Macron Decries Beheading of French Teacher

The United States isn’t going to be the only Western country that will fall apart one day because its liberal and modernist values have severely eroded its social fabric.


“PARIS (AP) — For the second time in three weeks, terror struck France, this time with the gruesome beheading of a history teacher in a street in a Paris suburb. The suspected attacker was shot and killed by police.

French President Emmanuel Macron denounced what he called an “Islamist terrorist attack” and urged the nation to stand united against extremism. The teacher had discussed caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad with his class, authorities said. …

“One of our compatriots was murdered today because he taught … the freedom of expression, the freedom to believe or not believe,” Macron said.

He said the attack shouldn’t divide France because that’s what the extremists want. “We must stand all together as citizens,” he said. …”

New York Times:

“PARIS — The suspect in the beheading of a history teacher in a Paris suburb was an 18-year-old immigrant of Chechen descent who was angered by the classroom display of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, French officials said on Saturday.

The suspect, identified by the authorities as Abdoulakh A., stalked the area outside the school on Friday afternoon before following the teacher, whom he stabbed and decapitated with a knife, Jean-François Ricard, the top antiterrorism prosecutor, said at a news conference.

“The individual was in front of the college in the afternoon and asked students to indicate the future victim to him,’’ Mr. Ricard said, referring to the middle school where the teacher, Samuel Paty, had taught. The suspect was fatally shot by the police in a confrontation soon after the killing, which took place in Eragny, a suburb near the school …

Last month, a 25-year-old Pakistani immigrant attacked two people outside the former offices of Charlie Hebdo, apparently angered after watching videos showing protests in Pakistan against the republication of the cartoons. …”

It might not even be the first domino to fall.

France is where 19th century culture ended in the bonfire of battles like the Somme and Verdun in World War I. 20th century culture is headed toward a similar crackup. Unlike World War I and World War II, the crackup won’t be because nation-states go to war with each other again, but because they are losing internal cohesion, disintegrating and collapsing into a cultural civil war.

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  1. ” . Unlike World War I and World War II, the crackup won’t be because nation-states go to war with each other again, but because they are losing internal cohesion, disintegrating and collapsing into a cultural civil war.”

    Much like how the last material age, The Enlightenment ended, in a series of Revolutions.

  2. Macron is adopting the Trump specialty position of “severely monitoring the situation”. Beheading someone and violence in general is not my way of life, but what does anyone expect when you import millions of devout people from a foreign religion and the third world, then expect them to pacifily be subjected to smug progressive academics lecturing them about freedom, diversity and secularism.

    It does not requite an intellectual to realize this was going to happen. “Ok Moehamhead, your Prophet was just a guy, no one special and you must worship gays, trannies and anyone darker than you”.

      • What was sowed in France, good seed, only germinated and then died (was killed). The French Revolution and the English Revolution BOTH ultimately failed. Plutocracy won, and returned to full power in a slightly different form. Millions of commons who fought against and overthrew the Catholic monarchies, for the promise of liberty, equality and fraternity, were betrayed and received new chains instead.

        • “Good seed”? A small group of liberal academics began preaching we are all the same down with the monarchy and classless society, spent a year viciously slaughtering anyone who didnt agree as well as clergy, and then were reigned in eventually by Napoleon. This same group are the ones who decided to put Haitian mulattos in leadership and told the populace everyone was the same and equal. Worked out well for the French men, women and children in Haiti

          • Re: ““Good seed? A small group of liberal academics began preaching we are all the same (…) then were reigned in eventually by Napoleon”:

            No. The PEOPLE fought against plutocracy (in the form of monarchy) for the hope/promise of liberty and equality – yes, it was the BEST seed. But the poor were defeated, as happens to most peasant uprisings, and elites regained control. The empire struck back.

    • @Captain Schill…

      Maybe it just has not occurred to President Macron that The Enlightenment cannot be exported to certain blood types.

  3. Calling it now (called it for years): France is Europe’s weak link. European race war will kick off there. Until Covid hit, it seemed to be only a matter of time before the Gilets Jaunes got into it with the Vibrant banlieux rioters. French government fears civil war; why they concealed identity of Notre Dame arsonist.

    France is ready to blow.

