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  1. God, HW, you’re FEEDING this weird Little Lord Fondleroy obsession of his? What’s next, a ten-part photo essay on David French?

    If you’re taking orders, I’ll have a bunless burger with Cheddar, an iced tea, plus a series on Hamann, his roasting of Enlightenment philosophy and its proponents, along with an essay on how Hamann’s views on divine condescension could be developed into both a social and theological model to follow. He was a Lutheran, after all. No fries, please. I’ll have a salad with 1000 Island on the side, instead.

    • The “Trump vs. Richard Spencer” is EXACTLY like the commenter “RedArmyVodka” that used to post on all my websites, who also posts the same talking points, copied word for word, on Unz.com and a dozen other “right wing” sites.

      In other words, it’s a professional Republican party spam campaign, meant to shore up the “fringe right” online, to get them to vote for Trump, etc.

      It’s all run out of Breitbart.com’s Tel Aviv offices – as was Trump entire campaign since the beginning.

      You see the larger campaign is about splitting off the Anglosphere (USA, Canada, UK, Aus, NZ) from the rest of Europe which is no longer accepting Zionism.

      So we have this fake “national populism” thing.

      The basic game is, “let us Israelis do whatever we want and we’ll call off our media campaign against you gentile nationalists.”

      What has actually happened? Four years of Trump, Israel has gotten everything they wanted – it’s historic how the US Empire has squandered all of its power and prestige to help Israel.

      But of course, you don’t get anything but empty promises and rhetoric. As soon as Trump is out, one month or four years from now, everything will go back to the way it was. Israel gets nationalism, and the “Gentile” nations get nothing.

      Don’t blame me – I warned y’all five years ago, because it was as obvious then as it is now.

      • Orwell described this years ago… Oceania … “ You see the larger campaign is about splitting off the Anglosphere (USA, Canada, UK, Aus, NZ) from the rest of Europe which is no longer accepting Zionism.” And the dumb ass Anglo’s will end up like their cousin’s the Visogoth’s for their “lawd” the jew man-god, totally raced mixed out of existence… ain’t communistic christianity grand! Effen Cucks! Just listen to this immorality they profess for their jew “lawd and master” “man-god” delusion: ‘ “If anyone comes to Me, (the jew “man-god” and the chosenites delusion) and does not hate his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers and sisters, and, in addition, his own life also, he cannot be My disciple! Luke 14:26. Clearly christianity is a suicide genocide cult!

        Wake up Dixie!

        • Whatever you want to call it, thinking you can aid in saving the race of white European Dixie while, at the same time, bending the knee to Jewish deities (Yahweh and Yeshua) is some kind of combination of insane, dishonest, cowardly, naive, or very stupid. To bottom line it, it won’t and can’t work.

          Citing a “British psychologist” who “accepted many of Freud’s theories” like Harry Guntrip as an attempt to discredit “anti-Christian, pro-ancient Greek thinkers” as “schizoids” can’t change this basic fact. LINK: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Guntrip

          I kindly offer the unsolicited advice that “white Southern Dixie nationalist Christians” pull their heads out of their asses, ASAP.

        • Sometimes I get this feeling that Americans and English care about Europe only so far that they can tie it back to their own exceptionalism.

          They’re also naïve and ignorant on the Christian question. They seem to think that because Christianity is “attacked”, this makes it an intrinsically white religion. They would do well to read Celsus’ On the True Doctrine: Jews and Christians, and Christians and Christians have been squabbling since the first inception of that religion.

          American white nationalists are still stuck with their provincial history (just as Mexican nationalists don’t want to know much of the history of Spain).

          Recently, for example, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent published a series of articles about the Vikings. He is stuck with the story that the Norsemen were the bad guys and the European Christians the good guys; and that only their Christianization solved the Viking problem. A completely Jotenized brainwashed position.

          They have fallen into the trap and con that if they just worship the Midianites-Kenite‘s god and his son the “man-god” that they will somehow achieve global glory…

          The vulnerability of Christian nations to biblical collective sociopathy is directly related to the their self-inflicted blindness. For their own misfortune, Christians worship a deity who hates them.

          Christian exegetes never seem to have noticed either that Yahweh’s covenant—domination over the nations in exchange for exclusive worship—is basically identical to the pact that the devil tried to lure “Jesus” (who is no man-god but a high priest and son of the Elohim, the Most High (Hebrews 6:20) (Psalms 82:6) into:

          “the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. And he said to him, ‘I will give you all these, if you fall at my feet and do me homage.’ Then Jesus replied, ‘Away with you, Satan!’” (Matthew 4:8-10)

          My prediction is that white and southern nationalists won’t avoid international usury communism by practice of National Socialism in the US. They will cling to their American and Confederate flags. Fortunately, the collapse of the dollar that is coming will start their lesson in humility…

          • @Quèbècois,

            I concur with much of what you wrote.

