P. Diddy Warns Whites of Impending Race War

This country is going down the drain.

My advice is to do nothing and drop out of society. Sooner or later, this country is going to fall apart as a result of its own values, especially now that “antiracism” is being taken to its logical conclusion. It is cannibalizing the system and plunging it into an inevitable crisis.


“American rapper P. Diddy has made waves announcing a “black political party,” but also endorsing Democrat Joe Biden because with Trump in office, “we are on the verge of a race war.”

In an interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God, as well as through a series of tweets, P. Diddy announced the launch of Our Black Party, a new political party meant to “address the needs of black people” through “developing a coalition of people and organizations committed to building black political power.”

The rap producer and ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ singer says the party, launched with a handful of black activists, is open to both Democrats and Republicans, but in his announcement, he also threw his support behind Joe Biden. …”

This country wasn’t founded on “antiracism.”

The term “racism” wasn’t used as a pejorative until the 1930s. It wasn’t until the 1940s that “antiracism” became mainstream. It wasn’t until the 1960s that Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Jim Crow was overthrown and American society was legally refounded on “antiracism.”

Since the 1960s, we have tried to make “antiracism” work. In spite of dismantling White America and launching the most expensive monumental project in world history, we failed to close the racial gaps. The obsession with “antiracism” has only grown and has crowded out all other values. None of our ancestors came here to be demonized and to live under a utopian experiment in “antiracism.”

If it gets bad enough, Whites will just start leaving the United States like they left Zimbabwe and South Africa. I don’t think it will come to that though. There isn’t going to be a glacial decline. Racial conflict is heating up and the pressure on Whites is growing suddenly and exponentially toward a climax.

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  1. Want proof this country has cannibalized itself at the expense of whites? This dope, Jay Z, every no name Youtube rapper, and ball toucher and thrower is worth more money than you every architect, chemical engineer, and biologist alive

    “If Trump do get elected, there will be a race war (I means he only is giving us half a trill, lettin us all out of jail, and doin nuttin but hiring us for shit we aint qualifies to do). He need to go”

    • Also a major sign of destruction – There are about 660,000 women now who have been selling themselves doing cam pornography on OnlyFans, which has already paid out to those women nearly a billion dollars, and that is after taking the company’s 20% commission, according to business reports

      As is being pointed out, a big issue is what a woman’s brain becomes after several years of doing this, having thousands of men throw of thousands of dollars at her for undressing on OnlyFans and talking dirty

      High school guidance counselors are starting to hear teen girls say that their career goal is to be an OnlyFans cam ho

      A 4chan idea is that men aren’t actually paying those monthly fees, given so much smut is free on the web … a theory is that the money is coming from oligarchs in order to destroy the brains and wife-qualities of Western women, and make normal family life impossible for the current child-bearing generation

      • With everything going on, the Only fans sickness is one of the most disturbing. It is a slick way of destroying women and going under the radar. It is even encouraged by Libertarians and just ignored by Republicans because of “the free market”. Why work or get married when you can be an average looking girl touching herself for weirdos with extra cash

      • For the 1000th time … THE solution is to restructure America ( which is too far gone to be saved as a whole, ) into 5 new “Republics,” ours being A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY … wherein, with 20/20 hind sight we can draft a new Constitution and new laws and programs WITH ARMED ENFORCEMENT SQUADS SO WE DON’T SIT AROUND WAITING FOR BARR AND “THE PLAN,” to prevent 99 % of this BS from happening again.

        90 % of EVERYONE now wants restructuring if you’ve been keeping informed. Now is NOT the time to do nothing. Now is the time to get the restructuring conversation going stronger …

        • @Grey Ghost…

          While it is true that more and more people are thinking about the restructuring of this country, Sir, unfortunately I cannot find evidence that supports the idea that more that just a very few Southerners want that.

          Maybe that will change in a year or two, but, for now, most Southerners find that thought hateful – absolutely hateful.

          • Ivan- Hateful? Or merely inconvenient?

