The Platinum Plan

If you don’t have the time to watch Trump’s whole speech about his Platinum Plan for Black America, here are some of the highlights:

Vote for Trump and he promises to declare the Klan a terrorist organization, give $500 billion dollars to blacks, expand the First Step Act to let more criminals out of prison, give blacks vouchers to send their kids to private schools and make Juneteenth a federal holiday. He will also tweet Lawn O’rder while Black Lives Matter continues to burn down America.

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  1. Drumpf kisses Black ass because

    he (just quoting MM re the Hollywood kosher casting couch)

    spends the rest of his time

    sucking Jewish dick. On

    a related issue, Drumpf did indeed

    nominate a white femcuck w 2 adopted niglets to the SC.

  2. Why would I care if the KKK is declared a terrorist organization? Is this a Klan supporting website? Even if one were to be a supporter of the Klan, it is an entirely irrelevant and small organization.

    The good news is that Antifa will be declared a terrorist organization, they need to be locked up and taken off the streets.

    Hunter Wallace, why are you shocked that Trump is virtue signaling? Every politician does it and has to do it to a certain extent, for votes. I mean, you can try to make a big deal out of this but it is largely irrelevant.

    Still voting for Trump, this wasn’t a very persuasive article.

    • “…antifa will be be declared a terrorist organization…” – and who is going to do that, jackass – Blormpf? Don’t make me fucking laugh.

    • What about BLM? He won’t touch that one, will he? No one will. Then making Juneteeth a federal holiday…. which holiday will be removed? It won’t be MLK Day!

      Like I’ve said a zillion times before….. white folks ARE THE PROBLEM!

      You deserve everything that’s coming. And, boy, is it coming.

      • In a crackdown, how would any federal marshal be able to tell who is BLM and who is Antifa. They march together and dress alike and mouth the same chants and rumble with the authorities.

        When you throw mobs into prison, it takes time to process them. If they are declared terrorist organizations, they end up at Camp Gitmo and other high security facilities. Then its a matter of grinding their way through the bureaucracy.

        If they have engaged in violence and lots of property damage, I imagine there will be no bail before trial.

        I know I am dating myself; I was in junior high, but I was old enough to remember the run up to Nixon and Kent State. Except the malefactors were smarter back then and knew when to quit while they were ahead. This bunch seems a whole lot dumber. Harder heads need stronger batons, I guess.

    • The KKK is still an avatar for White Nationalism in general in the minds of MIGA-tards and shitlibs. This is clearly another nod by Trump toward codifying White Nationalism in general as a terrorist threat – just as his DHS signaled recently.

      No one who draws a moral equivalence between Antifa and us – including the battered, infiltrated and played-out KKK, is any kind of an ally, asset or someone we should support.

      And no one who slobbers over Blacks like this should be supported by any self-respecting pro-White activist.

      If you genuinely believe that Trump’s FBI is going to start locking up Antifa, you’re getting tricked.

      You’re preaching more AmNat-tier “incrementalism” as Trump rolls out the gibs to his greatest base evah and sticks another knife in the White man’s back.

      • Well said. I have never met a klansman or “white supremacist” but I have no doubt the media and politicians would frame any of us as such. Why? Because we oppose the notion of seeing the hard work of our ancestors destroyed and do not hate ourselves or our ancestors.
        That makes us dinosaurs which need to go away.

        Trump would have no problem locking even the most gentle of white advocates up if it got him a PR win

      • The KKK needs to be stopped, period. I’m talking about a group that has at minimum 25% of its members who are FBI/SPLC/ADL agents or informants. In the KKK they promote slandering of Europeans and encouragement of entrapment by counseling of terrorist crimes to use against European peoples. The KKK is useless, in fact it is a hamper to the nationalist movement, it began as Masonic Movement by Satanist Albert Pike. They wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the Poverty Palace and Feds using it as an entrapment honeypot and tool or propaganda against whites. Now low IQ people who may join will be forced to try for alternatives, which is healthy in the long run because the FBI’s KKK is the dumbest organization one can join. Second, this platinum plan is reliant on Congress. When I heard it I cringed, however, the main point is criminalizing and designating anti-fa as terrorists, when you have a colour revolution you must always side with the side against it, you are not allowed to sit it out. Soros and Company of Satanism, Globalism, Central Banking, and Khazarianism is to be opposed at every opportunity. You literally have no choice, if you live in Venezuela you must vote for Maduro, because once you allow this evil Satanic force in, the force multiplier is at least 3x-5x worse. They literally ensure you living standards go down, things get more perverted and weird, they loot your taxes and pensions, and do stuff not even an lifelong Marxist like Maduro would even dare to. I am tired of seeing these negative sites about how we are not going to support a target of a colour revolution, instead allowing the psycho’s Soros puts out on the streets get a win. You elect Trump, you show a Groyper insurgency, you push as hard as you can against the forces of evil. Trump may have serious issues, he is no Vladimir Putin and like Sergey Lavrov said, he didn’t last 3 months against the deep state. Okay we get it, but he in enough of an irritant the Globalists are willing to risk a civil war and colour revolution, so if he gets re-elected they may just go buckwild and get roasted. I mean arrested, Open Society declared as a terrorist institution, banned like in Russia.

