Last night, I was thinking about my own private collapse in trust in all major American institutions and came up with the idea of sharing my thoughts in a kind of survey of our institutional landscape.


The News Media:


In the last few years, my trust in the mainstream media was already extremely low, but now it has completely evaporated. A few years ago, I was naive enough to give interviews to “journalists” when I was an activist when I did not fully appreciate the networks that linked “journalists,” Antifa and disciplinary groups like the SPLC and ADL. Just a few months ago, I would actually share news stories from mainstream outlets like the New York Times in spite of their obvious bias because I didn’t think it had overwhelmed the paper. Couldn’t reporters still be trusted to write about some things like public health?

In 2017, I was on the ground in Charlottesville and saw what happened with my own eyes – the police stood down and allowed Antifa to riot – and the media lied to the world about that event. I have had leftwing journalists write stories about me trying to connect me to all kinds of people who I do not know. I once gave an interview over the phone to Reuters about pro-White families and the story ended up being just another parade of stock Nazi and Klan imagery. I have seen multiple “journalists” boast about their ties to Antifa and go on to work for the ADL and SPLC. Most recently, I have seen “journalists” write countless stories to gaslight the public about the “mostly peaceful protests” that have swept the nation.

As for COVID-19, we all saw what happened in late May when the George Floyd protests broke out. The same “journalists” that had spent the last month damning the Reopeners for killing their grandmas broke out into ecstatic praise of mass protests that involved tens of thousands of people. As cities went up in flames, mobs tore down statues and people started dying, COVID-19 became an afterthought. The protesters were criticized less harshly than the Reopeners who engaged in zero violence.

In the new age of moral clarity in American journalism, nothing but the narrative as it is refracted through race and politics matters. Whether it is news, public health or the weather, it is politicized. The Gulf Coast could be hit by a hurricane in the fall and it would be Donald Trump’s fault.

The Entertainment Media:


The entertainment media is now churning out a steady stream of violent anti-White porn like “Hunters” or “Cracka.” It produces films like Django Unchained or Inglorious Basterds now which explicitly have some kind of racial or ethnic grievance to grind against White people. Nothing but poison and trash that corrupt our youth circulates in American popular culture. The last Academy Awards illustrated how bad it has gotten. Spongebob Squarepants was recently declared to be gay. Paw Patrol has been labeled fascist for glorifying the police. Television shows like COPS and Live PD have been yanked off the air.



Academia has become a hothouse of Critical Race Theory. Young White people are indoctrinated to hate themselves and their own people. They are being taught to hate their country which is illegitimate. The universities are inculcating racial grievances and confusing young adults about their sexuality. It has become routine for speakers on college campuses to be terrorized by Social Justice mobs. The atmosphere on campus is one of absolutely stifling political correctness and conformity. In our current climate, I would never send my son to a public university which has only gotten worse since I graduated.

The Church:


In spite of what lots of Christian conservatives believe, the churches are just another cultural institution and can be infected and infiltrated by all the garbage that pulsates through our culture as easily as any other institution. People carry ideas into positions. The same modern garbage is flooding into our churches. Even the best parenting and a strong upbringing within the church won’t be enough to shelter our kids when every other aspect of our culture is lost. How many Christian denominations currently exist which would be unrecognizable to their founders? What do you do when your kids are HATED for being White? What kind of system is being created that our kids will have to NAVIGATE?

Public Education:


Don’t make me laugh.

The public schools which White parents are taxed to pay for were abandoned generations ago to minorities and progressive pedagogues who have produced an absolute unmitigated disaster with the trillions of dollars squandered on the public education system. We have no choice but to shoulder the financial burden of homeschooling our kids or paying to send them to private schools now.



A few years ago, I could mellow out and watch a college football game, but I can’t even do that anymore without having “Black Lives Matter” shoved in my face. We now live in a coordinated totalitarian state.


The Military:


I can’t imagine the military being used to for the purpose it was created which was simply to defend the American people from foreign invasion or severe domestic disturbances. The military is only used these days to launch disastrous, misguided interventions abroad in distant places no one cares about or to defend the borders of foreign countries. It is not used to defend our own borders. It is easier to imagine the military being used against the American people by a progressive Democrat.

The Police:


In Charlottesville, I saw something with my own eyes that I had never seen before as an activist. I saw the police stand down, allow Antifa to attack us, watch as Antifa attacked us and push us out of Lee Park into a collision with them. We had trusted the police with our safety that day. The Alt-Right was never the same after the day. Public demonstrations were swiftly abandoned. Now, it has become commonplace for the police to stand down and allow Antifa and BLM to riot in Democrat cities all over the country. Democratic officials have given them a license to break the law.

