Antifa and Black Lives Matter Burn American Flags and Bibles While Rioting Against Portland Police

Apparently, they are doing stunts like this now to keep their cause in the media spotlight. They burned a pig’s head with a police hat the night before.


“Protesters flocked to the Justice Center and the federal courthouse in Portland again on Friday night, lighting fires and burning American flags and Bibles in the streets.

According to the Portland Police, which did not engage with demonstrators, the crowd lit several fires, including a large bonfire in the middle of the street in front of the federal courthouse. One video shows protesters feeding a small fire with Bibles, which were engulfed in flames …”

Is Donald Trump’s campaign paying them to do this?

As I said in the previous article, this illustrates how the postwar consensusliberalism, antiracism, cosmopolitanism and modernism – has grown toxic. We have entered a new crisis.

Liberalism taken to a crude and toxic extreme becomes anarchy – the rejection of all order, subordination and government which is felt to be tyrannical.

Antiracism taken to a crude and toxic extreme becomes wokeness – seeing “systemic racism” or structures of oppression in all things, self loathing, repressive tolerance and violence.

Cosmopolitanism taken to a crude and toxic extreme becomes multiculturalism – the alienation from and hatred of your own culture and the celebration of foreign cultures.

Modernism taken to a crude and toxic extreme becomes iconoclasm – taking action to smash cherished beliefs, institutions or established values. The total rejection of the past in fits of nihilism and narcissism.

This “movement” is incapable of coexisting with the established civic order and its limits which it will inevitably and violently plunge into an abyss of self destruction.

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  1. Not surprised to see a transvestite there, along with sexual perversion comes political perversion. The two conditions are psychologically comorbid.

    • @Nightowl…

      My, my … it sure does often seem what you have observed – that sexual and political perversions of ‘comorbid’

      Probably there are other planes of these peoples’ existences that are ‘comorbid’, too, only as it is out of publick view, we fail to access the full extent of the correlary.

    • Right Nightowl! E Michael Jones of Culture Wars magazine has stated many times inorder to have a political revolution, you have to have a sexual revolution first. You can’t overthrow a society, unless you weaken and destroy the natural use of sex to bind a man and a woman together as one flesh, and have children to reproduce your own kind.

      • Yes, Stephen- Your people, the Jews, have been at the forefront of sexual debauchery, ever since they started their rapprochement with the Edomites, under the reign of John Hyrcanus, the last valid Hebrew king @ 150 years B.C.. By the time of Christ’s Advent, the vast majority of Israelites were mixed-raced Edomite bastards, like Herod and his ilk. That’s why He could still call faithful (pure race) Adamites to repentance, while accusing the Pharisees (Edomite Mischling bastards) ‘full of dead men’s bones.’ There were, and ARE, only two types of people on Earth, today – Adamites and the rest.

        That’s why Hitler came to power, whatever one thinks of his end- the main thrust of the National Socialists was the remove the Weimar DEGENERACY, brought about by men like Hirschfield, Adorno, Gramsci, Freud, Weill, and other jews -and jew-friendly traitors to Western Christendom.

        That’s why Matt Drudge has finally become the gay Jew he always was…. the evil within your race, can never be annihilated.

        “…if almost every other famous person we have studied previously has turned out to be a gay Jewish actor who faked his/her death, then the odds are very good that the next famous person we study will be the same. It is called probability math. If you flip a coin a thousand times and it comes up heads every time, you can be pretty sure the coin is loaded. We have seen that the coin we call history is very loaded. “ – Miles w. Mathis

        “It’s the Jews, stupid.” – Edgar J. Steele, American martyr

        “…which all boil down to [people think is] our needing excuses for blaming Jews for our woes, rather than blaming ourselves. But that too is a straw man argument, because we do not blame Jews for our woes. Rather, we blame sinful Whites who are caught up in all of the idolatry offered to them by Jews, and who have also accepted the antichrist teachings packaged under the umbrella of Liberalism. This is what has led us to accept not only Jews, but all of the other biological infestations of Yahweh’s Creation. So Jewish Supremacy and the imposition of Negros and all of the other races upon Christendom are a result of our problems, and not the actual cause of our problems.”
        – Wm. Finck,’s-what-about-seedline-doctrine-part-24-nailing-coffin

        St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

          • Fuhrer wannabe John,
            Criticizing the Jewish establishment for its hypocrisy and double standard is one thing and I do it often. Hating every single individual of a certain group is another. You are guilty of the second and that makes you a hatemonger. Our country fought the Axis and you cheering our enemy makes you a traitor. During World War II, you would’ve been sent to the slammer for what you’ve said. Fortunately, you’re chronologically nearing the end of your lifespan and in the unlikely event another Hitler rises, you’ll be long gone.