      • The KKK hasn’t been relevant since the late eighties; early nineties. This is nothing more than showboating to show the normies that Trump isn’t the right wing autocrat the media is painting him as. (What his advisors don’t get is that a RWA is exactly the kind of leadership the American people want).

        But it was all too obvious that the Boogaloo Bois were astro-turf right wing rioters courtesy of the FBI, so they dropped that angle PDQ after it became widely known that it was some prank on Reddit. Even if no one has ever even seen a KKK member in their white sheets and pointy hats outside of some farcical Jerry Springer rerun, people are familiar with the history, hyperbolic as the media made them.

        But the Trump administration defaulted to the Klan, because people saw through the Boogaloo Bois and he had made the mistake of allowing the DOJ to crack down on even the most harmless groups shit-posting on the internet.

        In any case they are throwing the KKK under the bus to look fair-minded and even-handed to the Normies because they want to deal with Antifa without any hue and cry (good luck on that one) and if BLM members get caught up in the sweep, well, shit happens, doesn’t it?

        I just think that Trump, like Nixon, is looking for a mandate from Americans in the form of a definitive landslide victory. Then the crackdown will begin and by then, Americans will be so fed up with the rioters, they are going to be too busy cheering to worry about BLM butts being kicked.

        This is shaping up to be Nixon and Kent State all over again. Yeah, it’s louder, and more violent, but all the same actors are there.

    • Don’t be surprised if any white person or groups who don’t hate themselves is considered being a part of the KKK.

      • Any White person or White group that doesn’t hate themselves is NOT going to go out of their way to give themselves or their group bad publicity. The KKK,which has been completely infiltrated by the FBI and the ATF and other government informants is an Astroturf Organization. That’s partly why the DOJ was forced to go after Cantwell and online posters; therewould be nothing but their own informants and undercovers taking Ye Olde Perp Walk for the cameras.

        But Trump’s DOJ had to declare as a terrorist group a “White Supremacy” group whose violent history over fifty years ago is well-known to the Average Normie Centrist so that they would look even-handed and neutral where the extreme lunatic fringe Left and Right are concerned. Take a deep breath and exhale, people, and think.

        No one is forcing you to marry or even associate with Non-Whites. No one is forcing you to give your house to a Non-White yet. No one is forcing you to donate your money or march with Antifa or BLM or support any businesses that do.

        The reason why the media and both the Democrat and Republican establishment were so ambushed by the election of 2016 had little to nothing to do with the vocal Alt Right Support of Donald Trump shit-posting and spreading their Pepe Frog memes all over the internet. Though they got and hogged the credit which enabled the establishment to save face.

        What happened was a little phenomenon called The Shy Trump Voter. Those normies who refused to talk to the media, answer any polls and even outright LIED to the pollsters about voting for Trump. The ENEMY is not entitled to your honest opinion about ANYTHING. If the normies can figure that out, so can Pro-White advocates.

        We KNOW the KKK is, at best a cartoon parody of what it was during the Post-Reconstruction South, so why are we amplifying and acting all butt-hurt about Trump’s DOJ declaring them terrorists? Especially when Antifa and BLM is in the process of amplifying the case White Nationalists have made about integration and diverse societies and open borders not working?!

        You don’t distract the audience when your opponent is screwing up, acting out violently, looting, looking like common thugs and being stupid. Why would we rescue them by getting involved? Our efforts would be put to better use working on contingency plans for ourselves and our loved ones. Quietly get involved in prepping, get in the best physical shape of your lives, and sit tight.

