Louisville “Mostly Peaceful” Riot Watch

Meanwhile in the 21st century, the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case has charged one cop with three counts of wanton endangerment while allowing the other two cops to walk without charges. In anticipation of “mostly peaceful protests,” Louisville has declared a State of Emergency.


“LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A Jefferson County grand jury charged former Louisville police Det. Brett Hankison with three felony counts of wanton endangerment on Wednesday for shooting into three apartments during the raid on Breonna Taylor’s home in March.

He was the only officer indicted. No charges were filed against the other officers who fired their weapons, Sgt. Jon Mattingly and Det. Miles Cosgrove.

Hankison was assigned a $15,000 cash bond and a warrant for his arrest. He was charged with firing into three units and accused of “extreme indifference to human life,” the grand jury concluded. He was not charged in connection with shots fired into Taylor’s apartment. …”

As you can probably imagine, this isn’t good enough to satisfy the BLM and Antifa mob. It is just the latest example of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism.”

It should be an interesting night in Louisville.

I’ve been busy researching the origins of all of this. It feels like we are watching the conclusion of these values playing out in the present. Woodrow Wilson didn’t deport enough “radical aliens.”

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    • Not for much longer, you won’t be! Seriously, what makes you think you will be able to just sit on the sidelines and watch in amusement while Western civilization is destroyed??

  1. In Brazil most blacks brought over from Africa , last major county to end black slavery , forced by western nations. The police are way more brutal and crack down on crime and the Nogs their don’t burn the cities down, they get uppity and bitch however they don’t destroy metropolitan civilization.

  2. The cops were shot at by Taylor’s boyfriend who was dealing drugs out of her apartment. The cops fired back, that should be the end of the story.

  3. This is the least racist country in the history of nations. We’ve given Brown / Black people opportunities and welfare and many of them don’t appreciate it. I’m not going to paint with an absolute brush and say all minorities don’t appreciate what the White man has done for them. There are a few who do.

    I’m more angry at the White people who buy into this anti-White nonsense than I am at the Brown / Black people who do, because they should know better.

    • The brainwashing is so powerful it has overridden natural instincts ingrained over hundreds of generations. There is no doubt we have been targeted.

  4. BLM Narrative vs Reality:

    Narrative: Breonna Taylor was murdered in her sleep when cops bust in the door without knocking.

    Reality: Nope. She was awake, the cops did knock and announce themselves, and her boyfriend shot first.

  5. No officer charged in Taylor’s death!

    One officer charged for “over” shooting into a neighbors apartment.

  6. Thanks for the coverage of this Hunter. As it is only 60 miles from here, I have also been keeping tabs on the local stations. I wonder if the BLM rioters will obey the 9PM curfew tonight? Just kidding, we know they will not!
    I have read about the riots, SDS, Weathermen and general chaos of the 1960s. Are witnessing this being played out again? I suspect yes. I think the radical Leftists may go farther now then they did back then. Hopefully I am wrong.

  7. With blacks —witness MLK III above— and all too many of our people, once the media narrative settles concrete like in their minds later facts fail to have any effect, In part I think this is because so many find satisfaction in it as confirmation of already held false beliefs of black innocence and victimhood and the allied refusal to accept that blacks are not only disproportionately criminally inclined but viciously so. If Louisville thought that the money paid the Taylor family would buy the city itself goodwill with the mob, they then failed to grasp that the people, who laid the propaganda ground work to justify the upcoming riot and have organized it, simply don’t give a damn about Taylor herself. Their only interest in her and her death is how they could use it for their violent purposes. As to the potential rioters as opposed to the organizers, it simply seemed a confession of guilt.

    While it is politically inexpedient to do so now, upon re-election — and you better hope he wins if we’re to have a chance to see a just end to this threat to our people — Pres.Trump should fire the FBI Director and form an interagency taskforce to put down the violence and sedition our country has been facing. The emphasis should be first put on Antifa, since the media cannot protect them by crying race. With the information gathered on them and their funders, then the taskforce could turn to the Black Lives Marxists and their funders. I don’t think any of use will be surprised if the funders turn out to be the same for each group. After that, action should turn to our “educators” and the media..

  8. Thank our jewsmedia for once again adding gasoline to the fire. The routine is played out over and over again for decades but it’s far worse now with media saturation, video everywhere that is often edited and s%=÷ stirring social media. It’s an evil concoction meant to cause death and destruction.

    Why do we get to know all the names of blacks killed by Whites or even assaulted by Whites while the radically more victimized Whites by blacks get zero coverage unless that White person is jewish? Why do I get forced to know Breonna Taylor’s name while I have to look up the names of the far more common White victims? I detest the true evil behind this that will only lead to more White people being hurt or killed because of an incredibly false narrative.

    Nogs banging it up every weekend for the past 60 years in every city gets a giant shrug. The media calls it ” gun violence.” Put the word ” black” in front of that and we will be much closer to the truth.

    The Taylor case happened in Louisville. Louisville is one of the most dangerous cities in America thanks to blacks. Yet we barely know any crime stories from there. We would have to look it up and it would show Tyrone murdering, raping and robbing for decades. Yet I get forced to know Breonna Taylor because jewish guy, homosexual or self loathing White turd reports ” news” from some leftist hell hole putting a mind numbing fake spin on reality.

