Patriot Murdered At “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” In Denver

UPDATE: Antifa claim the media are on their side.

UPDATE: The shooter was working as private security for the media.

It has happened again.

Antifa have murdered another Patriot at a protest in Denver. Once again, they have celebrated murdering another “white supremacist.” “F**k yeah! right in the f**king dome! F**k yeah!”

ABC News:

“One person was killed and two suspects were in custody following a shooting at a protest in Denver Saturday, authorities said.

The shooting occurred in the courtyard near the Denver Art Museum, officials said. Police initially said one victim was transported to the hospital and their condition was unknown. Denver police later said they were investigating the incident as a homicide.

Two competing protests were scheduled Saturday afternoon at Denver’s Civic Center Park, where the museum is located. One event, called “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive,” was hosted by the Denver Communists and other groups, according to a Facebook event page. The other, dubbed a “Patriot Muster” rally, called on patriots to “stand up” and “show up” in promotional materials. …”

Do you remember when Donald Trump said that he was labeling Antifa a domestic terrorist organization? He tweeted that on May 31.

Attorney General William Barr also put out a statement:

This was at the very beginning of the George Floyd riots.

At the time, I said, “if these people are finally brought to justice for their crimes and Big Tech is reined in, maybe we can consider forgiving the last few years.” Antifa burned down Washington, DC that night. Trump came out of his bunker the next morning, stood in front of that church that had been set on fire, held a Bible up in the air and vowed to restore “law and order.”

Well … what happened? Nothing happened. The riots went on nearly unabated for the next four months along with the hysteria about “white supremacy.” BLM and Antifa were still rioting in Wisconsin in the first presidential debate. Minneapolis was burned down. Kenosha was burned down. Antifa took over part of Seattle. DHS was sent into Portland only to be pulled out in disgrace. Hundreds of public monuments were destroyed. Finally, the shooting began and a Patriot was murdered in Portland.

The “Durham Report” and all the indictments that kept conservatives doing the stupid “tik, tok” meme on Twitter went nowhere. Instead, QAnon was condemned by the overwhelming majority of Republicans in the House and was completely banned from Facebook and Instagram. The feds put Christopher Cantwell in prison. Donald Trump went on Hannity and condemned white supremacy, the Proud Boys and the KKK. He came out and gave a speech about his “Platinum Plan” for Black America in which he vowed to make Juneteenth a federal holiday, give $500 billion dollars to blacks and to declare war on Antifa and the KKK. He didn’t vow to declare Black Lives Matter a domestic terrorist organization after its supporters shot police officers in Los Angeles and Louisville.

The mainstream Right is incapable of defending its own supporters who are being maligned as “white supremacists” now. Antifa has even started murdering them in the streets and nothing is done about it. Nothing was done about the problem after the inauguration. Nothing was done about the problem even as it metastasized across the whole Trump presidency.

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  1. “Do you remember when Donald Trump said that he was labeling Antifa a domestic terrorist organization? He tweeted that on May 31.

    Attorney General William Barr also put out a statement”

    Donald Trump has his plate full but he has his sights set on Barr. Trump is aware that Barr is a do nothing swamp creature. Barr will not last long, I predict Trump will fire Barr in the beginning of 2021.

    Have patience.

    • LMAO.

      Donald Trump literally had four years to do something about Antifa. FOUR YEARS. He didn’t do a damn thing about the problem except blame it on “Joe Biden’s America.” He is the president and evidently he is helpless.

      • JFC, Wallace – why do you engage with this fucking clown Gryphon -and letting him link to that other fucking clown Anglin on your site ffs.

        • Trust the plan goys lol Potatous Blumpf needs to win Re-election in order to fire his ghey fake administration like Cuck Wolf and Fat piece of bloated shit Bill Barr Pretty soon now he’s gonna jail Hilary for da emails and do something about antifa.

          Just right after he disavows his most loyal supporters the milquetoast zionist loving proudgoys and gives blm 500 billion anyday now guys just you wait president Law Order just needs more time

          Cope harder gryphon you wanglin simp lol

      • Story gets interesting. Jewish journalist (((Newman))) hired Dolloff to shoot a legally permitted protester. Probably paid the Dindu to mouth off at the old white dudes seen in the clip before hand. Poor old Dolloff, cucked warrior fighting for the black on behalf of the Jew. Literally.

