Modernism and Protestantism

The following excerpts come from Eric P. Kaufmann’s book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America and illustrate the degree to which the rise of Modernism was transforming American Christianity in the first three decades of the 20th century.

In the early 20th century, American Protestantism became obsessed with ecumenicism and cosmopolitanism and began to splinter. Cultural pluralism was developed by Horace Kallen, William James and especially by John Dewey around the turn of the 20th century. By the 1920s, the American Protestant establishment was committed to liberal cosmopolitanism.

The American Protestant establishment, which had become committed to liberalism, cultural relativism, cosmopolitanism and modernism between 1900 and 1920, was ferocious in its opposition to the Second Klan which was supported by lay Protestants in the 1920s.

This was a major shift.

The American Protestant establishment began to associate missionary work with imperialism. They lost their self confidence around 1910. Protestant elites began to disassociate Christianity from Western civilization. This was due to the growing influence of cultural relativism, liberalism, modernism and cosmopolitanism around the turn of the 20th century.

The impact of Modernism on American Protestantism in the early 20th century was so enormous that it fractured the mainline churches from the 1920s.

The American Protestant establishment opposed the Immigration Act of 1924.

What is the point of all this?

It shows how the Zeitgeist seizes control of people and takes them into its grip and how all of human society is ultimately remolded around it. Interestingly, the divide that opened up in the 1920s which has worked itself out over time was between Protestant elites and lay Protestants rather than between Protestant denominations or between Catholics and Protestants. There is a similar divide between Catholic elites and lay Catholics which also became committed to ecumenicism.

Note: The fault line that Modernism has opened up runs within nations. See also the rural/urban divide. In contrast, Romanticism set nations at odds with each other over territorial claims.

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  1. If you haven’t heard this, I encourage you to listen to this sermon by Pastor John Weaver entitled “Theology and Culture” I think it’s relevant to the topic at hand because the church changing its theology precedes changes in culture as Pastor Weaver illustrates here. Of course another way to put this is that the church bears a lot of the responsibility for what has happened.

  2. How did Protestants come to be controlled?

    A religion that is by nature weak on ceremonies and mysticism, is vulnerable to various kinds of verbal-emotional psychological scamming

    One claim sometimes made is that freemasonry was developed as a way to create a self-selecting oligarch-serving elite cadre amidst Protestantism, something parallel to and co-ordinating with elite Jewry and the gay priests and Jesuits who are high up in Vatican Catholicism

    Another thing to look at, is the control of USA Christians, particularly in the South, by the mass-rally and television bible thumpers who became top friends with US Presidents and Congress

    The roots of Billy Graham go back to the 1930s when a literally Hitler-following Lutheran pastor, Abraham Vereide, worked to build an American-Christian sort of fascism

    After 1945 the Hitler-theming was of course dropped, and the Vereide gang morphed into a new strategy of earnest-sounding, emotionally-compelling Bible preaching that would closely ally with top US politicians and presidents … enter Billy Graham, the prime vehicle for this, plus the Washington DC ‘prayer breakfasts’ and all the rest, with the arrival as well of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson etc

    It is noteworthy that in the end, Graham – Falwell – Robertson etc never really held any kind of cultural line preserving ‘Christian tradition’ … it’s pretty much crickets by institutional Christians

  3. Nothing and no one in this world lives in a bubble – not even faith.

    A simple example of this is The Orthodox Church, for, all at once, they will talk of one unified church of the same; that, no matter where you go to an Orthodox service there will be the same liturgy./

    Yet, by the same token, yet, there is no central authority in Orthodoxy, moreover, the Orthodox Churches are very very nationalistic, not attitudes about which I have read, but, those I have witnesst firsthand.

    No, not every Orthodox priest is a red-pilled nationalist, that’s for sure, particular in The United States, but, there again, you see that influence of the Modernist Culture there – fingerprints of civick nationalism in American Orthodox priests – too many, for my taste, sounding and preaching liberal homilies, within the context of the church.

    As a child, being raised a Protestant, I also witnesst this phenomenon firsthand, for, at that time, White Southerners had a faith all our own – The Southern Baptist Convention.