Alphabet Agencies:


In the Trump era, we have watched as the alphabet agencies have been hopelessly politicized. I was there in Washington, DC when Antifa rioted at the Trump inauguration and began “punching Nazis.” Four years later, these people are blowing up police precincts, burning down Washington, DC, laying siege to a federal courthouse in Portland, physically assaulting elected state representatives in Wisconsin and Colorado. Meanwhile, the alphabet agencies are focused on prosecuting White Nationalists – including those like Jack Corbin who never left their house – while all of this has been allowed to happen. The only thing that now matters is race and political ideology and that goes up to the highest levels of the people around the president who were targeted for their political beliefs.

The Supreme Court:


Don’t tell me we need to nominate or confirm more conservative justices. When the chips are down, there is no reason to believe that they won’t bow to the pressure of the leftwing mob and the media. Conservatives have controlled the Supreme Court for decades and it has been useless.



It has become nothing but a stage for political grandstanding. It is populated by performance artists who are incapable of even the most basic tasks of governance now like passing a mere budget. Everyone agrees the institution is hopelessly broken. Congress can’t even address natural disasters now like a pandemic.

The Presidency:


Unfortunately, our president is incapable of doing anything but monitoring the deteriorating situation and tweeting about it. It seems like everything he is inclined to do is blocked whether it is by his own family, his staff, donors, the GOP, Congress, the federal courts, federal bureaucrats, the Pentagon, etc.

The Justice System:


I see it being colonized by the woke and pressured by mobs. It is transforming into the Social Justice system where race and political ideology will determine the outcome of all cases.

The Bureaucracy:


No, I don’t trust the real government also known as the Deep State. I don’t even believe the president has control over it. It is unaccountable to the public.


Large Corporations:


I have more confidence in Congress than large corporations which are totally opposed to my values. Large corporations have become a labyrinth of Social Justice ideology where workers are being pushed through “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” training. Get caught saying the wrong thing and the mob is summoned to cancel you. Now, it has gotten to the point where you don’t even have to do anything offensive. Simply being White is offensive enough and an obstacle to “equity” in the workplace.

Small Business:


I think of local restaurants or businesses which are owned by ordinary, relatable, struggling folks. Small business is the only institution left in our society of which I have a generally favorable opinion. Even when I disagree with small business owners, I can at least understand their perspective.

Banks and Large Financial Institutions:


We’re now at the point where banks and credit card companies are deplatforming people for their political beliefs while using the sway of their lobbyists on Capitol Hill to loot the U.S. Treasury.



Mainly, I wonder what happened to their kids who seem to be the spoiled upper middle class brats who are destroying the country.



Generally, I don’t see organized labor as much of a force anymore in American politics outside of the leftwing public sector unions. The values and interests of the working class are largely irrelevant under neoliberalism. Politics is a battle between overclass factions.

The Right

The GOP:


Even though it is an election year in the midst of a historic level of nationwide chaos, I haven’t studied or analyzed a single poll because I have no confidence whatsoever in the Republican Party, which I believe caters exclusively to the interests of wealthy donors who purchase its policy agenda. So while what is happening is indeed terrible, I don’t see the GOP as mounting any resistance to it.

The Conservative Movement:


As I have said before, the American conservative movement are least effective conservatives in all of world history. They have allowed the most fundamental bedrock institutions that ground human society – marriage, the family, religion, the nation, ethnic identity, etc. – to collapse on their watch. Neil Gorsuch couldn’t even conserve the definition of men and women. What are they even doing? Are they dunking on Joe Biden on Twitter with cringe “Dems R The Real Racists” tweets? You can’t find a single one of these people who has the courage to break the dominant racial etiquette and taboos and say something as basic as “It’s Okay To Be White” in this suffocating, tyrannical environment. How can you respect people who have no sense of honor or dignity and who submit to being humiliated and degraded?




O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

As George Fitzhugh said, liberalism is society in a state of thaw. It is the progressive growth of entropy in an ordered system. Now, liberalism is reaching its culmination in dissolving all institutions including things that never occurred to previous generations like the gender binary.



Democracy is the theory that somehow the people rule and that elections correspond to policies. I haven’t seen any evidence of this. I think there is a much greater correspondence between political campaign contributions and policies. Elections are entertainment for the masses.