  2. Is Donald Trump’s campaign paying them to do this?

    I was wondering the same thing? Trump talks tough but has taken little action against the protests. Barr denounced the protests but his DOJ has taken almost no action against the protesters. During the 2016 election there were protests by Mexicans in which the American flag was desecrated. I wondered at the time if the protests were staged by the Trump campaign. It seemed to be too much of a coincidence that the protests confirmed his campaign manifesto of illegal immigration destroying America.

    • Trump’s people aren’t that smart. It would also be a huge risk to take, funding these knuckleheads, they are a loose cannon.

    • @Jim…

      “Is Donald Trump’s campaign paying them to do this?

      I was wondering the same thing? Trump talks tough but has taken little action against the protests. Barr denounced the protests but his DOJ has taken almost no action against the protesters. ”

      If you were President Trump, what would you choose, Dear Jim : ——-

      A. Crack down on them and be universally hailed as Franco , or worse…


      B. Let them do their thing, which, in turn, puts you back in the driver’s seat for the election?

      Why stare a gift-horse in the mouth?; surely has to be the position of Trump’s cabinet.

      • If potatus blumpf won’t do anything hes part of the problem not the solution. Bill Barr is a zog homo shill same with his piece of shit father. Also if anyone is tired of telling trumptards or qanon quacks why you are not voting for the fat orange bitch just tell them person woman man camera tv

  3. “”….Is Donald Trump’s campaign paying them to do this?….””

    This will be most important question in the nearest future. How many our guys are in the enemy ranks ?

    In the Soviet Union , there were 2 types of dissidents. First were the classical dissidents, aka Solzhenitsyn. The second group were people who disagreed but understood that coming out of the closet too early will change nothing and only get their life ruined. So they worked within the system, made career and lived relatively well .

    When the shit hit the fan in the 1991, then a lot of people within system jumped the ship and this was very big surprise to the people who arranged coup. They calculated that critical mass of government apparatus will obey as they always did.

    Soviet coup failed for a many reason but the main mistake was that the coup people predicted unquestioned submission of Soviet apparatus and failed to find out in advance, how many people will really support them. The second mistake was the same what anti Trump folk does. They assumed that majority of people support communism or as you call, liberal democracy. They expected that millions of pro communist people will come to the streets and this was surprise when nobody came.

    After less that 3 months we will know.

    • @Juri…

      I enjoyed your analysis, as per usual. The Far Left in this country, in 2020, is a very fitting metaphor to the coup conspirators at the end of The Soviet Union.

      In fact, I do not think that President Trump had any serious reelection chances before these months of leftist rioting.

      Now we see polls that show Independent Voters are swinging 75-25 for Trump.

      That’s bad news for Biden.

  4. The Left often seems a group of children who grew up under either an absentee parentage, or one which, under the influence of Dr. Spock, believed that The Holy Grail was to never spank their children.

    And so it is that they, those on The Left, are still seeking the whoopings that they were deprived of as children, and, that so, they won;’t stop until they get their satisfaction.

    The question is – will they ever get their satisfaction?

  5. These portlandia commies are such a disgusting bunch. Imagine simping for black people like this?! Hahaha Lmfao at that one clip These self hating white cucks are a disgrace!

    If you hate your white identity so much just fricking kill yourself pieces of shit like this won’t be missed you’ll rest in power like all the other casualties in this psy op. By these lefties own admission they are a apart of systematic racism so just walk down into a black ghetto of your choice and offer yourself up to be a slave to your poc pets. These lefty homos have a severe mental illness indoctrinated by msm and massive white savior complex too absolutely pathetic!

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