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      • ‘Splain it to me again Hunter, if you or anyone else can, how they are ‘Our Greatest Ally’?

        Q: Is Trump planning to attack Iran after Nov. 3rd for ‘Our Greatest Ally’? Why did Sheldon Adelson, who made his fortune off of the misery of degenerate gamblers, give tens of millions of dollars to Trump: is it because Sheldon is interested in good government, is that what he is interested in buying?

        • Seems like that may be the purpose of the diplomatic coalition-building involving Israel and Arab states. Cover for attack on Iran. Maybe Turkey will supply the pretext and invoke NATO Article 5?

  1. The orthodox jooish viewpoint is well-represented in the Blompf White House by the dark lord of 666 Park Avenue.

    • Kushner represents a faction of power, who will not relent till they get their temple in jerusalem it is going to happen.you can be certain of it. When it does happen , all of his people world wide will go back to the kingdom of judah , taking their spoils with them of course, jerusalem will be like dubai with the temple good , good for them! I give thanks to our heavenly father that he will soon take them from our midst, they have their temple , we have jesus forever! We have this republic to rebuild . if that is not possible , thee rebirth of our southern nation is possible and certain. Be happy today my friends, we have much to look forward too and thank you mr h wallace for your continued instruction sir..

      • Terry, your perverted wet dream of a chiliastic Third Temple is utterly BLASPHEMOUS. If you believe this, you are a heretic. The entirety of the Dispensational theology is built on either: a) a semi-lunatic Scottish girl named MacDonald, and/or the b) ravings of a crypto-Jew writing as a Jesuit, via a ‘commentary’ on Revelation in the late medieval period!

        As one Protestant rightly says: “In 70 A.D. the Temple was destroyed by the invading Roman army. The old system of Temple worship was destroyed, because God no longer had need for it. The final sacrifice had been offered once and for all time in the body of Christ. There is no place in God’s plan for the nation of Israel.”

        “…no place in God’s plan for the nation of Israel.” None, NADA, ZIP. Either you hold to the belief that “The Church is Israel Now” (cf. book of that same title by Charles Provan)- i.e. ‘spiritual’ Israel- or you hold that the Caucasoid/Christendom race is the True “seed” of Israel, “physical/Covenantal Israel” due to the witness of the concentration/extent of the Gospel in the first MILLENNIUM! As Belloc wrote (and he a Catholic) ‘Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.’

        But the god-damned KIKES? Not one single hair of one kinky-haired, schnozzola-nosed JEW is going to be saved by Christ. THEY ARE NOT EVEN OF HIS RACE! They are not even non-elect. THEY ARE DAMNED.

        “European Jews (Ashkenazim) don’t belong to the 12 (Semitic) tribes of Israel. They’re a mix of genetic ancestries. Far more than previously thought, they appear to originate in tribes from the Caucasus region that sits between Eastern Europe and Asia Minor—the land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.”- https://www.darkmoon.me/2013/european-jews-are-not-semites-by-rehmat/

        Why do you think the cry of the True Christian, the White Nationalist, and the REAL European over the centuries is, ‘DEATH TO THE JEW WORLD ORDER’?!?


        • @ ft-john. Sir if i may address you, thee depth of your intellect, thee fervency of your faith, is most impressive, thee studious example you set, gives us something to aspure too. I thank you for your tutelage , your instruction, i appreciate it very much. , sir the bright, rustic warmth and coler of autumn is fading fast here in michigan as the.cold, barren gray of winter approaches, i trust you slept well last night an have had a good breafast this morning. I wish you a good day sir and its always nice to hear from you.

  2. HW, as much as I hate Donald Trump and his cabal of Jews and Shabbos goys, they are better for Europeans in North America than the democrats. The GOP is our enemy. The Democrats are our enemy. The GOP is half a plate of excrement. The Democratic party is a full plate of excrement. We will have to eat from one plate or the other. It is a binary system. The Democrats have a gun to our heads as right wing domestic “extremists.” The Republicans will do nothing or commit less persecution than the Democrats most likely. The GOP is indifferent to our plight. The Democrats are actively working for our dispossession and executions. The Accelerationist strategy of worse is better will fail for our largely middle class movement which is risk averse and anti-violence. We must vote Republican down the ballot. Voting for the Democrats as Richard Spencer suggests or not voting at all is suicidal.

    • Fools like you are the problem. What is the next step in your plan? Oh, there is none. Just vote GOP forever no matter what.

      We need to destroy the GOP. The sooner, the better.

      • Not true. The GOP supports 2nd amendment rights which enables concerned white people to bear arms and form militias for communal defense. This is war. The GOP is an enemy and must be destroyed eventually. For now, we are beggars and cannot be choosers. If the democrats impose gun confiscations, then we will not have the tools to force radical change through direct action.

      • Pro 2nd Amendment. Whites will be able to organize militias for communal self-defense. Do you support gun confiscations?