    • @James Longstreet…

      Yes, France is ready to blow. That said, their citizenry is not armed like we are here, so, without the gunpowder behind it, I am sceptical as to how much of an explosion there will be.

      In any case, I will remember your call.

      For my part, I see no particular place in Europe where something cataclysmick will take place, this, country by country, for different reasons.

      But, yes, something about France does seem toxick and virulent, even as far away as out here in the North Carolina swamps.

      That said, we, in The United States seem pretty toxick and virulent, too – even more so than France, which has not suffered most of it’s cities to be pillaged by riots as we have here.

  4. Why? Why? What sadistic glee do the Jews, the Irish and the homos get in antagonizing and tormenting Muslims?

    • What’s so great about Muslims? The fact someone isn’t brainwashed into their cult is all it takes to “antagonize” them. Keep them the hell out of our countries. That would be the solution in a sane world.

  5. This teacher’s name was ‘Samuel’, not a typically French first name … Jewish?

    He showed stupid Mohammed-bashing cartoons to a class with a significant amount of Muslim students, supposedly to teach about ‘freedom of speech’

    Whereas Muslims in general know that you get in legal trouble in France for saying things about Jewish people, they do not consider France a ‘freedom of speech country’ … so such an act is obviously just to provoke Muslims

    We see in France that stupid Mohammed-insulting cartoons are gov-promoted, but serious intellectuals talking about Jewish issues are criminally convicted, fined and jailed, people such as Hervé Ryssen, and Alain Soral, and also the clever comic French black guy Dieudonné

    France was one of the first countries to criminalise ‘holocaust denial’, which many if not most Muslims in France quietly would deny as well, given how often that narrative of WW2 is denounced in Muslim media

    That fool Macron talks laughably about his programmes to ‘reshape Islamic life in France’ as if that was actually doable or even his business

    Guillaume Durocher on Unz keeps up a series on the French situation, covering things like the massive Muslim birth wave there, and the Jewish-led jailings of French intellectuals, his articles here

    • “Muslims in general know that you get in legal trouble in France for saying things about Jewish people,”

      One guy was fired by the Charlie Hebdo magazine for making fun of Jews. In France, mocking and slandering Muslims and Christians is a-ok and you will be celebrated, but you can’t make fun of Jews.

  6. What you call modernism I call decadence.

    Like the USA, Rome started out strong, then turned decadent before being overrun by barbarians. Watching the fall of the USA, I wonder how many of those barbarians destroying Rome were not invading armies, but it’s cheap imported slave labor turning on its masters?

    • The Roman Legions were also filled with vast numbers of paid foreigners. They foolishly expected eternal allegiance from those people?

      • I’m pretty sure they got plenty of allegiance from Germans they brought in; but all the time, the Empire’s non-Aryan population was growing and thus becoming difficult to manage, while, I’d guess, the German populations outside the Empire were growing.

        The passage I excerpted from Madison Grant’s “The Passing of the Great Race” in my reply below, to JJ, addresses that first point, of the growing non-Aryan population. The book’s paragraph immediately before that excerpt more-or-less addresses, briefly, my second point, about foreigners’ good service to Rome. Here it is …

        “The marvellous organization of the Roman state made use of the services of Nordic mercenaries and
        kept the Western Empire alive for three centuries after the ancient Roman stock had virtually ceased
        to exist.”

        Here, again, is the link, which I posted in my reply to JJ:

        • Hermann the German served with them and later led a German revolt against them, giving Rome one of its worst defeats…Teutoburg forest.

          • PS When I read your comment, Powell, I also had a vague memory that Hermann hadn’t exactly “served” with the Romans—not entirely voluntarily, that is—before he eventually led his fellow Germans against them.

            Have just checked Wikipedia, which seems to confirm that vague memory of mine:

            “Born a prince of the Cherusci tribe, Arminius [Hermann] was made a hostage of the Roman Empire as a child. Raised in Rome, he was drafted into the Roman military at an early age, during which he was granted Roman citizenship and became a Roman knight. After serving with distinction in the Great Illyrian Revolt, he was sent to Germania to aid the local governor Publius Quinctilius Varus in completing the Roman conquest of the Germanic tribes. While in this capacity, Arminius secretly plotted a Germanic revolt against Roman rule, which culminated in the ambush and destruction of three Roman legions in the Teutoburg Forest.”