            Just a heads up; there’s a lot of antifa chatter about going into what they call KKKanda as a fallback from the hopefully counter-offensive by White Gentiles with intestinal fortitude.

          • @Québécois…

            Yes, Sir – I can’t help but notice that everything you think other peoples are ‘stuck with’, happens to be something that those peoples value highly.

            Too, I cannot help but notice that you accord to yourself the ability really see how things are, at their deepest levels, and, just as so often happens with those whom the Good Lord has gifted to see beyond the rest of Les Deplorables, (99.9% of those occupying the planet earth) you can barely hide your derision.

            All of that begs the question – when shall the rest of us be graced to be rescued by your coming to rescue the rest of us from the fate of our own mediocrity?

  2. Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer says he became anti-Trump in 2017. That’s a lie, Spencer became anti-Trump less than 30 days after Trump was sworn into office. I remember it clearly.

    In his intro, the clown then goes on to ridicule Trump supporters as “Qanon / MAGA cult”. So Spencer does not believe that Jeffrey Epstein catered pedophilia to America’s elite? Does he not believe in the multi-billion dollar human trafficking industry. I am not Qanon, but at least Qanon is bringing some attention to the mulit-billion dollar human trafficking racket going on in the world. And yes, it is the elite of society funding this lucrative industry. My fiance took a course on human trafficking in college and she taught me that it is a much bigger problem than people think it is.

    We are not a “cult”, we are hard working, working class people who do not want to surrender our nation to cultural Marxists. Spencer has never done an honest day’s labor in his life, he despises people like us. Spencer respects the elite even though they are anti-White simply because they are elite.

    • What I’d like to know, Boomer X is why HW is even RUNNING these two misfits as viable commenters on society? They’re both nothing but kids- the one, a leather wearing scrawny hippy degenerate, and the other one, a smirking fag-face twit.

      How do they have ANYTHING to add to ANY legitimate discussion?

      • HW had been on Little Dickie’s show, so perhaps this is a payment in kind. But Styx? God only knows. He’s (it is a he, right?) one of the so-called “edgy” Trump supporters. You could put on either Diamond and Silk in doorags, or Milo the black’s bottom in a cocktail dress, and get the same effect of “Phony Hipsters for Blompf.”

  3. Spencer is a coward. He knows what the Harris-Biden ticket would bring. total chaos under communist rule with the black soldier man boot under every White mans neck.

    BTW Brad, you are also a coward, waiting for a vaccine for something that doesn’t exist. I’d bet you are one of those mask wearing freaks they made into law and you viciously promoted?

    The south is dead dude, look around you and see how black it is. Southern Nationalist is like saying the Native American is rising again. Sorry dude, your dreams are dead like all White nationalist dreams, they’ve been takin over by zionist jew dreams.

    So stop accelerating it by this nonsense with Spencer a Duginist and Styx a known satanist.

    You’ve already made an ass of yourself with MSM covid. Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?

      • Are those death numbers from false attribution ?
        I want to see comparisons with several years of same month data.

        The death data is suspect.

      • THEY WOULD HAVE DIED ANYWAY. Don’t you understand the concept of ‘co-morbidities,’ Brad?

        Numbers of people dead means NOTHING without context. People who died from Motorcycle accidents were listed as COVID casualties?! How does being crushed in every limb, organ, and pain receptor in your body by a hunk of metal going 60 miles an hour, count as a COVID death?