    I am so sick of this country sucking up to blacks. I read some twitter feed showing Hollywood’s reaction to the indictment of one police officer and not on two others. Basically it’s Jews and blacks reacting. People like black Viola Davis, the criminal Snoop Dogg, jewish Ellen Barkin, jewish Sarah Silverman who got zero punishment from Jewlywood after she said she would ” kill JESUS again.” Jewish singer Richard Marx. It’s truly incredible.

    The truth is I barely followed the case. I just kept hearing the news bark it at me. I found it incredible- yet typical- when I found our Taylor had a drug dealing boyfriend who came out with guns blazing when police came in. It’s almost hilarious in its absurdity.

    Black Lies Matter is a satanic cult as is antifa. They are kept alive on hate. They have no room for normal black people and basically want Whites dead or slaves. Only White people can be retarded enough to actually join groups that hate Whites.

    Our news media is evil. Somehow I hope they get sued into submission or arrested because what they do is cause hate and murder literally. That is certainly not what the founders had in mind when they promoted a free press.

    America can never be great again in large part due to these vultures in our fake news rooms like butt blasters Anderson Pooper and Don Lemon or the perennially creepy Chris Cuomo or jewish concoctions like ” The View” which is a bunch of leftist, bitter women given a voice because they are all about distortion and immorality. The cretins make all the cash in post America. Thanks Shlomo.

  9. While eating out this afternoon, ESPN was on the TV screens. Four times in a half-hour sports newscast, SportsCenter brought up the Breonna/BurnLootMurder bs. The sportsball nerds feel the need to continually tell people how virtuous they are. They’re used to alienating the audience by now, it seems, and obviously don’t care if their numbers continue circling the drain. Thanks to this constant, vapid condescension, sportsball is dead to me and many others.

  10. Fox News now reporting a police officer shot in Louisville. Also reporting Seattle has given $150,000 to a pimp to keep order on the streets.
    Western Civilization gave us the gift of the city state to maintain order. As it is lost warlordism is the end result, paid for by the failing order of the city state.

  11. Tonight in Louisville is a dress rehearsal for the countrywide rioting this weekend. Expect chimpouts in all of the usual cities – Philly, Chicago etc. The Louisville cop getting shot this evening will add a little more edge to the festivities.

  12. It’s a good thing Neanderthals died out 40,000 years ago. Imagine if we’d found some and brought them over here to pick cotton and indigo too? Put a roof over their head and three square meals on their plate and allowed them to multiply? Now the liberals would probably be dressing them up in business suits trying to make bankers, programers, and astronauts out of them while the majority of them lived on welfare? Telling us how they were just as smart as we were and used to be Kangz? There was something subversive about those former GEICO ads which is probably why we don’t see them anymore. As I’ve said before, the proper way to view black dysfunction in Eurasian societies is to view the equatorial peoples of Central Africa and the area around New Guinea is as another species of hominids more primitive than those that built the civilizations of Eurasia.

    • Hate to point it but Europeans are probably the last Neanderthals. We are some kinda Homosapien-Neanderthal hybrid dating back around 70,000 years.

    • Neanderthals had larger brains than any people on Earth today. Africans have no Neanderthal DNA. That should tell you something.

      • It’s unbelievable Louisville coughed up 12 million bucks. I assume the greasy lawyers get a third of that? Yeah, Taylor had to die for her family to get the money but negative things happen when your Mack daddy is a drug dealer whipping out guns when the po po is at the dough, er, door.

        The black lottery is alive and well. Not to mention the countless blacks riding the disability and welfare gravy train.

        Despite all the black bullcrap about how they are victims of whitey, blacks would truly hate a place without Whites. Between all the welfare money, affirmative action, private money from Whites, the black lottery lawsuits, low income housing in White areas, racial bussing into White schools, the idol status of black athletes, pushing blacks all over the tv and movie screens; blm, the Democratic party and on and on, it’s basically a racket being black in modern day America and they know it. Just yell ” racist” and more goodies from whitey comes.

        12 million bucks to Taylor’s family. The black lottery has become as Americana as Snoop Dogg and Popeyes Fried Chicken.

        • “blacks would truly hate a place without Whites”;

          Blacks would like it but they are never allowed to have such a place, not even in a small, landlocked, and resource-less country in Africa. This is an excellent documentary that will change your mind about the possibility of successful Black independence:


          • Anonymous, I have zero problem with separate living areas but most blacks are pushing to integrate which I believe is done to take advantage of all the cool stuff Whites create. It’s like LeBron James who is clearly anti White yet lives in an overwhelmingly White, rich area. He wants to not only bust chops by living in a majority White area bit also knows Whites create the best stuff including neighborhoods and schools.

            Even the late black radical from the 1960s, Stokely Carmichael, who was known as being anti White then, wound up moving to Africa and changed his name. He said most blacks do nothing but complain and won’t do anything of true value to uplift blacks. Yup, totally agree.

            Blacks as a race don’t keep up things usually and thus have to be grifters on White people. Now if you had a gov’t policy not forcing integration perhaps it would force blacks to deal with their scum better. But there are so many moronic Whites whose goal in life is to shoeshine blacks. Blm is filled with too many White retards.

            I think America became too big and too diverse with too much jewish ownership of media and Hollywood. That is a potion dedicated to destroying America. It seems a breakup would be more productive at this point.

  13. Do you know why nothing ever changes for whites? Because most of you are weaklings that refuse to act. All talk, no action. You deserve all you get. Maybe if we talk tough, the commies will get scared. They’re winning because they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty. Unlike you weak cucks.

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