Today’s Absurdities

John Muir:

The fact that even Theodore Roosevelt who was a revered conservationist wasn’t safe from the woke mob was a sign of where this was going. It is only a matter of time before our National Parks are accused of “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” because not enough non-White people are as fond of the wilderness. The racial disparities are “proof” of the inequitable treatment of minorities.

This is what we used to believe:

“So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

John 8:7

It was a basic assumption of our culture. Not anymore. In the new age of moral clarity in American journalism, there is zero self awareness. Mobs of self righteous, perpetually offended idiots who disparage the memory of men who contributed vastly more to our nation are the new normal.

This “reckoning” or national embarrassment depending on how you perceive it is the result of a deracinated and infidel generation that has been indoctrinated in Critical Social Justice Theory and knows next to nothing about either morality or justice. In my view, it has become a parade of destructive ignorance and unmerited self righteousness which is almost certain to end in a national tragedy.

Critical Grammar:

Obviously, I am too steeped in “white supremacy” to understand why it is so urgent that the English language also has to go. I suppose it is because White people are by definition “racist.” Jacques Derrida thought words contain “traces” other words so maybe our whole language is racist?

Michigan Teacher:

For saying Trump is our president. WRONG ANSWER!

Black Athena:

They’re arguing among themselves now about who is racist.

179 Historic Monuments:

No doubt every single one of these monuments was dedicated to a far greater man than the woke mob that tore them down. Critical Race Theory finds fault with everything.

Dear white people:

According to Critical Social Justice Theorists, White Fragility is built on top of White Complicity which is built on top of White Privilege. Please “do the work” and read all of this impenetrable subjective nonsense. Otherwise, you are a “racist” … wait, you are a “racist,” anyway.

GOP Senators:

She is talking about people like Sen. Susan Collins!

Kayne West:

Lots of people are saying Kanye has gone crazy.

Where have they been for the last two months? Have they seen what is going on in the world? Have they seen how insane our elites have gotten? Kanye is just a bit emotional.

America’s Streets:

Is it just me or is it getting insane out there?

Joe Rogan:

For fanning the flames of hate by giving a platform to transphobic hate speech.

New York City Hall:

This is what “progress” looks like.

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  1. That was a particularly poignant line… “Perpetually offended idiots (than the activists and journalists) who disparage those who contributed vastly more to the nation than the new normal”

    What is so frustrating is just how small this clique is pushing this narrative. It seems like it is the general sentiment, but if that is the case how did Hart Seller Immigration get implemented in a 1960s almost solely white nation? It seems like the new normal because this minuscule number of people happen to have full control of media entertainment and the culture. They create and present the narrative. Really despicable when you think about it

  2. “Theodore Roosevelt who was a revered conservationist wasn’t safe”:

    Sephardic-descended Rossacampo/Roosevelt’s conservationism won’t cover up his bloody imperialism forever.

  3. “Dear white people, please read ‘White Fragility”

    I would rather get a root canal, it would be far more enjoyable.

  4. The entire world is now controlled by Mammonists. That is, everything in our lives is ultimately done to fill the pockets of the ruling class of corporatists and financiers. Their system depends on constantly expanding markets, so the West needs to be filled with more people living as Consumerists. They are there to spend whatever money they get, wherever they get it from.

    Mammonists socialize their costs. They give a little to the NGOs that get the Turd World excess here, then the pols given some funds to further their agenda make sure the gates are flung wide open for the barbarians. As they have no regard for the teeming masses, it doesn’t matter what happens to us or our homelands. They will be safe and separated from us, like always.

    Our only hope is to separate ourselves from them, as we can’t take over the nations they control through force or by voting. Enclaves where we operate outside of their carefully-constructed system of control are the answer for the aware peasantry. That will most likely mean going rural or to small towns, ones with a predominance of those with the ability to maintain aspects of Western Civilization like utilities, waste and water treatment and food production. “Those with the ability” means those of European descent, naturally.

  5. “I am too steeped in “white supremacy” to understand why it is so urgent that the English language also has to go.”

    It is necessary to dumb-down the language, so the mass of people become an emotional mob that can be stampeded in any direction the controllers want.

    “The limits of my language are the limits of my thinking.”

    Our language should be developing to higher levels and concepts, instead it is being forced to lower levels, as in 1984.

  6. Sierra Club was brought out a few years back by a Jew financialization billionaire….price was something like $200 million. Turned it from an enviro racket into an open borders, anti-White racket. So,

    no surprise in this.

  7. “Have they seen how insane our elites have gotten?”

    When the food stops coming, caged rats each other.

  8. As a White man who works in Nature and spends a significant portion of my free time in Nature……




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