This is probably one area of agreement among all people under the age of 45. The vast majority seem to own almost nothing. The system caters to powerful financial interests and investors. While I wouldn’t do away with property entirely, I do think we need a cap on excess wealth.




I’ve grown increasingly distrustful of science which seems to be increasingly politicized and conforming to the dominant culture. See the recent defenestration of James Watson.


This has been a pessimistic post.

It seems like that I have lost faith in everything.

I do have faith in this though … I am not alone. There are too many people who feel the same way that I do, which is to say, not represented, respected or heard by virtually any mainstream institution in our society. If something cannot go on forever, it will eventually stop. We can’t thrive or succeed in this world. No one in power seems to consider our interests except to curl their lips in disdain.

Now, the political establishment proposes in the context that I laid out above to make the weight of this burden even worse. In the name of fighting “systemic racism,” all White people are now to be branded “racists” and “white supremacists” who must be trained to practice antiracism. Meanwhile, all non-White people are exempted from the new system on racial grounds because racism is by definition whiteness, encouraged to spot “racism” in every human interaction and to “dismantle” that racism.

Increasingly, I fantasize about living in a place where I don’t have to live under the burden of liberalism and antiracism or feel smothered by the whole weight of society. If there is no political solution, our culture has been completely demolished, law and order is allowed to collapse, the country is lost and we are fated to become some kind of degraded racial caste like in South Africa, it is worth remembering that millions of people left South Africa. They left because the burden of living there under liberal democracy became so great for White people that those who had the means to do so emigrated.

For the record, I don’t believe it will come to that. I don’t think our society will be able to withstand anymore the stress of this growing burden. It is an option of last resort though. I’m not going to live the rest of my life watching this country whither away under this “systemic racism” bullshit.

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  1. We must learn to trust God and trust one another. We must quietly build a counter society and a counter culture. If we are patient and brave, we will prevail as this rotten system falls down around us.

    • “We must learn to trust God and trust one another.” We must do more. Ideology means nothing, if sheer force is not behind it. WHO is to blame for it all? Only ONE (((RACE))) comes to mind.

      “Can’t go over it.
      Can’t go under it.
      Can’t go around it.
      Gotta go through it. “ – ‘Goin’ on a Bear Hunt,’ children’s song.

      The Lord commands us not to keep silent when the faith is in danger. Nobody can say: “But who am I to speak? A priest or a ruler? No. A soldier, or a peasant? No, I am a poor man who worries only about his daily bread. It is not my affair to speak, or to worry about this.” Alas! Will the stones cry out, while you keep silent? – St. Theodore the Studite

      “Jews were indeed very powerful in Poland in the first years of the 20th century. The Jewish socialist party, the Bund, was a leading political force in the 1905 Revolution particularly in the Polish areas of the Russian empire.’

      ‘The Vow, the Bund’s anthem didn’t leave much room for imagination, it declared war and practically sentenced to death those who didn’t fit with their political agenda:
      “We swear our stalwart hate persists,?
      Of those who rob and kill the poor:?
      The Tsar, the masters, capitalists.?
      Our vengeance will be swift and sure.?
      So swear together to live or die!”
      “To wage the holy war we vow,?
      Until right triumphs over wrong.?
      No Midas, master, noble now –?
      The humble equal to the strong.?
      So swear together to live or die!”

      Miles W Mathis’s clews
      “…if almost every other famous person we have studied previously has turned out to be a gay Jewish actor who faked his/her death, then the odds are very good that the next famous person we study will be the same. It is called probability math. If you flip a coin a thousand times and it comes up heads every time, you can be pretty sure the coin is loaded. We have seen that the coin we call history is very loaded.“

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      • @Fr. John…

        “St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.””

        So very good that you quoted this Russian Orthodox Saint, who, during the Napoleonic invasion of his country, wanted his countrymen to know the distinction.

        We, too, need to know it, because it was EXACTLY what Chryst meant when He gave this command, NOT the modern secular Jewish Internationalist definition of it.

        Excellent perspective you provide, Sir, as per usual – long and well tethered to the best moorings of our civilization!

    • Do not trust the U.S. Dollar either, it’s weak and getting weaker. The massive printing of dollars coupled with the breaking of the link with gold convertibility for foreign central banks in London in Aug. 1971 means there is no constraint upon the Federal Reserve. Up until Aug., 1971 foreign central banks could exchange their U.S. dollar deposits for gold at the rate of $35 USD/Troy Ounce. This privilege obviously didn’t extend to individuals.