      • B, did you confirm that number? Did you know what Cuomo was doing? Killing people with forced ventilation and fentanyl regimes, and order 20 year old COVID infectees into the same room as elderly people? Then they were jooking the death stats. CDC says the case mortality of 0.03%, Fauci also said it 0,3 or less. Today Trudeau finally said it, because of COVID deep societal flaws are seen, so he is ordering us to follow all Agenda 2030 Directives and promote Klaus Schwabs Great Reset, while ordering Canada to adhere to all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You are unfit, you write pieces on obscure history yet fail to see the oligarchs direct plot in COVID. It’s a scheme just like all their other schemes. While a colour revolution is happening, you are ordering your men to stand down against the forces of evil because the current leader doesn’t have all the same ideology as you. I can attest as an Eastern Europe that people who play limp like you during a colour revolution will be eaten alive. They are to be opposed at all costs, no matter if on the left or right. They are easily identifiable individuals working with the forces of evil and their opponents must be supported at all costs. You were quiet when Milosevic fell, when Meciar fell, when Kuchma fell, when Yanukovich fell, etc. etc. There is a list of politicians dead too, like Rohwedder and Herehausen and many high German officials who were assassinated by the same forces of evil because of their plans to reform to a high growth, high infrastructure model in Eastern Europe. Putin’s battle with Khurdorkovsky and the Rothschild when he nationalized their 50 billion in stolen assets which represented the entirety of Russia’s oil which colour revolution Yeltsin let them steal without paying a dime of tax! When Putin order Khurdorkovsky to pay tax he told him no, because I spend 30% of my assets due to “corruption in Russia” you will not see a cent of tax. When he heard Putin ordered him arrested by FSB Alfa Spetsnaz he hid in a children orphanage he owned… These people are sick. He was arrested assets stripped and nationalized, and the end of the day this is what we want to do to the Oligarch’s practicing unsavory usurious business in our territories. We will always opposed from the left or right any Soros plot as a matter of practicality as settle the rest later. Instead you whine and write articles about abstract theories and panic about their latest psyop COVID… Time to change your priorities.

        • The “CDC says the case mortality of 0.03%” meme is “Plandemic” conspiracy theory nonsense, which is very useful for the oligarchy.

          The plutocrats/oligarchs want us to be confused and careless, so they can force us back to work (and shopping) to create more wealth for them. When we believe the conspiracy theory lie and stop wearing masks and social distancing, then they can claim it’s our fault when we suffer or die, “because we were warned,” as well as being dis-informed at the same time!

          • Fuaci wrote it in the New England Journal of Medicine, said it was like a bad flu. Oligarchs are trying to do what you claim? Push content they are desperately trying to censor. Let me tell you exactly what they are really doing. The new Trudeau video. Claims COVID laid bare the institution injustices, which is why Canada is now officially going to abide by ALL AGENDA 2030 Directives, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and follow Klaus Ear Schwab’s Davos/World Economic Forum Great Reset model. Okay, see the scam? Instead you tell me gibberish about conspiracy theory, these numbers appear on CDC models and in medical journals, I read it myself, then all of a sudden we are gaslit with 5-9% case mortality. I supported initial lock-downs when we didn’t WTF was coming, and I still believe they are threatening to release a violent pathogen unless they get their way. These are criminals, who literally run almost the entire world without anyone knowing. The whole lockdown agenda is pseudo-scientific at best, with the model being imported from asymmetric warfare models not virologists. And anyways because they release a virus we are supposed to go along with all their mandates? Because it clear this is crisis management to reform the world order into technocracy. The bug eating, pod living, transportation paid by meter to Uber only model. Sustainable Development was a giant scam, Rothschilds and China were involved in that one through Maurice Strong, who got indicted by the FBI and defected to China. He was the UN commissar of Climate, held the first UN climate conferences. They goals of Climate Change Agenda 21/2030 parallel exactly with the virus lockdowns, because Greata didn’t do it they went with a pathogen. These people are complicit. Gill Bates is clearly guilty in his interviews, he’s like a midget kike dentist creeping around with ether, him and his wife clearly know this is manufactured for their benefit and to enable technocracy, and they are willing to release deadlier pathogen’s unless they get their way.

      • Flu deaths over same period for 6 months from Oct, 19 to April 20 :: 62,000 deaths … Covid is indeed, a real plandemic …

    • “”…The south is dead….”””

      In Europe, some ethno states had been occupied or just belonged to the empires for centuries before they got their independence. Nationalism never dies.

      Especially now when autonomy or independence becomes inevitable necessity. Because of collapsing finance, economy, supply chains and mass violence caused by those factors.

      Communism has many downsides but one plus. Communism is so evil that it forces cucks and normies make the decisions what would be unthinkable under any other circumstance.

      I think that in some form, South will rise again and Donald and Antifa are the godfathers. Of course, there is alternative wait for death without food fuel and electricity but most people do not like such short and discomfortable future when there is alternative like self governed safe zone with own economy, security, foreign contacts and so on.

      • @Juri,

        The problem with that is that the normies, millennials, and zoomers have no idea how awful and evil Bolshevik Leninism is. They watch their sportsball, play their video games, masterbate to tattooed whores to conveniently free online (((pornography))).

