Antifa Murder Patriot In Portland and Celebrate His Death

UPDATE: Mayor Ted Wheeler blames Trump who pulled DHS out of Portland weeks ago.

UPDATE: His name was Jay Bishop.

This will be brief.

We all saw what happened in Portland last night. A convoy of Patriots and Trump supporters gathered in a nearby suburb and drove through downtown Portland. The situation immediately got tense. A few fights broke out. It culminated in an Antifa murdering a conservative activist affiliated with Patriot Prayer. Antifa spent the rest of the night celebrating killing the “fascist” on Twitter.

After killing the Patriot, Antifa burned the American flag to celebrate:

Meanwhile in New York City:

Meanwhile in Washington, DC:

The shooting has begun.

Antifa are killing Patriots now. Patriots are killing Antifa.

The media and the politicians who have fomented this chaos are going to reap the whirlwind. Now you see why I compared them to the Blundering Generation who started the Civil War last month.

Note: BTW, this is why I lost interest in COVID-19 in May. I realized that the virus was just a catalyst and that something worse was looming.

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  1. Trump sees these riots as a ticket to reelection. It is a political calculation on his part to just stand to the side and watch the rioters kill, burn down businesses, and loot. Perhaps before the election he will send in the National Guard to put down the insurrections, but he really should have done this already.

    I was already predisposed to not reelecting Trump, and now I am certain that I will not be voting for him no matter how many absentee ballot applications I am sent. He is weak and I will be staying home on November 3.

    • good idea. Any vote is a vote for the (((system))). On a related matter, as people on our side don’t seem to have noticed amidst all the present uproar, remember that White guy who was punched in the face a while back by a random ‘groid @ some County Fair somewhere? Punched so hard that pieces of his skull pierced his brain and he died the next day? Well, the Jew’d legal system has passed judgment on the Black murderer. Nigger got hisself a Jewess lawyer, stood before a (White) bulldyke lesbian judge, and was sentenced to

      probation, +

      “must attend anger management class”.

      think about this, long and hard.

    • And with that name, you must be a woman. Typical. Non-thinking, dealing with ‘feelings’ above the realities of WAR. I’ve said time and again, the Civil War II started in C’ville, VA in 2017. Brad, you were there. Is this not all of a piece?

      DO WE NOT HAVE OUR FIRST MARTYR!? 1. A Christian prayer, armed (as the Knights of old) who is KILLED FOR BEING A CHRISTIAN.

      St. Bishop, ORA PRO NOBIS.

      Engage, gents. And Ladies, Stay to the sidelines. You are to submit to your betters.

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      “This is precisely the means by which many, from of old, have been deceived and persuaded to follow those who have led them off the steep precipice of impiety; believing that there is some middle ground between the two teachings that can reconcile obvious contradictions, they have been exposed to peril.” – St. Mark of Ephesus ,Encyclical Letter

      Lee Kwan Yew, longtime leader of Singapore, once said this: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests or social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

  2. Why won’t the federal government step in and RESTORE ORDER?? They send troops all across the planet to maintain order but when the nation they’re allegedly there to protect is dissolving they are nowhere to be found. There is still time to stop this. The time is running out, but seriously, there is still time. Once someone goes out and claims about 20 or more victims, then that time has past. But that hasn’t happened yet. So why won’t they do it? Just for political gain? We are ruled by truly evil people.

  3. If antifa weren’t receiving government and law enforcement protection they could be stopped in a day. They’re incapable of defending themselves in direct confrontation unless the numbers are astronomically lopsided in their favor. This is all theater being allowed to happen and these antifa dummies don’t realize it. They’re simply props.

    • “This is all theater being allowed to happen”:

      Exactly! Let’s ignore the fiction and look at the REAL violence that they don’t want us to notice.

      First of all don’t give any views to Faux News or any other mainstream “news” source. Don’t pay attention to the psyop. Ignore it.

      • Blumpf designated antifa a terror org 6 months ago but it was just pissing in the wind. Barr and the DOJoo has done absolutely nothing about antifa. I guess because antifa all live in demoncrat cities?! lol what a farce! Weimericas greatest ally and tribesman own fund and operate antifa/blm.

