THE END Unveiled In Trafalgar Square

Sure, it is a modernist catastrophe, but I would leave it up. It is a fitting memorial to the end of the post-World War II era. Future generations need to be reminded of what this age we have been living through stood for and saw as beautiful and saw fit to commemorate in public monuments.

I would add “context” to these monuments like how it is currently done with some of our Confederate monuments in order to describe why these works of art were memorialized. Western culture had lost its self confidence and declined under liberalism to its lowest point in a thousand years.

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  1. The work is a perfect summarization of Western decline. The obsession with technology and junk food. The meaningless excess we love to indulge in that symbolizes our civilizational decay. The superficiality and unoriginality of Pop Art is a reflection of people wanting instant gratification without effort.

    That said, public art should reflect higher aspirations and a representation of what we should strive to be, imo. I like Kandinsky, for example, but I don’t want abstract art in the public square. Abstractions can mean whatever you want them to, which can ultimately add up to senselessness. Do you want your surroundings to be devoid of meaning or structure?

    • Cultural Appropriation. Minneapolis has it’s own ‘spoon and cherry’ since the late 1980’s!

      Spoonbridge and Cherry, 1988 In searching for a subject that was horizontal and included fountain elements, so as not to dominate the other sculptures in the garden, we tried a spoon over water, terminating in an island, similar in form to an earlier fantastic proposal to replace Navy Pier on Lake Michigan. Its silver color and edges suggested ice-skating, a popular activity during Minneapolis’ several months of winter. The raised bowl of the spoon, in its large scale, suggested the bow of a ship. Coosje, however, had always considered the spoon form in itself too passive a sculptural subject, which she had once playfully demonstrated by placing a wooden cherry with a stem made from a nail into a spoon found in the studio, an act that instantly energized the subject. The combination was now repeated in the presentation model for the garden sculpture. The cherry stem was situated in a contrapposto relation to the curve of the spoon and eventually turned into a fountain: while spray from the end of the stem disperses in the air, water issues silently from its base, coating the voluptuous cherry so that it glistens. The cherry is aligned with the long axis of the garden allée, dramatically attracting visitors with its deep red hue. The former circular pool was transformed into the shape of a linden-tree seed pod and cattails were planted along its edge.

      Spoonbridge and Cherry, 1988 Spoonbridge and Cherry, takes on a new aspect in the winter season. The water is shut off, but, topped with snow, the cherry turns into a mouthful of ice cream sundae.”

      • Yes, it’s part of the Walker Art Center in New Detroit — I mean, Minneapolis. It’s in an area run by modern art curators, so of course they’ll promote the ridiculous. After seeing a few Lichtensteins and Warhols inside, it sorta made sense to see a giant spoon and cherry out in the sculpture garden. But kitsch doesn’t have long-lasting gravitas. Now, I think it just looks silly.

  2. Is this a bizarre neo-Confederate and alt-right hybrid website? A few things…

    1. You guys lost the Civil War and that was 155 years ago so GET OVER IT.

    2. You lost the culture war and most people don’t agree with you. Christianity is in rapid decline and most young people don’t care about religion. Animal rights, environmental activism, recycling, tree hugging, veganism, abortion, premarital sex, shacking up, same sex marriage, interracial dating, porn, pride parades, emo music, anime, tight jeans, miniskirts, or whatever else you reactionaries hate is here to stay. If you abhor it so much, you should’ve organized and tried to stop it back then. You can’t do ANYTHING about it so GET OVER IT.

    3. How far do you wish to go back? 1950? 1925? 1860? Even if you could turn back time, I bet none of you geezers would because you wouldn’t be able to live without modern conveniences like your smartphones and Wi-Fi. It’s 2020 so GET OVER IT.

      • He might be new but he’s right as well.The degradation of our norms (not sure that he sees it that way, but maybe) he mentions *is* here to stay for now and all the whinging in the world aint gonna get rid of it.