        Spahnranch 1969 was correct. The HuWhites will be left with 15% of their current population made up of their most redpilled Aryan warriors. The other 85% will perish by miscegenation, being slaughtered by the neo-Bolsheviks’s POC golems, suicide, old age, and a myriad of other causes.

        It will be from that HuWhite elite (adjective used correctly) that the next chapter in European Man’s history and glory will be written. May they never forget the price that was paid for permitting the AngloZionist consortium’s anti-White dystopia.

    • HW and ID aren’t really about southern nationalism, they’re about preserving the religion of the temple of usury to keep even their own kin on the plantation for shekels, even to the extinction of their own people…
      The southern corporate Tuckahoe Cavalier IS A YANKEE …

  4. The Republican Party does nothing for white people, either working, middle class or poor. They talk a good game from time to time, but the only things they ever get done are cut taxes for the parasite class, keep hog wild defense spending going, start wars for other people’s kids to fight in, and suck up to Israel. They’ve also managed to run up the national debt a considerable amount with their dumb assing damn tax cuts and endless wars.

    The Democrats are open borders, nigger loving damn crackpots. They appear to be openly anti white. Their attitudes about getting rid of the police are so crazy and so stupid, they’re frightening.

    So what’s to vote for?

  5. Trump will win this election because he is the most MIGA President Israel has ever had. He is so popular in Israel, he has a town named after him. Does any other candidate have a town named after them in Israel?

  6. Could not watch more than 25% of the Styx vs Spencer video. Boring and airheaded discussion.

    Why don’t you post these videos instead, Hunter? At least there is a sense of common sense in these commentaries:

    This picks up around the 30 minute mark by No White Guilt.

    Or even better, this video by Red Ice:


    Maybe you posted the Richard Spencer video because you wanted to share it, not because of me.

    You should spend more time posting other commentary rather than Spencer talking points.

  7. Spencer provided great reasons not to vote for Trump but poor ones to vote for Biden. His line where he basically says nothing is going to change since we’re already on a trajectory anyway and that we should be prepared to operate in that environment properly is correct.

    However I disagree with him in regards to there being no Civil War. I think those on the Far Right are too caught up on the idea of “Elites vs Elites” and don’t realize that the Elites have a vested interest in starting a Civil War to Normalize the American Empire. Destroying either the Mainstream Left or Mainstream Right will work completely in their favour and I’m not sure that White Nationalists won’t be purposefully murdered by either side in that Civil War.

    It will be very easy for the Left to start such a conflict should Trump get in if that’s the route they wish to go down, a lot harder to pull off if Biden ends up getting in. In fact, a Biden victory might be used as a bludgeon against the far-Left within the Democrat party. I don’t think Biden is going to make things better, but it’s the lesser accelerationist choice imo.

  8. Spencer won the debate, if for no other reason than that Styx guy could have been Don Jr.

    A bunch of conservative Inc talking points, swearing for no reason, “muh taxes” and that infurating I know-it-all laughter.

    He continuously “loud talked” and interrupted Spencer, who made better points in terms of Trumps plantation expectation for Whites despite his indisputable failures. The working and middle classes are being decimated right now and covid has hit rural communities and farms hard.

    Where is the big beautiful healthcare plan, infrastructure plan and the middle class tax cut? Those have been 2 weeks away for 3.5 years.

    The silly Venezuela argument and other small details in Trumps term that have nothing to do with Whites or what he promised was just stupid. The big stuff matters and Trump failed at even stopping censorship. Know why? He has no desire to do so.

    I did not hear Spencer ask Styx to vote for Biden. Styx was invested almost hysterically trying to move Spencer to Trump. The desperation alone is either weak, or a paycheck. Same with Anglin.

    The debate was much better than that Tuesday night debacle, hands down.

  9. You should still use you talents to cover the election. We need daily articles denouncing it as the Jewish puppet show that it is. Despite both candidates being equally kosher Trump losing would be a tremendous boost to the pro-white cause as it would signal the end of the Zionist right and grifters like Styx, Anglin et al.

    History is great but don’t forget we live in the present.

    • @Butt Goy I have been loving the OD articles lately. They follow a single line of thought and are relevant now more than ever. They take us on the road to how we arrived here. Any one of a thousand sites cover this garbage it is nice to read something different

  10. Smalltown and rural White exceptions aside, the attitude possessed by the Spirit of The Blue States towards President Trump is the eerie equivalent of the grudge our Southern great-great granddaddies nurtured in our breast for Lincoln in 1860.

    Thus, voting for Trump is accelerationist – whether you favour that effect or not.

