George Soros To Spend $200 Million on “Racial Justice” Movement

Is it a Jewish conspiracy when it is done in full public view?

Open Society Foundations:

“NEW YORK—To support this nation’s historic movement towards racial justice, the Open Society Foundations today is announcing investments totaling $220 million in emerging organizations and leaders building power in Black communities across the country, placing a bet on their ability to carry today’s momentum toward a better tomorrow. 

The largest share of this support—$150 million—will be through a set of five-year grants to Black-led justice organizations that helped to create and now sustain the momentum towards racial equality. Open Society’s response reflects our conviction that real progress requires sustained support over many years and letting leaders accountable to impacted communities shape the path forward. 

“It is inspiring and powerful to experience this transformational moment in the racial justice movement,” said Open Society Foundations’ President Patrick Gaspard. “We are honored to be able to carry on the vital work of fighting for rights, dignity, and equity for oppressed people the world over started by our founder and chair, George Soros. …”

The “Open Society” is what they want.

Black Lives Matter is nothing but a means to that end.

The “Open Society” is a reference to Karl Popper’s two volume book The Open Society and Its Enemies which has defined the post-World War II era. What do you suppose is the common thread that ties George Soros to Karl Popper to Karl Marx to Theodor Adorno to Max Horkheimer to Sigmund Freud to Herbert Marcuse to Jacques Derrida and other leading lights of Critical Theory?

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  1. You have to admire Soros in a way. 90 years old, filthy rich and still uses all his energy and resources to subvert and destroy the society which allowed him to accumulate all this wealth and power. Few people can have such relentless drive and determination. If only white people could find a capitalist who loves them as much as Soros hates them.

    • @Andrei…

      Sedevacantist Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson talked about exactly this, in his interview on Jews, which has since been removed from YouTube.

      In a nutshell, the good bishop said that Jews are extremely motivated, which, along with some other intangibles, were part of a gift that God originally bestowed upon The Jews, though, because Jewry, as a whole, long turned away from Him, these gifts are now redirected towards The Devil’s nefarious ends, as they long have been.

      But, yes, Jews, as a whole, are extremely philanthropic.

      But, the ‘motivation aspect’ of Jewry is something the good bishop has singled out as celestial, and, thus, something difficult to counter.

      Williamson also pointed out that the principle breakwater to Jewish nefariousness is the Roman Catholic Church, because when the Catholic Church is strong, whether you like them or not, Jewry is weak, and when The Roman Catholic church is weak, the power of Jewry is overbearing.

      The bishop understands the situation very well, and, unlike other churchmen, has repeatedly dared to speak out on the subject.

      As someone who is constantly willing to risk his life, liberty, reputation and welfare, Bishop Richard Williamson is, like Archbishop Carlo Vigano, not only one of the few great men of the church left, he is one of the few great men of The West.

      • They are “extremely motivated” because they really don’t believe in an afterlife; so power, influence, and wealth in this life are the endgame. They are the Chosen Ones, so they can do no wrong, in their own minds.

        • @Powell…

          There is an invisible metaphysical element to this that undergirds all this.

          Things don’t exist in this world without metaphysical reasons, no matter how hazy and obscure they seem.

          That said, on a psychoanalytical level, I totally agree with your analysis, for I have seen what you assert up and close many times.

      • That’s nonsense. Jews initially gained their power because of privileges that the Catholic Church bestowed upon them. The only reason Jews even existed in Europe is because the Catholic Church protected them for hundreds of years. Without Catholicism, Europeans would not have tolerated Jewish parasitism and would have just killed or driven off their entire mongrel tribe over a thousand years ago. They tried numerous times to do just that, only for the Catholic Church to step in every time and assist the Jews. This is because it was the doctrine of Augustine to allow Jews to dwell in Christian areas in order to prove the power of God when they all convert at the end of time (which is sort of like purposely giving yourself cancer to prove that the power of God will be able to cure it).

        • @Dart…

          How little you know of history, and I do not have the time to disabuse you of the gaps.

