Woke Supremacy Is Surprisingly Unpopular

The first data point comes from The Washington Post which shows a huge retreat in public support over the past month from the so-called “racial justice movement.”

As the reaction to woke supremacy has gathered momentum, there has been a 15 point decline in support for seeing the issues between black people and police as being part of a systemic problem. Democrat support has declined by 4 points. Independent support has declined by 12 points. Republican support has declined by a whopping 26 points. What could have caused the backlash? Do you remember when David Shor was branded a racist and was fired for having the audacity to point out in the heat of the mania that followed the death of George Floyd that violent protests would backfire on Democrats?

Initially, virtually everyone in the country agreed that what happened to George Floyd was terrible and unjust. Hell, even I agreed that it was wrong. Unlike the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, no one on the Right rushed forward to defend those Minneapolis police officers. As soon as the “movement” that followed his death became about abolishing the police, toppling statues, cancelling people, mob violence, eradicating harmless things like Aunt Jemima or the Gator Chomp and redefining “racism” to mean “whiteness,” public support for the “movement” began to nose dive. Never in history has there been a greater example of giving an inch and taking a mile. In this case, wokeness and political correctness advanced in a month by what seemed like a thousand miles.

The second data point comes from this new Cato poll:

The only people in America who now say they feel comfortable sharing their political opinions are strong liberals and 42% of that group feels silenced. 52% of liberals feel silenced. 64% of moderates feel silenced. 77% of conservatives and strong conservatives feel silenced. 100% of people who are labeled “Far Right” would say they feel silenced by political correctness. The Trump presidency can be explained by this single social issue which unites the Far Right, moderates and conservatives.

In 2020, the wokeness and political correctness has gotten so bad that Andrew Sullivan, David Shor, Yascha Mounk, Matt Yglesias, Steven Pinker, Joshua Katz and even Bari Weiss cannot speak plainly about their views because of the tyranny of the Red Guard. Is this America?

The third data point comes from this Politico poll:

The American public is strongly opposed to cancel culture.

The most fervent advocates of cancel culture are left leaning Millennials and Gen Zers – yesterday’s SJWs, today’s woke supremacists. These people are far out in front of public opinion. The rest of the country was never exposed or indoctrinated into Critical Social Justice Theory in college.

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  1. There’s been enough time to read Covid Floyd George’s Transcript while the nigs burned everything. Most people can look up the transcripts and figure out the entire Encounter between Floyd and Chauvin was justifiable.

    • Yes that bodycam transcript proves the officers are not guilty. It’s clear why the judge put the gag order in place.

      I think it’s funny that when the order was issued the reason given was wanting to not taint the jury pool and allowing a fair trial for both sides.

      It’s a little late for that now.

  2. USA Democrats allowing mobs to burn down cities, and attack white people, have taken their toll

    Trump is closing the gap in polls:

    “The outfit that called the 2016 popular vote correct today shows the 2020 race neck-and-neck.

    A week after finding that Trump closed a 10-point gap with Biden to just three points, Rasmussen Reports today revealed that Trump has edged up another point as Biden has hit a ceiling.

    Today the race stands at 45% for Trump, 47% for Biden, well within the poll’s margin of error. It was published in Rasmussen’s weekly “White House Watch” feature.

    Separately, Rasmussen said that Trump has boosted his approval rating to 49% approve, 50% disapprove.”


    • This is similar to President Nixon’s “Law and Order” theme during the 1968 presidential election. The country had been beset by black rioting starting in 1965 as the Civil Rights (sic) legislation encouraged black criminal tendencies. Sensing weakness and retreat by the Government blacks rioted throughout the country from 1965 – 1968 joined in by White “liberals” using the pretext of opposition to the Vietnam War. All of this was instigated of course by the Usual Suspects, then and now.

      There was also a flight by White people out of cities in the 1960’s because of the black rioting, similar to today. The Corona virus is also a motivating factor now and some tech work can be done a thousand miles away from its home base unlike 1968. People who move away from cities like NYC, whether it’s 30 miles or 1,000 miles don’t want to find the same problems in their new homes even if they profess “liberal” beliefs.