        Where Pro White activism is concerned, Trump is in the same position as a puppet leader installed by a higher central power. He’s closely watched and he’s undermined every which way if his toe only slightly goes over the edge if it looks like he is about to step out of line. It’s not the same country over which General George Washington assumed the presidency. That doesn’t make Trump General Benedict Arnold, either. That makes him General Wojciech Jaruzelski who jailed Solidarity Leaders where the Soviet Union would have executed them.

        With all these normies who have been forced to run over and even BLM and Antifa protestors who have attacked them, I feel that once Trump has been reelected and the smoke has cleared, a lot of these cases, including James Field’s, will be under review. At least there is a great possibility of that if we don’t act stupid.

        This is 1968 all over again with the whole country, in areas under Democrat control, being the Democrat Convention Riots on Steroids. Nixon won by a huge margin. Two years later, Kent State rioters were put down by the National Guard and things calmed down remarkably after that. Had Watergate never happened, Nixon would not have even been impeached, much less arrested and executed as some kind of vicious dictator like Mussolini.

        When the excesses of liberalism reared its ugly head again under Jimmy Carter, there were twelve years of the GOP in the WH. The Clintons took the White House, but they and the other Democrats had learned the folly of coddling spoiled brats of any color. They were very law and order and it was during that time the three strikes rule was in effect.

        This country is trillions of dollars in the hole. Five hundred billion in IOUs is NOTHING and even then still has to be passed by Congress after this election. Yeah, the GOP can be all for it, but the Democrats, who don’t want the GOP to get credit for crap, are still dithering with them over that second and possibly third $1200 stimulus check.

        So, no worries whatsoever.

    • Are blacks and whites the same race?

      No, they are not.

      Are blacks and whites the same nation?

      People can be of different nationalities and the same race; racial differences are more significant than national differences. Blacks and whites therefore cannot be the same nation.

      Are we advocating for our nation, or for a different nation? Do we want organizations centered around our nation, or organizations that specifically exclude our nation?

      The KKK, all optics and reputational issues aside, is – nominally, at least – an organization that advocates for a white American nation and against the involvement of blacks (which are not and can never be whites or Americans) in that nation.

      The KKK is not a terrorist organization. It is a – nominally, at least – white nationalist organization. To the extent it used extralegal tactics in the past, that was against an alien and hostile element within the nation’s territory. The KKK should not be outlawed.

      Antifa certainly should be outlawed, as it is essentially a Bolshevik organization, with origins going straight back to Lenin himself. However there is a difference between outlawing it, and saying it WILL be outlawed, and actually doing anything real-world to implement said outlawry. There’s been plenty of crowdsourced observational data over the past three to four months about Antifa’s visible and evident organization and funding. Law enforcement has not done anything about it, in spite of Antifa’s actions being already contrary to existing law.

      Law enforcement, and government, are fine with Antifa. It is a useful bogeyman for justice theater.

      And BLM, the other highly visible and necessary target, will of course not be touched.

      The only value Trump has at this point is in thoroughly infuriating the left and driving them to fatal overreactions. If those overreactions take Trump down in the process, it will be no less than what he has earned.

        • I’ve been doing yard work, and writing a few books. I’m about out of steam when it comes to running my mouth on the internet. Most everything that needs saying has been said already in the past couple decades or so. Now it needs to be repeated, in a format that will stick around longer than comment threads.

          We’re not going to lose, but it’s going to take a while.

  3. When was the last time the KKK was anything but a laughingstock or a FBI agent training tool? The early Sixties? Might as well declare Santa’s elves a racist terrorist group while you’re at it. They’re just as powerful in reality as the scary beasts in the pointy hoods, besides which they’re a suspiciously all-White bunch that helps an old dude — with an unusual fondness for children — break into strangers’ homes at night with “gifts” for kids. Sounds like a massive grooming operation to me!

    • I’ve been involved in the pro-White scene for 20 years now. I can’t recall a single act of Klan terrorism. It was something that I have only read about in history books. Keep in mind though that Trump pardoned Jack Johnson who died in 1946. This is also on that level.

      • Same with lynching blacks. They pretend like it’s a weekly event in the USA or something. They’re still all talking about Emmett Till like it happened yesterday because there are no other lynchings to talk about. On the other hand, at any given time you only have to go back a week or two at most to find an example of a White person murdered by blacks.

