Antifa Jokes

Did you hear about the undercover white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter activists who started a big riot in Richmond last weekend?

Washington Examiner:

“Undercover white supremacists are to blame for the riots that took place during the Black Lives Matter protests in Richmond, Virginia, according to Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney.

Stoney said on Sunday that white supremacists were “marching under the banner of Black Lives Matter” during the demonstrations and led the way when the protests devolved into riots.

“Last night, that [violence] reared its ugly head right here in the City of Richmond … We saw some violent actions, violent protests, spearheaded by white supremacists. And frankly, it was disgusting. Disgusting. As they held plywood shields that read, ‘BLM,’ these folks toured areas of damage downtown, The Fan, breaking windows, tagging private property with hateful language,” Stoney said.

Police announced on Monday that they believe undercover white supremacists led a group of rioters that cut down police tape over the weekend and rushed a police station, eventually setting a dump truck on fire outside the station. Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith said he thinks the instigators were linked to the Boogaloo boys, a right-wing anarchist group that has ties to white supremacy. He also said that left-wing antifa protesters were involved in the violence. …”

All of them are confirmed Nazis.

More than 20 people were arrested.

Wait a minute.

This white supremacist looks very familiar.

I could have sworn we have crossed paths many times before. Is that … Little Molly Conger?

Meanwhile, the Aurora Police Department has found the guy responsible for the shooting on the interstate in Colorado this weekend. He shot two of his fellow comrades.

Just hours before opening fire at the Black Lives Matter rally in Aurora, Samuel Young wrote a Medium post condemning Donald Trump for labeling Antifa terrorists and using federal law enforcement officers to persecute his political opponents. It was an attack our Democracy that cannot stand.

This one is the best of all.

An Antifa who caught on video throwing an IED at the federal courthouse in Portland was caught after his grandma posted a positive review of the body armor she bought for him online at Hibbett Sports.

Grandma’s bougie little Hub City Riot Ninja took this selfie:

This is the same pathetic simp who came out with his f**king shield to protect “Naked Athena” when she stripped down naked. He was dubbed “Simpothy McVeigh” on 4chan. Apparently, they tracked him down, figured out his identity and caught Simpothy McVeigh tossing the IED.

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  1. Socialist dogfucker mom is at it again! Wonder what wacky adventures she’ll get into this time did she go bald for blm? lol

    Same naked chick from last week?! Somebody must be paying that slut to be there If its the same naked chick she has a star of david tattoo on her foot supposedly

  2. The woman calls to mind Blofeld’s line in Diamonds are Forever, “If only checks were brains.”

  3. The Richmond police have better reason than white Democrat politicians in blaming “white supremacists.” First, to a black police department we probably all look alike. Second, the Richmond police in describing the rioters as “white supremacists” are probably not consciously engaged in an attempt to deflect blame on the right. From the black perspective, Antifa must seem like another bunch of white people not letting blacks have anything of their own and claiming supremacy by taking running the riots away from them.

  4. Did you see about “umbrella man” on micro soft news this morning? Another “White supremacist”. It took them long enough to start blaming those devil wypipo for causing all the violence. Despite all the evidence to the contrary I think this latest move is to create some doubt in people’s minds.

    I think Andy Ngo is about the only honest journalist left in America.

  5. Great post, great job of identifying one of THE worst Portland Antifa, let’s get better at monitoring, identifying the worst Antifa/BLM thugs, terrorists. Good that his grandmother was the one that outed him.

  6. I actually find the Nazi seizure of power analogy quite apt, but we’re not the Nazis. The Democratic Party, aided by their media, academic, and corporate arms, have funded and sanctioned a domestic insurrection for 2 months now while also intentionally attempting to pin the blame on “White supremacists” despite all evidence to the contrary. This will be generally believed by the gullible public. It’s the Left lighting the Reichstag on fire, not us.

    • Correction… It was the Communists who burned down the Reichstag. The Nazis were absolutely innocent here.

  7. That McVeigh character must have one adorable grandmother. Our current generation’s terrorist never falls far from the tree.

    Speaking of McVeigh, I wonder who has replaced Dr. Jollyn West, the feds go-to guy for domestic terrorists. No one in authority ever did disclose why Michael Slager was put in the cell right next to Dylann Roof. The devil works in more mysterious ways than even The Lord.

  8. When the Police, to include Federal Law Enforcement realize that the ONLY way to ensure they have a reasonably safe job that leads to a pension is to step aside and turn a blind eye to right wing “correction” of this lawlessness, then we’ll get somewhere.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  9. Maybe do an in-depth investigation of Molly Conger’s comrade, Kristopher Goad. He poses as a media person but he really is
    a main agitator, he shares much blame/ responsibility for Monument ave. Richmond Va . being so wrecked and statues taken down.

  10. @Louis,

    National Socialists didn’t start the Reichstag fire. Goebbels wrote in his diary that he thought it was a practical joke when he received a phone call informing him that the Reichstag was burning. Goebbels went back to bed, and a party security official called him to tell him to come immediately. So if Goebbels didn’t know about a plot to set fire to the Reichstag, then it wasn’t set by the NSDAP.

  11. Anyone noticed that the street fighters of the e all trans and shit like that?

  12. If anyone has a picture or video of the Hitler poster hanging in Richard Spencer’s kitchen in Alexandria (2017) I will pay $1,000 for it using any method you prefer.

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