The Federalist: American Left Is “The Only One In The World That Hates Their Country”

Chris Bedford made some good points last night on Tucker Carlson’s show, but failed to provide any theoretical context which makes sense of the problem:

FOX News:

“We have that insidious phrase, that ‘You’re on the wrong side of history,’” Bedford said. …”

What does that phrase mean?

“It is 2020.” “You’re on the wrong side of history.”

It is a theory of history. It is a reflection of the Modernist idea.

History is “progressing” toward liberty and equality. Modernism is the liberation of the self, the rejection of the past and the celebration of the other. Modernists want to dissolve their nations. By opposing Modernism, you are on “the wrong side of history” which is linear and culminates in their perverse values and will continue for all eternity. The entire world is converging on this obsolete paradigm which is best represented by the senility of 77-year-old Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

The Federalist:

“The American left is different from a lot of the global illiberal lefts in that they’re the only ones that don’t like their country. The Cubans, the Soviets, the Chinese, they’re all fiercely patriotic,” explained Bedford. “We don’t have that.” 

They have all rejected Modernist progressive liberalism.

“How can people who hate a country run it?” asked Tucker. “I don’t think they can,” Bedford responded. …”

Modernism is a major source of geopolitical weakness for the United States viz Russia and China. Those countries don’t define progress as their own destruction. It would never occur to the Chinese that what China lacks and is holding it back is being saddled with half a billion Africans.

It is not true that the American Left is “the only one in the world that hates their own country.” This is a Western problem. Everywhere you go in the West you will find the exact same idea. In Canada, the worst thing that ever happened was that White Canadians colonized the country. You will find the same idea in Ireland and Sweden which are not known for being colonial powers. “Hate speech” which is the rejection of Modernism is taken far more seriously in Germany than in the United States.

UPDATE: Where does this curious phrase “on the wrong side of history” come from?

“the phrase first appeared in books in 1935, disappeared until 1949, and experienced an early spike in usage around 1951. A spike reaching a slightly lower peak occurred in 1967, followed by intermittent but generally up-trending popularity until reaching another high point in 1985. A slight drop-off then was followed by a sharp increase from the early 90s up to a historical high in 2000, the last year of Google’s Ngram-available data.

It seems the first use noted was in The American Spectator, Volume 3, Issue 34:

The editorial bears the heading, “McDonald and Lenin,” and he Times puts itself on the wrong side of history thus: “If the British people regard the advent of Labor Socialists without alarm, on reason is that they know that they have to deal with a Labor government soberly aware of its limitations and its responsibilities…The example of Russia is a virtual guarantee against any tendency on the part…”

It was born around the same time “racism” was invented.

Modernism only became hegemonic around the late 1930s/early 1940s.

It has gotten much worse since 2000:

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  1. Americans of the last 3 generations are, as a whole, very very spoiled creatures.

    Sin, wealth, lassitude, technology, substance abuse, distraction, liberalism, over-specialization in society have all played a part.

    How does this translate into what is going on?

    Because many Americans do not know a godly labour, nor have ever known it.

    Many Americans have never known a proper family setting, one in which there is a mother there to inspire with the love that only a woman can give, or the training, criticism, and discipline that only a man can truly impart.

    Many Americans no longer get their first kiss before the begin watching porn.

    Many people have never planted a tomato, never scaled a fish, never dug a hole, never replacet a clapboard, never prayed a prayer, and cannot recognize a Mulberry if their lives depended on it.

    Many people under the age of 40 have never had their butts properly tarred, when they have misbehaved.

    Many people no longer understand courtesy, kindness, and or generosity, or the need for these things.

    Many people cannot even bring themselves to greet each other in the streets, if they even could actually tear themselves away from their screens.

    The long and and the short of this is that many many human souls, in this country, have have become perverted and grown inward in strange ways that can often devolve into something diabolical.

    Before you get to the subject of politicks, or the nation, this is the soil whence we spring, and it is not an auspicious one in practically any regard.

    By being unacquainted with what real life is, a side-effect of that is that we have lost much, and most of, our respect – not only for others, and our communities, but, even for ourselves.

    • Yes ivan the forces of illumanism moved from underneath their rocks into to science. Academia from whence they begun shape and mold public opinion on their way to controlling the narative as they do today. But my good man it wont be much longer and these same forces will be flat on their backs begging the rocks to cover and hide rhem from the wrath of the king of righteousness !!!

      • @Terry…

        Thank you for your thoughts, Good Sir!

        The Good Lord willing, we shall yet live to see what you say be true : ———
        that the forces of darkness, which label themselves as ‘light’, will be crusht into oblivion, so much so that they will be forever discredited in the eyes of all White Men.

        Wouldn’t it just be great to breath in the air of The Western World without the underlying spiritual stench of mass usurpation?!?

    • well said…

      Easy times breed weak people.

