a group of people, White Southerners are not going to live in a history less vacuum.

    No, in the end, if the monument-lynchers do not come up against another obstacle that defeats them, they will come up against the White Southern psyche that arises from our blood.

    Particularly White Southern Good-Ole-Boys are increasingly irked at the scene and doing their dead-level best to chase away dark thoughts.

    If you know the air of The South, as referenced by Special Agent Strzok for it’s thickness to his nose, you can smell that Rural White Southerners are fast running the risk of reaching a point where chasing away dark thoughts will seem no more rational, and when that happens, watch out.

    Yes, watch out, because Southern Good-Ole-Boys have a backlog of hostility built up over 60+ years, and then, just like an Oak board that has been bent back and back, it’s going to snap back.

    If Rural White Southerners have to be persnickety, persnickety is damn sure what it will be.

    • @Ivan Turgenev

      The quiet before the storm.

      A great many are biding their time.

      Bring back the spirit of ’76. 1876.

      • @James…

        Yes, it’s the sneaking suspicion one gets.

        The last couple of months seems to have moving many Tarheel and Ole Dominion Good-Ole-Boys past the why question and on to contemplating the finer points of where and when.

        Yes, definitely time to reconstruct reconstruction.

        Be well, my Friend!

  3. I think Brad is right, this was the work of Maoists, and BLM. It must have been one hell of a chimp-out from video I saw this morning. I wouldn’t rule rule out the Trotskyites being involved as some of these radical Mao groups have a whole pantheon of Marxist heroes. Including those opposed to each other.

    @Ivan, I think you talk too much about other people. I will leave it at that.

    • @Krafty…

      I am an observer and I report what I see.

      That said, I take your criticism with good cheer.

      All the best to you and yours on this day!

  4. Sorry to be blunt, but If you’re serious about doing it, stop talking about it and get to work. The enemy sees verbiage like this as a powerless threat, nothing more than posturing.

    BTW my admonition applies to me as well.

    • @Lars…

      Thank you for your thoughts.

      Nobody is threatening anybody or anything, merely reporting – something which is increasingly rare today.

      As to getting down to work, you are showing a flair for cheek in assuming that I don’t.

      In any case, I wish you an excellent day1

  5. I hope none of the small statues and busts of Eugene Debs that exist are ever damaged. There is a small Debs museum in Terre Haute, Indiana, his hometown. The Empire put him in prison to silence the truth and end his presidential campaign, but he still received almost one million votes while in prison.

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