The Pandemic Could Get Much Worse

139,142 deaths.

3,542,888 cases.

63,405 new cases today.

Why have I stopped writing about COVID-19?

New York Times:

“When you mix science and politics, you get politics. With the coronavirus, the United States has proved politics hasn’t worked. If we are to fully reopen both the economy and schools safely — which can be done — we have to return to science.

To understand just how bad things are in the United States and, more important, what can be done about it requires comparison. At this writing, Italy, once the poster child of coronavirus devastation and with a population twice that of Texas, has recently averaged about 200 new cases a day when Texas has had over 9,000. Germany, with a population four times that of Florida, has had fewer than 400 new cases a day. On Sunday, Florida reported over 15,300, the highest single-day total of any state. …

This is our second chance. We won’t get a third. If we don’t get the growth of this pandemic under control now, in a few months, when the weather turns cold and forces people to spend more time indoors, we could face a disaster that dwarfs the situation today. “

I spent five months writing about it.

Everything that I said would happen came true.

Back in April, I wrote at length about how we were entering the dip and that the virus was going to rebound and move inland this summer. I said it wasn’t “just the flu.” It is now officially the second deadliest pandemic in American history and is growing worse in the middle of summer. The deaths are down because the median age of new infections is way down, but it is steadily working its way through the population. Something like 7.3% of the American population has been infected by it now.

In an article called “My Political Journey,” which I wrote on May 25th, I said:“By the time this is over, this country will be in a very different place. That much is for sure. It is too early to say what the long term consequences will be. The experts think we are in the “second inning of a nine inning game.” If we end up losing 1 million or 2 million people to this virus, it will be the greatest loss of life in American history. I would like to think we would be capable of looking back on the last 50 years after such an unprecedented loss of life and reflecting on whether most of the things we argued about in Clown World before this happened ever really mattered. Maybe this will set us down the path to becoming a serious country again. If not though, we will all know once and for all where we stand.”

I wrote that on the morning George Floyd was killed.

Everyone knows what happened next. We found out where we stand as a country. We found out that we were not going to take the path to becoming a serious country again. On the contrary, every sacrifice that had been made to combat the virus up until that point was thrown to the winds. We came full circle back to the days in late January when the media was certain that “racism is the real virus.”

No one ought to believe or trust anyone in power after what was allowed to transpire in June. We were all called to make great sacrifices for the common good of fighting the virus. Then it was to hell with all that science is a code word for systemic racism and public health should bow to political ideology. Why would anyone now have any confidence in the media, our politicians and public health experts?

Nature is going to take its course now. We had one shot at stopping the virus. Instead, we took the first exit to Clown World. Why should we make enormous sacrifices again? Why should anyone believe that this country is capable of coming up with a coherent national strategy and sticking to it? This is currently the same sick country which is dismantling police departments and is incapable of upholding the law. We have mobs of violent people toppling monuments of the Founding Fathers!

The virus has exposed the fact that the United States is an ungovernable failed state. We shouldn’t expect competence from a failed state. We shouldn’t make sacrifices for a Third World failed state. We can monitor the situation as it continues to deteriorate but that is all we can do.

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  1. I hope the virus kills all the “white nationalists” praising the murder of Daniel Lewis Lee. Only problem is it might be more quick and painless than they deserve.

  2. Thank you. Very well said. The only sentence that I don’t really like is: “This is currently the same sick country which is dismantling police departments and is incapable of upholding the law.” I don’t think any plutocratic totalitarian police state (“country”) ever really dismantles its police or gives up enforcing its laws.

    The South is now the world’s epicenter of the Sars CoV2 pandemic. Of the ten most affected countries or areas on earth, based on per capita rate of infection, nine are southern states!

    • Forgot to say: I would write not “could” but WILL get much worse. I agree with the “one to two million” casualties, but don’t forget the millions more of “mild” cases that “recover” with permanent disabilities such as permanent lung damage, kidney, heart and other vital organ damage.

      Also, no one should be frightened and distracted by the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter movement. It is not a real revolution but a “colour” revolution that is controlled, orchestrated, by the system itself. It is not a threat to the existence of the system or to any of its parts including its hired gun enforcers (police). The pandemic is not a threat to the existence of the plutocratic system either. Trillions of dollars were given to the elites’ big banks and corporations at the beginning, to secure the fortunes of the elites, and now the elites are being tested every one to three days, and if they do come down with it they will receive the best care. They are no doubt salivating thinking of the feast of millions of ordinary peoples’ savings and property, to be gobbled up for pennies on the dollar when the pandemic eliminates the owners.

      • I agree, but I wish there were a real revolution. I wish the cops, courts, prisons, military and the rest of that shit that is used to repress resistance to Jewish supremacy were going to be destroyed because of the BLM movement. Sadly I feel it is all controlled opposition. The whole thing trying to make it look like “racism” is the reason that shit needs to be abolished makes it easy to misdirect it.

        Make no mistake though; there is NOTHING more cucked than a “White nationalist” who wants ZOG’s repressive forces to be “tougher”. I don’t care what the justification is. The problem with ZOG isn’t that it isn’t repressive enough. Why should I even be having to explain this?

        Actually I take that back. There IS something more cucked than that: thinking that someone should be murdered by ZOG because they supposedly killed a bunch of Jews.

        • The calls to eliminate police are not about eliminating law enforcement per se, but are aimed at ending local control of police and the power of the police unions. After defunding gains traction, the next step will be to replace local police with centrally organized federal police.

  3. Im tired of these questionable cases and death attributions….


    All the rest can be manipulated for various reasons.

