Donald Trump Holds BLEXIT Rally At White House

This happened at the White House this afternoon.

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  1. Most Hispanics are very “entrepreneurial” (which is one of the two main reasons why only a few of their countries, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela primarily, are even semi-socialistic) and so are many Asians who are not Confucian, and of course, most Americans. They all want to live the dream of climbing to the top of a “heap.” The “American dream” of getting ahead of everyone else financially and materially is a very destructive illusion.

    • They can climb to the top of the (garbage) heap in their own Shithole countries. “Entrepreneurial” for Hispanics is slinging dope, a taco truck or landscaping. And you know what is the most destructive – allowing the brown hordes into the US to drive down wages and destroy White Americans’ chances to rise or stay in the Middle Class.

    • Who is going to pay for this stupid “Platinum Plan” assuming Trump gets reelected? Ha Ha, just kidding; to ask is to answer. As best I can remember this “Platinum Plan” horse shit wasn’t one of DJT’s campaign promises but a 2,200 mile long wall on the southern border was. How is the wall coming along? It should be done by now, maybe just 100 yards to go I assume.

  2. Fine article on the Hispanic vote on AmRen

    It is classic that for Latinos – even in Mexico – 30%-40% of them by nature vote conservative, with 40% as a kind of ceiling as well. As a lot of them get economically successful, the Latinos just like whites who earn 50-75K tend to be overwhelmingly Republican. Cuban exiles for example have always been this way, voting more right-wing.

    USA Latinos often are against unlimited immigration, as it would spoil their own ability to succeed in the USA. Even the famous Latino activist Cesar Chávez was against open borders. Lots of Latinos voted for the Bushes.

    But Latinos can get ticked off by sharp anti-Latino rhetoric, which as Ron Unz’s site has been pointed out, is the disaster that happened in California, where whites became a minority a long time ago. There was so much anti-Latino demonisation in the 90s and earlier, Latinos there became Democrats, because they associated Republicans with anti-Latino smears.

    Latinos are not offended by being against immigration … but they are offended by anti-Latino racialist rhetoric

    USA Latinos are about one-third for Trump just like USA blacks are about one-quarter for Trump now … Republicans can cultivate this and win for a long time, says this article below

    It should be noted that USA Latinos now heavily inter-marry with whites … many white males enjoying the classic Latina family and extended-family orientation, the often deeper-rooted Christianity and a perceived lower degree of feminist shrike behaviour in Latina feminity

    • Brabantian,

      That was a kind comment you made. One of the sweetest on Latins that I have ever read on this site. I think the good points about us should be pointed out as well as the negative. I know about the bad parts of our society make no mistake on that item.

      Mexicans are here in the Southwest in such large and growing numbers that all of the Mexican-Americans could vote Republican and the end result for the Anglo in the Southwest is going to be the same regardless of which party they belong to.

      I cannot speak for all Mexicans but the ones I know believe in the traditional roles for male and female. Due to American influence the traditional ways have been watered down some.

      • barbariantan sure posted a lot of pro-mestizo Central American propaganda BS. Here’s an Amren article you should’ve posted instead.
        “Hispanic” assimilation in America has failed for the same reason almost all of Central and South America is a turd world shithole. Unlike the French and British, the Spaniards (and Portuguese to a lesser extent) made the huge blunder of not taking women with them when they arrived in the New World. The result was USA and Canada preserved their white majorities and First World status while the rest of the Americas reverted to their Amerindian savagery despite European males contributing their genetic material to darky females. Yes, children, evolution, race, and IQ are real. No amount of Christian or Marxist voodoo will change nature.

        USA USA
        Wally Wally
        Trump is the lesser evil in 2020 and just the start of regaining America

        • Ghostie,

          First of all I am not mixed blood and I have never been to Central America. I have no use for Republicans or their enemies. I do however have a Mexican-American grandmother and some elderly others and they support Trump as the lesser of evils. All my Mexican-American relatives support Trump. It enfuriates me but when do 70-90 year old women care what a teenager says.

          My grandmother was born in Texas before WW2 and still loves the States. She hates those rioters with a passion. She turned me on on to music from the 50’s and I am in love with that music.

          • crah,

            Yeah, you’re as Spaniard as Nick Fuentes who, though is a good spokesman for race realism and anti-immigration, still admits to being 19% Amerindian and 3% Sub-Saharan and can “pass” as white.

