150,000 Americans Have Died From COVID-19

Oh, I almost forgot

We have an ongoing pandemic.

Two months ago, I lost interest in the pandemic when it revealed once and for all where we stand as a country. At that point, I began to suspect that the inability of the political class to handle the pandemic was a catalyst that was pushing the country toward an even worse crisis.

The official death toll now stands at 150,444. I am not going to dwell on the subject. When the next milestone of 175,000 is hit later this summer, I will post the next update. We are expected to hit 200,000 dead before the 2020 election although I think the death toll be even higher by then.

As bad as COVID-19 has been, we have only been dealing with it during spring and summer weather when conditions are most unfavorable for flu like respiratory illnesses.

Note: We crossed 100,000 deaths on May 26.

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  1. Aspirin was Bayer Corporation’s miracle-drug money maker in World War One, and overuse of Bayer aspirin at two to three times the maximum dose now considered safe caused many of the Swine Flu deaths – which is analogous to overuse or misuse of ventilators at the beginning of this pandemic.

    I agree that the Covid death toll in the U.S. will be much higher by the November election, even with the revised, improved standard of care resulting in a lower case fatality rate – and that White conservatives in the U.S. will still be in denial and refusing to wear masks and practice other basic public hygiene rules that have been known for centuries or thousands of years.

    • It is not physically possible for aspirin to have been the cause of the millions of deaths worldwide resulting from the 1918 pandemic. There was not that much aspirin on the planet, nor was it particularly available in regions with some of the highest death tolls (India, most notably).

      This is a nonsense conspiracy theory promoted by those who are desperate to avoid confronting reality.

      • I said overdosing with aspirin caused “many” of the deaths. It caused many of the deaths of young soldiers and in the U.S. and other countries where aspirin was available. Ventilators used as a first instead of last resort were causing many Covid deaths in the early months of this pandemic – in places where ventilators are available.

  2. “I began to suspect that the inability of the political class to handle the pandemic was a catalyst that was pushing the country toward an even worse crisis.”

    What took you so long, HW?

    Short-sighted is he who sees in history only fact; in it, as in the whole world, spirit rules over matter.
    I.P. Yakoby (1931)

    The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history. – George Orwell.

  3. The only number that tells you the real death rate is the excess mortality count. I checked on that at the CDC months ago, but as I recall it wasn’t nailed down. Such numbers are political footballs now, so I wouldn’t trust whatever Fauci told us.

    All we had to do was emulate South Korea or Taiwan at an early stage of this pandemic, but we didn’t, so we’re in this f-ed up situation.

  4. 330 thousand would be one tenth of one percent of the American population, this is about half that. Making almost everyone unhappy with endless quarantines makes sense to a lot of people, I can’t see it.

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