      The price of gold has recently risen to about 1970 USD/Troy Ounce and looks like it’s going higher. Gold and silver are God’s money, look at it that way, that’s why it has prevailed through the ages. Au and Ag will retain and even increase their value as the various financial frauds and rackets constituting the U.S. economy naturally unravel. We are just beginning to see that process now in its early phase. Obviously, Joe Biden’s handlers will vastly accelerate this process but so will DJT, the “King of Debt” and one who thinks of bankruptcy as success, by his own words, too.

      Remember, a Troy Ounce weighs 480 grains and an Avoirdupois ounce, the one used in commerce weighs 437 1/2 grains, a big difference. Don’t get screwed by dishonest people.

  2. Time to do an Area Study, folks. Dont know what that is? See the video below. Put the info in a binder, laminate the pages, and distribute it to long time friends (real friends, not Fakebook acqaintances) and trustworthy family members.. Remember the election is in 90+ days! If you live in the ‘burbs, things may become sporty!

  3. God did not put you on this earth to have faith and trust in men. God put you on this earth to have faith and trust in him. Can you find your way through to the end, to the light and see Gods greater plans?

    • Keep in mind that the Whites in South Africa were a small minority at the time they got rid of Apartheid. Their biggest mistake was bringing in the blacks for cheap labor, the place was basically uninhabited when the Whites arrived.

      • Exactly. The same was true of the North American continent from the time the first English and French explorers set foot. The idea that aboriginal people had any kind of organized society beyond loose bands of violent hunter-gatherers is rubbish, it’s a lie taught as part of the overall scheme of disenfranchising White people. The very idea that land could even be “owned” was beyond the Indian’s (feather, not dot) comprehension, they lacked any mathematics to even survey and apportion land let alone build permanent cities.

        The U.S. was 90% white in 1960 and built up on an empty continent. Cities like Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and other parts of the Sunbelt grew enormously after the widespread introduction of air conditioning after WWII, another White man’s invention. All of these areas were overwhelmingly White until the Hart/Celler immigration “reform” act of 1965, which wrecked the country along with “conservative” President Reagan’s 1986 amnesty, by throwing open the borders and seeing what the cat drags in. The Third World is what the cat dragged in.

        Much of this was caused by greedy businessmen wanting ever cheaper labor for short term profits at the cost of the destruction of the country. The Republicans in particular, answering the Chamber of Commerce’s siren song of greed gladly sold the country down the river for the few shekels they got. No remorse from these scumbags either.

        The Democrats, after harnessing the natural resentment of blacks towards White people for our achievements, families, societies and everything else they lack then encouraged the new dusky hordes to hate us too as they piled in to the country. Naturally, the vast majority of non-Whites voted Democrat for the endless gibs and because the Democrat Party is explicitly anti-White. The Republican Party is supposedly pro-White but in reality both parties are anti-White, pro our “Greatest Ally” über alles. The Republicans just lie about being implicitly pro-White, the greedy scumbag businessmen call the tune for the Republicans, the country be damned.

        • What the cat drug in is seldom alive. It is usually killed and placed at your doorstep.

      • Black south africa also went through a population explosion.

        Americas legacy black population was not that small even by the 1950s. The 20th century had race riots all through the 20th century. It was the creatoon of the welfare state that really allowed the blakc population to explode.

        A lot of delusional americans think the black population is 13 percent. The reality is that it is pushing 50 percent. With the collapse of the white population, a rising black majority, and jews with full spectrum dominance and the result for whitey is not good.

        Jews are plutocrats that want a plantation economy with them on the top. Something like cuba is what they are after but with a giant anti white pogrom beforehand. Personally, i think they will achieve their goal.

  4. Hey Hunter,
    We have a few differences, but I generally like your take on things in this essay. You end by mentioning the possibility of White folk leaving if things continue to degrade. I see two problems, other than the pain of leaving our ancestral lands. They are (1) nowhere to go and (2) most Whites under 40 owning little property and thus not having enough money to start over anywhere.
    I do have an idea. Last year you did a few history posts about Kentucky, and causally mentioned that Kentucky would be the logical place to peacefully start a White ethnostate. I agree. Basically just move there and peacefully and legally become the majority of the county populations. Outside of big cities, most White folks in Kentucky are rural, positive towards Christianity, and pro-gun rights. The cost of living is not bad, and building codes/zoning is non-existent in some rural places. I am biased toward this, as some of my ancestry goes back to frontier Kentucky, and I have had kin living within a 75 mile radius of Louisville since 1780. If every racially conscious White person in the South who wanted to relocate just moved to Kentucky, or the adjacent lands in the southern tip of Indiana and West Virginia, we would have the beginnings of our own *Orania*. What do you think?

