Donald Trump Condemns The KKK, White Supremacy and the Proud Boys

For those who are still following the 2020 election:

Donald Trump condemned the KKK, white supremacy and the Proud Boys on Hannity tonight. He also attacked Joe Biden over his super predators comment and support for the 1994 crime bill.

Scott Adams has been agonizing over Trump’s failure to denounce white supremacy and racism on Twitter.

Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham have all been condemning white supremacy and the Proud Boys.

The Proud Boys also jointly condemned white supremacy with Black Lives Matter in a press conference in Utah this morning. Sadly, it wasn’t good enough.

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  1. Imagine being devoted to a president that denounces you cause the oppostion told him too so he could cover his own ass. I don’t vote so I don’t care sucks to be a proud boy now. Civ-nats are retarded lol.

  2. I’m going to the polls, but not to vote for President. We have an idiotic constitutional amendment on the ballot that will turn our tax system into CA I need to vote against. And I want to vote against my evil anti Christian congressman.

    It should be clear to any sane person that Trump does not care one ounce for whites, so he doesn’t deserve our vote.

    • But, but, but what about that Platinum Plan thing? Trump will probably have a %50 increase in the colored vote from %4 to %6. Winning!

  3. Looks like kushner told orange man that his supporters are bad bad goys and to disavow them. Well there you have it civ nats who refused to listen to people like me. Blumpf is a joo ass kisser he will disavow any one his puppet masters doesn’t like now its official no one belongs in the republican party not even patriotic flag waving civ nats only jews, lowest unemployment blacks, gays, drag queens and based Hispanics allowed

    I believe blumpf when he says he doesn’t know who the proud boys are. Potato blumpf is fucking oblivious to just about any subject without being briefed on but imagine telling your biggest fans and ardent followers they don’t matter or exist and to not vote for you especially after every thing the proud boys has done for blumpf how many events and rallies they hold in the last 4 years? This is a a betrayal like I’ve never seen before thrown under the bus ran over and backed up x50 times more like lol what a epic failure

  4. It’s late and I am getting punchy. My stomach hurt laughing at that series of tweets and comments.

    So. Much. #Winning. LOL!

  5. Ok, I will admit that this is really cringe. It makes Trump look weak submitting to condemning his base: White people. Specifically the White working class.

    The fact that he condemned the Proud Boys made him seem really weak and pathetic.

    If Trump keeps up this non-stop virtue signaling campaigning I might stay home on election day.

    At this point I’m still voting for Trump for the economy, trade, and no wars.

    I will admit that on social issues Trump is now a huge disappointment. He’s weak. Trump needs to grow some balls and talk about stopping immigration.

    I think the main problem with Trump is that his heart is in the right place but he listens to his two-faced advisors and neo-cons.

    On the flip side, a president Joe Biden would lead to the most woke era in American history. Just like how Trump gets pushed around by his advisors and neo-cons so too will Joe Biden get handled by Marxists, Anarchists, and the general scum of society, not to mention Kamala Harris.

    Mark my words, if Trump plays the virtue signaling card hard from now until election day, he will lose the election because millions of working class Whites like me will stay home on election day. He needs to change course.

    • “White supremacy” is a hate slur Anti-Whites regularly use to demonize Whites and justify White Genocide.

    • All Whites should take note of the fact that when the term, White Supremacy, was originally created, it merely referred to the supremacy of White values, which were based on both moral, and Christian values — the rule of law, justice, honor, loyalty to Race and Nation, respect for moral authorities and elders, honesty — keeping to your word, self-sacrifice, responsibility, courage, doing your best, monogamy, marriage between men and woman, such things as supporting the US Constitution, free speech for all, ensuring the constitutionally protected right to bear arms and that a high moral standard is kept in order to inspire the other races to follow that high moral standard. The embrace of reason, logic, and the scientific method.

      Without White supremacy, America will self-destruct!

  6. Well thank god for that. I don’t know how much more Proud Boys violence our cities could take. Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, NYC, Kenosha, Louisville. Those Proud Boys sure do get around and it is clear they are the -greatest- threat to national security considering all the looting, arson, violence, and murder they’ve been doing for the past few months.

    To combat them, we need a noble organization that is more of an idea…

  7. No doubt about it, The Proud Boys are controlled opposition. Gavin Mick, sounds Irish? I know he loves Jews and hates Muslims just like the rest of the Irishmen who serve the enemies of Christ. Was Gavin Mick at Charlottesville? Of course not, his Jew masters clued him into to the setup.