    Case in point, as the country has moved away from racial conceptions of individuality and statehood, so, too, has the Southern Baptist Convention become pointedly unSouthern, not to mention that the vast majority of Protestant denomination churches in Dixie, nowadays, have embracet The LGBTQ agenda – each to varying degrees, but embrace it they have.

    On a final note – when The United Methodist Church met last year to decide if individual churches of that assembly could opt to sanction gay marriages, over 80% of that denomination in this country voted yes.

    In a final twist of sublime irony, it was the dark-skinned African and tan-skinned Philipino Methodists who joined with the minority Traditional Rural, mostly White Southern, Methodist Churches of this country to thwart The United Methodist Church’s march towards blatant heresy.

    In a parting shot to the LGBTQ.Modernist-Revisionist Methodist Assembly in The United States, a retired African bishop very publically remarkt : ‘When you came and evangelized us over a century ago, you said homosexuality was a sin. Were you lying to us then?

    The end result of this was that the once powerful and united United Methodist Church is, at present, falling apart – the Traditionalists and the Modernists each going their own separate ways…

    • If they are going to pervert gods word i hope they all fall apart.we who believe are the church.if you will confess with thy mouth and believe in your heart thou shalt be saved.

      • @Terry…

        I agree, Sir. Just as the house restorer will cast aside termite-eaten wood, so, too, will The Good Lord, in his own good time, dispose of what cannot, will not, serve good purposes.

        They who reject and turn away from Him all fall in due time, only, because they think He does not really exist, they tend to process the experience of watching other ungodly ones ahead of them fall as something arbitrary, a destiny not not related to their path and not likely to happen to them.

        Evil always lives in a vacuum, and the biggest vacuum in this country, at this time in history, is the notion that we are all sovereign individuals with no accountability to anyone but ourselves.

        As they like to say out in L.A. – ‘ it’s all good, Man.’

        Well, not exactly, Dude….

        • Ivan- it appears (I could be wrong) that you are now Orthodox, but were raised a Prot. And understanding the almost maniacal manner in which the Antiochians (for one) sought to grow and ‘legitimize’ themselves among the Anglos, the catechesis began to be watered down. So, forgive me if I say things you already know…
          1) Orthodoxy MUST be national, have her own ethnic ‘flavor’ to be valid. That meant, back when St. Tikhon was Bishop of America, he connected with an Episcopalian laywoman, Isabel Hapgood, and worked to translate all of the Service Books into King James English. +TIKHON also had a working relationship with the ‘high-church’ Anglo-Catholics in the USA, and the “St. Tikhon Prayer Book’ was Antioch’s attempt at luring Anglos (i.e., REAL Americans) into their NOVUS ORDO Orthodoxy, only to then attempt to “Byzantine” the faithful. The GOA (Greeks) and the OCA (Soviet-derived Russian) didn’t try to do it that way- they merely presumed you would ‘become Greek’ (watch “My Big Fat Greek Wedding I & II) or ‘Russian.’

          Trouble is, this is known as the SIN of Phyletism. No way around it This is a REAL sin- unlike the Phony BS ‘sin’ known as ‘racism.’ Only one cleric has had the ‘cojones’ to stand up to that- Dr. MR Johnson.

          But the point of this post, is that, until AMERICA adopts her own WESTERN RITE, ANGLO TRAD Orthodoxy, NO [SCOBA] ‘Church’ is valid- because they all: 1) Are derived from apostate sources, 2) Adopted the Gregorian calendar, a hundred years ago 3) are adherents of Phyletism, 4) are just as corrupt and perverse (in varying levels) as the RCC’s are, today, and 5) KNOW IT.

          Thus, add lying to their phyletism, their Novus Ordo, Jesuit-trained hierarchs, their downgrading of Holy Writ, their tacit acceptance (or open defiance of the law of God, against) faggots, their laity acting like advocates for Satan, via their connection to the Democratic Party (Stephanopoulos, Dukakis come to mind) and you can see that, for most of them, they are little more than ‘Protestants with Prosphoras.’ And not vessels of salvation.

          “Equality is known to produce strife. Therefore God allowed the human race to be a monarchy, not a democracy. But the family is constructed in a similar way to an army, with the husband holding the rank of monarch, the wife as general and the children also given stations of command.”
          – St. John Chrysostom, Homily 34 on I Corinthians, 7

    • I don’t know where you are getting your information from?

