Ted Cruz Condemns The Proud Boys As “Bigoted Idiots”

Here is a great illustration of consensus antiracism:

Ted Cruz condemns the Proud Boys as bigoted idiots.

The Left pointedly refuses to condemn a literal Antifa insurrection.

If you vote for politicians like Ted Cruz, you are not voting for someone who will represent your views and interests. Instead, you are voting to empower the agenda of a bunch of billionaires.

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  1. RAFAEL “Ted” Cruz born in Canada a Canadian citizen the Glenn Beck dubbed “White horse of the Apocalypse,” who said he wanted to see the sand of Syria “glow” with nuclear ordinance, and would have been much more militant and even better friend of Israel than Trump, almost became the Republican candidate. And then, he would likely have become President, it was that close!


      And Vaya (but not ‘con Dios’- because God does not know you!) out of this country.

      Lee Kwan Yew, longtime leader of Singapore, once said this: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests or social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

    • The next war in the Near East will be interesting because, of course DJT will obey His Master’s Voice (like the little dog on RCA 12 inch records), Sheldon Adelson, and support Our Greatest Ally. Both the Democrats/Republicans will be in a quandary. The Usual Suspects will give their marching orders to both parties, the Republicans will obey and throw in U.S. troops and aircraft if necessary and the Democrat rank and file will explode with anger at U.S. support for Israel from the Democrat Party elites.

      The Democrats are mostly colored hordes who have no love for Israel. People like AOC (D. NY), Rashida Tlaib (D. Palestine) and Ilhan Omar (D. Somalia) will do their best to stop U.S. aid for Israel while the Democrat/Republican leadership will give full support to Israel. The fissures amongst the coalition of the Third World in the Democrat Party will be entertaining, paralleling the split between the Republican Party elites and Republican voters on issues like immigration.

      This is the kind of surprise 2020 could readily have in store for us, this has been a year of black swans. The far Left and the True Right would agree on one thing (albeit for different reasons), that the U.S. should leave the Near East alone and GTFO of there immediately. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows and Our Greatest Ally wants the U.S. to destroy Iran, preferably before DJT loses in November.

  2. I just never can quite get over how so many high-profile Republican politicians like picking on us, ‘The Far Right’, those who have no effective power in practically any aspect of this society, while completely ignoring those who do have the power, and who, perhaps not coincidentally, ride roughshod over practically law, custom, and decency.

    Where has Senator Cruz been on urging his colleagues to bring oversight and anti-trust laws down on Silicon Tech censorship of tens of millions of Americans?

    Where has Senator Cruz been on urging Senators Graham and Burr to bring the CIA, FBI, State Department, Justice Department, and NSA to book over their attempted coup of a sitting U.S. president?

    Where has Senator Cruz been on the continuing corporate boondoggle that has them bringing in millions of darkskins to take the jobs that our sons and daughters cannot find?

    Where is Senator Cruz on ending wars and occupations raging from Afghanistan, Syria, Libya to the Ukraine, that have resulted from the illegal and immoral coup d’etats waged upon them by the United States’ government?

    Where is Senator Cruz on applying existing law to undermine the villainous government supported exploitation that pharmaceutical companies impose on The American People?

    Where is Senator Cruz on in working to expose and end the collaborative Government-Democrat party-Media- NGO web that has irregular armed forces plundering and looting American cities?

    Where is Senator Cruz on bringing serious law enforcement down on those who are lynching the granite symbols of our Forefathers?

    Where is Senator Cruz on an unregulated porn industry that is crippllng the minds of adolescent boys?

    Where is Senator Cruz on reforming an Educational System that has devolved to the point of making it;s main focus the manufacturing of anti-social monsters, anti-American haters, and degenerate perverts?

    Where is Senator Cruz in opposing the destruction of American Sports, via it’s hijacking for political purposes?

    Where is Senator Cruz in drafting serious anti-Doxxing/ anti-political harassment legislation, so that all Americans can exercise their constitutional rights?

    Where is Senator Cruz on bringing home manufacturing to Smalltown America, so that somebody who does not live in a city has a chance to do something, without having to leave home?

    Oh, but, yes – several hundred patriots, in The Far West are worthy of his scorn!

    • It should tell you that they know how quickly our perspective can catch fire. You only try and stomp out things that can destroy the system. They get it. Its smart.

      • @Dixieland…

        Thank you, Sir. Yes, obviously they are most threatened by us, or, perhaps better said, what we represent.

        Perhaps they have an inner fragility of which they are no so consciously aware.

        Be well, Sir!

      • ” . . . Where has Senator Cruz been on . . . oversight and anti-trust laws . . . the CIA, FBI, State Department, Justice Department, and NSA . . . over their attempted coup . . . bringing in millions of darkskins . . . ending wars and occupations raging from Afghanistan, Syria, Libya to the Ukraine . . . exploitation that pharmaceutical companies impose on The American People . . . those who are lynching the granite symbols of our Forefathers . . . an unregulated porn industry . . . etc.”