    • KKK? Seriously? When was the last time this outfit had any relevancy? However, Black Lives Matter, which IS a terrorist outfit, was, of course left out of this equation, as he was down there pandering to blacks and trying to grovel to a group that isn’t going to support him to any degree, no matter how much sucking up he does. And Juneteenth an official holiday? Another paid day off for the useless eaters employed by the government. And throw gazillion$ of taxpayer money into this Pandering Tour also. Hey! Why not? The budget is already blown to the point where it will never be paid anyway and it is just a matter of time until this country finishes its collapse into a pile of rubble. He is a failure as a President. Jared and Ivanka, who are the Zionest moles in the Office, dictate policy for him. And he dances to Bibi Netanyahu tune, 24/7/365. As for me, my vote is going to the Asteroid.

      • Sick of the elites destroying the world?
        Tired of your vote not counting?
        Let’s elect the ultimate problem solver!
        Hit the planetary restart button: ASTEROID 2020!!

  4. Now we know why Trump hasn’t used the FBI or ATF to stop the riots, arson and looting, and only recently the Marshals Service.

  5. With Biden & Harris I will have to sit through diversity trainings about Critical Race Theory and with Trump that non-sense will be stopped so I am still voting for the God Emperor!

    • Your racist white neighborhoods will be forced to get Woke when my bro Joe and his redbone Kamala get all up in there with Section 8 to empower true Black Kings and Queens to live and rule in their rightful places.

  6. I actually support Trump’s efforts to pander to the Black community. Trump has reached his peak with White support so the only way to get more votes at this point is to roll out something like the platinum plan.

    If the platinum plan can get 5-10% more Black votes for Trump, he will win so vastly that even when the Democrats cheat it won’t make a difference.

    The Democrats are going to cheat during this election. The Democrats are going to rig the mail in vote and take this election to court. The only way to beat them decisively is to steal their Black support away from them. It’s actually a brilliant political strategy, becaue Trump won’t lose White voters in the process, they know what the alternative is. It’s a no lose strategy.

    I sill think Trump will win an electoral college landslide but that still doesn’t mean he can’t lose due to fraud and underhanded tactics. But this strategy allows him to counter the fraud the Democrats are going to install in the electoral process.

    The Democrats are getting away with everything, I mean, they got caught soliciting millions in donations from foreigners and they got away with it.

    • WTF are you even on here? No one cares about your boomer-tier bitch takes. Go shill for Drumpf and Nick the Spic somewhere else dude.

        • @cd

          No, it’s “RedArmyVodka” – he’s a professional Trump astroturfer. He has stalked me for nearly two years, but gave up because I won’t shill for Trump.

          Now he’s stalking OD.

          It’s all organized by the people behind the Israeli website – and of course Trump’s campaign.

          Look – you all fell for it. That’s why virtually the entire “Alt Right” shilled for Trump for the last five years.

          It was SO OBVIOUS Trump was nothing but a Likud asset, but y’all were having so much fun parading around “In Muh STREETS!” with Matt Heimbach and Richard Spencer, and thinking Anglin and his Jew writers Joshua Goldberg and Weev were so based and funny, I guess you just had to learn the lesson yourself.

      • I’ve been a reader of this website for 3 years. I just have been posting somewhat recently for the first time.

        I used to be anti-Trump like you until I realized that the anti-Trump Spencer movement is a clown show. I woke up, when will you?

    • “because Trump won’t lose White voters in the process,”

      That’s the truly sad and pathetic thing about it all….that Whites can be counted on to not give a damn about their own interests. And he won’t gain as many blacks as you think.

      • It really is total disrespect. Our needs and the well being future of our families is such a non issue or worry for people like Trump, that they act as if we do not even exist. Just assume we have no other direction to turn and focus all the gifts and attention on the naughty children

  7. KKK means whomsoever the ADL says is KKK. Antifa means only those violent protestors who aren’t in the pay of the ADL.

    • We’ve already seen how this two-faced justice plays out. I’m pretty sure rioting, arson, assault, attempted murder, and assaulting police are already crimes, but antifa is allowed to continue all these while the state turns a blind eye. Meanwhile, White “terrorism” means getting arrested for flame wars on the internet, like happened to federal informant Chris Cantwell. Or for jokingly appropriating the leftist term “diversity of tactics” while doxing antifa like Jack Corbin did.

      In hindsight, Charlottesville will turn out to be an event of major historical significance. It was the impetus for the US government deciding to abandon even the illusion of rule of law and protection of civil rights. And these, we are told, are two of the foundations of America, so in abandoning them, the USA has discarded its own claim to legitimacy and international moral superiority. It’s already become a joke to see Mike Pompeo talking about illegitimate foreign elections and the denial of rights in places like Belarus or Venezuela while we have American politicians openly talking about not accepting the results of the upcoming election.