        Potato Blumpf has yet to designate blm as a terrorist organisation too but the orange bitch won’t because he needs the imaginary lowest black unemployment jogger vote Gop inc bowing down to kiss Saint Floyd, Jacob Blake feet and not acknowledging cannon hinnton is the death kneel of the republicuck shabbos goy party

  4. No politician wants to stop the bloodletting. The left and Biden is using their shock troops for gaining more power through terror, and the right and Trump is sitting back and letting the chaos scare the normies into voting for their side. The more that we get involved in this small-scale war, the more we play into the blood-stained hands of the calculating elites. Keep out of it, unless it’s brought to your area. Even then, mask yourself. Get away from the scene before the cops think it’s safe to show their cowardly selves. The towns where the riots are ongoing are ruled by lefties looking to put you away for life, if you dare to defend yourself. Be smart; be a guerilla that fades into the background.

  5. Aaaand complete radio silence from the Blormpf administration. Same as Rittenhouse. Fuckin pathetic.

    • Silence on Rittenhouse is especially bad because Trump encouraged armed resistance with his “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” tweets. Trump always encourages his supporters to confront the radical left and then hangs then out to dry. Or worse, his DOJ goes after them, like with RAM.

  6. Woods brings up some doomed news. MAGA idiots just won’t abandon their cult leader. Either candidate will be a loss for us, but more Trump is beating a dead horse already. I hate this country.

    • Then leave, *sshole. OR work to change it, and drive the denizens of HELL back to their Jewish Ghettoes. What did you think a Civil War would be? Tea and Crumpets?

      “Anti-Semitism? It’s a trick!

  7. Is the cycle of violence beginning? For the most part if has been Antifa-BLM targeting bystanders and Trump supporters. Sure, some pushback, but nothing organized. Now we are seeing militias stand guard and protests against Antifa-BLM. Kenosha and Kyle Rittenhouse infuriated the Antifa-BLM. They want blood, and they got it. In a tit-for-tat escalation, will Trump supporters continue to fight back? Will militias become the norm?

    The elite still think this is election year shenanigans. Maybe it still is. But what happens if the people who follow their lead decide they don’t need the GOP or DNC anymore? I think the possibility that this extends beyond November 3 and slips out of the hands of the parties means we will enter a decade of massive turbulence.

    I’ve been positing that the 2010s were formative years for the far-right. We learned a lot. What we could and couldn’t do. Then I suggested the 2020s would be repressive against us and political repression would grow. My last prediction was that the 2030s would be our decade. That is optimistic, but it could still hold true.

    Whatever it is, the optics war is over and the real civil unrest is starting. The right does not need to unite. It will find consolidation in the face of systemic and anti-white violence. What it becomes, what values it holds, what it’ll look like, is beyond me.

    • Normies are always slowest to catch on to reality. They want their bread and circuses, and not to be bothered. History becomes cyclical when people persist in not learning from previous examples of what not to do.

      Identity politics is coming for descendants of Europeans. Post-Reconstruction Southern-style independence will be coming for those willing to separate from the woke and the dark. There won’t be an actual secession, but one that exists in all but name, imo. Like what the South had after 1876, but spread out all over the nation. Rural/further-away suburb/exurb and urban/closer-in suburb divisions are building. It will be a positive development that simply acknowledges human nature.

      • We now have our Rosa Parks, and a Martyr. TAKE THE HIGH GROUND! “Never Give up, never Surrender!” – Galaxy Quest (cuz that’s where most of your minds are mired, in adolscent fantasies, and NOT the real world) Not you, Signor Bonaccorsi, certamente…..

        1) Remember WHO is behind it all –


        “Hours after the murder of Patriot Prayer supporter Aaron Danielson (a.k.a. Jay) was captured…”-

        3) Kyle Rittenhouse is OUR RP! And Brad? OPTICS MATTER

        4) ENGAGE THE ENEMIES OF THE STATE, and DESTROY THEM… per a Saint of God.
        Pacifism is for women (who should keep silent) and nancy-boys. War is called on by God to BUILD HIS KINGDOM.

        “Live in peace not only with your friends but with your enemies; but only with your personal enemies and not with the enemies of God.”
        St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves (+1074)

        St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

        “Chrysostomos loudly declares not only heretics, but also those who have communion with them, to be enemies of God.”
        St. Theodore the Studite, Epistle to Abbot Theophilus

        • My point two is FACTUALLY incorrect, but still IDEOLOGICALLY correct. The Deicides ARE our ultimate enemy. Patriot Nurse in her latest video talked about a “J-curve” and I don’t think she realized just how correct she is!