            PPS Note that, in Latin, the “h” at the beginning of his name, Hermann, has dropped away, to leave Arminius, just as it drops away in, for instance, Cockney. (“Please ‘and me that ‘ammer.
            I ‘ave a nail to pound.”) An aspect of the Aryan languages.

        • John Bonnacorsi,

          Being conquered is usually not irrelevant. The Germans did add vigor to a dying Empire however. The Visigoth cavalry charge at Chalons 451 A.D. while fighting for Rome did defeat the Huns under Attila which was a major victory according to most historians. The Suebi in NW Spain were never conquered by the Moslems leaving a future base of operations for the christians.

          I could also add that the Ostrogoths, another German tribe ruled Italy quite well until they were conquered by the Eastern Romans, erroneously called the Byzantines. The Vandals ruled North Africa for awhile and were so lenient they became degenerate and thus easy prey for the East Roman conquest under Belisarius.

          So yes there is a good deal of truth in your belief that the Germans had some beneficial role in the last stages of the Western Roman Empire.

          There were anti-German riots in the Eastern Roman Empire in the early 5th century therefore reducing German mercenary influence in the East. This meant that the Eastern Empire relied on native soldiers more than mercenaries which is a safer route for a country to travel in the long run.

        • November,

          It was primarily the German tribes who conquered the Western Roman Empire. Vandals, Suebi, Franks, Ostrogoths, Visigoths,etc.

          I believe the Suebi settled in northwestern Spain.

          • Irrelevant—because it was German strength in the Roman military that enabled the Romans to hold off those German tribes as long as they did.

    • There were actually quite a few ‘servile rebellions’, although the Romans tried to cover them up. It’s also why there were relatively few adult male slaves in the city, they were considered dangerous, and were sent to expire quietly in the mines or on the latifundia.

      • Interesting comment about Rome’s special handling of male slaves. I was familiar with rebellions of the poor that were crushed and ignored or whitewashed by historians.

    • Rome failed to adopt sanitation necessary to have a positive birthrate in their capital city. Rome as a city was a net consumer of flesh and capital and not productive. That’s all.

    • “Watching the fall of the USA, I wonder how many of those barbarians destroying Rome were not invading armies, but it’s cheap imported slave labor turning on its masters?”

      I don’t know that they had to turn on their masters. Simply by outbreeding their masters, they (the slaves) would probably have overburdened them. There’s only so much riffraff you can keep in line, especially when you’re trying to hold off hostile outsiders, too.

      Here—if I’m allowed to post a long excerpt—is what Madison Grant had to say on that subject, in “The Passing of the Great Race” …

      “The date when the population of the Empire had become predominantly of Mediterranean and Oriental blood, due to the introduction of slaves from the east and the wastage of Italian blood in war, coincides with the establishment of the Empire under Augustus and the last Republican patriots represent the final protest of the old patrician Nordic strain. For the most part they refused to abdicate their right to rule in favor of manumitted slaves and imperial favorites and they fell in battle and sword in hand. The Romans died out but the slaves survived and their descendants form the great majority of the south Italians of to-day.

      “In the last days of the Republic, Caesar was the leader of the mob, the Plebs, which by that time had ceased to be of Roman blood. Pompey’s party represented the remnants of the old native Roman aristocracy and was defeated at Pharsalia not by Caesar’s plebeian clients but by his Nordic legionaries from Gaul. Cassius and Brutus were the last successors of Pompey and their overthrow at Philippi was the final death blow to the Republican party; with them the native Roman families disappear almost entirely.

      “The decline of the Romans and for that matter of the native Italians began with the Punic Wars when in addition to the Romans who fell in battle a large portion of the country population of Italy was destroyed by Hannibal. Native Romans suffered greatly in the Social and Servile Wars as well as in the civil conflicts between the factions of Sylla, who led the Patricians, and Marius who represented the Plebs. Bloody proscriptions of the rival parties followed alternately the victory of one side and then of the other and under the tyranny of the Emperors of the first century also the old Roman stock was the greatest sufferer until it practically vanished from the scene.

      “Voluntary childlessness was the most potent cause of the decline under the Empire and when we
      read of the abject servility of bearers of proud names in the days of Nero and Caligula, we must remember that they could not rally to their standard followers among the Plebs. They had only the choice
      of submission or suicide and many chose the latter alternative. The abjectness of the Roman spirit under the Empire is thus to be explained by a change in race.