  8. Trump never disappoints… in finding new ways to disappoint and further demoralize me. It’s all so tiresome. I’ve taken the clownpill, Murray. :o)

  9. Ha ha! The ‘tard pic at the top says it all. “My best friend is a nog!”

    Indolent, cowardly, Blightwing ‘tards of low intelligence talk a lot of shit in gun stores and blogs.

    I look forward to seeing their stunned faces in 2020/2024.

    Will greedy, unorganized Republican pot-bellies kneel or fight?

    Rural types are easily managed and won’t do shit. CWII would be brief, sporadic, and limited to the ‘burbs. Easily managed country boys could not support a suburban anti-communist resistance to anarcho-tyranny even if they wanted to. Therefore, my money’s on kneeling.

  10. Besides The Platinum Plan for Black people, another much more expensive plan is in the works:

    The PLUTONIUM Plan, for Russians, Chinese, Koreans, Iranians, and other disobedient peoples.

    • Yes, and apparently starting with Iran as the ‘October Surprise’.

      The blow back from an attack on Iran will be historic although Trump and his nut case advisors like Mike Pompeo don’t believe it. President Kushner knows an attack on Iran will escalate like crazy, that is his plan. The real goal of course is destroying “our greatest ally’s” arch enemy, for their benefit, not ours. These attacks may be confined to Iraq’s territory – for now but Iran is going to be directly attacked by Trump, sooner or later.

      The ultimate goal is the destruction of Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, then the rest of the economy as an object lesson as to what happens to countries that defy U.S. hegemony. This lesson obviously has no application to countries that have nuclear arsenals. That is an unintended lesson that has been taught by the U.S. over many years thus encouraging nuclear proliferation. Nuclear powers that defy the U.S. such as N. Korea, Pakistan, China and Russia are subject to economic sanctions only, not military attacks.

      • That is why they have had all of these “peace” deals between the Arab states and Israel recently. They’re getting them all on board for the war against Iran. And probably Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon, too.

        • Precisely. Similar in intent to the 1939 Molotov – von Ribbentrop non-aggression Pact that sealed the fate of Poland and started WWII in 1939. Once a war in the Near East starts it may be as easy to contain as as the attack on Poland. These idiots in Washington believe they can always control events and limit the damage they do.

          From the perspective of ‘Our Greatest Ally’ the more chaos, the more destruction, the wider the war the better for them. They may find that they have caught a tiger by the tail though.

  11. The only Klan I know of is a tiny outfit outside of Harrison, Arkansas that runs as a family business operating out of a small church. There is never any public activity or growth. Indeed Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up to protest on their compound and the Klan did nothing.

  12. Huey Long wanted a chicken in every pot and Trump wants to pander to every group:

    jews get their embassy moved to Jerusalem.

    Whites get Critical Race Theory banned so we can work on peace.

    blacks get the bling from the Platinum Plan, lots of watermelons & cream sodas! In the end most of the money will end up in Jewish land-lords hands I bet tho!

    I think Trump is showing the mass appeal of populism!

  13. Trump is Deep throating a thousand black cocks to own the libtards good job potato blumpf you gheydumb ass bitch lol “Boom Now we know that Democrats are the real racists”- Charlie Kuck ghey leader of toilet paper JSA

    Blumpfs Diamond plan for black America 500 billion dollars, juneteenth and more affirmative action this after 80 million worth of damages of burning down cities buildings, businesses looting from blm mob amid the chimpouts across America. This is rewarding bad behavior on a unprecedented extreme scale that is unbelievably baffling

    Blumpfs Diamond plan for white America?! Apparently we Don’t exist campaign promises from 2016 are null and void Give me and my nepotistic family lots of money to my campaign or I’ll sick antifa and blm mob after you and let them burn your cities an house down and maybe I’ll protect you You aren’t even assured! Just give money to the moloch GOP or else! Don’t let the Wignats guilt trip you about Blumpf after this historic quadruple backstabbing and labelling KKK a inactive organisation since the 60’s instead of blm?! Huge Nope from me no more guilt tripping from homo wignats and trumptards after this epic betrayal

  14. “Obama and Biden cut funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I increased HBCU funding and made it PERMANENT!” – DJT, blormpf extraordinaire/Rich White Trash.