  11. I have been enjoying Spencer’s tweets lately. They are so shitposty and filled with insane blackpilling that I upvote him everyday in support. He has been entertaining. The Biden support is just him trolling for attention. The man is not stupid

  12. Whats the deal with this Ethan Ralph person? I only know the little that has come across my feed, and the stories of his drug usage and abuse of young girls seem disgusting. Why are people even dealing with him it is not really a good look for any involved and makes white patriotism come across as a joke

  13. The best reason to vote for Biden is the effect it will have on normies. The person in office has almost no effect on actual policies, but it does have a big effect on the psyche of normal people. Under Trump, the left normies get radical and go insane, while the right normies invent Q-anon 4D chess theories so they can pretend they are “winning” and normalize Lady MAGA on the right.

  14. 1. Thank you, Hunter, for posting this. I haven’t heard from Spencer much in the last few months, since his show was banned by youtube. He’s still interesting & provocative.

    2. But Spencer is wrong (like many other Identitarians) about the influence the Alt-Right (or our whole “movement,” such as it ever was) had on Trump’s victory in 2016. Our influence was tiny to nil. A telling moment was Jared Taylor’s interview at a Trump rally in Virginia of dozens of people standing in line, waiting to get in. None – as in no one, zero…none! – expressed any concern about immigration, affirmative action, black crime or any other race-related issues. Also, Jared got no vibe that these people were being deceptive or disingenuous or were simply too afraid of being called “racist” to express their true reasons for supporting Trump. It was clear from Jared’s report that he was somewhat taken aback by this. The truth is, that in early 21st century America, even die-hard MAGA supporters see themselves as “anti-racist” as the most woke, lick-spittley SWPL.

    Trump’s victory was Trump’s alone. He reached out and energized – with his unique style and strong-man personality – an inchoate mass of demoralized, confused, & inarticulate whites & brought them together as his voters. These particular voters made the difference for him in 2016, despite his winning even fewer white votes overall than Romney. (Lower black turnout was also important, don’t forget that.) The Alt-Right had by election day constructed a large & impressive online echo-chamber for itself, although it was admittedly attracting a fair number of young men (few of whom vote), and had scared the hell out of Jews and far left types, who were loudly vocal in the media about their fears, but its actual effect on the election results was negligible.

    The future did bode well for the Alt-Right up until Charlottesville, however, a future where Alt-Right numbers might grow and coalesce into a critical mass large enough to become a powerful force in politics. Charlottesville was where the Establishment, still stunned by Trump’s win, and shocked to see such an uprising of racially-conscious young white people, finally said, “Enough! We’re nipping this in the bud.” And they did, and the nipping continues in every sphere, although I hope the bud can grow back – stronger – some day.

    3. Spencer is right about Trump being defeated, right about Biden’s not being a simple stooge for the far Left, & right that his cognitive problems show diminished mental ability but not – yet – dementia or Alzheimer’s – one example of Spencer’s ability (unfortunately rare in our movement) to avoid hyperbole, unlike Styx (a good guy, but one whose vision is limited to surface patterns, not what’s underneath).

    4. But (finally), Spencer’s wrong about the Left using any Haitian adoption irregularities to derail Amy Coney Barrett. The overall imperative of our Elites to mongrelize and weaken the traditional white family, especially in establishing interracial adoption as a norm exemplified by “the Best & the Brightest” whites – to be emulated by other whites, takes precedence here.

  15. Don’t agree with Styx on everything, but he was correct in this debate. Richard, like most here apparently, has a rather naive future outlook. Trump failed because he can’t do whatever he wants like a king? We should replace our constitutional republic with a dictatorship? Ethnostate in the near future? Really?

    TRUMP OR BUST 2020

  16. @Ivan Turgenev when is your jew man-god swooping down to save your sorry arse? NO MAN IS GOD, it’s a ridiculous delusion: from the so called inerrant “propaganda” 2 Thess : 2:11 , as if some “shmuck” Anglo-ISSacson Jew (edomites all) created the universe…

    who wrote @Québécois…

    Yes, Sir – I can’t help but notice that everything you think other peoples are ‘stuck with’, happens to be something that those peoples value highly.

    Too, I cannot help but notice that you accord to yourself the ability really see how things are, at their deepest levels, and, just as so often happens with those whom the Good Lord has gifted to see beyond the rest of Les Deplorables, (99.9% of those occupying the planet earth) you can barely hide your derision.

    All of that begs the question – when shall the rest of us be graced to be rescued by your coming to rescue the rest of us from the fate of our own mediocrity?

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