      Hard times build tough people.

      Its really the most basic analysis of what is wrong with the USA…and our race.

      But to fix a society or to preserve it, you must have some sort of social cohesion and that cannot be achieved in a multiracial multicultural atheistically apathetically “tolerant” society that embraces every from of degeneracy and evil in every aspect of being.

      We can see the direct correlation of when this nation turned our backs on God and its decimation in a time-line and how they coincide.

      A country has the jews it deserves..plain and simple.

      • @Jude…

        Thank you, Sir – for your kind affirmation. You, too, make very cogent observations – above all how we are duly reaping what we have sown in having turned away from Chryst.

        Be well!

      • When you believe there is nothing but the here and now you cling to it with everything in you because its all you have. Thus these poor lost souls problem hating their own kind kneeling to blm accepting.the mark of the beast.the fearful will not see.the kingdom of heaven.

    • @Ivan, we both seem to keep agreeing with this point. The Devil and his infiltrators knew overthrowing the Western people from the outside was impossible, so just like Germany, Rome and many others, decadence was introduced to weaken and eventually destroy ourselves…….
      While thanking these infiltrators for destroying us as a sign of “woke appreciation”.

      Tucker Carlson has nothing to offer and in fact his rhetoric of “we are all the same” and “in group preference and identity politics are the ultimate evil” is setting up conservatives for the biggest fall of all. Telling them not to vocally defend their own people and culture while every other group is not only allowed to do so, but encouraged.

      • @Captain Schill…

        Thank you so very much for your thoughts here!

        Tucker Carlson and I have some serious differences – he is a colour-blind egalitarian civick nationalist, secular-humanitarian, and a California Federalist and, being an Christian and Southern Nationalist and a pro-secessionist Confederate, I am definitely neither of those.

        Probably you are closer to my politics than his.

        That said, Mr. Carlson has stalwartly stood up to political and corporate corruption, stood for the Constitution, and he has become one of the few mainstream media figures who will mention the word, ‘White’, and, as well, discuss our issues.

        Thus, like Mr. Griffin, here, Mr. Carlson has put his life and liberty on the line, over and over again, speaking ta lot of truth to a demoniack power which has brought him unending praise from Imperial Wizard David Duke.

        if we are still together in this form, as a country in 2024, I think Mr. Carlson is the most likely shot for the Republican Candidate for president, the other most likely being freshman Missouri senator Josh Hawley.

        In fact, My Friend, I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that the GOP ticket for 2024 will be Carlson/Hawley, and it will have Trump’s full blessing.

        It will be a populist-nationalist plank, which, though not perfect, will be much better than what the Chamber of Commerce Corpora-Republocrats will offer, or the anti-White Democrats will, as well.

        Short of a John Tyler, Jefferson Davis, Andrew Johnson, or a Nathan Bedford Forrest, for me Mr. Carlson will do.

        In the end, this is not rocket science – for it stares us glaringly in the admonitive histories of The Jews in The Bible, in Chryst’s words and actions, and in His Church, which, though currently largely fallen, still offers some sort of a breakwater to modern Western Insanity, led by what I have long referred to as, ‘The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government’, that institution, along with Chinese government, Satan’s greatest physical assets in this Fallen World.

        Obviously, like you, and any other true White Man, this is a damnably frustrating time, though, knowing how history is, I know that the evil we are currently up against cannot prevail, because, God is long on record as despising it, and smiting every time it has tried to raise it’s vipery head.

        So, while we may be utterly incapable of seeing how Lucifer’s One World Order will fall, we must have every confidence that it will fall, and, when it does, it will burn, just as will those who garrisoned it.

        Only, long after the structure of this vile edifice hath burnt to a mere cinder, those who protagonized and advocated it shall be constrained to an Outer Darkness, where all reaks of misery, unrequited longings, unassuaged regrets, and the insufferable stench of vitrious brimstone.

        On that we can rely.

        Our prayers are with you and your family, Sir!

      • @Captain…
        “@Ivan, we both seem to keep agreeing with this point. The Devil and his infiltrators knew overthrowing the Western people from the outside was impossible, so just like Germany, Rome and many others, decadence was introduced to weaken and eventually destroy ourselves…….”

        Yes, in case I did not reply with abundant clarity, at the core of all that is plaguing us is Satan.

        It all leads to him and his henchmen, both carnate and in-.

        To see it any other way is to fall into the danger of taking the wrong measures against it, because harm inevitably comes to those and theirs who treat symptoms as causes.

  2. You know you have trouble when the only twitter survivor is Chad MacNeal Notorious Nihilosemite.

  3. What do you mean by “Left”? There is hardly any Left left in the Anglo-Zionist Empire and its most “loyal allies” (satellites). The predominant, so-called “Left” in America is merely the other side of the plutocratic System’s coin, in practice just as capitalistic and anti-Left as the conservatives are.