    And this ‘permanent funding’ will do… what? When the “Carbuncle of Higher Edumification,” and “Indoody-dee” and “Hoe-er Ed Jobs DOT com” all have ‘tenure vacancy’ notices for HBCU’s, (and don’t put that delimiter in their advert!) and then you read that the minimum requirement is at best, a MASTER’s in your discipline, and they STILL have new vacancy notices EVERY SINGLE YEAR?! – that should tell you somefin’.

    Black colleges and universities (Statist or private) are the LAUGHING STOCK of the Nation- when even ‘intelligent’ BLACKS don’t want to work at them, but continually INFECT White institutions- GET A CLUE!!

    After the Floyd Charade, do you think IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, that ANY ‘Whitey’ is gonna be 1) respected or 2) cared for in their academic ‘[James] Field’ by uppity black bureaucrats the size of a whale, who are ‘darkies’ first and foremost, and who think higher ed is little more than a White Man’s game!? Do you really think, White Boy/Girl – that you are going to get ‘Yobs’ at these schools for any longer than a semester- or calendar year, at best?

    Then you are truly STUPID. And deserve to be laughed at for your $120k piece of paper from Brown, Berkeley, Yale, Auburn, Carleton, or Notre DUMB… (as if anyone from these schools even APPLIES to HCBU’s!) and your major in ‘Diversity/LGBTQXYZ/Wymmn’s/Basketweaving/Hip-hop & Rap’ studies!?


    • Fr. John, Blacks are being fed such a persecution complex that they are voluntarily opting for segregation. We have two Black women trying to build a Black town. We have Black college kids wanting separate facilities at formerly White universities. If enough money is poured into them, I imagine many of them will opt to go back to Negro Colleges.

      Thanks to AA, a degree from a traditional Negro College is no bar to employment at most “woke” companies. I don’t know if Blacks moving to Negro Colleges will open that many spaces for Whites. I imagine that any not taken up by Hispanics will be swarming with Asians, but it lessens romantic interaction between White females and Black males. Not optimistic about White men with yellow fever.

      In any case, Whites will never be able to openly and legally separate de juris from Non-Whites, but there is nothing to keep us from accomplishing de facto segregation by encouraging Non-Whites to separate from Whites.

    • Fr. John;

      The “Carbuncle of Higher Edumification,” I am going to use that phrase, it sums up things nicely in the Land of Geniuses i.e. Higher Edumacation.

  15. What are you guys bitching about, look at all the wonderful things Trump has done for White people, like…………………………..

  16. Will Spick “you gotta vote for Blormpf otherwise you’re a traitor to the white race” Fuentes be doing a show on this?! No? Gotta keep the MAGA grift going! Whatta joke.

  17. The libs have been utterly and permanently OWNED with this. Demoncrats can’t give blacks reparations if Republicans do it first. Major win for America! *dies from starvation and exposure on the streets because Republicans refused to pass covid-19 relief*

  18. I honestly don’t know why anyone would care if the KKK was designated a terror organization. They have been infiltrated by the FBI and other feds for decades. Why do you think David Duke left them? Because the Klan is swarming with feds.

    It’s a fair trade for labeling antifa a terror organization.

        • I’m not a member of the “Pro-White movement”. I’m simply a nationalist and a populist. I’m a far right populist, if that happens to make me “Pro-White”, so be it.

    • Whoever you are Gryphon, your “fair trade” logic on Klan for Antifa is (on the surface, at least) hard to argue with. The proof, or lack thereof, will be in actual convictions and rill prison sentences of Antifa critters for their criminality.

      • Considering Antifa is by far one of the biggest threats to nationalists across the globe, it’s a fair trade to trade in a FBI-infested organization in order to label these communists as the terrorists they truly are.

      • Gryphon is paid Republican/Likud astroturf. They swarm WN sites on behalf of the Republican Party just before elections, and then disappear again straight after them.

        Throwing people under the bus to benefit yourself, is a very Conservative TM value.

        Of course Dart is right. By “KKK”, they mean anyone Pro White with an opinion.

  19. Why isn’t Black Lives Matter being listed as a terrorist group? The ” Platinum Plus’ plan confirms that , despite claims to the contrary, Trump is, in final analysis, the ultimate “Beta male”. His bowing and scraping to blacks and other totems of political correctness is sickeningly weak and incredibly stupid politically and otherwise-what a cuck!

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