Sir John A. MacDonald Statue Torn Down In Montreal

It was never going to stay confined to the United States.

None of this originated in North America. It was exported from Europe: Modernism, Marxism, Antifa, anarchism, antiracism, the avant-garde, postmodernism, critical theory, etc. There is a direct line that runs from Pierre-Joseph Proudhon through Baudelaire through the avant-garde to the black bloc. The same spirit is there: hyper alienation, shocking the bourgeois, tearing down the foundations of society as “liberation,” identification with the “marginalized” and the “oppressed.”

Liberalism has absorbed all this destructive garbage like a sponge. Seen from their perspective, you are the “extremist” for opposing these people tearing down your country. You being some type of racial, ethnic or religious traditionalist. The political establishment is liberal and modernist.

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  1. The Conservative PM maintained the “rights” of the rich instead of the rights of people, and a head tax on Chinese slaves after the masters were done using them to build the transcontinental railway. Suppressed truth bursts forth, turning honor to dishonor, and another statue of nobility falls.

    • The Chinese flocked to Canada to get paid double what they were paid in China for similar work, the Chinese DID NOT build the trans continental railway, they built a small section in the Rockies between Alberta and BC,which accounted for less than 5% of the railway, the head tax was imposed to prevent Orientals from colonizing Canada..stop spreading slant eyed commie kike lies!

      • The inditgenous Indians didn’t’ make as good workers as the Chinese, did they?. My statement about “using them to build” is correct, and it doesn’t matter what percentage of the work they did. Not all U,.S. railroads were built mostly, or at all, by Chinese “coolies” either, but it is indisputable that they were deliberately imported and used to build, yet another afterwards-despised ingredient added to the capitalist “melting pot.” .

        China, which had been up to that time the world’s largest economy, was under relentless attack by European empires wielding longer-range artillery and other superior weapons, especially the British Empire (which means Canada) and Chinese people were beginning to starve and mass-addicted to British opium. Hence the eagerness of some to emigrate, to receive “double what they were paid in China.” The same impulse to emigrate to the U.S. and its imperialist allies (including Canada) exists today in the “third world” countries that are under constant attack and exploitation.

        • The jew families Rothschilds & Sassoon’s were behind the opium trade in China, same as the jew Sacklers are behind the opium trade in America today, the jew Epstein was behind Mao’s communist revolution which killed 40 million Chinese, the jews are behind the exploitation of Africa and Asia…don’t give me ur obfuscating bullshit kike…ur games don’t work on me!..anywhere the White man has traveled he has built great things for the people in those countries, most 3rd world people come to White countries because they have opportunity their own lazy, violent, low IQ, thieving, savage ancestors couldn’t provide…lol.. its the jew who does the exploiting, its the jew who does the murdering, its the jew who blames Whites for jew crimes.

          • “who blames Whites for jew crimes”:

            Millions of White mercenaries, who actually fight the wars, and Whites who design, build and launch the bombs and missiles (and even biological weapons) to subdue or destroy foreign peoples for the benefit of the super-wealthy elites should NOT be blamed, then?

            “anywhere the White man has traveled he has built great things for the people in those countries”:

            The dark side of philanthropy is the motive of exploitation, and the missionaries’ good works and the banana corporations’ works are intertwined.

        • “China, which had been up to that time the world’s largest economy ….”

          Per capita?

          • You are correct. China was still the world’s greatest economy, but no longer the world’s most productive per capita, in the first half of the nineteenth century when it was on the verge of losing its status as the world’s greatest economy when better-equipped European and the U.S. militaries began to attack. China was plunged into a century of degradation and humiliation, until the communist revolution restarted population growth and revived it economically.

          • Saying China was the worlds largest economy is true in the same sense that ants have a bigger economy than the cities they reside, trading in buckets of rice and cages full of Civets millions of times a day may be counted as a large economy but they were NOTHING compared to Europe’s train loads of ore, lumber, kerosene, copper etc…Europeans brought the railroad to the world and most of the Asian and African countries couldn’t even maintain the railroads or roads..that were built FOR them!…spare me ur joo victims and other victims B.S!…lol
            White people can do war, I won’t apologize for that, ALL races have done war on a large scale, we’re no exception…but its common knowledge that the North American political system has been hijacked by criminal, Bolshevik, communist jews like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Epstein, Lauder, Emmanuel, Rothschild, Albright, Silverstein, Lowy, Rosenberg, Kroll,Sharon, Blankfein, Hauer, Atzmon, Harel, Olmert, Goff, Zakheim..and the list goes on and on and fkn on!
            jews have been caught red handed committing a MASSIVE crime against humanity…they won’t be weaseling their way out of the consequences of that this matter how many little weasels like you they send into White comment threads!…lol

  2. Where’s the police? Where’s the city authorities? Are there no citizens who give a damn? Nevermind….the police would have shown up if someone tried to stop them.

      • This was not the first MacDonald statue to fall. It began in 2018 with the statue at Victoria City Hall.

        • And even then, MacDonald was correct about the Aryan supremacy needing to be maintained.
          Egalitarianism is the bastard child of Talmudic Jewry. All non-WHites are lesser.

          “…this Mexi-Karen is lesser to me. She will always work in the fields sorting beans while someone like me makes the hard decisions because she lacks the brains, guts, gumption, and moral clarity to lead. She is a Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, or Bernie Sanders, a pretender to the throne.’

          ‘I have no illusions about people like her. They can do only one thing, which is to destroy. If you let them into your company, soon your product will cost more and be less good. She cares more about taking home her paycheck than doing what is right. She is of lesser blood.”-

    • Society must driven so angry that people will accept certain communist control measures. Police stands down even in Poland. Poland is much more nationalist than West but still not angry enough to go full Nazi. So even there , commies got permission to loot.

      We need world wide final solution to genetic white liberals , not temporary peace fake peace only to deal with same problem after every decade or leave fighting with communists to our children. So society must made so angry that every last house wife understand that we can not live together with genetic white liberals. Last 230 years from French revolution until today, there is only one big shitshow driven by mad white people and it is time to put end white genetic liberal lunacy. For this historical event, society must be ready.

      Until then, we must let liberals burn loot and unfortunately murder too.

      • Re: “Society…driven so angry that people will accept certain communist control measures”:

        The object of the orchestrated protest theater is to make people want FASCIST control measures, even more of them than they have now. The plutocrats certainly do NOT want people to demand real socialism or even think about it.

        • Again, get your terms straight. If this were a White ‘Supremacist’ takeover, it ‘might’ be considered ‘fascist’ (and it would be a hell of a lot better for REAL Whites- just saying).

          What all this is, is BOLSHEVISM, and it has ONE source. Talmudic/Khazarian Jewry, and their desire to control all of us. Just as they did in Soviet Russia.

  3. 1790s: French Revolution
    1919: Munich Uprising
    1930s: Spanish Civil War

    2020: Ah shit, here we go again.

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