    Gavin Mick and Shaun King are two Irish whores who have sold themselves to the Jews. There is not a dimes worth of difference between the two of them.

    • Gavin is Scottish, not Irish. He’s only said it about ten million times. So there goes your dumb theory. And in a street fight, I’ll take the Irishman Tyson Fury over your stupid ass. At least they’re a group of whites who are willing to fight.

      • Anti-Palestinian statements by Proud Boys are much more significant than anti-Semitic statements, like Anti-Russian Ukro-Nazis who are anti-Semitic verbally but practically support (and are supported by) Zionism.

  8. Don the Con’s got the Wu-Tang Virus – that just proves that God is a White Supremacist and He will not be mocked.

  9. I hope all those OD readers who continually state “I will vote Trump no matter what” finally get it kicked into their head that you are an abused wife. This pathetic display by not only Trump but the GOP at large should seal Amy doubt you have that you will never support any of them. On a seperate topic, could Charlie Kirk be any more of a forgive my language, piece of shit slug. These people make me sick. I would rather lose everything than associate myself with these cowardly scumbags

  10. The multiracial Proud Boys were already thrown under the bus in 2018 by founder Gavin McInnes. He wanted to make sure he would keep making moola as an “edgy” cuckservative personality. Bucks before bros!

    This election cycle’s message: We must cater to minority racism, and renounce majority racism. Makes as much sense as voting for someone with dementia, or re-electing a man that locks up his own supporters.

    • Resigning as Proud Boys leader was nothing more than a tactical move to evade getting popped with RICO charges. Gavin has repeatedly explained this. He still attends their get-togethers and no one in the organization has condemned him for it. He actually put his bros first here.

  11. And making “the Proud Boys” a mostly gay group of brown men and homosexual men with black husbands the topic of the moment is perfect. The level of insane gaslighting and misery keeps reaching levels that are not humanly possible. MAGAtards proudly tweeting this along with “see the leader of the proud boys is a black man. He just loves president trump like we do. Black, gay, immigrant. We are all MAGA”.

    I need to retire from this stuff. This isn’t healthy for any of us but still support Brad and OD either way

    • Yah, I’ll continue to read and support OD but I’m going to check out of this stuff in a real way until Nov 4th.

      This will be a tremendous relief to hubby and our boys who insist I’m a little “different” lately.

      Cheers to all and try not to be a Trumper or a GOPer, be a Thinker.

  12. Seems to me that Trump may have won already if the media and Dems are pushing this line. Internal polling must show that the support for Biden is cratering in various key areas. Can smell the panic.

  13. October surprize. TRUMP contracted the virus. When he’s recovered, give it a few days he’ll be strongly placed to tell Joe Biden to shut the fuck up and hide in his basement.

  14. Trump will have a largely asymptomatic case. Should put much of the current silliness to bed.

  15. Wanglin isn’t even covering this probably because he knows how absolutely insane and pathetic it is to disavow your most loyal supporters like the proud boys. If he doesn’t even write about the PB disavowal then hes simping for potato blumpf

    He recently wrote a article talking about blumpf getting corona’d and says nothing to worry about because its literally just a mild flu lol blumpf should be good to go for 2nd debate he says

    • Blumpf and Melenia got the corona coof virus on purpose to troll the libtards and prove that Joe Biden is da real racist for not eating a bowl of batsoup from a wet market

  16. It’s all so tiresome……

    But, not surprising.

    The KKK threat is as real as the Trump-Russia Collusion threat. White Supremacist just means a White person who sees their racial identity as real, positive and meaningful and worth defending including political organizing and naming anti-White racial antagonists.

    The Proud Boys fought in the streets against Antifa in the name of Trump were completely deplatformed and shut off from the mainstream and went to jail.

    Trump gets Coronavirus.

    Seems about right.

  17. “White supremacist”, “White supremacy” means any White person who doesn’t want their race abolished.

    I condemn any and all Anti-White hate slurs.

  18. I’m going to write about this next week on the blog, but I think the big problem here that next to nobody can understand is even a problem is that there are two sides that are talking over each others’ heads with wildly diverging definitions of “white supremacy.” It’s why the multiracial Proud Boys can legitimately be both opposed to white supremacy and white supremacists at the same time. It’s why Trump has denounced white supremacy repeatedly, but the left thinks he never has and needs to do that.

    Note: I didn’t know HW knew German. This reads like something you’d write if you wrote in German:

  19. President Trump’s relationship to us reminds me of the relationship a deacon of the town’s most prominent church has towards his mistress – it’s all very hush-hush, AND … if asked about it he goes into immediate denial.