            As I have noted among people who are fellow believers recently, they have imbibed the ‘go along to get along’ mantra so long, (to the exclusion of following God’s Law and Christ’s claims to Kingship) that they are now like lukewarm spit in the mouth of God. And you know how YHWH feels about that! Better to be called ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’ and ‘heartless’ when your nation is annihilating itself, if only to save a few of your fellow Americans, than let this charade continue…

            “Choose ye THIS DAY (Not the next election cycle, not four more years, but TODAY) whom ye will serve.”

            Gray has far more foresight than the vast majority of Impastors and deluded sheep, out there. And let’s not even talk about the godless in our midst, who all deserve to die- and I’m not talking about ‘eventually’ – or haven’t you read about the poor French teacher beheaded by the dogs of Pisslam?

            Misericordie, Domine. [Rev. 14:20]

          • @Father John…

            Yes, you’ve found a connection – anything that is inconvenient IS hateful, no doubt.

            The several generations of Southerners now living are a much degraded model of the ones who were alive when I was a child. Not that those were perfect – far from it – though, they were much more prepared for the life experience, as it really is, than we are today.

            And speaking of, ‘go along to get along’, I have noticed more and more of that creeping into the ROCOR church in recent years and it troubles me.

            In my view The American Orthodox Churches are in peril of becoming too American, the sum total of which may mean that, in a generation, they begin to resemble the Southern Baptist Denomination, if I dare use those words together in referencing that organization.

            Certainly I have though as does Grey Ghost for more than a few years, though, I must reiterate : ——- the overwhelming majority of Southerners do not.

            In fact, I have often mused that, if we, The Southerners, wind up with a new nation, it will only be because most of the other states will have left The United States already!

            Be well on this day, Father!

          • @Ivan I believe you are correct. I see it in my mother and her friends. They watch Fox non stop and are disgusted by the nature of the country in general but have been so beaten with 60 and 70 years of liberalism they are confused and hopeless. I took them to one of their favorite local places, a bagel shop and café with great food. When I pointed out that ten years ago everyone was white and now out of 50 people in the place, including staff, we were the only whites with the staff being Hispanic and the patrons Indian and Pakistani, wifh a few blacks, I was told everything from

            “Things are just this way now. That is how it is you cant change it so just accept it”

            “why does race matter”.

            “You sound so hateful”

            These are the sentiments of almost all white women and most whites over the age of 60

          • @Captain Schill…

            “@Ivan I believe you are correct. I see it in my mother and her friends. They watch Fox non stop and are disgusted by the nature of the country in general but have been so beaten with 60 and 70 years of liberalism they are confused and hopeless. I took them to one of their favorite local places, a bagel shop and café with great food. When I pointed out that ten years ago everyone was white and now out of 50 people in the place, including staff, we were the only whites with the staff being Hispanic and the patrons Indian and Pakistani, wifh a few blacks, I was told everything from

            “Things are just this way now. That is how it is you cant change it so just accept it”

            “why does race matter”.

            “You sound so hateful”

            These are the sentiments of almost all white women and most whites over the age of 60.”


            Thank you, Sir.

            Though I understand that there will be pockets of determined realism and secessionism, such as Grey Ghost alleged about his, it gives me no pleasure to assert that such a thing is rather anomalous.

            Though this is a complex phenomenon, that has been discussed here into oblivion, I think underlying it all is one thing – people are so very acclimated to a bourgeois life of continuous pleasure. That so, they have no choice but to be unable to imagine how one could fight something that would require them to endanger that.

            To be clear, I am NOT belittling them for their feelings, even if, albeit, they are unconscious.

            I, too, love my comforts and domestic life with my wife, and consequently, am loathe to wager that against the vagaries of historick events. That said, I am driven by my vanity, and, as a consequence, it nearly eats me up to realize what we are allowing to happen.

            Every day I pray to be kind to every being who comes my way, and to not mistakenly target them with an residual hostility that leaks out of me.