  4. They believe they are heading for utopia and their blueprint is HG Wells’ book a Modern Utopia. But their ideology is unnatural and will collapse the system. Out of that will-if Spengler is right-come Caesarism or Imperium to quote Yockey. In other words a militant State is order to preserve what is still salvageable of the West. The wheel of life is ever turning.

  5. We’ve had circumcision as medical malpractice for over a hundred years in the United States. Now they’re injecting boys with estrogen. Time to start facing reality, you’re not dealing with some sort of esoteric political art movement, you’re dealing with a satanic cult.

  6. All this sophisticated stuff is all well and good, but at the end of the day what it all boils down to is; The strong rule over the weak. If you’re not strong enough to defend yourself or your values, prepare yourself to the accept the rules and values of those stronger than you.

    • This.

      Enough hand wringing, already. Time for White men to grow spines and brains, make the hard decisions, and do the hard things, or be destroyed, FOREVER.

  7. Where has the left when in power brought or maintained happiness or prosperity for its populace ? Where ever they have or rule at present the only people happy or prosperous is the leftist ruling clique themselves alone.

  8. Thee left whether radical marxist or lukewarm pinko is just another faction being used by the satanic elite who are the main power the head of the snake. To the naive people who actually believe that lie. The real truth is you all are just trying to figure it all out without jesus. Well how has that worked out for you?

  9. A question for the left suppose all you wanted was achieved you have your utopia. Now here is where the rubber hits the road. So you have lived your life in your own created. Paradise. But alas as all flesh must you age and die. Then what leftist man? Another question if i may leftist man. What doth it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?

  10. Liberalism and Leftism aren’t the same thing. Many times American liberals are wrongly called leftists. Just like being conservative and right winged isn’t the same.

    Liberals don’t want working class revenge, they want “woke capitalism.”

  11. Ivan kind sir if i may add on are enemies dont respect us we dont respect ourselves they dont fear us we fear them. We have lived recklessly and catelessly . we reap what we sow.our lord admonished us.”” Ye are rhe salt of the earth but if the salt has lost its flavor. What is it good for. Nothing more than to be trodden under the foot of man. ” naked poor and ugly in his sight bound to burn and fall from our lofty hieght!!! Were still falling ivan havent hit rock bottom just yet.

  12. From the excellent interview on AmRen with brave senior French identitarian Renaud Camus, regularly in trouble under French law for alleged ‘race hate’ – Camus says:

    “When the big financial interests had not yet figured things out, they believed that the right-wing parties were their best defenders

    But they have become much smarter and see that leftist values — equality and anti-racism — best serve the demands of the industries of man and general human interchangeability

    Genocide by substitution, or Great Replacement, or change of people and civilisation, in short the destruction of the Europeans of Europe, is the XXI century’s crime against humanity

    ‘Hatred’ is the very effective name that the replacist power has chosen to give to any opposition to genocide by substitution, to any resistance to the Great Replacement, to the slightest objection to the change of people and civilisation

    Authorities are letting criminals-of-action out of prison in order to replace them in cells with criminals-of-opinion

    The history of the world is that of the eradication of aristocracies, be they of birth, fortune, or spirit – the three are often blended

    And for the whites we are in 1793 [the beginning of the French Revolution Reign of Terror]”

  13. I had a rather sharp exchange of words with a man recently controlled that being said we americans thinking ourselves free paticularily us older folks we have lived our lives speaking our minds freely. Well i made a mistake and stepped in it during the course of our conversation i stated it is my hope that till jesus comes back i prefer the usa remain top dog in the world.excepting csa 2.0 of course i also stated it is my hope till jesus returns that white people remain top dog in the usa. The man looked at me and said you are a white trash red neck and qhy cant all people be lifted up.catching me off guard momentarily i quickly retorted defiantly my first obligation is to my own people. The point to this is people be careful what you say and who you say it too.

    • Terry Smith, in the unlikely event you’re real and not a troll like Ivan T.:

      The “man” was right, at least in insulting you (I would never call a white person trash, though, if that’s what he said, and if you’re white). With your incoherence and inability to spell and type you don’t come across online well, you make the site look bad, and your useless comments are taking up time from and turning away more valuable commenters.

    • I wish to apologize to you all for my incoherence my inability to spell and type well i am on the job when i have posted and must be quick about it i am truly sorry for making the site look bad and wasting everybodys time it was not my intent to offend anyones delicate sensibilities.

      • @Terry…

        With your forthrightness, thoughtfulness, politeness, and friendliness, Sir, you are doing just fine.

        Yes, you have typos, as do we all – but, you are far from ‘incoherent’.

        As I said to you – your Christian Southern and States’ Righter cousins welcome you to this site, although there will always be a few who want to knock you down a peg.

        Don’t’ ever let them take your smile!