        It’s the evolution of society we’re talking about here. You talk about it constantly.And it will change again…no situation is constant, especially when homo sapiens are involved. At least and thankfully we do have the freedom to discuss it.

    • Why do these unimaginative, sixth-rate trolls (if it’s more than one) keep mentioning jeans? Like I said on another thread, the current limp crop of soyguzzler(s) here write the same way, stick to the same themes, and constantly strawman. Junior-high kids also resort to name calling in lieu of an argument. Really, at least be a little inventive! You’re not even being slightly entertaining, which is the only reason to have trolls around.

      The ADL and SPLC aren’t getting their few shekel’s worth out of this effeminate gaggle of gormless goofs. Unless they’re interns, in which case they’re worth every penny.

    • Lmao! Glad to see there are a few others here who are educated and living in reality. You sure got on the nerves of these boomertards by telling it to them straight. I give credit to Gen Xer Hunter Wallace for being a bit more open minded and actually listening to dissenting views unlike them.
      Dude, a lot of these boomer wignats have records and little achievements so you being a whippersnapper pissed them off even more. When they can actually articulate solutions and answer questions without resorting to strawman arguments and personal insults, I’ll take them somewhat seriously.

    • On the one hand, Anti-Whites tell Pro-Whites that we’re over, no one listens to us or cares about what we say. Then Anti-Whites go apoplectic every time we open our mouths and they clamor to shut us up any way they can.

    • If we are indeed an anachronism as you seem to think, then why did you even bother to post?

      It seems as though we have struck a nerve and that indeed people like you and the rest of the ungodly and degenerate culture are deathly afraid that your utopia might come to an end.

      I assure you that it will. God’s righteous judgment is right around the corner.

      So enjoy your debauchery while you still can.

    • Zoomer, go to Hell. “The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church. ” – Tertullian

      It merely LOOKS awful, at present for ‘In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.” Heb. 12:4 when Christians begin to die for the faith, at the hands of the godless, THEN shall our victory be assured!

      And, for the record, Christianity is merely in its ‘birth pangs.’ Mk. 13:8 We haven’t even BEGUN to rule the world for Christ.

      For Antifa and the other Jewish apostates will fail- “Violent ones among your own people will exalt themselves in fulfillment of the vision, but they will fail.…” Dan. 11:14

      I’d repent if I were you. There are enough of us on this site alone, to condemn you at the Judgment, as witnesses. For ‘it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

      • Looks like Radical Zoomer got your panties in a knot, old man. Tell your savior he’s running 2000 years behind. The Roman Catholic Church (the original Christian church) has said only God knows who is going to heaven or not. Get your summer parasol ready because you’ll need it where you’re headed for eternity.

  3. I find it funny as hell. It is a symbol of the mass mental illness that has infected the liberal West, and is bringing it to its ruin.

    That reminds me. Any updates on the statue of Winston Churchill? Is he still in his cuck box? LMAO

  4. “liberal”-ism has little to do with

    the decline and fall of White Western Civilization. The main dynamic

    was and remains: Jews. Just

    now I’m reading Hutchins Hapgood’s Spirit of the Ghetto,

    about the turn-of-the-19th/20th-century lower East Side NY Jews.

    this protestant yankee cosmic found them “interesting” and

    “engaging” and “colorful”. Zero awareness he was contemplating a lethal

    time bomb.

  5. Do you recall when the Paris Louvres displayed a giant butplug outside? I want to whole decadent system to go down in flames.

  6. What does Sir Paul think of The End? Whoever did the statue might have had his song in mind. How did it go?: “In the end, the love you give, is equal to the love you take.” I might have the quote wrong. Those aliens sure take more love than we can give. We might have to get out of the love business before we go broke.

  7. Margaret Thatcher “invented” soft serve ice cream. She was a biochemist before selling her soul to go into politics. It is possible the “artist” knew this but I doubt it. It is more fitting monument to the decline of the UK than it appears though.

  8. Absurd decadence. Lord Nelson would have graced it with a mighty broadside, and sent the “artist” to be flogged around the fleet.

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