            You know, many many years ago, I, then a practicing Buddhist, read a book penned by the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who, therein, revealed that it required 2 hours of meditation, daily, to not be overwhelmed with hostility towards the Chinese, for having obliterated so much of his country.

            Given that the Dalai Lama is relentlessly such a genial, humourous, and peaceful seeming person, that really struck me.

            Many years have passed, and I am quite sure that I understand what The Dalai Lama has gone through, because I, and, indeed, many of us, are undergoing the same thing.

            When I think back a half century ago to my childhood, I am simply incredulous that our political elite would sell out our entire country for individual gain.

            Politicians were corrupt in those days, too, though, they still had some regard for the people and for our country.

            Nowadays, only a few are that way, and, in an of themselves, they are not enough to derail what has been done – not nearly enough.

            My deep-seated belief is that, in the end, Whites will fight and reorganize, though, it is anybody’s guess when that will occur.

            It may well occur after I am gone, and I have had to resign myself to that.

            That said, God spoke it to me in my prayer life that the day was coming when the experimental period against reality would end.

            While I have no regard for the position that race is everything in an individual, by the same token, I also have no regard for those who suggest it either means nothing or ought to.

            As a halfbreed, I know extremely well the impact of race and of race-mixing.

            People ought avoid life partners outside of their race and countries ought limit the total amount of aliens to 10% of less.

            At any rate, all the best to you and your resigned female family members!

            Next time they carry on resignedly, tell them that, in the end, a small percentage of White Men will handle this issue, and though it will be painful, these men will not be deterred – neither by political chicanery, military might, material deprivation, nor media and academic misinformation.

            White countries may be destroyed or marginalized, though, in the end, others will be reformed and sanity will once again reign.

        • Ivan & Mouse … how much are (((they))) paying you to troll? Or are you just dumb brainwashed libtards that want to rant your way through your latte? OR, did you wander too far outside your “hood?” ( Or “set” as it used to be called ? ) 🙂 Hateful?!! That gives you away.

          For those readers that are weak enough to be influenced by trolls … EVERY southerner I talk to is VERY for an all white Confederacy 2. EVERY. So don’t listen to Soros funded army of useful idiots or latte libtards. Just use your own common sense.


          • @Gray Ghost…

            Kind Sir, it does you no credit to think that everyone who voices a point of view other than your own is to be suspect.

            I wish I could confirm that I see what you and I yearn for, secession, in my fellow Southerners, but, outside of this blog, I do not.

            98.9% of our fellow Southerners have never had a secessionist thought in their lifetime, and, is you mention the word, ‘secession’, their minds immediately shift back to 1861, something totally disconnected from 2020, or, at least, in their view.

  2. Well he’s right. We are in the first stages. Was with a buddy in town from Detroit. Dude did years in prison and was laughing and said, “I see a race war coming”.

    Society has broken down. The intensity where I live is very clear. This is nothing new.

    Get out of the cities ASAP. The pandemic and everything else has everyone on edge. People are snapping.

    • I would move to another country if I could afford it. Yesterday I saw an ex Goldman Sachs jew say, when the big investment houses realize the economy isn’t coming back, they are going to move their money into bitcoin, and that will cause the USD to collapse. He said despite the risk, he has already moved half of his money to it.

      All those starving darkies without government gibs. Hoo boy! A nice house out in the country won’t be far enough away.

      • Investment Bank and Wall St kikes always do the opposite of what they say in order to take the other side of the trade (Bitcoin futures are traded on the CME) – he has probably gone 100% into US Dollars.

      • If I had no family I cared about, I’d get the hell out of this cursed country. But I want to be around if they need me.

  3. Most American Whites can’t leave – unlike 1 million South African Whites and Zimbabwean Whites who could qualify for an ancestry passport or had the in-demand skills to take the anywhere. American Whites are like the Afrikaners still in SA. Nowhere else to go. But we can leave the cities, and the land God gave us is our friend…

  4. We’re hated, like always, but no longer feared. The darker-hued races know they can attack us without reprisals. Our “leaders” will just moan about hatred or some other imagined culprit, instead of cracking down. This will not end well. The irresponsibility of the political elites is going to lead to wholesale bloodshed, and they will not be immune from it.