    • Oh and P.S:

      I know that Soil matters, but blood has to placed over soil at all times. Because if we do not get our chance to re-establish our supremacy here, we’re gonna have to reconcile with the Old Continent. Thus rekindling the perennial bonds of kinship between us. Regardless of whether one is a Slav, Saxon, or Latin.

      But hey! These guys even tried to combine the virtues of Agrarianism with the prospects of Pan-Europeanism:,_regionalism,_trans-nationalism

      (*Note how Turkish Muslims are not included)

    • Most of Asia is not anti-white. You could live in Vietnam or something and never have problems. Of course, that is not a solution to anything, but in a worst case scenario if you must leave the USA, it could do.

  5. When someone asks me “how’s it going” or “what’s up” I simply reply, “getting ready for the revolution”.

  6. Now the reality sets in we are living in a 3rd world low trust society.

    September 11 was major in your face event for me, highlighting the separation from high trust to now an unbelievable current events low trust society.

  7. About media mendacity and bias, many readers will be surprised to learn over 40 plus years ago conservatives did a lot work on the issue. William Rusher and Kevin Phillips wrote books on the subject that are still worth reading. Writers in the National Review suggested the networks, as an entertainment media, should be banned from having news shows, Suddenly the whole question essentially disappeared. Probably because it became apparent that it could not be resolved in a fashion compatible with libertarianism. An early example of “Muh principles.”

    I met William Buckley on two occasions. Instead of shaking his hand, I regret not throttling his throat instead. What happened to conservatism can be laid at the door of Buckley. His purges of O’Sullivan, Brimelow, Sobran, Francis, Gottfried, and M. E. Bradford among others converted conservatism from a challenge to the managerial elite into a show opposition. Purging them sent the message to the next generation that they had no future in conservatism if held such heretical opinions as immigration should be opposed and white Americans defended.

  8. “We’ll vote our way out of this”

    -Said no victim of oppression ever.

    I don’t like it anymore that you do HW, but I accepted a while back what must happen.

  9. I keep hoping they we are in the movie Wargames where the “missiles” are fake that the media is showing us and that the vast majority of people really are angry at all of this nonsense.

    Wishful thinking perhaps.

  10. Yes.

    Thankfully, the Jews at the Washington Post playing carrot-stick said that ‘White’ will be capitalized.

    Let the slaves rejoice!


    • Only because the National Association of Black Journalists suggested it. What a degraded state Whites have allowed themselves to be manipulated into that only BLACKS can dictate how Whites will be identified.

  11. Slightly OT but related

    It just occurred to me while reading this post that America has become an episode of the Twilight Zone. I remember one classic episode where a woman who supposedly suffered some facial deformities was having some kind of plastic reconstructive surgery, with high hopes that she’d turn out beautiful. The entire show was from the perspective of the doctors and nurses, but you never saw their face. Only the back of their head. The woman having surgery was wrapped in bandages, waiting for her surgery to heal. The climax of the show is when the bandages are removed and her eyes, which have been covered, are exposed to the light. They are blurry at first as the doctor and nurses come into focus. When they finally are apparent to her, they look like aliens with Shrek-like faces. As her face is revealed to them, they express their disappointment that the surgery had been a failure, that she was still hideous. The camera quickly switches to her face, and she’s a beautiful blonde, an idealized 1950/60s Aryan woman. She sobs in disappointment that the surgeons had not been able to fix her ugly appearance.

    This upside down and backward reality is exactly the one we are living in. I live inside a bit of a echo chamber, so I have no idea what most people are thinking, and I think they’re afraid to speak out even if they wanted to. Yet I have to believe that most average people, even slightly left of center, must be having a difficult time with this right now, trying to make sense of it.

    As bad as Trump has been, Hunter Wallace, we need to vote for him. No GOP senators or congressmen. Let them rot. But we have simply must push this house of cards by voting for Trump. Please consider this.

    • What is the advantage in voting for Trump? He has betrayed ALL of those that voted for him on the issues that got him elected, like restricting immigration. Will Blompf suddenly stop monitoring and tweeting, and DO SOMETHING on behalf of those who supported him? The overwhelming evidence says, not a chance in hell. Donors come first, last and always.

      • The advantage in voting for Trump is that he is the reason that the weimerican empire is being ripped apart right now and that’s exactly what needs to happen.