          Just wanted to be clear. I made a mistake in copying something, and , with no edit feature, can’t retract the incorrect data.

        • “War is called on by God to BUILD HIS KINGDOM”:

          War was “called” for by the OLD Testament, to build up the carnal, HEBREW kingdom “of God,” such as the regime of the “wise” Solomon, actually a typical royal who did what all royalty do: robbed and enslaved working people, including his own people. Randolph Bourne said “War is the health of the STATE.” It is, above all, the health of the Elites, the upper class, the “nobles,” royalty or whatever you call them. But participation in war is the death of Christianity. Jesus said “resist not evil,” and “my servants do not fight.”

          • You illiterate, cowardly pagan. Ever hear of Theonomy? Ever read of the CARNAGE YHWH COMMANDED of the non-Elect races in the OT by his Saints?!? . What? Do you not understand? The Old Testament being the ONLY Scripture that St. Paul notes is ‘written by God’ in II Tim 3:16. (The NT hadn’t been written yet!) is STILL NORMATIVE- ‘not one jot or tittle’- Why? Because ALL of the Elect are not yet gathered in! ‘All’ is not yet accomplished. And your grace without works, is useless, per St. James!

            Here read this- if you dare!

            Your dispensational fractured ecclesiology is a byword among the Deicides, who LAUGH that you think the Yids have ANY claim to being ANY sort of ‘Chosen People.’ The Church is Israel now, and has been for 2000 years! [ Gal. 6:16] Your faulty Xtianity is the REAON for Minneapolis, Portland, the deaths of Whites, and the Empowerment of N-words.

            GOD DOES NOT LOVE EVERYONE, and THE UNREGENERATE NON-WHITES ARE GOING TO HELL! And yet, foolish White Americans are still wondering why the riots continue. THE N-Words are predestined to destroy, rape, and murder, because they are EVIL. And we disobey God when we DON’T curb that evil, up to, and including, ‘correction’ by the sword.

            “[A]s Blessed Theophylact writes: “Jesus said: ‘My Kingdom is not of this world’, and again: ‘It is not from here’, but He did not say: ‘It is not in this world and not here.’ He rules in this world, takes providential care for it and administers everything according to His will. But His Kingdom is ‘not of this world’, but from above and before the ages, and ‘not from here’, that is, it is not composed from the earth, although it has power here.” – Blessed Theophylact,
            On John 18.36

            “The basic thesis of these essays is thus that there are Two Europes, Eastern and Western, First and Second respectively, and that both are the effects and consequences of very different and ultimately contradictory theological presuppositions and methods. These …different and mutually exclusive presuppositions and methods have permeated every facet of legal, social, and cultural conventions. But to say this is to say nothing new, nor terribly original, and certainly nothing terribly upsetting to the “multiculturalist” or “Judeo-Christian Conservative.” The thesis of the Two Europes is explored in these essays from the presupposition that the Western, Second Europe is derivative and aberrant. ”

    • “Is the cycle of violence beginning?”

      The history of the U.S. IS violence, from the very beginning, to the present. When was it NOT at war?

      These little acts of protest violence are a molehill that you conservatives call a mountain. These little acts of violence amount to absolutely NOTHING compared to the wholesale, enormous, military and economic violence that America (the U.S. empire) perpetrates daily and has been perpetrating against foreign nations for more than a century! These little acts of violence are a mere psyop, perverse entertainment that distracts us from the REAL violent imperialist crimes against humanity that we are all committing, corporately, against the rest of the world. “We” are really good at this, so good that “our” empire has no real competition and could endure for a thousand years, .

      • I don’t think there’s too many “conservatives” around here anymore. And this empire certainly will not endure for a thousand years. I suppose it could have in some alternate reality, but too many foolish mistakes were made.

      • Our mighty empire will crumble in the face of a serious adversary (Russia, China, Iran). But the same people selling our jobs to Chinese, Indians and Mexicans will want us to die on freezing battlefields in the Ukraine or Gobi.

      • Just looking at both sides, I can’t see mentally ill filthy losers win any conflict. Just based on aesthetics people with massive tattoos, body piercings, dirty clothes, and ugly racial mongrels (you have no clue what they are just by looking at them) can’t win any type of war. Maybe it’s our path to an ethno-racial state.