    It does not make any difference, however, because nobody believes his denials and, more importantly, he keeps coming over twice a week for nookie…

  20. I’ll say it again —

    The Republicans are, and always have been, the source of the anti-White catastrophe in this country.

    They were the original colorblind, abolitionist, egalitarian, equalist, fanatically-race-realism-denying practitioners of Negrolatry who attacked the South, destroyed the Confederacy, and have been working ceaselessly to “carpet-bag” White ethnic solidarity out of existence ever since.

    They disarmed the White tribal instinct with a century of tut-tutting and propaganda and pulpit-thundering proclamations that “all men are made in God’s image.” They are the original Negrophiles and Negro-worshipers.

    The Democrats were indeed the “real racists” for a long time while Whites still had racial self-awareness, self-interest, and loyalty to each other, as manifested in peaceful organizations such as all the Lodges and Fellowships, along with the guerrilla resistance organization to White subjugation, the KKK. At that point, the Dems represented White interests.

    However, when the abolitionists and the jews worked together to make White solidarity and political organization illegal in the 1960s, the Dems cynically

    The Republicans prepared the soil in which the modern anti-White “DEMON-KKK-rats” flourish. They enforced a tribal/ethnic power vacuum among their own people, eventually legally as well with the aid of jewish lawfare and massive TV propaganda. Of course, someone came along to fill that power vacuum, which Nature abhors — brown tribalists and the Dems who now traitorously rally them.

    Thanks, Republicans. This mess is 100% due to your “colorblind” abolitionist fervor, you stinking cucks and traitors. You created the power vacuum where the filthy turncoat Dems and their mercenary brown horde could flourish.

  21. Trump is a tool. No doubt about it but he’s our this were not his last term I would have issues with him but as stated many times here, he has opened a door into issues no other Republican has done in ages and obviously the Democrats are Anti White. Biden is so vile he does not even condemn domestic terrorists. That’s the beauty of the jewsmedia backing you.

    Let Trump get in one more time so a younger and more serious guy can take over after him. Doesn’t he have guys like Karl Rove advising him? I understand people who are mad at him but literally Biden and the half black chick then take over if not Trump. That is a huge change from Trump no matter how much some here won’t admit it.

    Trump is so bizarre that it’s certainly possible for him to go hard right since he won’t have to worry about a third term if he gets reelected. Biden will go hard left if anything. Do you really want four or eight years of that?

    America is done. It has to breakup for any chance at being successful. The entire Democratic Party hates White people and will turn us into Brazil North. They will be naming everything after blacks, browns and jews. They will increase refugees at least by 10 times. They will be pushing for Dc and Puerto Rico to become states. ” The blacks” will be getting reparations money they can thrown down at da strip club and make it rain on fat booty Laquasha.

    This is the putrid comedy act America has become thanks to way too many people, way too much elite jewish influence and way too much capitalism uber alles. Throw in the psychotic lunacy of paying blacks and browns to have more babies and here we are. Incredibly a nation like Colombia has no welfare state so you sink or swim without baby daddies being sperm hogs. The stupid majority White nations pay the lawless to have kids. Sick stuff.

    Yes Trump makes me upset sometimes. He is clearly not politically astute any longer. But he is still far better and yes a wildcard to do great things in a second term. That can never be said about any Democrat…ever.

  22. What’s super funny is I just got into this long debate with somebody over Trump and White Supremacy. This person was a huge Trump supporter and a supporter of the Mississippi Flag. However the person got offended when I said that Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court took a family photo and 2 Black kids was in the photo which showed that she was involved in race mixing. The person got real mad because I pointed that out and that Trump isn’t a supporter of us White Nationalists. The same person got offended because I said the word “Monkeys” in the debate as well. Think about that. President Trump and the Republicans are running 100% on being “White Republicans” against the radical left, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. However when pushed on the issue the same folks reject White Nationalists. The Republicans campaign game is 100% fake. Just look at our Mississippi Flag being changed as a perfect example. The Democrats and Republicans are both the enemy of Southerners and White Nationalists. Stop voting for them! Deo Vindice !

    • To get CivNat idiots to lose some of their programming, I start out in a discussion using the standard terms of “black,” “hispanic,” and so on. Further into the conversation, as the crime and economic stats are summarized, I introduce the harsher terms. Usually, the normie is being more insulting then I ever could be by the end. It’s amazing. Decades of “we’re all equal” can be undermined by well-placed doses of truth. They’ll usually go back to being mindless zombies afterwards, but the seeds of doubt have been planted.