        Biden being elected will be a return to normalcy and complacency. Sure, hate laws will be enacted and more gun laws will be passed and we’ll eventually have a black female president when he dies or goes full senile, but white people won’t do shit and they’ll grin and bear it.
        At least right now the enemy is doing our work for us. Let it happen, pour gasoline on it. Vote for Trump.

      • He has made the MSM who want to control all narratives, many that he has challenged outright, if only verbally, apoplectic. If he loses, the media will be triumphant. That’s reason enough to vote for Trump[IMO].

      • Biden will re-start Obama’s HUD program of injecting blacks into middle America’s whitest areas. Biden will also not finish his term and you will then have a black female President.

        Vote for those things if you want them. I do not.

      • @Mr. Hugh…

        True, but, no matter who wins, the country will continue to march deeper into this period in history, which, no matter what anyone does, will play out to it’s fullest, before it expires and goes on to the next period.

    • Memebro- That beautiful BLOND/Aryan woman was ‘Ellie Mae Clampett’ [Donna Douglas] of the Beverly Hillbillies. And she was a Christian. I.E., a REAL American.,_1959)

      “Douglas frequently performed as a gospel singer and was a speaker at church groups, youth groups, schools and colleges across the United States.[2] One focus of her charitable work was speaking in support of various Christian children’s homes, mostly in the American South. She appeared at conventions and trade fairs. She recorded several gospel albums, the first released in 1982,[10] and recorded a few minor country music records during the 1970s and 1980s.”

      • ONE child, which is one more than I expected. The best of us did not, and are not making more of themselves. That is our problem right there.

    • The Twilight Zone episode with the plastic surgery and the dogpig doctors starred Donna Douglas, from the Beverly Hillbillies, I believe.

  12. All of the above is true, but— if I ever lose my faith in you, there’d be nothing left for me to do.

  13. If a person or institution is not Pro White, I have ZERO TRUST in them. They will always disappoint you.

  14. “The Gulf Coast could be hit by a hurricane in the fall and it would be Donald Trump’s fault.”

    In this case, they wouldn’t care. It’s not one of the fashionable places in America. Dixie is the least fashionable of all, followed by anyplace that isn’t Yankeedom, or the Left Coast. Which the media constantly defend and run interference for, lest we find out how deeply flawed the supposed rightful rulers of America really are.

  15. Labor Unions:

    “The values and interests of the working class are largely irrelevant under neoliberalism”

    This has been confirmed by 16 years of Clinton and Obama.

    Some of my union brothers amd sisters can not believe I am a Republican… well Democrats have done zilvhforunionsfor decades.

    I’ll take my chances with populists like Buchanan and Trump who want economic protectionism, tariffs, and borders to help stop immigrant scab labor.

    Biden is just as bad as Clinton and Obama. He sat back and let Obama sign a free trade deal with South Korea. Stab in the back!

    P.S. IfI had lids I would move the family to Europe. Since I am single I am just going to wind down my time here in the potential Northwest Imperative.

    • Single? There is No Excuse for that. Instead of coupling & making babies you are here suggesting we vote for Trump. It’s all so typical.

  16. My friends told me about this blog because while we may not agree with many of the things here, it does cover a lot of ground unlike many political blogs that are more narrow based. I bet most of you guys are boomers and you’d be the first ones to tell nonwhites, women, or us younger people to grow up, stop complaining, take responsibility, and go out to face the world. But all I see is you people blaming others and not heeding your own advice. Why don’t all of you face the fact that your competitors outplayed you all this time because most Americans have never agreed with you and maybe you need to fix your own house before you try to tell the rest of us how to think and act?

      • Keyword is most and my comment still stands. Did you know under 60% of eligible voters actually voted in 2016 and 2018?
        We all saw the nationwide BLM protests, but where were the counterprotests?
        Scapegoating is easy. Taking responsibility is not.

      • Speak for yourself. I’m safe in my comfortable community and I won’t be pitifully scapegoating and fantasizing about acceleration and collapse at 60 like you still are.

        • And what exactly is it that makes your community so safe and comfortable? You’re extremely naive if you believe you can see your future. By the time you reach 60, I’m predicting your disappointments will be far grander than any of ours. The members of your generation will be lucky if they live that long. Many have trouble even making it through an entire day without guzzling 5 Hour Energy.