        • I’m neutral on gun confiscations. Guns are a cope for Whites, who always think there will be some armed uprising just around the corner. Putting false hope in a deus ex machina revolution has prevented practical political organizing for decades. In the bigger picture, confiscations could be beneficial in removing that crutch, though I doubt democrats would even do full on confiscations anyway.

          In practice, White people are already prohibited from using guns as anything other than decoration. If a White person defends himself against a jogger or a looter, he will be charged with murder, even in red states. There are many examples just in the last year. Organize for “communal self defense” and Republicans are even more vigorous in sending the FBI to entrap groups in fake terrorist plots.

  3. The hyper-capitalist urban slumlord and Zionist/Talmudic supremacist speaks of “draining the swamp”
    (feeding in it) and “helping” (helping to further genocide) the indigenous people of Palestine.

  4. Do you think Jared hasn’t had a sit down with Heshy Tischler?

    You are going to have an aligning of right wings Jews, Jews for Trump, and the Heshy Tischler psychos and Irish controlled fake far righters like the Proud Boys, and Tommy Robinson type Muslim hating Mick types. Then add to the mix right wing homos who hate Muslims because Muslims hate their sodomy.

    There is your new right wing coalition, no white Christians. As planned.

    And don’t tell me the Irish are Christian. They have abandoned Christ long ago for their new Mick messiah, the savior of the Mick people, Sean Homo Hannity.

    Let us pray, Oh Hanman……..

    • Lol all irish?! Thats a pretty wild claim painting all irish with the same brush stroke like that tho I admit American irish are the most corrupt comprised shabbos out there The troubles was the biggest attack against irish Christian identity

      Hannity is a irredeemable piece of shit no arguments there

      • They, the Irish, hate all Muslims, all Muslims. The goods ones, the innocent ones, the ones who never hurt a fly in their lives, are hated by the Irish.

        You can not be a Christian if you hate the innocent, it is like you are hating Christ himself.

        But these Irish as much as they possible can are going to form a coalition with Jews for Trump and right wing homos to the exclusion of white Christians. Those wielding power would like nothing more than for the white Christian voter to not matter.

  5. That Shapiro can get a sit down interview from this Jud Suss shows you how much tribal loyalty gets you.

  6. A J2J confab. It could have just as well been with Glenn Greenwald and Bill Kristol, David Frum, Mona Charen, David Brookes, Thomas, Friedman, Jennifer Rubin or Brett Ehrlich…

    • For some reason, the normies haven’t noticed the jews, although you see the tribe and their influence in America every day, now, more so than ever. Twenty four hours a day. You read their names appended to legislation; in the bylines of “news releases” and opinion pieces; in the credits of every television production and Hollywood motion picture. You watch them on TV every night. You see, jews discussing jews, and asking other jews their opinion on still more jews and the activities and doings of, yes, jews. On CNN or FOXjews, or MSNBC, panels of jews being questioned by yet another jew.

      You are confronted with their alien features at every turn. After all, plastic surgery can only do so much. You hear their overblown, nonsensical, brassy, in-your-face, upside down opinions on everything from what you should watch, to what you should wear, to what you should feel, and what you should buy. You are surrounded with them. You are swamped by them. All those know-it-alls: the tribe members, anchors, big mouths, blow-hards, clowns, pundits, experts, strategists, think tank twits, smear merchants – all telling audiences what to think, how to think, and what to believe.

      Food, pharmaceuticals, movies, music, TV, literature, art, fashion, right on down the line, across the board, from top to bottom, every sector is monopolized by jew run Big Government, Big Business and Big Media. You know the pattern of their names; the ‘bergs, the ‘steins, the ‘witz’s, the cohen’s. the ‘man’s. Every time you turn on the news — there they are. Everytime there is a Hollywood promotion — there they are. Every time there is a financial scandal; some sordid perversion; some abominable legislative horror — Yes! There they are!

      You hear the patterns of their speech — an endless irritating combination of overblown and unwanted opinion and kvetch. You see the faces of Soros, Blitzer, Feinstein, Schumer, Kissinger and creatures, literal reptiles like Larry Silverstein of World Trade Center infamy.

      How can one not know the jew? After all this time … how can you not know them? Better yet — how can anyone not understand what they are doing? This is a serious question.

  7. I am shocked at how passive we have become as a people, Whites have always been inventors and masters of the family, Now, we are defensive, It’s embarrassing.

    • Defenseless is the word I think you looking for. Mofos be Watching attack of the titans feeling hopeless but its true

      All white nations have zog control. Its no longer a winnable fight, its just a battle between angels vs demons now

  8. How is this the Swamp’s last stand? The Swamp is like an incurable cancer. It will die, but only because it will kill its host.

  9. Neo conservatard interviews neo liberal libtard nothing to see here. 2 small hats agreeing with each other and stroking their elitist egos

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