    • Ungrateful US Blacks don’t realize how good they have it here. God forbid a race war happens – for their sake!

    • That’s why berzerkers like Breivik, Tarrant and Roof are condemned. At least they are terrifying examples what might happen. My guess is that Paddock had leftist tendencies and had to be hidden away from media scutiny.

      • Paddock shot up the place. Crazy stuff. I went there two days after. The entire are was locked down. I used to party and go the Mandalay all the time.

        What got to me was seeing all the shoes and flip flops in the street. Looking at them and understanding these people were running so fast their shoes came off.

        And we here in Vegas still have no idea what really motivated it. There is a lot behind it we are not being told.

        When I went there I had to walk about a mile before I could get close to the area. Streets were closed and cops everywhere.

        I was in front of the Luxor and a cop was there keeping up the perimeter. I asked him how did a guy get shot in front of the New York New York which is way down the strip.

        He was just like I don’t know. The FBI is in the perimeter and Metro is just here. The feds even didn’t let local cops have anything to do with the investigation.

        • @Ron…

          It is very clear that Paddock was a Left-wing vigilante.

          No one else picks an event to shoot up, where only White Conservatives will be.

          Yet, we understand that The FBI is quite effective in their jobs – covering up crimes, instead of investigating them and publicizing their findings.

          Most people have forgotten Paddock and, if reminded of it, would see the event as ‘unsolved’.

  5. P Diddy or Doody or whatever his name is, is basically another black criminal who ” made it” by blabbering into a microphone rapping. I am sure he got to the top of the money game really ugly like fellow thug rappers Jay Z, Snoop Dogg and countless others.

    America’s demise is it can’t tell the truth. Diddy is doing this routine of Trump ” has to go” because it’s all a deflection of blacks committing tons of crime, welfare abuse, failing in schools, destroying neighborhoods, filling up jails, having most of their kids out of wedlock, creating very little outside of the entertainment field and on and on.

    It’s like a giant snowball of lies that anyone who remotely tries to stop this demise is deemed a racist, Nazi, White Supremacist that has to go. It has basically extended to the majority of White America that ” has to go.” But as everyone knows- especially blacks- a nation without Whites is a shithole.

    Diddy, of course, like most blacks with money, lives in a mostly White area. So, like so many black racists, he is a walking contradiction. Jay Z and his racist Beyonce wife lives in majority White areas. They feed off of black hatred while living with Whites. Just like ball bouncer LeBron James and his league of grossly overpaid mutants live wildly hypocritical lives.

    Decades of absurd amounts of immigration, decades of blacks having babies out of wedlock from 3 different dudes, decades of heavily jewish run media lying, distorting and ruining life for White people has come home to roost.

    The entire Democratic Party is dedicated to the destruction of White people as they know full well that means the end of America. Diversity is not a strength but a source of friction.

    The country has too many losers in its borders. We have too many loser cities, towns and neighborhoods now. We have become disgustingly unaffordable in the good areas.

    It’s not bad learning foreign languages. It sure beats watching sports or 24/7 negative news. Life is short. We all die. The question is, “Do you want to live in a place that no longer shares your values, culture, heritage and wants to tax you to death to fund cultures that are alien to you?” Are you sick of living in or near cities that have large pockets of criminality and dysfunction? Are you sick of the fact your tax dollars fund schools your kids in too many cases can’t even go to because they stink? I can go on.

    I am over 45. Life is dwindling. It’s not like being 20 and it seems like time is on your side. Quite frankly I am sick of living in a nation where heavily jewish run entertainment and news lies and spreads fake garbage. I am sick of seeing homosexuality promoted as normal. It’s not. I am sick of this society being so expensive compared to years back that it limits your options as a citizen as foreign buyers and too much immigration drive up housing costs to the obscene.