      The United Methodist Church (UMC) rejected gay marriage and gay clergy by a large margin!

      The United Methodist Church has a lot of problems, but, the UMC is the only mainstream Protestant Church that has held the line against LGBTQ.

      • @Krafty…

        No, Sir – your church barely held up it’s faith.

        438 votes in favor of maintaining traditions and 384 against (see link below)

        Here is a culled snippet from that article…


        “The denomination’s “Traditional Plan” passed, with 438 votes in favor and 384 against (53% to 47%), in the final hours of a special UMC conference held this week in St. Louis to address the issue of human sexuality…

        It was not the outcome many Americans, including most UMC bishops, had been praying for. In the States, a large portion of Methodists wanted to see the church accommodate LGBT ceremonies and clergy, as other mainline denominations have done in recent years. One poll through Mainstream UMC reported at least two-thirds of US delegates supported the more-inclusive “One Church Plan” instead.

        But the growing global presence among the 12 million-member denomination held more sway. Methodists from outside the US, who favor more traditional positions on sexuality, made up 41 percent of the general conference’s 864 delegates. A full 30 percent were from Africa.”


        Sir, with all due respect, it’s the foreign converts that are holdin’ the line, this along with some renegade Rural White churches of which you probably are a part of one.

        Let me thank you and your church for being a part of the upright minority!

        That said, your denomination is imploding, according to a Methodist preacher friend of mine, the few traditional Methodist Churches on their way to being a part of a new/olde denomination to be called ‘The Wesleyan Movement.’

        For an article on the breakup of your denomination, see the 2nd link, below…

        • LOL. That’s a large margin in a church that is dominated by Northerners, and wannabe Catholics.

          • Own it, bucko. There’s a clear and direct line from Protestantism to “modernism,” SJW-ism, and this whole festering, mephitic mess our race is mired in.

            I’d go so far as to say that modern leftism IS Protestant Christianity. It’s the same bunch of sweaty, frantic, sin-obsessed, preaching, missionary, utterly self-righteous pigs as the Abolitionists, the missionaries “converting” the continent of Africa, and so on and on. The same charismatic Jim Jones apocalyptic frenzy to find “sinners” and reform them, the same obsession with guilt and frenzied public revivals, etc. etc.

            Abolitiionism, missionary “uplifting the poor natives,” Prohibition, and modern anti-White leftism — it’s all a frothing Protestant tent-revival movement, now given rocket fuel by jewish propaganda.

            The problem is that you’re hung up on details. They blather about being atheist, but specifically saluting Christ is a detail. The spirit is the same, and that’s what counts. It’s plain to someone standing outside the forest, who isn’t blinded by the trees.

            SJW-ism is charismatic Protestant revivalism and fanaticism, full stop. There is no difference, they are contiguous.

            Ever wonder why the most pozzed countries are Germany, the Scandinavian countries, England, and the USA? It’s a map of Protestantism. And I’ll note as well that the Protestants have always loved the jews; whether it was the Netherlands welcoming them with open arms, or Oliver Cromwell getting zhyd funding for his takeover and letting them back into Merry Olde England, the Prots fawn over jews something fierce, probably because they both worship money (though the jews are always the butch in the relationship, and the Protestants are the bitch).

          • That’s not really what he is saying.

            I just posted some excerpts to illustrate how Modernism transformed our culture around the beginning of the 20th century and how it is not as simply as saying a Jewish conspiracy explains everything. The same is true of Catholics. Catholics also became obsessed with this shit.

  4. The divide between the authorities and those whom they are supposed to serve is one of the defining issues of our time. It can be see between Catholic and Protestant clergy and the laity, but also between governments and thei citizens, corporations and their customers. The elites, counterintuitively, do not cater to their own base. The only explanation is that elites pursue their own agenda without fear of consequences because the power lies beyond where it is supposed to, beyond what we are led to believe. Who, then, is this phantom elite? Jewry.

    • “The divide between the authorities and those whom they are supposed to serve is one of the defining issues of our time. ”

      Is it, Dear Louis, or is this just the same old song and dance recycling itself under a new name for a new day?

    • @Louis de Bonald…

      “Who, then, is this phantom elite? Jewry.”

      It’s Satan, Dear Louis.

