Hidden Hands: The CIA, Modernism and the Cold War

During the Cold War, the CIA used jazz, rock and abstract expressionism as weapons to subvert and degenerate the culture of the Eastern Bloc and to promote liberalism and free-market capitalism. Michael Jackson’s music was banned as degenerate art in the Soviet Union.

If you look deep into the history of the avant-garde, the neocons and the Frankfurt School, you will discover that they were embraced by the American state in the 1930s and 1940s. John Dewey and the Rockefeller Foundation brought the Frankfurt School to New York.

The Nazis and the Soviets had both repressed Modernism. Partisan Review was an organ of the Communist Party USA, but after the New York Intellectuals broke up with Joseph Stalin in the 1930s and Leon Trotsky was assassinated in 1940 it mysteriously became the most influential literary and political journal in the United States. This is because it was backed by the OSS and the CIA.

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  1. Excellent post. I agree completely.

    Later, in the 1960’s, the anti-war movement in the U.S. was subverted by the CIA to fornication and drug addiction, and Hollywood and other mass entertainment was directed (influenced) by the CIA to support the imperial war machine.

  2. This is where the incoherence of the idea of “modernism” and its cultural dominance being some sort of organic development of Bohemian New York and Paris becomes incoherent. The intelligence agencies are the offspring of the Secret Societies, and their funding comes from the Jew banks. “Modernism” and “Post-Modernism” are just iterations of the same old revolutionary doctrines. The Revolution of 1789 had its “Sans-Culottes” – the Bolshevik Revolution had its women in trousers, the end of traditional standards of modesty for women with the downfall of the monarchies. Fashions follow power. And modernism is really just superficial “fashion” that connotes rejection of Christianity. Nothing knew about it, except that with the Bolshevik Revolution the old power of the monarchies to set fashions through the old celebrities of nobility was gone. Replaced with Hollywood and Bernays.

    It’s true that a Communist country couldn’t make a TV show like Magnum PI. Have Georgian in mustache drive a souped up Lada through Baku? It is the trappings of fame, wealth and power that create the PRESTIGE that gives fashion its cachet. Or the illusions of it, the artificial versions of it, created by Hollywood. And all these Hollywood people do is promote the old occult theocrasy.

  3. The Abstract Expressionist show in London was a victory parade by the CIA. Makes you wonder what all the statue pulling this year is about as well.

  4. I mentioned the CIA and Laurel Canyon on this site, years ago, and nobody noticed. Glad to see this now getting the attention it should have had… when we might have done something about it.

    The USA is dead. Trump is putting in the last nails in the Coffin, the Jews constructed.
    Unless/without massive Repentance, and a total repudiation of Jewry and all her machinations,
    we will not endure a generation.

  5. The corruption in this nation is so deep I don’t think this place can ever be salvaged. Within a couple decades the United States will fracture. Best place to be would probably be in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont. Those states are practically all White and very rural.

    Worst place would be Southern California or New York City. The Jews have bankrupted and ruined what was an excellent nation. In the future after the breakup Jews should be expelled from all new provinces.

    • Most Whites have already left Southern California for whiter pastures. Orange County is full of gooks and hispanics, with their dysfunctional culture of violence, misogyny, child abuse, alcoholism, superstition, corruption etc. dominate the state now and have for many years. There is every ethnicity under the sun in Southern California now with Whites as the common enemy for all of them even though real Whites are probably no more than %20. Those few Whites are wealthy, Hollywood types who already have one foot out the door.

      California’s decline appears terminal as evidenced by the raging fires and persistent blackouts and a clueless, helpless state government that is literally more concerned with banning gasoline cars by 2035 than keeping the lights on. No doubt Gov. Newsome is planning his exit from California after his term expires, it’s no longer any place for White people to live.

      Most of New England and Upstate NY are rural and white with a big hunting and fishing culture. In the 19th century many parts of upstate NY and New England were high tech manufacturing centers based upon small hydropower dams. As the country disintegrates these places may go back to using this source of power. Between small manufacturing and cold winters it’s no place for various wogs who are counting on the government for their daily bread.

  6. Naturally, the CIA would be interested in getting into the communist-socialist countries disguised as artists. Or even into friendly left wing countries like France, and Italy.

  7. Oriental Dissent gas jumped from the Yang Gang bus and it’s attendant yellow fever and is hopping in the Bircher Bus with tin foolish conspiracies about the CIA from like 70 years ago.

    Glenn Beck wants his chalk-board back!