    Maybe America will dissolve. It certainly needs to breakup. That would be a positive. Because I really don’t want to live in a perpetually sinking rathole for too many more years that I don’t have. I mean good years and not survival years. So just in case, why not pick out 3 nations you can see yourself living in and go visit. If you like them, why not learn their languages? You never know where life will take you.

      • Really? Then I’m just a youngster… Good. I’ve got a lot of reckoning to do, before my commission is over.

    • Rumor has it that P Diddly performed a certain sexual act on Clive Davis in order to get Davis’s Arista to buy P Diddly’s Bad Boy Records.

    • What is the Republican party dedicated to outside of destroying whites also, just at a slower pace

      • Jeff is one of our resident trumpshills, so view all of his comments through that lens and the little details make more sense.

        • Yes Anonymous. My common sense makes sense. Keep waiting until 2095 for your ” true” candidate to step up. You alt right grifters can’t even put up a candidate you like or one that can actually have a chance at winning the presidency. Keep reading another political fantasy novel and dream of your candidate. In the meantime myself and millions of others will stay in reality. Maybe you can write ” Anonymous” as your next presidential pick.

          • @Jeff how do you not see the problem with your logic. It is selfish and based in an idea that whatever happens when you are dead doesnt matter so as long as we can squeak out a few more decades of non collapse with Republicans collapsing on their promises every four years it is a win. As bad as things are, atleast they are so obvious now that people cant ignore them. Anyone placing hope in Trump isnt necessarily dumb just self deluding. The man is faker and cheaper than a knockoff Armani suit.

            He could care less about you or us and will say or do whatever it takes to maintain power and wealth for his family

    • Its the bike tribe riling up the joggers mostly but yes white libtards also to blame for fanning the flames I guess they want America to die?! Imagine wanting you’re own country to no longer exist ffs the Chinese must be having a good laugh from all this. Good on them they at least understand not to have joggers in their commie country

  6. point #1: With the clear evidence of our opposition’s growing power, you advocate “do nothing”?

    I advocate you better get your shit wired tight. Gardening, water supply, (wells) neighborhood defense teams, communications, medical, long term food storage, and the ABILITY and MEANS to defend those from the looting, pillaging mobs that will be coming.

    point #2: “If it gets bad enough, Whites will just start leaving the United States…”

    With what means? Convoys to drug cartel land, south of the border? Rafts to communist Cuba? A modern day White Trail Of Tears to the locked Canadian border? Oh sure, the affluent Whites will have the means to exodus, but the backbone of the Nation will not.

    Sorry Brad, but you have a responsibility to your readers. This ship is going down as I’ve said here for a decade. Furthermore, I’m a decade ahead of most here in being ready for it. It’s not some doomsday prepper fantasy bullshit. It’s foresight, long term planning and networking viable solutions to potential life changing events. Something Whites built a Nation on, and some traits that need to return (or will, when the weak are culled).

    “Whites are hated but no longer feared” as another poster put it succinctly. 100% true. That doesn’t bode well for a majority of Whites, who are largely unprepared.

  7. “Sooner or later, this country is going to fall apart as a result of its own values”:

    The main Western values are The Dollar, greed and lust. Americans and other nations that follow the U.S. “cultural” lead LACK PATIENCE AND SELF-DISCIPLINE. For example, they disobey public hygiene rules in the pandemic, unlike Asians who eagerly fight and win the battle against disease and want their governments to be even more strict with them. .

  8. I am telling you, in the coming great war against the racists. It will be the Irish leading the charge against whites.

    Jews simple do not trust blacks enough to lead and Jews could find themselves in too much danger should things go wrong.