            Frankly, your personal individual case is irrelevant to racial demography and the link I posted. Exceptions don’t negate the fact that there are racial differences and there has been ZERO advanced, prosperous, safe, First World Negro or mestizo nations. In fact, there isn’t even ONE Negro or mestizo community in America that can be described as affluent, low in crime, clean, and not corrupt. Blacks and Hispanics, with few exceptions, haven’t and will never assimilate because unlike the 1950s this country isn’t encouraging assimilation anymore and assimilation can’t occur without the 1924 and 1952 Immigration Acts.
            Capitalism only works with higher IQ people like Western Europeans, East Asians, and Jews which is why it has only succeeded in the West, East Asia, and Israel. Blacks and HIspanics are prone to socialism because they simply cannot compete with the lighter races.

            Asian and Jewish-Americans have assimilated and are more successful than even European-Americans on average, but much like blacks and Hispanics they largely vote Democrat due to identity politics. Only European-Americans are keeping this nation from becoming a one party state.

            Unfortunately, USA remaining a functioning First World country is only short term and the only realistic long term solution is voluntary segregation. You can bet your life that once that occurs, blacks and browns will be demanding to be forcibly permitted into Asian or white neighborhoods that choose to voluntarily segregate because they can’t do anything on their own.

            USA USA
            Wally George the father of combat TV and conservative TV entertainment!
            Nixon the most redpilled and pro-middle class President in recent history!
            Trump the start of an America First makeover of the GOP. Trump 2020!

  3. Perhaps Trump thinks that pandering to blacks, for the umpteenth time in 55 years, will get BLM and “Antifa” to back off. Delusional.

  4. I don’t care about stuff like this. Blacks make up at least 13% of America and in truth it’s more like 15 or 16% when mixed race people are put in. Is Trump supposed to totally not push for the black vote? He got 8% last time. Romney got 4%. So why not shoot for 11 or 12% which can make the difference to win in many states?

    This is not Poland, Hungary or Russia where Whites are everywhere. In America, Whites are no longer everywhere thanks to White men voting to destroy White immigration in 1965 along with White men being too cowardly to pass legislation forcing sterilization of any welfare recipient after having two children. Throw in 20 million or so brown illegal aliens who had millions of kids and here we are today. Thus, yes, it’s important for a Republican to get at least some non White votes.

    If it were 1980 or 1984 when Ronald Reagan won, Trump basically would not need non Whites to win because the nation was still White enough. Thus Reagan even won states like New York and California which no Republican presidential candidate has won since. Those states and many others hit tipping point status years ago. Throw in the constant pounding of mostly jewish run media and Hollywood and it’s a constant uphill battle for Republicans to win.

    No doubt Trump is part b.s. artist. But I also know he has cut refugee admissions to its lowest number ever along with not looking to wreck the suburbs the way the Democrats so gleefully wish to do. I know Trump does not want to pack the Supreme Court the way ” sell your soul” Biden will do. Biden will also either look to take down the wall or not add one more inch to it.

    The affirmative action Queen, Harris, would be even worse as she rides the black bullcrap gravy train and turns us into Haiti. Notice these woe is me blacks never move to black nations? I see she was in Canada for a while and then back to America. Everyone complains about Whitey yet always wants to live with him. That’s because it’s a racket, easy ride doing so.

    So, I really don’t care if Trump pushes a couple of thousand black and brown people doing a pro police demonstration. It sure beats the usual wild eyed looking blacks and their drugged out looking White pets trying to wreck the whole country thru the Democrat Party.

  5. Yikes.

    Half-a-trillion dollars for the “platinum plan” so niggers can go buy rims and air jordan’s to own the libtards.

    Whatta orange nigger faggot!

    • @Daryl B,

      The “Browns” that are unusually liberal for reasons that I am not aware of are the South Asians of the Indian subcontinent.

      For such a financially successful immigrant group, they vote like jews and homosexuals.

  6. What does BLEXIT mean? Does it mean old-fashioned Liberia-style African colonization? Or does it mean they want to get formally set up on reservations in their historical U.S. strongholds where they rule but still get subsidies for 100% of their living needs from DC? Just kidding, I already knew the answer.

  7. Once all the evil white devils are replaced and gone forever, America will be a multiracial paradise….just like it is in Miami and Los Angeles! Honk Honk!

  8. once the power grid goes down for a month because of winter storm/ heat wave/ hackers/ solar flares, the densely populated cities will be completely killed off and then we can get on with our lives.

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