      • I don’t agree with him on many things but Nick Fuentes have convinced millions. You haven’t convinced anyone. Nobody even knows or cares who you are and no one pays attention to your ramblings here and all the other forums you troll. Let Hunter do his job and run this website and if you’re unhappy with it, start your own blog site. We all know why you won’t though LOL

  23. The left is currently trying to smear the Proud Boys by painting them as gay. This is interesting since there wasn’t supposed to be anything wrong with homosexuality, and the left was supposed to be completely in favor of homosexuality. But right now homosexuality is bad and the Proud Boys are bad because they’re gay. It just goes to show that the left doesn’t believe in anything. They would start lynching non-whites tomorrow if they thought it would somehow help the movement.

  24. Does Trump not watch or read anything outside of what Kushner provides him? How can he not know that the Proud Boys is a cultural nationalist organization with a black leader and members of all races? They protest wherever BLM is and try to protect bystanders from antifa. He needs to pay better attention to things. Still better than Sleepy Joe though.
    TRUMP OR BUST 2020

  25. I read this comment on another website and I thought I should share it:

    “I hope you know you’re ruining it for all the Democrats here, who ignore the fact that if they get their way and Biden wins, that administration will be just as slavish to the Zionists, probably more AND in addition to that situation they rightfully condemn, it will be the start of permanent one-party rule, aka leftist dictatorship. Apparently no big deal to them.

    A Democrat win will allow them to grant amnesty to the tens of millions of non-White illegal aliens, instantly tipping the balance to the Dems, wiping out any chance for a Republican ever again to win the Presidency (which Hillary would have done in short order after being sworn in, had she won). In addition to that kick in our collective ass, the borders will be thrown wide open. They will set about dismantling the wall and probably make peace sign pendants and Black power/Marxist fists from the steel and sell as fund raisers. Next on the agenda will be statehood for D.C. and the excrement hole that is Puerto Rico, giving Dems the majority in the Senate.

    A Democrat win will mean an Australia type assault on the right to bear arms. People scoff at the notion of the government going after the citizens’ firearms, but it’s just the opposite. They see it as the perfect way to put the hurt on the main focus of their hatred: the White man, owner of the majority of the legal firearms in America. Although most will likely meekly hand over their weapons, any who do resist in any way will be made an example of. Dems/Marxists: “SEE?! This is exactly why we have to disarm these crazy White supremacist racist men! See how violent they are? They’re the biggest threat to the country!”

    Meanwhile, no action will be directed at the Black males, who commit the majority of all the violent crime and have for years. Their guns aren’t registered to them and so they don’t exist.

    The First Amendment will be amended to “carve out an exception” for “hate speech” – the speech the anti-Whites hate and once that becomes federal law, they’ll have the second arm of the pincer movement directed at the hated White population, both male and female, who don’t kneel to the ZOG.

    I could go on describing what should be obvious enough to not have to spell out, but in summation, if you already know that the immediate future will be far, far more terrible for the White population if Biden wins and the Dems get control of Congress and the courts (via their plans to change the makeup of the Supreme Court), and that’s still what you’re hoping for, then I would suggest our members and sympathetic non-members consider why are the anti-Trumpers even here, pretending to be one of us, because they’re not on our side.”

    and goes on to response to another poster:


    But neither is he against us the way the Dems are, openly.

    At least I got your attention.

    Now, the question to you is, do you acknowledge that the Biden administration will also do photo ops at the Wailing Wall wearing yarmulkes and not only keep the billions of $$ flowing to them, but won’t hesitate to make proxy war with literal US casualties on behalf of the country called Israel, but in addition to that, will grant amnesty, open the borders and invite the non-White hordes from everywhere on earth to come here for free everything AND go hard after the First and Second Amendments?

    Post all the pictures like that you want but unless you and others address the prior paragraph and explain why you want another Zionist admin but one that comes with a to do list that spells great tribulation for White America, people are right to be suspicious of your motive or intelligence or both.

    The only “rational” reason to want Trump to lose/Biden to win is you want things to get really bad, really fast, thinking that’ll be the spark we need, when instead it’s more like a nail in our coffin. Other than some isolated individuals, we’re not ready for SHTF at present.”

  26. I have a lot of problems with Trump. But, in the end he will be less slavish to the Jews and MIC than Biden/Harris will be. If Biden wins, Kamala’s Jew entertainment lawyer husband will be a pop. culture hero: “America’s Hottest Jewish Husband!” Start gagging now.

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