  9. “Jogger fatigue intensifies” God I hate these rappers the most ungrateful sons of bitches on this earth and they make millions from no talent unlistenable rhyming satanic garbage muzak. Think how many millions this poofdiddy piece of shit makes off whitey wigs from suburbia And his response is we need a race war with white America

    Some zog police officer kills a unresponsive thug. Libtards, black elites response is all whites did this and is responsible for saint floyds death. Blumpf should go suck this has been rappers cock if he ever runs out of jareds ju ju cum and also disavow the rest of his supporters he’s already disavowed 80% of his base already. He might as well go full shabbos and disavow the rest. Stupid orange potatus puppet

  10. The race war against Whites has been going on for many years. It’s only lately that a lot of people are starting to notice, thanks in large part to stupid blacks like p diddy, bless his heart.

  11. Humans are tribal by nature. Each ethnic group has its own interests, which collide with the interests of other groups. A “Rainbow multicultural faction” is doomed to fail.

    If a race war is what they want, let them have it. Sooner or later, they shall realize they are chewing more than they can swallow.

  12. I would love to have and would encourage a mainsteam Black Party. It would be another wrench in the “Diveristy is our Strenght” and “melting pot” narratives.

  13. P-Daddy is a Drama-queen with no military experience.

    The last thing that most Americans are fancying, are shooting at each other because of their physical traits.

    Political traits, however, is quite another case, as I do regularly hear Conservatives dreaming of a brief autumnal hunt season for Liberals.

    Of course, kitchen talk is one thing – the reality quite another,

      • @CD…

        Americans are not buying guns and ammo with racial vigilante actions in mind, Dear CD – but, to defend their homes and communities.

        Though on the surface it may seem to be similar, it’s not the same thing – not even close.

        Americans are reacting to the loss of their most cherished dream that the government would enforce the law and protect them.

        Now they know such is not the case; that not only the national government is lawless, but, in many cases – both the state and local. So back to what it was 2 centuries ago, when men kept their rifles at their side in church, in case of an Indian attack.

        There again, defence is not tatamount to racial vigilanteism.

  14. The Democrats and Republicans should be honest about it. President Obama was a very partisan figure and the same goes for Trump. Some people will never like Obama and some people will never like Trump. What’s bad about it is both parties are talking and sturing up racial conflict but it’s obvious Trump has done nothing but be the average Republican in office. Cutting taxes for the rich, less regulations which hurt the Environment, and the gap has grown between the Rich vs the Middle Class vs the Working Poor. The Republicans answered in Mississippi by changing our State Flag like that’s really gonna make Black Supremacists happy. Nope. Nothing will. I think the problem we have is that the other races have never really embrace being American. So the whole Civic Nationalist thing never worked. Both Joe Biden and Trump should strongly speak out against Antifa and Black Lives Matter and investigative who’s behind the race riots and violence. The rich Democrats are always mentioned as being behind it. However Trump uses these race riots as a political ad that shows he’s for Law & Order and Patriotism. However it’s all talk because he didn’t stop it. I’ve alway said that nobody that’s in office (especially the Governor or President or Mayor) wants to be in office when a race war happens. It seems it’s already happening and it could get much worse if the campaign money keeps rolling into those Violent Terrorists organizations. Normally I would be all for the current state of America and the ongoing War. However it seems in 2020 I’m more interested in Free Speech, Peace, Respect, Patriotism, and Voting. If only the radicals on the left and right would do the same thing. Deo Vindice !

  15. 2020 America: A Failed nation where three North American urban pavement apes (kayne west, puff daddy, and ice cube) have a voice on how the ship of state sails.

    2020 America: A failed nation where politicians of all stripes only address White citizens in the most disparaging of term.

  16. @Anonymous…

    Jeff is most certainly a Conservative and a Trump supporter, Sir.

    That said, it it completely irrelevant to what he said – the naked objective truth, or, at least, it is for Southerners.

  17. What is important is not whether we “save” the United states as I believe it to be terminal. What is important is to save a prion of our people so a greater expression of our racial being may someday manifest in a nation of our very own. A nation and government of white people, by white people, for white people, and ONLY white people!

  18. Who is the artist of the Tata Chips Porchboons with the White heads? What organization released it?

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