      • It’s headed toward even more blatant, brutal fascism. It’s nothing but fake, orchestrated, psyopic, color-revolution theater designed to strengthen the system, and it’s working. People are being thoroughly confused, angered, frightened, and made ready to accept even MORE brutal, fascist police-state control measures. The right and the so-called left, opposite sides of the same coin, each have their roles to play.

        • Anon. You are playing along with everything the ‘Juden'(to channel Ms. Denise) would say!

          It’s NOT ‘fascism’ it’s clear, downright JEWISH BOLSHEVISM!!!! And it is (now, more clearly that ever with the RITUAL MURDER of St. Bishop) anti-Christian, as well. AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN.

          Call a Yid methodology by its’ correct name. THIS IS MARXISM = Judaism
          EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

          “Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
          Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

          “The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution”
          The Maccabean (New York), Nov. 1905, p, 250

          “Jewry is the mother of Marxism.”
          Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936

          “Judaism is Marxism, communism”
          Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 64

          “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.”
          Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143

      • You are a complete idiot, clinically delusional, if you still haven’t realized that the shooting is going to be one-sided. American pro-Blompf cuckservatives are the most spineless, worthless, cowardly loser doormat pushover wimps in THE ENTIRE WORLD PERIOD, NO ONE ELSE EVEN REMOTELY COMPARES. They will literally stand like sheep while being executed in cold blood by Antifa death squads.

        You need TWO sides for a civil war that are ready to kill and be killed for their cause. You are certified medically delusional if you think ANYONE, EVEN ONE “MAN” on the pathetic American “right” qualifies. Even pathological wignats (how many are there? 10?) are only good at shooting unarmed Mohammedans. This is the end of the road for the “right”.

        There is one simple reason beyond all that: the cuckservative losers have GIVEN UP MORAL AUTHORITY, THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT INSTRUMENT OF POWER KNOWN TO MAN to reprobate freaks and their hook-nosed handlers. Blompf’s election signified the completion of this process. You are inescapably doomed now, no matter how hard you cope on this silly website.

    • Headed?

      We’re there, man.

      Just because government troops aren’t in place and shooting at each other doesn’t mean this isn’t war.

      A car in a Trump caravan had its tire shot out here in L.A. a little while ago. Trump’s xxD chess seems to involve throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  8. Can anyone tell me where I can find Southern nationalist Flags I guess don’t carry them no more, Thanks

  9. I don’t get the point in dying in support of Trump or the cops neither of which gives a flying fuck about White Nationalism – Trump and the cops are both tools of the Jewish oligarchy that is actively seeking to destroy White society both here and in Europe.

    • Fine- Then vote for him (Trump) , remove the overtly marxist Mischlings (Kabala Ha’aretz), and then go for the jugular- Trump’s JEWISH CONNECTIONs.

      Listen to Fash the Nation, about ‘Finkelthink,’ and see how (((they))) always put two opposing sides of the same JEWISH HATE in play, to KEEP YOU CONFUSED.

      We’re done. Be it Armageddon or merely the ‘mopping up operation’ to establish the Reign of Christ the King, THE JEW MUST BE REMOVED!

      We have to vote Trump, or the cancer cannot be excised.

      A Vote for Joe and Hoe is a vote for SLAVERY. And Jewry winning.

  10. Even the mainstream is starting to back off of the ‘covid’ hysteria as basically a scam

    Suddenly USA CDC says only 6% of those 153,000 USA dead are from ‘covid only’ … so reduce to 9000-odd covid dead, the rest people with serious illnesses, very elderly etc

    UK Telegraph – their top intellectual conservative media – just ran a piece on how world leaders are quietly admitting the lockdowns were a needless catastrophe

    In Europe there are now legal cases against the virus experts as arrogant scammers who have been destroying lives with their evil, wrong advice to governments

    There are not higher death rates overall, there is just time-shifting of deaths to some weeks versus others … typical flu-type hit on vulnerable sick people and nursing homes, covid numbers replacing pneumonia numbers etc

    It was all just more pseudo-science shyte like climate change and whatever

  11. Yes the Democrats and Republicans caused all these Race Riots and Violence. It’s was all campaign propagana and it turned ugly in the streets with cities being burned, stores being looted, many of our Monunents being destroyed, and Violence everywhere. Now it’s worse killings in the streets. Was it all worth it Denocrats and Republicans? All this liberal money being used to fund Antifa and Black Lives Matter…is it really worth it. What has it accomplished…. nothing! The gap between rich vs poor continues and bigger than ever. Jump off the 2 party ship…it’s destroyed America. Vote Third Party! Deo Vindice !