      Jewry Inc., though they know it not, and though they really wouldn’t like to think it, are just another plane in a sequence of multi-layered usurped fronts for The Diabolical One and his invisible minions.

      Chryst is the only antidote, Sir, as, without Him, we are all very very susceptible to being dead on arrival.

      • “It’s Satan, Dear Louis.”

        PRECISELY. The Devil does not have the intellect to invent new heresies, they’ve all been tried and found wanting. What Satan does, is merely wait until the living generation dies off, and then he dusts off Manicheeism, or Nestorianism, or Multiculturalism, or Sapphism, or Platonism, or Eutychianism, and presents it a a ‘new idea’ with ‘new verbiage’ and a ‘new guru’ to preach the [sic] Truth.

        As an only Orthodox layman once said to me, ‘Never trust a saint under 300 years of age.’

        • @Fr. John…

          You know, Father, I knew when I was writing the comment, above, that you would be appreciating it, for you are a straight shooter if ever one has lived, and, as well, entirely with our faith in an unattenuated way.

          I thank you for that and send your and yours my prayers.

  5. There’s a clever quote that says something like, ” Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation” or something along those lines.

    No question there are some things beyond our control. Miracles and unexplained phenomena occur every day. There is no discounting supernatural or “divine” interference in the affairs of men…but sane people don’t sit around hoping for the best…

  6. To be at peace with the world is to be at war with the lord. I am just telling you what he said now that you know?

  7. Get mean with people. Demand respect this is going sideways. It’s starting everywhere.

    Not sure how to put it mildly. At every opportunity bring it. If this does go awful be a solider when it happens.

    • @Ron…

      I agree. Fate, or the Good lord, if you will, rarely bestow upon an individual man the wherewithal necessary to derail or divert a time in history that is the result of octillions of human choices made, over decades and centuries, cubed to the nontillionth power. .

      BUT … we do have control over how we conduct ourselves – hopefully like men with honour.

    • To bluff or not to bluff that is the question growing a thicker hide will keep you out of jail young sir my friend if i may take that liberty there are elements that keep my rage on simmer and it dont take much to turn it up. We got this in the bag they are desporate .they ate trying to provoke you to your destruction..dont let.them we are under demonic attack it is nowhere.near as bad as it is going to get
      Gird yourself brave sir

  8. WWI was the war of Freemasonry against monarchy and religion, when monarchy and religion was overthrown, the masonic clergy began agitating for masonic values in the United States. Not all the Freemasonic clegy agreed with it of course. Someone like Norman Vincent Peale (who presided at Trump’s wedding) was well aware of the Marxist orientation of groups such as the World Council of Churches. That being said, freemasons aren’t Christians.

    Destroying the monarchies, crushing Germany, moved the center of balance of Western Civilization from Europe to the Anglosphere, in particular, the United States. It was not possible to change all the costume, change the religion, introduce things like flapperism, so long as Christian monarchy reigned throughout most of Europe. To go along with new styles, women needed to see the old center of powers collapse and new ones such as bolshevism arise. Never forget these liberal masonic clergy were mostly in sympathy with Bolshevism. That was not “zeitgeist” – that is just the nature of a judeo-masonic society where countervailing powers have been removed.

    • It’s always lulu time whenever someone mentions “freemasonry,” when they can even type or spell it right. Freemasonry is about as white as you can get. It’s GOOD for whites, especially white men. It’s a harmless thing, and some Catholic cranks, or others pretending to be Catholic cranks, go off on it as if it’s EVIL (Abe Simpson: EEEEEEEVILLL!). There are about 5 billion things more problematic to whites than Masons.

      • Bogus… you’re a Mason, aren’t you?

        While it may be stultifyingly boring (like the Mormons, from whom they STOLE their pseudo-‘Liturgy’) The Masons are one of the great evils, and every single Mason is under the domination of Hell.
        Syncretistic Egalitarian Bastards, that’s what they are. And their admission of Jews was one of the first steps toward our destruction. NO JEW, ANYWHERE, Should be allowed in White, Christian society. ANATHEMA.

        No Masonic Lodge should stand, and every Mason who is one, should either repent, and recant, or burn. THAT’S how bad Masons are.