          Be that as it may be, i hope you have an excellent day.

          • Everything in my post was fact. Jews would not have been in Europe if not for Catholic protections and privileges granted to them.

    • Andrei…

      Don’t be simple !

      Geo soros is not an individual, he is the public face of a jevvish team, he is just the front man.
      Jevvs work as collective entities, not as individuals. Just as Epstein didn’t operate by himself, or any other jevvish swindle.

      He doesn’t have “relentless drive”, there is a team behind him , that keeps him propped up.
      He mouths the directives of those behind the scene. The true controllers know that any 9mm can take out soros, they remain hidden so they cant be targeted.

  2. Born and raised a Democrat, who fervently believed in Democracy, watching the top level of Virginia and North Carolina politics beingincreasingly controlled by alien billionaires from wherever, I have begun to have my doubts.

    The system we have, if we could call it such, could only have a chance of working IF the money were strictly regulated, which, let’s face it, it will not be.

    That so, I have lost my taste for ‘Democracy,’ sad to say.

  3. All minorities hate the societies they don’t rule. Saboteurs trying to rend the social fabric are traitors, and should be treated as such. Which is why, after the traitors have been dealt with, minorities need to be thrown out or given their little bantustans.

  4. “What do you suppose is the common thread that ties George Soros to Karl Popper to Karl Marx to Theodor Adorno to Max Horkheimer to Sigmund Freud to Herbert Marcuse to Jacques Derrida and other leading lights of Critical Theory?”

    Megalomaniacal Secular Jewry hellbent on doing the Devil’s work, all the while thinking it for the good of all humanity.

    • I completely agree, except for one small, tiny, inconsequential point. ‘Secular.’ NOTHING is secular, all is religious, and as Die Juden have long said, the Talmud influences all Jewry, whether they know it or not, and that set of tomes, collated after their disenfranchisement, is the ultimate Racial Supremacist collection of garbage out there, and its’ fundamental thrust, is Anti-Christian to the core. Jews are therefore, Christendom’s implacable foe.

      “Theology—not philosophy, literature, geography, economics, politics, law, art, music, or science—was and is the mainspring of our culture and history.  It is that which set it in motion, and maintained its cohesion and harmonious movement.   When the theological unity of Europe was fractured in that original break of 1054, the movement became disjointed, with the Two Europes tied together like racers in a three-legged race, tied together in the leg of a common history, but now with two “minds” and two different sets of historical time operating.  “ – A. Flood

  5. Racial antagonism is the Jew strategy to undermine and destroy Christianity. But why do the Jews hate an innocent man who did no wrong? Why? Christ was the son of God. the Jews believed Christ was the son of god. The Jews wanted Christ to meet the demands and expectations the Jews had for their messiah. Christ refused and chose to die instead. faith in Christ and his teachings is what the likes of this kyke Soros want to destroy. They, the Jews are going to hell. Leave it to God.

    • Because the Christ is everything they stand against and the single collective ideals which are in opposition to this one group using hypocrisy to rule over all others

      • @Captain Schill…

        Yes, Secular Jews have a terrible allergy to Christ.

        Hope your family is doing alright in the ever increasing insanity New DeBlasio City…

  6. It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.

    George Soros

    The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.

    George Soros

    The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.

    George Soros

    America needs to follow the policies it has introduced in Germany. We have to go through a certain de-Nazification process.

    George Soros

    I am not a Zionist, nor am I am a practicing Jew, but I have a great deal of sympathy for my fellow Jews and a deep concern for the survival of Israel.

    George Soros

  7. It looks like my posts were not approved. Surprise, surprise! So much for free speech.

    Does this website approve of the despicable act of ZOG sanctioned murder against Daniel Lewis Lee or not? I would like to see an answer to that simple question.