      “With the expanding dominion of Rome the native elements of vigor were drawn year after year into the legions and spent their active years in wars or in garrisons, while the slaves and those unfit for military duty stayed home and bred. In the present great war [World War I] while the native Americans are at the front fighting[,] the aliens and immigrants are allowed to increase without check and the parallel is a close one.

      “Slaves began to be imported into Italy in numbers in the second century B. C. to work the large plantations — latifundia — of the wealthy Romans. This importation of slaves and the ultimate extension of the Roman citizenship to their manumitted descendants and to inferior races throughout the growing Empire and the losses in internal and foreign wars, ruined the state. In America we find another close parallel in the Civil War and the subsequent granting of citizenship to Negroes and to ever increasing numbers of immigrants of plebeian, servile or Oriental races, who throughout history have shown little capacity to create, organize or even to comprehend Republican institutions.

      “In Rome, when this change in blood was substantially complete, the state could no longer be operated under Republican forms of government and the Empire arose to take its place. At the beginning the Empire was clothed in the garb of republicanism in deference to such Roman elements as still persisted in the Senate and among the Patricians but ultimately these external forms were discarded and the state became virtually a pure despotism.

      “The new population understood little and cared less for the institutions of the ancient Republic but they were jealous of their own rights of ‘Bread and the Circus’ — ‘panem et circenses’ — and there began to appear in place of the old Roman religion the mystic rites of Eastern countries so welcome to the plebeian and uneducated soul. The Emperors to please the vulgar erected from time to time new shrines to strange gods utterly unknown to the Romans of the early Republic. In America, also, strange temples, which would have been abhorrent to our Colonial ancestors, are multiplying and our streets and parks are turned over to monuments to foreign ‘patriots,’ designed not to please the artistic sense of the passer-by but to gratify the national preference of some alien element in the electorate.

      “These comments on the change of race in Rome at the beginning of our era are not mere speculation. An examination of many thousands of Roman columbaria or funeral urns and the names inscribed thereon show quite clearly that as early as the first century of our era eighty to ninety per cent of the urban population of the Roman Empire was of servile extraction and that about seven-eighths of this slave population was drawn from districts within the boundaries of the Empire and very largely from the countries bordering on the eastern Mediterranean. Few names are found which indicate that their bearers came from Gaul or the countries beyond the Alps. These Nordic barbarians were of more use in the legions than as household servants.

      “At the beginning of the Christian era the entire Levant and countries adjoining it in Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt had been so thoroughly hellenized that many of their inhabitants bore Greek names. It was from these countries and from northern Africa that the slave population of Rome was drawn. Their descendants were the most important element in the Roman melting pot and even to-day form the predominant element in the population of Italy south of the Apennines. When the Nordic barbarians a few centuries later poured in, these Romanized Orientals disappeared temporarily from view under the rule of the vigorous northerners but they have steadily absorbed the latter until the Nordic elements in Italy now are to be found chiefly in the Lombard plains and the region of the Alps.”

      That long passage I just excerpted starts on page 216 at the following:

  7. What is Macron decrying? This is diversity. This is multiculturalism. This is what he wanted. This is what the people of the West wanted. I don’t decry Burger King when I go there and get exactly what I ordered. Very strange behavior.

  8. Perhaps off comment, but I just saw the new movie The Trial of the Chicago Seven on Netflix. I watched it not at my house but a friend’s, and only because they had filmed scenes in places I know, and I remember the filming in 2019 and wanted to see what it looked like on camera. Of course, the “movie” was lousy in general. But what made my blood boil was a scene where the women in the 1968 “movement” are mistreated and maybe even raped (it’s unclear, of course, with creative editing if the rapes occurred). Guess who does the raping? Yup, our good old villain the tall blond blue-eyed buttondown shirt-wearing fraternity-dwelling MONSTER Chad. Chad was even pulled off a girl just before coitus by…our hero, Jerry Rubin! YAyyy!

    • I think we are about to have a serious insurrection in Manchester in the North of England. Boris and the populist lefty Andy Burnham mayor up there are at loggerheads over lockdown. The Labour voters in area are Unionized Tankies, not Anarcho Hipsters.