    P.S.. The Trump Train is still steady rolling erecting economic protectionism, tariffs, and banning Critical Race Theory trainings by federal sub-conteactors & grantees and so my pale arse will not have to listen Shaniqua Nig-nubia or Murray Cohen-stein lecture me at work about White Privilege and so I am backing the Orange One! C.R.T. begone!

  8. if you check Jay Dyer’s website and his book Hollywood Babylon, he notes CIA influence in Hollywood and the art community. Jackson Pollock was studied by the CIA. After WWII, traditional art was everywhere (in upper class and intellectual circles) derided, and modern art, like Bauhaus architecture, was seen as symbols of the victorious allies and anything remotely classical was deemed fascist.

    Also, abstract art has enormous possibilities for forgery and ripping off art dealers.

    Tom Wolfe also noted the adulation of abstract art and architecture is a slavish worship of European masters over American art, although a lot of American architecture is seen as ‘the future.’ Ayn Rand, for example, was a big fan of skyscrapers. That’s what The Fountainhead is all about.

  9. Yes – this was “cultural Marxism.”

    You want to fight Communism, so you create a “left” that is compatible with liberal capitalism. So, instead of class oppression, you have racial and sexual “oppression.”

    60 years later your boss can fire you if you try to form a labor union because you once complained about men in dresses using the restroom with your daughter.

    See how it works?

    It’s frankly genius if you think about it. Mao had nothing on this.

  10. Had the Anglos of Great Britain and the USA not gone to war against NS Deutschland for their Ashkenazi masters, Hitler’s Reich would have eliminated the (((communist))) government in the USSR, and then the CIA and other judeo-Protestant intelligence apparatuses would have never needed to create a cultural leftist model to rival the Soviet’s. It was the decisions in the late 30s-mid 40s made by the AngloZionist Alliance that set the stage for jewish modernism to take roots in the West.

    All the historical background of the prewar years of x & z leading to 2020 would have been null and void, at least on the European continent without the Anglo-Zionist Empires “saving the world for democracy.”

    • Odd how that works, eh?

      It’s almost like fighting against European nationalists to ensure the total victory of a bunch of hostile Middle Easterners who hate Europeans and want to destroy their civilization, has unfortunate consequences when those (((aliens))) are victorious as a result and turn their attention to abolishing you, as well, since you also happen to be some of those Europeans they detest.

      Who’d have thunk it?

      • “Who’d have thunk it?” – Ironsides

        Christ did. ‘My kingdom* is not of this world.’ [ ‘world’ Gr. “kosmos” – “established order,” NOT the geographical, terrestrial plane.] The Jews’ ‘world’ was their own satanic wet dream, that had NOTHING of YHWH in it – cf. Lk. 13:35- “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” [‘house’ -Gr. ‘oikos’ race, tribe, clan, house’ – the apostate, Edomite ‘house of the Jews’ vs. the true Lion of Judah, Christ Jesus]

        Christendom, ergo, is the antithesis of this: in that it was established, founded (in eternity – Eph. 1:4] and meant ONLY for Adamic White Europe as the new “Israel of God [ Gal. 6:16]

        When the GODLESS Jews realized they could not destroy THIS Kingdom (after AD 70 – oh, and BTW, vide Dan. 2:41 – “You also saw the feet and toes. They were partly potters’ clay and partly iron.” Potter’s clay, eh? Now, those who know their Bibles- compare that verse with St. Paul in Romans 9:21 “Does not the potter have the right to make from the same lump of clay one vessel for special occasions and another for common use?…” when he speaks of true vs. FALSE [sic] ‘Israel’ – let the reader hear.

        Then, understand that, instead of the ‘feet of clay’ being either the post-Roman Empire- (or the EU of today) see it as Apostate ISRAEL of AD 66-70, and all suddenly becomes clear. DIE JUDEN sought to SUBVERT Christendom from within, since they had failed to subvert it from without. After the Schism, it was the WEST that let the [sic] ‘Jews’ into their midst, and it was the WEST that started listening to ‘talmudic rationales’ – beginning with Jerome and the VULGATE, for crying out loud. [ cf. Michael Hoffman’s ‘Occult Renaissance CHURCH OF ROME’] The LXX is still today, THE bible for the Orthodox!

        And what we see now all around us, Iron, is therefore, the RESULT of that centuries-long subversion. Hitler was correct, in ways we haven’t even begun to understand. JEWRY is the ANATHEMA of God. Their obliteration is the White ‘world’s’ salvation- “At the time of those kings, the God of heaven will establish a kingdom* that will never be destroyed. No other people will be permitted to rule it. It will smash all the other kingdoms and put an end to them. But it will be established forever. ” Dan. 2:44

        Christus Vivat
        Christus Regnat
        Christus Imperat!

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