    • @GF,

      I also recall the UN chastising (((AG Barr))) for huffing and puffing about putting the domestic terrorist label on fagtifa. It looks ,Ike the UN has more sway with kushner’s doj than Trumptards.

    • How long will it be before Anglin gets droned striked in an underage Asian brothel, and Trump, when asked about Daily Stormer says, I don’t know anything about them, but I condemn them!

      Anyone who helps Trump ends up ruined, jailed, or dead, and Trump disavows them.

    • “trump will fire Barr”. I find myself asking this question way too often on OD, but are you just dumb or a glutton for punishment. He spat in the face of and ousted Sessions, his only loyal supporter from the beginning and the mind behind serious immigration reform just off ego. Antifa, immigration, BLM all day one problems. He is four years in and has done nothing. Barr works for him and is going nowhere. You are living in delusion

  2. Imagine if conservatives were not conservative at all, they were shitlibs in disguise. How would the outcome be any different?

    It would not surprise me if after the election, Anti-Fa started murdering WN names in their beds, and the Republicans did this to try to save their hides:

    National Review:
    The Conservative Case For Murdering White Nationalists.

    10 years later…
    The Conservative Case For Murdering Non-Jewish Whites.

  3. And the glorious Conservative woman outraged “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO USE A RACIAL SLUR”. These people are hopeless

  4. I’ve looked over twitter with the apologists for the shooter. They say he wasn’t a protester he was a bodyguard for a TV journalist. So the left defend this by claiming this shooter was hired by a presstitute to shoot a protestor, in essence. The journalists are hiring bodyguards who will shoot YOU. Wtf. So self unaware.

  5. Bringing mace to a gunfight ffs Seriously why even go to these dumb events? If you are not just looking for trouble and want to get killed for wanting to defend con inc and your freedumbs

    Antifa wants to provoke you, they are counting on it and for you to act out so they have a excuse to kill you

  6. Different than ‘murdered’ it seems

    The dead man physically struck the bodyguard first, says the more detailed story, photo of the man slapping the guard on web page below

    A physical face slap is not just a physical assault but a humiliation, something which many men would experience as a kind of rape

    Guard pulls his gun – he is being physically attacked, after all – Slapper dude with the tattoos then sprays mace, which makes him able to take the guard’s gun and kill him – It is now lethal threat situation

    So the guard fires … self-defence, isn’t it, just like with Kyle, except political affiliations are reversed?

  7. Four years to do something, defund them, prosecute the ring leaders. Nothing. “White supremacists” are the most dangerous threat. No problem going after them.

    Trump won’t even protect his most ardent supporters on the ground. Like marks in a con game they think when he gets reelected they’ll get protected then.

  8. Angelo gage is right don’t vote for blumpf rip up the ballot and swear to never vote for the phony two party system again, for the migraine inducing humiliating sham it is. Blumpf won’t save you, his donors ironically also support democrats and antifa too. Proundgoys and con inc also ironically support Israel,zionism its all a fake ghey op they all play their part in the political theater they all support American zog imperialism there is no plan, the cake is a lie

  9. Thread with photos of the incident, and long discussion in the responses

    A key question is whether the shooter first physically attacked the dead man, trying to take his Bear Mace away … or whether the first physical assault is by the dead man, feeling offended and slapping the shooter’s face

    It is not clear from the pictures, if the shooter was lunging to grab the spray, or his body was twisting away from the first blow by the dead guy

  10. Sadly, I think Soros is going to be proved right when he declared Trump a temporary distraction. I suspect he will lose badly in 2020 and I hope I am wrong. But what will we get if he wins? A war with Iran? U suspect a blue wave might also sweep the Senate. Its time to leave!

  11. Is Trump even really in charge? His people are the only ones that ever get indicted, like Roger Stone and Manafort, Steve Bannon. He’s had a whole administration to do something about Comey, McCabe and the rest. Why weren’t they indicted? Trump should have fired Mueller the first week he was there, hell he got impeached anyway.

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