    I am beginning to wonder if I should join BLM. It may not be perfect but it is the only game in town, in so far as the goal of weakening the criminal jewstice system goes. If their goal is to abolish police and prisons how the fucking hell is that a bad thing? Any “white nationalist” who wants to weaken the repressive arm of ZOG is an absolute retard, unless they want ZOG to be stronger for accelerationist places. Abolishing prisons means letting all the members of the Aryan Brotherhood, Aryan Circle and other White prison gangs out on to the streets. That would be totally awesome. If “black lives matter” is the banner on which that goal can be achieved, so be it. If BLM is against this murder than they are objectively less anti-White than most of Stormfront.

      • He was a White Nationalist who was murdered by ZOG earlier today because he supposedly killed a bunch of Jews back in the 90s. He says he was innocent, but I don’t care either way. He was murdered as part of a “tough on crime” push by Trump’s Zionist Attorney General, and the conservatives on the Supreme Court voted in favor of this cold-blooded Jewish ritual murder. The response from anti-white conservatard scum was applause, but if you look at Stormfront thread on the issue the vast majority of bourgeois “white nationalists” also applaud it, because they are shitbag conservatards who aren’t really pro-White and put adherence to their worthless “Law and Order”ideology over Aryan Revolution.

        Anyone who supports his murder is not pro-White any way, shape or form.

    • BLM has said that they only want blacks released from prison not Whites.

      This was also said on TV by BLM.

      • Probably. Abolishing prisons would still have to mean releasing all those White people too, but it isn’t going to happen.

        If there were a movement against the criminal justice system that wasn’t based on the “white privilege” narrative and exposed it for what it really is, it would be hard for ZOG to co-opt it. The Jews would be terrified of that.

        That being said, I have seen some people on the left who have condemned the murder of Daniel Lewis Lee because they are against the death penalty in principle. That makes them objectively less anti-White than those Stormfront retards, even if they would never admit it.

  8. Why hasn’t he been hanged yet? Have you given it much thought? The damage he has done to the United States is incredible and still he walks freely around Western Civilization.

    It’s a club and he’s in it. It’s all theatrics. It’s all the illusion of opposing sides.

    Has Trump, or any other president, ever called for his capture?

    • (((Soros))) and Drumpf’s son-in-law (((Kushner))) have various co-financialization scams going on (((Wall Street))). Essentially,

      Jew Soros just tossed another 200,000,000 Jewbucks into the pot – already sweetened by 100,000,000 Rockefeller Fdn Jewbucks – in order to pay Congoids to

      rob, rape, facesmash, and murder YT.

    • @snow

      Hanged ? That would be wounding the hydra.
      As i posted above, he is just the public face of a large team. The hydra can always pop out a new head.

      • @Arian…

        Yes, Dear Aryan, and the name of that ‘Hydra’ is The United States’ Government, and it’s vast webs of agents, allies, and NGOs.

        Excellent answer, by the way.

    • @Snowhitey…

      “Why hasn’t he been hanged yet?”

      it’s something both my wife and i have wondered many times, and the answer we always come to is that Gy?rgy Soros is the United States’ Government, or if not quite that, operating with their total support, and protection, because he is such a CIA/MI6 asset.

      President Trump promised to drain the swamp, yet he had done none of that.

      Nothing is more glaring about that omission than the continued galavanting about The West, sowing and reaping destruction in his wake, of one Gy?rgy Soros.

      I am sorry to think it, or say it, but, until people like Soros are very visibly tried and then hung in the public squares, The West will not be alright.

      The West needs to remind itself that there are consequences for devils, and act consistently on that.

    • Yes. Viktor Orban created a sustained anti-Soros campaign to expose his civil society plays, how he works with NGO’s, universities and buys governments, or uses colour revolutions. Poland hates him as well. Soros would get arrested by the FSB if he ever dared set foot in Russia, which obviously isn’t going to happen. Many other nations, Belarus for example, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, mostly around the Russian orbit have sustained anti-Soros campaigns. Basically if your nation is functioning with higher sovereignty you will have a sustained anti-Soros play. Soros is a notorious gangster who should be in jail for crimes upon crimes. He’s a British-Rothschild Agent, playing the agenda for the Zionist Banking Mafia.