  9. “The fault line that Modernism has opened up runs within nations (…) In contrast, Romanticism set nations at odds with each other over territorial claims”:

    Different ways in which Elites divide-and-rule the poor: dividing them INTER-nationally, and dividing them INTRA-nationally.

    • “Romanticism set nations at odds with each other”:

      But there is still plenty of “Romanticist” INTER-national division happening in this “Modernist” age. Along with “Modernist” identity group division (divide and rule by age, sex, race, etc.) , “Romantic” imperialist WAR is still present and in fact, ramping up to a historic level. What is the common denominator?

  10. You might or might not think this article is important or not. However I can tell you this article is extremely important. I’d say it’s of the most importance. The Confederate Flag being removed in South Carolina back in the early 2000s plus the assault on our Mississippi Flag in 2001 is what got me interested in politics. However I’d say the Church and I’m talking about modern Churches absolute lack of care about the future of this country is really what got me interested in politics. I saw that even before 2000. That Preachers would Preach on Sunday to the same people but had zero evangelism in the community. Plus the Pastors and Church Members would never ever had a public rally of any kind. That showed me when I was younger the Church had been compromised and wasn’t gonna go forward and Christian Reconstruct this country and take Dominion over the World. The Church has been going in the wrong direction for a years. I’m sure that’s very true that Pastors who supported the Knights of the KKK was removed from those Churches and the same goes for other Church leaders and members across the US. It was about that time that Anglo Israel / British Israel got very popular and that became Christian Identity….something I’ve supported since 2001. I think many Pastors saw that modern Church denominations had no place for them anymore and those Pastors and Church members got more into the Word of Yahweh. We can look at things now and those Church denominations are doing nothing about the Culture War against White America. Not only are these denominations doing nothing about it but now openly support the destruction of White America and our history. Deo Vindice !

    • Brian- I’ve said it here before, and I will say it again. CI has much to commend it. The fact that HW keeps the Christogenea website on the sidebar is testament to that fact.

      And Finck has written much that is good. But his Trinitarian theology is garbage, (he’s a heretic- a useful one, and one that most with advanced knowledge can read, but not as a steady diet, and NOT as a newbie to ‘Mere Christianity’) as is Rob Skiba (of the FE persuasion) because they are severed from the vine of Orthodox Christianity. And they are, in both cases, lured to the ’empty forms and rites destined to perish’ of O.T. Talmuddied Judaism. Skiba, more than Finck.

      The Church- the visible, catholic and orthodox Church (please note lower case) is the ONLY Israel of God’s choosing, today. [ Gal. 6:16] And anyone who does not submit to that, is no better than your average secular Jew, or Moslem. Because, “For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” [Matt. 7:13]

    • @Brian…

      I appreciated the above comment of yours, Sir! – very forthcoming, revealing ,and insightful – the kind that you just can’t get anywhere, except from the horse’s mouth.

  11. Re: “Protestantism and Modernism”:

    Modern Protestantism: The original, nineteenth-century, Zionist Scofield Bible and Dispensationalist Protestant sect that was ahead of its time is still going strong and inspiring Conservatism in the U.K. as well as the U.S. – described as “an evangelical movement with ties to the Conservative Party”:

  12. Hunter, it’s important to understand that the anti-modernist “Fundamentalists” like DL Moody were just as anti-white as the liberals were. They were hardcore Radical Reconstruction supporters who were obsessed with promoting racial integration back when most white Americans, even in the North, opposed racial integration. Christian Zionism, which was linked to hostility towards Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Continental European cultures, the West’s Greco-Roman heritage and Russia also comes out of the anti-modernist faction of Anglo-American Christianity.

    The entire edifice of Anglo Christianity was rotten from the early Dissenters in the 1400’s. Any Christian sect that originated in or become established in Great Britain or Anglo-America displayed the same problems of low ethnocentrism, egalitarianism, liberalism and hostility towards the larger West, going back well before the period in question.

    • Re: “anti-white (…) obsessed with promoting racial integration (…) problems of low ethnocentrism”

      A very accurate, accurate from the White Nationalist perspective, description of the nonconformist groups.

      It is interesting however that many groups that dissented from state religion then and continue to dissent today, have become over time more morally conservative (or less liberal) and much more ethnocentric, in practice at least, than the membership of the state churches. Also their White birthrate tends to be much higher.

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