          • “I’m incapable of responding to your original points about scapegoating so I’ll continue to resort to personal attacks and distractions.”
            No need to ask about your background because you pretty much fit what I expected. You’ve spent your life fantasizing about that American Fourth Reich you mentioned in another post so keep at it in the short time you have left while the rest of us look to more realistic and practical solutions lol

          • “I’m incapable of responding to your original points about scapegoating so I’ll continue to resort to personal attacks and distractions.”

            “You’ve spent your life fantasizing about that American Fourth Reich you mentioned in another post…..”

            Is this your best?

            You came on this board with a shitty attitude from the getgo. Are you quoting yourself from another site you troll? What a pathetic tactic.

            You think you know the people on this board? There are a lot of decent, hardworking people here. And, you think you know me, too? Well, I think any adult paying attention can read you. You adore mirrors and you may even sleep with one. You have an insatiable need to be popular and fit in with the herd no matter where it’s headed including a cliff. You’ll do almost anything for recognition. You’re so overbearing to family and friends that any compliments you do get are just served to shut you up. And, you have a typical case of echolalia so common among “your kind.”

            We didn’t go to you, you came to us. To insult and start a fight. Not a debate, a fight.

            How much are you being paid or do you do this voluntarily as an unripe social crusader?

        • @Shawn you are a simple fool… And @Snowhitey has easily nailed you. You drip with smugness and lack of insight. Stunning ignorance.

    • Great point. I’m done with politics because I’m watching my own people ignore reality because, freedom – while at the same time they are becoming infected with a virus that no one knows much about – for the freedom to work for corporations that don’t give a rats about them. Dying to send their children to places they used to call “indoctrination camps” until Trump said they Need to Go Back Now. For an economy that has maintained, but not improved the lives of the vast majority of Whites for decades. It’s embarrasing.

    • “I bet most of you guys are boomers”

      “Why don’t all of you face the fact that your competitors outplayed you all this time”

      O K A Y
      B O O M E R

    • We are trying to warn you, but if you don’t want to heed our warning, that’s your choice.

      You think you know what hardship and oppression is, but you don’t.

      The totalitarian state is coming, that’s been the plan all along. It’s not going to be pretty for anyone outside of the elites.

      But hey, we are just a bunch of old “boomers”, what the heck do we know, right?

    • Shawn- We’ve hashed this out recently, with a lot of boomers telling HW where to go… graciously, of course. Try reading back a few months, to get up to speed.

    • “””…………Why don’t all of you face the fact that your competitors outplayed you…….”””

      The winner of the war will be clear only after the. war. I live on the other side of the planet on the former USSR territory and for me it seems that pro white folk in the West is winning. West is basically like Soviet Union. Economy down, chaos and zero respect to institutions.

      What happened with Soviet Union , it collapsed and Humans won. Now Russia is back on the feet and we have a lot of small funny Nazi shires down here, Hungary and Poland most known.

      “”….most Americans …””

      There is also planet Earth with 8 billion people and most of those people and their governments will never accept nuclear armed Antifa.

      “””….us younger people….””

      I think that you are older than most of readers or commentators. You know, I lived 16 years in the Soviet Union and heard a lot of old indoctrinating communists so I can literally smell them.. 9 years in the school I heard every day that old people from wrong era lost and now new young Soviet people take over.Homo Sovieticus as we called them.

      Well, young people did not took over , they took the regime down. Most important, 2 million Soviet Army conscripts refused to defend regime. After this, intelligent communists quit garbage about new enlighted generation. This is one reason, I think you are old like hell because pushing this Soviet propaganda BS from somewhere 1970.

      Now I am 45 and like all Soviet educated youth, horrific Nazi and anti communist. I am very sure that your communist indoctrination gives the very same result as our one did. So century of madness will be over. In the spring of 1917 when Czar Nicholas II fell, communism started and in the spring of 2017 when Czar Obama fell, communism ended. What we see right now, is the same hopeless fight as civil war in Russia. from 1917 until 1922. 6 years. From Gorbachev inauguration to the end of Soviet Union was also 6 years and probably in the middle of Donald second term, communism will collapse in the whole world. 666.

  17. Some things are fascinating…Anthony Fauci is 80 years old(almost)

    Why does Joe Biden look like a walking corpse? Barely looks human. I’m left to assume that although Dr. Fauci is corrupt and morally compromised, he probably doesn’t indulge in the same fetishes Mr. Biden does.

    Again, observe the tech CEOs testifying today. Bezos and the mongrel street-sh***er Pichai have a vaguely human countenance, while Tim Cook and Zuckerberg straight up look like reptiles!

    • Why is Trump, the same age – a Sociopath? Is this really what we want vs. a rock ribbed conservative originalist? Why have you abanonded your principles White Man? To Own the Libs? How Silly.