    • Until you HAVE a third party, Brian, your stance is USELESS. Establish a third party for 2024 AT THE EARLIEST.


      NEITHER OF WHICH is Biden, or Hindoo-Jew HOE Kabala Ha’aretz!

      “If you want liberty you yourselves must strike the blow. If you must be free, you must become so through your own effort … Until you produce what the white man has produced you will not be his equal.”
      – Marcus Garvey, speaking to the Universal Negro Improvement Association in 1921

  12. Right now people should be familiarizing themselves with “the battle of Athens.” Hallmark of all people made a movie of it: returning vets from WWII overthrew a corrupt political establishment in Athens, Tennessee. Ultimately good government depends upon good men acting against the odds at whatever the cost. Morally speaking, the deliberate failure of the political establishment in Oregon to preserve order has returned the people of that state to what the Founding Fathers called “the original position” and people should realize that and act accordingly. The governor and the mayor have forfeited the right to be obeyed.

  13. When triggering the libs goes wrong. What is the point of a “convoy” through a far left city? This political strategy of just trying to piss off the other side has not really produced good results.

  14. In e-mail he sent me today, a friend of mine since high school said he’s been struck that the Manson Family “has grown into a huge national movement (blm, antifa, the intelligentsia, the press, the Democrats, the cuckservatives) that wants to kill everybody.”

  15. Re: Keith Woods

    Horus the Avenger has been saying for quite some time, that Trump is the most MIGA President the USA has ever had. Trump is so MIGA he has a suburb named after him in Israel. Biden/Kamala cannot match Trump in MIGA-ness.

    MIGA is going to do whatever it takes to make sure that Trump wins. If they don’t win, they will lose face and influence. MIGA is going to be tough to beat.

  16. Brad,

    I think his name was Aaron Jay Danielson. That’s what Andy’s Twitter feed states and it is also the name on his GoFundMe account. I think Andy gets a lot of his info from the Portland PD:


  17. The most ominous and disturbing aspect to all of this is that TPTB not only will not stop it but they encourage and justify it. Meanwhile, back in what’s left of whitopia land: “Wear your mask and do as we say or else!”

    Anarcho-tyranny. Sam Francis was right.

  18. G. K. Chesterton once wrote that when the Englishmen are bent upon a reign of terror they first remove the protections of law from the targets to be terrorized. That is what is happening in blue states and major cities. The Democrats, who hold political power in these areas, are in de facto alliance with BLM (Black Lives Marxists) and Antifa against the substantive citizenry, blue and white collar, While under such circumstances people are no longer bound in conscience to obey the state, obey they will from fear. The calculus of force is currently on the side of the civic destroyers and action along the lines of events in Athens, Tennessee may still prove necessary, but we should not ignore the available options short of opposing force to force

    Though not to the same dangerous degree, we have been here before and won through. That was in the late 60s and early 70s with the “anti-war” movement (more accurately it should have been called “The Anti Anti Communist Movement), which had the universities, the media, and liberal Democrats in support. The tactics of the left were pretty much the same as today; mass demonstrations, riots, and all around violence, Scholars of public opinion expected their surveys would show a major movement to the left. Imagine their surprise to discover that the opposite had happened, There had been a minor movement to the left and a massive one to the right. Public opinion no longer resembled a bell curve but a two humped camel. There was a small hump on the left but the middle had moved right creating a mountain of a hump on the right.

    I think it was Verba and Nie who figured out what happened, They created a model of political action, such as voting, writing to Congress, campaigning, etc. They used this model to guide their polling. Imagine their shock to discover it was the right that had been hyperactive, dominating the left in every indicator of civic engagement, except public demonstrations. It was this hyperactivity that led to the victories of Nixon-Reagan-Bush elder and caused the Democrats to successfully run two Southern governors for the presidency. And it is this model we should follow if we wish to buy time to better prepare to preserve our people. Despite his flaws and those of the Republican party, Donald J, Trump is our time buyer.

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