The Revolt Against The Masses

It was reading Eric P. Kaufmann’s excellent book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America that drew my attention to Modernism. I’m currently reading through his sources.

As I became curious about the link between Modernism, cultural liberalism and American racial and culture decline, I discovered that Fred Siegel had already written a book about this subject called The Revolt Against The Masses which traced the origins of the Modern Left to the Young Intellectuals.

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  1. It’s easy to explain the modern left. It’s liberals who have hijacked a few marxist slogans, just like pol pot was a nationalist who hijacked marxist slogans and trotsky was a revisionist who hijacked marxist slogans. People take their own ideas and then bring it to marx.

  2. Another cartoon of Randolph Bourne. At least he had the courage to oppose the war, unlike most of the young New York intellectuals.

    Fred Siegel is a conservative think-tank establishment insider, and Hillsdale College is also part of the problem. A political story teller, he also wrote “How Immanuel Kant became one of the Founding Fathers.” Republicans implying that THEY represent the masses!

  3. The singular focus of ALL Whites should be the Jewish Question. No other issue is more pertinent at this moment in time. The clouds of civil war are gathering. This, in my opinion would be disastrous for ALL Americans…but not the Jews.

  4. I realise and fully understand that its stupid to blame a single and diverse ethnic group for all the ills in the world. Got bullied at school? The J-words did it. A drunk driver crashed into your car? The J-words did it. Your teenage daughter is running with the wrong crowd? J-words, again. This is silly and unproductive. But it does not negate the fact that these people constitute a significant element in the ranks of our hostile elites. And quite frankly, they are the most visible, obnoxious and easily targeted element amongst our many enemies.

    They are an easy target. And I believe in taking out the easiest targets first.

  5. How about writing something more practical instead of this stuff that pretty much everyone knows about? All these writings of yours could be summed up in the following short sentence: Its the Juden!

  6. Hunter Wallace and Keith Woods vs Dick Spencer on modernism?!?

    Seriously, how arrogant is Lord Spencer to take on Hunter and Keith alone? Spencer’s ego needs its own zip code.

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