        This is your new online home!

        • Thank you ivan for the kind words you are a very good man i just wanted to speak up for the lord and our people.

          • @Terry…

            You’re very welcome, Sir.

            We like and respect your inner voice and are thankful that you are here and speaking up for us and for The Good Lord!

            Give yourself some peace by accepting that you have no power over those here who, though bright and thoughtful, will never adopt a friendly welcoming attitude towards most of Mankind, nor will they ever like you.

            It ought always be born in mind that both Dixie and The United States were won and built by those who had very little expertise with the niceties of written rhetoric, but, whose courage and indefatigable toughness enabled them to conquer a vast wilderness and, with God’s blessing, build up a country that, in a very short time, has made it’s mark on the world’s stage.

            With strong godly White Men, like you, we’ll get through this mess and come out stronger than ever.

            God bless you and yours!

  14. I notice thee overeducated ass wipes love their vampire shows .goodlooking vampires indulging themselves.forever then you have the undereducated shitheads like ” unlikely ” with their zombie fixation. ” proclaiming” you cant kill me i am already dead” that you are that you are! The future dont belong to you

  15. White or Western self hatred comes with multiculturalism. Multiculturalism bases itself in Whites hating themselves. America. Canada, England, France, etc. are too diverse now. Multiculturalism then builds like a snowball to push complete Anti White madness. Jews are often involved in it. Certainly the money that backs diversity and that backs anti White movements like Blm and Antifa have large jewish backing. Not all but as usual when it comes to jews, its insanely disproportionate.

    America’s problem now is we have the Democratic Party dedicated to punishing Whites forever. Yet without productive Whites America sinks into third word dumpfest quickly.

    I was rather surprised seeing Blm rioting in London. Obviously it was nothing like in America but blacks are growing in England and the problems grow with that fact. Diversity and multiculturalism cause that. Whites are literally embarrassed at being a successful race. Again, multiculturalism does that on purpose.

    A nation like Hungary knows full well that diversity is a weakness. Sure, humans are of different races and ethnicities. But the problems come when the host nation allows itself to get too diverse. If America stayed at even 80 to 85% White consistently far less problems would exist. But thanks to Democrat communists, jewish groups. Christian groups and Republican business types, that number is far less. I do think Republicans should be promoting the European heritage that many hispanics have instead of just calling them hispanics.

    I watch Spanish tv a fair amount.on streaming services. I know Spanish fairly well. Not great but enough to get by. Plus obviously they can come with English subtitles on tv obviously. The amount of White faces is quite substantial from these so called Latin places. Or even heavily White dna in some so called mixed people. I remember reading an article in the Washington Post speaking of White people’s demise being untrue basically due to Whites in Latin America. Thus Republicans need to start speaking of the European background of many hispanics. The Democrats have pigeon holed them into being alien like hispanics. It would be a good way of knocking back diversity and multiculturalism to push the European background of many so called hispanics.

  16. Well when we stand up for our faith our people they sure come after us quick. America is finding out for its self what.has been going on in detroit for the last 50 years

  17. The day will come ivan when the streets of deroit portland seattle nyc and all the rest of em will be as safe and clean as my grandfathers farm was.

  18. Thanks again ivan this is really when you think about it a growth opportunity a time of correction i think the spirit of the frontiersmen of the southern highlands will be front and center on point this time.

    • One day ivan we will win this battle this war will end and we will all go home there really will be peace in the valley.

  19. Right wing Americans always say that the Left wing Americans hate their country. This was said during the 1960’s about the anti Viet Nam war Left, [ America; love it or leave it] and the Black power and civil rights movement of MLK. Today the Right refers to those movements as quintessentially American and MLK and the civil rights movement and all involved in it [ Malcolm x, James Baldwin, Black Panthers] is a source of American pride for Right wing Americans; see how great we are ; we fix our wrongs. The Right is even now, so soon after its inception, embracing THE Black Lives Matter movement and has already done a 180 attitude regarding kneeling in protest against racism.

  20. Amereica under the left at this juncture. Would quickly bring you pol pot’s 1970ish cambodia times.a billion.

  21. That’s very true that liberals hate America. However I think Liberalism has become boring and now more and more on the left are pure Communists or Socialists. The only thing Antifa cares about is helping the Democrats become Communist or Socialist and delete all third parties on the left. I don’t think Antifa really cares about Anarchy in the long’s only temporary until the extreme far left takes over all levels of government. Communism or Socialism will be the name of the game at that point. However the left is the only ones who hate America. Nahhh…Cuckservatives do as well. Others on the far right who act ignorant and oppose Social Security, Medicare for All, Universal Basic Income, and so on really hate America because good policies are never talked about on the far right. The solution is reject the far left and far right and come together as Nationalists with practical solutions that will save White America and help everyone gain prosperity. Deo Vindice !

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