  9. We are now beginning to reap what we sowed when we destroyed the anti-Communist Third Reich. 1945 was the beginning of our descent into hell.

  10. Bloody banker Macron decries a beheading, but he does not decry all the innocent people, mostly Muslims, that his regime has killed and is killing, especially in Muslim countries. “Radical Islamic” proxy forces such as ISIS and Al Nusra supported by France as well as the U.S. (and Israel) that do many beheadings while they continue to receive clandestine support, training, funding, arms, and targeting direction. Capitalist France (along with the U.S. and of course Israel) was mainly responsible for the destruction of the Libyan Arab Republic, and Macron’s regime continues to brutalize the Yellow Vests, privatize public property and services, and impoverish the people.

  11. How about instead of pissing the muzzies off with gay little cartoons, they just kick them all out? Or at least stop bringing them in.

    I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more killings like this, and more Churches being burned to the ground. This is where a secular multicultural state gets you, no one is left to fight for their race or God.

  12. Islam is better than liberalism. France would be lucky to be islamized instead of becoming the secular african gaytopia Macron envisions.

  13. Well mr.macron we have an olde country sayin over here and i quote ” you bring a snake in the house , sooner or later somebody is gonna git bit”. A snake is a snake wether imported or homegrown.

  14. France is long overdue for a white berzerker reciprocating for acts like this. I guess Macron is just trying to stave off that day. I pity him.

  15. Mulling over the Townhall in Philly featuring Scranton’s own Biden, there was much discussion of transsexuals. I didn’t realise that the Jewish health secretary of Pennsylvania is a tranny called Rachel Levine. Nor that she’d cleared out hospitals in the state and forced nursing homes to take in seniors with Covid19 positive tests. Why fracking, why trannies? Pennsylvania. Keystone state is up for grabs. The right wing there must be seething with anger at Wolf and Levine.

  16. Say what you want about Muslims, but at least they still show the strength to defend what they believe in. Past Western men would not have hesitated in decapitating those that were a direct threat to their way of life. I oppose Muslim growth in Europe because it implies a non white growth, but given the choice of Islam or the neoliberal SJWism, then Islam is a no brainer.

  17. The last thing Anti-Whites like Macron will denounce is “Diversity” which brought them to France in the first place.

    • Macron is one of the guys who wants the EU to add Africa into their trading bloc and become EurAfrica. He just wants to turn all of the diverse ethnicities into enlightened secular humanist liberals first.

  18. The crackdown on the plebes by the elites was planned for at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Klaus Schwab, the poobah there, wrote about taking over through a pandemic just two years ago. They weren’t able to do it through the swine flu, but it worked out for them this time. The phrase, “Build Back Better,” even comes from his writing. The pols, from Nuzzlehumper Joe Biden to Crazyhair Boris Johnson, dance to his tune. Switzerland needs a plague to clear out the “better” parts.

  19. I once had a gorgeous girlfriend who was driving me crazy.

    When I sought the advice of an elder, she said to me : ‘You’ll put up with her until you do not wish to put up with her any longer.’

    How true that was.

    And so now I say the same for Whites, everywhere : we’ll put up with all this crap until we do not wish to, at which point the problem will be overcome, and overcome pretty dang quickly.

    It’s a matter of desire.

  20. A few beheadings and disembowelings are a small price to pay for the glorious benefits of vibrant diversity, which continues to make France stronger!

    As long as no precious jews are harmed or their feelings hurt, of course.

  21. I do not shed one tear for this teacher who celebrated diversity and Islam in France losing his head. I only wish it was a French nationalist that has the honor of carrying out the beheading.

  22. No one deserves beheading, but come on; France has verbal hate crime laws and people have been convicted and imprisoned for offensive speech. This teacher went for the low hanging fruit; insulting Muslims; why is that not protected if other verbal hate crimes exist?
    ps. what do you think would happen if teachers were using the n word in a class room? They would be fired but if not , there would be actions taken by offended parties too! What’s this obsession with offending Muslims in a public school classroom ? It IS hateful[imo]

  23. “The teacher had discussed caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad with his class, authorities said.

    I’ve met muslims and the only thing you don’t talk about one’s own religions.This history teachers is a clown.

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