  18. Yes I agree with you. It’s really a sad state now. The #1 that I have little faith or trust in is the Church. I’m talking about Churches, Pastors, and even Church Members. The reason I say that is because we Christians (The Church) should know better than go along with the destruction of our White Civilization. We should be the #1 group protesting against all these problems and offering a solution known as Jesus Christ. However the Church has Cucked over and over and over and over and over again. At this point Jesus Christ must be ashamed of the Church in 2020. Something else I’ll mention is Entertainment and Sports. These institutions unite everyone. It’s literally entertainment for us all. That’s especially true for Sports that brings communities together. It’s really sad for me seeing Baseball games, Football games, NASCAR races, and so on become political. The few things that might still be pure about our country / society has become political. Same goes for businesses who would trade with everybody. Now it’s become all political. I’d saw rewind. We don’t need Cuckservatives or left wing Marxists destroying the good things. It’s time we press rewind and clean things up. Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian…

      Sir, I know you ain’t Roman Catholic, buy, I cannot help thinking that you would love this priest, up yonder in Wisconsin.

      Give it a hear and feel some cheer!

  19. Smf98, I know what you mean about lack of accountability and I’ll go on a bit of a rant here. We’re about the same age and I was redpilled on immigration after doing my own research. I was somewhat impressed by the alt right about how outspoken they were on it but after checking out several forums, sites, and blogs I realized why most people didn’t care for them. Extreme proposals that no decent person could support were abundant: interning or even killing homosexuals, deporting nonwhite citizens including those whose ancestors have been here for generations and served in past wars, banning women from voting and working, suspending the Constitution to implement a one party state. And all I saw was pointing fingers at the Democrats, Jews, blacks, and others but NEVER at other whites who are inactive or disagree with them. For example, they blamed Jews for the Hart Celler Act, but they neglected to mention the country was almost ninety percent white in 1965 so the Act would’ve never passed had the super majority acted at the time.

    It never entered their thick skulls that maybe most white people, especially us in Generations Y and Z, AGREE with many of the changes that happened from the 1960s till today. Changes such as technological advancements, animal rights, environmentalism, sexual revolution, gay rights, legalization of pornography, pop culture, etc. Hart Celler and the stigmatization of race as a biological reality and course of study were unfortunate byproducts, but I doubt even most redpilled people in my generation would rather live in 1950 than today.

    I say let the far left and right air their views out in the open (ie incoherent babbling of idiots like juri and frjohn) because they end up turning off most people and that keeps tyranny at bay!

    • I’m glad you provided a historical example of what I was talking about and yeah, a lot of nuts on the forums! It’s clear many of them are not all there and the ones out on the streets don’t represent the silent majority. I agree let them scream at the top of their lungs and live off welfare among themselves while the rest of us study, work, and live normal lives and plan on practical solutions.

  20. Well. after reading this I take it you won’t be doing a book review of Hannity’s “Live Free or Die”!

    I’m old enough to remember taking a train ride with my mother to Columbus, GA to meet up with my dad. Being a young boy I was curious about the train and wandered from the observation car and the end of the train to the next one. It was filled with Negros. Someone quickly removed me and I spent the rest of the ride holding the hands of two GI’s on the observation deck at the end of the train. Years later I would find myself training at Ft. Benning next to Columbus. The nation I grew up in where I knew happiness has been replaced by something I don’t recognize but I know is the epitome of evil that came out of the disaster of WW II. I hope the US suffers the same fate as the other main powers.

  21. Yes there’s nothing more American than the foreign-owned Eatery loaded with Frozen processed crap

  22. I concur 100% You have a unique ability to articulate what is in our hearts which most are incapable of putting into words. I do indeed believe the dominant institutions of the United States are now viscously anti-white. We may talk about the march tough the institutions by cultural Marxists but the march is over, they won! The only solution I see now is a form of revolutionary National Populism coupled with a form of white separatism. Therefore I propose the 24 words as a more up to date version to replace that which was created as a prison meme. ” The existence of our race is non-negotiable. Resistance is mandatory. We will not be assimilated. The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution!”

    • This, Heartland. This. We are so consumed with Blacks and Jews and their enablers, we are forgetting us. My son will have his 2nd soon. He won’t marry her because she’s “a wild liberal redhead”. Well, something attracted him. She’s here more than she’s not. She can’t be too liberal because Mama doesn’t play and she hasn’t run out screaming. Make Babies.

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