  9. Read the Tweets. Most people are clueless with the same pandering to blacks being now turned to Jews. “did you know George Soros stole from Jewish people for the Nazis”.
    I monitor social media closely like you Brad, and outside of the occasional threads like #JewishPrivilege for the most part 99.9999% of Republican normies are being galvanized to Trump and calling the left “Fascist Nazis”.

    Its all exhausting

  10. Patrick Gaspard…wasn’t he the Obama admin AA ambassador to South Africa back in the day who caused a diplomatic spat with that country?

  11. The black on black homicide crime is documented daily on the Web site Gun Memorial. Even though the site is about liberal leanings to gun violence victims, it indirectly makes the facts racist in your face showing the victims pictures mostly back second Hispanic.

    Just alone 70 blacks where killed by gun violence alone on the recent 4th of July weekend, many where black children.

    Soros money kills more blacks in the end than whites, ( not making an excuse for what crime it has increased in western civilization) if white leftist can’t grasp that then they are beyond deranged.

    However these black DA’s put in place by his organization’s must know by now they can’t control the black gangs.

    Less police, well you get the picture,

    Check out Gun Memorial if you get a chance,

    It’s war folks

    Stay safe!

    • @Heartland…

      “Why do these demons in human flesh seem to live forever?”

      Metaphysically, the answer is that God uses them to shape our growth, as individual souls.

      More plainly, because we tolerate them, or, perhaps better said, we turn away from the crooked and evil governance that presides over this land.

      Demons are like vines of Trumpey, Wysteria, Virginia Creeper,and Kudzoo – if you don’t clip them back, on a regular basis, they take over every single square foot of your garden.

  12. In one of the recent cases where whites were charged for defending themselves from blacks (don’t remember which one exactly, there have been so many in the last month), the DA in the case was installed by Soros.

    Eric Striker wrote a good article recently exposing how George Soros was pouring money into local elections to install anti-white ideologues at the city and county level all across the country.

  13. Does “Jewish Privilege” really mean the unfettered “privilege” they have to destroy White countries?

    • @More of The Same…

      “Does “Jewish Privilege” really mean the unfettered “privilege” they have to destroy White countries?”


      All empires, no matter how they are configured, have this power to do terrible things, and, because they have that power, they do exactly that.

      As Spanish guitar virtuoso, Andres Segovia, once said, when asked why he played so fast, he answered … “Because I can.’

      This is The Jewish Golden Age, and nothing will change that until someone comes along, knocks them off their pedestal, and then starts acting as the tyrant in their stead.

      Somebody is always too big for their breeches in this realm, and only being taken to the shed and hard switched can change that

  14. Once again showing that allowing rich people to keep all their heavily ill gotten gains by not taxing them a lot has backfired. If Soros did not have such an absurd amount of extra cash to throw around he would not be doing as much damage. But ” muh trickle down” economics stopped taxing the super rich at large rates so that leaves people like Soros, Gates, that Casino dude Trump bends to, Bezos, Singer, Cook and so many other obscenely wealthy people to literally bankroll revolution.

    Soros is absolutely loved by the Democrats and their pets in the mostly kosher controlled media. They all refer to him as a humanitarian and helper of refugees. You would be hard pressed to find any Democrat speaking ill of him.

    It’s true about old Jewish determination. Soros is near 90 and still gets off on looking to ruin the White world. Look at Ruth Ginsburg. The old yenta is ” holding out” so Trump won’t appoint someone for her. Talk about narcissistic. Just two gefelte fish in a sea of 8 billion people pretending the world does not move on in a blip when you die. To paraphrase JESUS , ” Their reward has been given. It shall be no more past this world.” These people of extreme wealth, narcissism and atheism must hate getting old.

  15. Racial justice?

    …so he’s going to commit suicide?

    The goyim thank you, George. Much appreciated.

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