    • Agree. How many more died from the flu this year than past years? How do deaths from all causes compare? For those who catch Covid and survive, is permanent damage any worse than from other flu viruses? The US govt has no credibility, so I probably wouldn’t believe any numbers produced anyway. We’re supposed to believe all the stats provided by the swamp.

  4. 1,500,000 people died of Tuberculosis in 2018, yet we heard nary a word about it.

    Yet, this disease, with a mortality rate of approximately 4/10s of one percent has very very concerned.

    My questions to those who are concerned are these – given that there never has been a successful vaccination for the Covid family of viruses, and given that there is no way to make this virus go away, how much damage are you willing to do to society, the development of children, the economy, and the circumstance of old people, who are suffering deeply because of the brutal quarantine many are being forced to live under?

    At what point does trying to preserve and extend life utterly ruin the value of it?

    Speaking for myself, I accept the fact that the virus is real, is a bit more contagious than the flu, and a bit more dangerous than strains of the flu have been in recent years, yet, I am not willing to live on tenterhooks.

    Neither my wife and I wear a mask, avoid friends, or get worried about entering buildings where other often frequent.

    We simply do as we have always done – wash our hands frequently and do not put our fingers near our facial orifices.

    When we feel sick, we turn to Lemons, Vitamin C, Zinc, and, most importantly, Garlic, and a tea made from Rose Hips, Raisins, Lemon Myrtle leaves and Elderberries.

    We have used these substances for decades, and with the rarest of exception have not come down with anything, and when I came down with what I suspect was the corona virus in February, I beat it with these things, and my wife used these substances to kill the virus when it looked like she was getting infected with what was plaguing me.

    • “1,500,000 people died of Tuberculosis in 2018, yet we heard nary a word about it.

      Yet, this disease, with a mortality rate of approximately 4/10s of one percent has very very concerned.”

      I wonder if this could have to do with the fact TB is a virus we’ve known about for god knows how long and this one is brand new.

      “Speaking for myself, I accept the fact that the virus is real, is a bit more contagious than the flu, and a bit more dangerous than strains of the flu have been in recent years, yet, I am not willing to live on tenterhooks.”

      Then the death toll (in this country alone) would have to be exaggerated by 70,000 or more. The typical flu season mortalities are something like 20,000-70,000 estimated deaths per year (I understand some estimates go to 100,000 . Maybe it is exaggerated. I don’t know, it likely is. But it’s doubtful to be exaggerated as much as to put it in leagues of the flu, the flu being a virus we’ve also been experiencing for millenia and we have vaccines and treatment.

      See, I can accept COVID is exaggerated in some way and of course acknowledge many of the lockdowns, measures etc. are bullshit. It’s just not like the flu in any real capacity. It’s absolutely incredible to me how much covid skeptics cling to flu comparisons like an article of religious faith. You quote extreme, upper limit estimates of the flu that would entail it being more deadly than car accidents, diabetes and more combined, even though you’d likely be hard pressed to have heard of anyone in your life who’s died of the flu or any other infectious diseases.

      I could go on, it’s just incredible how much “JUST LIKE THE FLU!!!!” is adhered to to this very day. I swear to god most people who use this line never once heard of the idea the flu killed thousands per year until this year and repeat it like something they’ve known all their lives.

  5. That’s what you get for creating a country in a post plague environment. Extinction.

  6. Brad- does not the corollary of increased testing, coupled with the ‘rise in new cases’ need to be looked, as the death totals continue to decrease? Just asking. As usual.

  7. Very good comment, Jijcf. Yes the BLM protest scene is thoroughly “colour revolution”-ary – having NO real revolutionary leadership, forces and plans, and complete with Maidan-style violent provocateurs. This young woman can see it clearly from a great distance:

  8. FWIW, my brother works for a town in CT. He was speaking to the town clerk recently who told him that every death certificate from April on showed “cause of death” to be Covid-19. A perverse miracle that everything else stopped killing people?

  9. A Christian alt-righter who criticizes any belief outside Christianity and who takes the covid-19 pandemic seriously? You just don’t fit in anywhere do you, “Hunter Wallace”?

  10. Two items:

    A new “Moon of Alabama” post tells how the state of Georgia uses statistical lying to make the pandemic appear to be not worsening but going away: “The technique involved backdating new cases to the time of first symptoms or taking a test, instead of reporting them as they were reported to the state, like Georgia had previously done — and like most states do. The effect — as states were being told to predicate their reopenings on two weeks of declining case numbers — was to artificially make Georgia’s trends look better. The state began adding new cases to past dates on its trend line, making current numbers both too low and incomplete, Tsai said. What’s deceptive is that they shave off the most recent two weeks,” he said. “If you look at the most recent two weeks, it’s always very low. It always looks artificially like a downward trend”:

    Martenson (Peak Prosperity) has an excellent new video on T-cell (memory cell) natural immunity, versus vaccines and B-cell antibodies . This is one of his best ever:

  11. Interesting: There is genomic evidence that suggests the last pandemic of the late nineteenth century (that killed millions and lasted from 1980 to 1895) MIGHT have been caused not by a coronavirus that leaped from cows to humans. Based on similarities and rates of mutation, Bovine coronavirus and the endemic human beta coronavirus OC43 share a common ancestor from which they diverged around 1890.

    But more likely the “Russian flu” pandemic was caused by Influenza A, and the coronavirus crossover was coincidental.

    • Not 1980. 1890, to 1895. I dash these things off.

      Now that I’m adding another comment, I want to mention that the Jewish website “” is not only filled with conspiracy theory nonsense, it is also disinforming its readers about the pandemic to make them doubt the science, disobey elementary hygiene rules and kill more people. No one should give another view, let alone a donation, to such an evil website.

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