  3. I don’t “agree that what happened to George Floyd was terrible and wrong.”

    Fentanyl Floyd, from the transcript, was already deep in self-induced drug poisoning, in a state of excited delirium, and would have died at approximately the same time if a police officer had never come near him. He would have died sitting on a park bench, or slumped against a wall, or sitting in his car, or whatever.

    Good riddance to one of these filthy, useless joggers ruining our cities, raping, torturing, killing, and befouling.

    Don’t go over to the cuck side in your haste to virtue signal during a manufactured crisis. Quit mewling and man up.

    • You know, it’s interesting that the joggers love to honor the most degenerate of their race.

      I guarantee you that the same reverence won’t happen when say Justice Thomas passes, even though he represents the best of his race.

      Funny how that works.

      • It’s merely Romans One, with a VENGEANCE.

        “They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant, and boastful. They invent new forms of evil; they disobey their parents.They are senseless, faithless, heartless, merciless.…Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things are worthy of death, they not only continue to do these things, but also approve of those who practice them.…

        “Those who do such things DESERVE DEATH.” Verbum Domini.

        St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

    • HW’s reaction was my initial one, too. But the knee-on-neck Israeli police move has been done thousands of times without incident. So, St. George’s death was related to the stress his heart was under. Considering he had been in the back of police cars before, his crazy reaction to being put there again was extremely weird. Stoned people get nuts like that, though. Floyd had fentanyl AND meth in his system, so he might’ve died that day from the shock of a kid playfully shouting “Boo!” behind his back.

    • This is correct. Chauvin was an idiot for kneeling on him for so long while being filmed and after he was out, but he did not kill Floyd. No damage was done to his neck or windpipe. He died from the drugs he was on and his poor health.

  4. Yes and Conservative media is making it known the 10% who think Black Lives Matter hasn’t gone far enough are White Liberals in the media and universities. Deo Vindice !

    • Yes Mr. Pace but there is a silver lining to the dark cloud of Corona. The communist universities are getting it in the neck now, good and hard, too. They had to close and go to ‘on-line learning’, whatever that is. If the universities are now doing the distance learning thing how is that any better than Phoenix.edu or other education businesses? Why not just buy a box of the Great Courses series, watch them at home and hire personal tutors for the areas, perhaps mathematics for example, that might present special difficulties? It would be a lot less expensive than paying the ridiculous tuition plus room and board charges.

      That is what many people are thinking right now because of the shutdown of schooling, one of the biggest, most lucrative rackets in this nation of rackets. Corona is beginning to change people’s attitudes about education and its supposed utility, value and necessity for a “good job.” This attitude is magnified by the fact that jobs are unavailable to many college grads who have useless degrees anyway.

      The communist universities are also suffering financially from Corona, they aren’t getting room, board and tuition payments like they expected. Most of them don’t have huge endowments to tide them over and are suddenly hard pressed financially. They are counting on the U.S. Government to bail them out but that will not be enough, the money needed is just too great. Many colleges will probably close over the next few years because of Corona, good riddance to bad trash, too.

  5. This is not enough. Average Normie must be scared and angered up to Auschwitz reopening readiness. Then real change becomes possible. Donald knows this and escalates quietly but firmly. In Poland they openly laugh and thank Jews that Jewry blackmailed German and other countries for millions and preserved communist future housing in working condition.

  6. I agree with this post, except that I think it is NOT surprising but to be expected that the BLM movement has suddenly become unpopular with the vast majority, because the BLM movement was never revolutionary. It is an exercise in futility and a strong inoculation against real revolution. Hence all these capitalist political groups and corporations, that would have been threatened by a real revolution, have been funding and promoting it!

  7. niggers are not like us at all and they are incapable of doing anything to mirror any sort of an uprising whites or other humans are capable of doing.
    Hell, in my life’s experience with the feral Congoid , if you put 10 of them in a room or at the same park too closely, violence and murder won’t be far behind.
    This shows us that their armed militia in the GA suburbs was controlled government optics to scare whitey into voting republicuck

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