Black Lives Matter Murdered a 8-Year-Old Black Girl In Atlanta Last Night

The Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) militia which LARPed through Stone Mountain yesterday to try to incite a race war could not be reached for comment.

Daily Caller:

“An 8-year-old girl was shot July 4 in Atlanta during a night marked by violence, CBS 46 reported. The girl was shot in the area near where Rayshard Brooks was killed, and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told protesters Sunday that it’s time to clear out.

The child was riding in the car with her mother and her mother’s adult friend just before 10 p.m. when the incident occurred, police said according to the CBS 46 report. The driver tried to enter a parking lot near the intersection of University Avenue and Pryor Road when the car was blocked by a group of armed individuals, one of whom began shooting into the vehicle.

Multiple shots were fired into the vehicle. The girl was immediately taken to Atlanta Medical Center after she was shot, but did not survive, according to the report.

The shooting occurred near the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was fatally shot during a struggle with police last month. Brooks’ death escalated protests that had already been ongoing since the death of George Floyd,  who died in Minneapolis Police custody May 25. …”

How long will this insanity continue?

Did the Atlanta Police who walked off their jobs in disgust after Officer Rolfe was charged for killing Rayshard Brooks ever go back to their jobs?

Meanwhile in Alabama, a different black 8-year-old kid was just shot and killed by a group of black people in a shoot out at the Galleria Mall in Hoover. Seriously, BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Note: Nothing has happened over this past month and half including the death of George Floyd had anything to do with “racism.” It was only an excuse for the mayhem.

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    • It appears that our Anti-White screamers and thugs are too impatient to let forced assimilation do the job of getting rid of evil whitey within the next 50 years or so. It also appears that our Anti-White overlords agree because they do nothing to pull them back. They’re moving too fast and hopefully that will be their undoing.

  1. “How long will this insanity continue? ‘

    As long as stupid Whites exist .

    ( Whites should have stomped this evil out, when Truman “integrated” the military in 1947.)

    • Again, notice it was right after WWII. The Satanists won WWII. England was losing and the Rothschilds got their jew agents in the US to convince our government to join the war.

      Pearl Harbor was a flase flag. The US government broke the Japanese diplomatic code in 1938 or 1939 so they were well aware of what was going on. Our government instigated the Japanese to attack. Then they lined up all those ships (along with all those sacrificial lambs). I heard this directly from a retired US Army intelligence officer.

      The Japanese surrendered unconditionally before August 6, 1945. The US rejected it. The bad guys not only won, they rule over us.

      • Most of the ships that got sunk were old obsolete battleships. The valuable, hard to replace carriers were not present. Commie sympathizer FDR pulled a good one on everybody.

  2. Isn’t Hoover a white suburb? Or is it one of those formerly white suburbs where the nogs have invaded?

  3. “Secoriya, Keisha B., M. Miracle, Rayshard”…we see an abundance of these ludicrous ghetto names because ever since the civil rights and black pride movement in the ’60s, these people stopped emulating mainstream white American culture and as always, nature reasserts itself.

    Racist Atl. Mayor Bottoms wouldn’t give a mouse’s butt if the dead kid were any other race. Almost all basketball-Americans are victimized by their own and crime victims of other races are disproportionately victimized by basketball-Americans. That’s why European-Americans get along better with other races and least with basketball-Americans.

    The Southern aristocratic minority imported them and convinced the masses of white Southern commoners to support their continued presence. The brain-dead Bible thumpers here railing against carpetbaggers and scalawags in 2020 America are an exemplary example of how useful idiots exist both on the far right and far left (Antifa, BLM). Fortunately, they’re all a minute minority and a total joke to the rest of America lol

  4. And yet the Republicans and their supporters will argue “this has nothing to do with race” over and over again. The funny thing is, I was in Europe for almost two years on work and I didnt see one group of white kids assaulting or trying to injure anyone… man, woman or child. In every incident it was either Africans, Middle Easterners or a mixed group with a few wiggers. And yet in France, England, Sweden after every horrific crime the same response “this has nothing to do with race”
    What has happened to white people? Fear induced psychotic breakdowns or just delusion so deep that they dont recognize whats going on. There is a middle ground between making a statement about “all” people so you dont feel guilty about that one black neighbor or postman you really like and know is a good enough guy AND being able to look at reality and make a truthful statement

    Real shame what happened to those kids though. No little kid deserves to go through violence or threat of imminent death. Sick sick sick stuff

  5. A black kills a White. No one cares.
    A black kills a black. No one cares,
    A White kills a black. Everyone freaks out!!!

    A black life only matters when a White man takes it.

  6. I am not ever going to be involved in kickin’ the hell out of folks for being as the Good Lord made them, BUT, I will defend The South against those who come for her, no matter what colour, faith, class, faith, and nationality they are…

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