        Ivan, you know where the good Senator has been, collecting bribes called “campaign contributions” (that makes them legal) to put his blind eye to the telescope so that he will not see the destruction going on from the good “conservatives” doing nothing.

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

        (Not that I’m implying Lyin’ Ted is a good man BTW)

        • @12AX7…

          Yes, who could dispute what assert, for surely Senator Cruz must be spending his energies in something, because, not doing the people’s business, he must have a lot of time on his hands.

          The Burke quote is very very apropos!

          Blessings to you and yours!

  3. What a diseased disgusting whore that Ted Cruz is? Is there anything that compares? I wouldn’t touch that guy with a ten foot pole. Stay away that whore is liable to infect you.

    • I assume Lyin’ Ted doesn’t want any votes from “racists”. Normal people in Texas should just leave him alone if they vote this election season, maybe he can win with the huge Mexican population in Texas, good luck with that. If Lyin’ Ted loses he should reflect on the reasons for his loss but that is too much to expect from “conservatives” who cannot even conserve their own political careers.

  4. Richard Spencer is dead wrong. This is no longer a 2 party system. It’s a one party liberal fuckfest. Debate that haircut.

  5. Ted cruz is scum pure and simple, even being part of gavins alt lite group who to my knowledge only defended themselves against antifa and other groups trying to remove their right of assembly. Antifa stalked proud boys to every event and caused shit while hiding behind police if things didn’t go their way after a fight they fricking started

    Cruz is a giant piece of shit but I think he knows inevitably that blumpf will lose in November so he’s getting ready to show his masters that he believes in nothing like a true republicuck on his kness like the worm he is to worship John Lewis’s dead corpse and denounce “racism”

  6. It’s like one giant show conservatives do. They want to ” anti racist” the Democrats while doing the tax cut, flag waive, pro police routine. It’s an ideology that wears itself out because when pushed truly deep, conservatives lose. They restrain themselves all the time.

    Ted Cruz barely won his last Senate race against the foul mouthed ” wannabe Mexican” Irishman, Beto. Cruz won by just a bit over 2.5%. That was with Trump coming to his rescue. With more demographic changes coming to Texas, there is a very good chance he will lose his next election. Like a typical conservative, Cruz just gives lip service to the immigration invasion over the years.

    Ted is in constant debate mode. Some things he says are good but like nearly all conservatives he gives it away regarding immigration and race. America should stay a majority White nation and like all conservatives and tons of liberals, race is a huge factor in where they choose to live.

    His Proud Boys comment is no shock. The problem is guys like Cruz don’t want to give the Proud Boys -or their sympathizers- credit in helping a guy like him win. This is where the bottom will fall out for him. Blacks and browns will never, ever be the majority of a conservative’s vote no matter how many pats on the back Allan Dershowitz gives Cruz for his debating skills. After winning his last Senate race by under 3%, Cruz should not be disrespectful of any group like the Proud Boys.

    While it’s understandable to go to a funeral for a fellow politician whom just passed on and even hope for the guy to have repented to GOD, Lewis was a baby killer supporter, pushed gay nonsense, was for open borders, was rabidly anti- Trump and was basically another Democrat black agitator. He was not a great man despite the mass glut of lies saying he was. A remarkable man? How? Because he protested against segregation back in the day? Based on that, Farrakhan, Spike Lee and Al Sharpton are ” remarkable” men for their pro black nonsense.

    Everything is a lie. Once you approach it that way, the lies show up much quicker. The entire Democratic Party is an anti White socialist mob. The pathetic, old, Democrat, White guard like Pelosi, Hoyer, Feinstein, Nadler and the others will be retiring and/or dying soon. They will continue to be replaced with younger black and brown Marxists. Throw in some nutty younger jews who will see an increase in anti jewish views from the Democrats simply due to the party growing more non White and more pro Palestinian. Jews were good at hiding out under a White umbrella. I don’t see it as easy for them under a brown umbrella. In some ways it’s a mirror image of what Cruz and other conservatives face- an increase in blacks and browns and the self hating communist Whites is the end for them.

  7. The Cubans have always been chipping away at Anglo Supremacy. FUCKING castillian ratbags.

    • @Captain John…

      I cannot refute what you say, but, I would remind you of this : —– When Candidate Trump seemed to many like the Great White Hope, it was the Cubans, in Southern Florida, who, voting en masse for him, put him over the top.

      At any rate – have a great day tomorrow!

  8. White people do not have any meaningful vote. Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, or Asians all get to organize, vote, and be represented along racial and ethnic lines. We on the other hand do not get to vote for anyone who will actually represent White interests. The parties and the media will prevent that from happening. And in a pinch the IRS, Federal or state election commissions, US Attorneys, or state attorney generals can be brought in to prevent it. No, we only get to vote for “representatives” who won’t represent us under any circumstance. We are in any meaningfully sense disenfranchised.

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