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  1. Some background on that painting. Picasso painted it in 1907, in his then whore girlfriend’s basement. She suggested he destroy it. Matisse told him to roll it up and hide it. As far as I know it was never seen in public until a decade and half later. Picasso wasn’t famous until he did the stage sets for the 1920s Russian Ballet in Paris and only then. At that time some very wealthy English patrons asked to see his paintings and bought them. After that Picasso became famous. The painting was retconned into significance by critics claiming Picasso had made a paradigm shifting painting before the war.

    When Picasso made the painting he was torn between his desire to screw prostitutes and the danger of contracting syphilis off them. So the painting is about fucking but it’s also about anxiety about catching a fatal disease. Of course penicillin fixed that anxiety. Post covid we might have to retcon new Techno dystopian imagery to describe our own times.

    • Tom Wolfe did a great job showing what a self serving fraud ‘Modern Art’ is in his 1975 book: “The Painted Word”. It’s a quick read and well worth the time.

    • Les Demoiselles d’Avignon is how Picasso saw this group of prostitutes. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Cubism, the affair of the Spanish heads, and the theft of the Mona Lisa all contributed to Picasso’s notoriety prior to WWI. Let’s not forget the Picasso and his pal George Braque were both semi-professional boxers.

      • ‘Picasso and his pal George Braque were both semi-professional boxers’

        Do you have a source for that? It’s the first I’m hearing of it.

      • “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon is how Picasso saw this group of prostitutes. Nothing more, nothing less.”

        Inasmuch as it resembles nothing in the forty millennia of depiction that preceded it, I’d say it’s something more.

        • It’s also understood that he was looking at the voodoo loot that the British expedition to Benin sold to defray the expedition’s costs. There were blood soaked brasses and bronzes from the sacrificial altars that Picasso reputedly saw at an ethnographic exhibition at the Trocadero. He liked his Voodoo.

      • He really wasn’t a big deal until English tourists bought his work via the Russian Ballet connection. Mostly retconned reputation. Sure other artists knew him but he didn’t sell.

    • Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Jackson Pollock only became famous because of his jewish wife’s ethnic networking with art critics who wrote for widely read art magazines. They were in it for the money, there motivation wasn’t the “art.” Nowadays, modern art is explicitly about money laundering like we saw with “banana taped to a wall.”

  2. Brad, great podcast with Keith. I really enjoyed it. Quick note. C.S. Peirce is pronounced like “Purse”
    PURSS instead of pierce. I’ve made the same mistake. What is your take on the truth value of evolution by natural selection or Darwinism given your Lutheranism? Thanks.

  3. The link for the Hunter Wallace – Richard Spencer podcast is here:


    Funny thing, I googled for the podcast and google gave me SPLC and other “anti-hate” links. I went to Bing and it took me straight to the podcast on the first result.

    I’m listening to it now.

    Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is tweeting with cocky confidence that Biden will win in a landslide. Why this jackass would want democrats to be in control of congress, the federal government, and the presidency is beyond me.

    I can get not wanting to vote for Trump because of his outreach to globo-homo and non-Whites, what I can’t get is wanting the Democrats in charge when they have clearly stated they would shut down the economy, raise taxes, support big tech, expand section 8 to every neighborhood, grant mass amnesty in their first 100 days, open the borders, tear down the wall, make ‘hate speech’ a crime, increase refugees by 700%, take our guns away, declare war on so-called “White Supremacy” which is really just a code for declaring a war on White people.

    On Modernism and fine art:

    There’s a lot of good modernist artists. You mentioned perspective, Hunter. Is Cezanne shit because he altered perspective in his paintings? What about Van Gogh? What about Monet using an optics based palette? Is he shit too?

    The more complex modernists like Paul Klee, Egon Schiele, and Jackson Pollock is hard to appreciate if you are trying to control art to be just a representation.

    Is the Dutch Baroque painter Frans Hals shit because he painted wet on wet instead of everyone else in layers? Is Peter Paul Rubens, the most celebrated artist in all of history…is he shit just because he painted degenerate themes?

    Peter Paul Rubens was the most celebrated artist in his lifetime. He’s a Flemish Baroque painter. All of Europe held Rubens to a standard to what a great artist should be. You know what Rubens painted? Orgies, infanticide, rape, debauchery, murder, obesity, urination, mass slaughter…hell he even painted beastiality.

    This idea that degenerate ideas only gained in the mainstream during modernism is not accurate. Ancient Greece and Rome is filled with degenerate ideas and mythology.

    I’m not sure what the point is of debating modernism. Are we supposed to behave and have the same morals as people during the medieval era?

    Listening to your podcast now as I’m writing this, you mentioned that Hitler hated all modern art including impressionism. Am I supposed to take my cues on what is art from a dictator?

    I’m not sure what is the point of your fascination with modernism. When I was young artist and obsessed with going to art museums all the time, my friend gave me good advice:

    “Museums and history are graveyards. They’re dead.”

    My friend then encouraged me to spend more time in art galleries rather than museums and to stop living in the past.

    That’s what I’m afraid you are doing Hunter, you are living in the past. I don’t see a future for full on – boot stomping fascism in White countries nor a return to Victorian values.

    • He probably is backing Biden in an effort to attach his ‘evil’ reputation to Biden, the same way it would effect Trump if he openly backed him, like happened last time. He probably is not into Biden at all.

    • “they would shut down the economy, raise taxes, support big tech, expand section 8 to every neighborhood, grant mass amnesty in their first 100 days, open the borders, tear down the wall, make ‘hate speech’ a crime, increase refugees by 700%, take our guns away, declare war on so-called “White Supremacy” which is really just a code for declaring a war on White people. ”

      If they can take your guns away so easily, you never really had them.

    • “Funny thing, I googled for the podcast and google gave me SPLC and other “anti-hate” links.”

      If anyone can give a convincing spiel about how this country is in any way superior to the Soviet Union, I’d really like to hear it.

    • Whew—that’s a lot of questions, Gryphon. I guess they should be taken one by one …

      1 — Cezanne. Yes.

      2 — Van Gogh. Definitely.

      3 — Monet. Yes.

      4 — Hals. No.

      5 — Rubens. No.

      6 — Medieval morals. Having spent the first four decades of my life with medieval morals, I’m going to recuse myself on this one.

      7 — Taking art cues from a dictator. That depends on the dictator, I should think.

    • “Gryphon’s Ferocity” says: “what I can’t get is wanting the Democrats in charge when they have clearly stated they would shut down the economy”:

      But I say that’s the one point on which the platform of the Democratic right wing of the Plutocracy is actually SUPERIOR to the platform of the Republican right wing of the Plutocracy, which pledges NOT to allow any use of lockdowns. The Democratic Party definitely wants to take less poor care of the people’s (public) health than Republicans do; in fact, Democratic state governors and other Democratic leaders have already performed better than their Republican counterparts, who mostly want to follow “The Czech Way”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dDoPkL0zsE

  4. Hunter,
    Its time to have an open discussion about religion on Occidental Dissent. There’s a big convo happening on Twitter, but nothing is happening here.


    “Nobody wants to hear this, but Christian desacralization of the material world was a cardinal driver of scientific progress, permitting humanity to explore the world and its phenomena objectively for the first time.”

    Apparently this Nazbol hasn’t heard of the scientific achievements of Rome or Greece, that stopped and reversed for more than 1500 years after Rome fell and Christianity took over. Scientific progress only resumed again during the Renaisance – after the Catholic Church’s political power began to break down.

    “I generally keep my Christian proselytizing to a minimum, but there’s a popular conspiracy theory in our movement that Christianity is a jewish plot to hold us back and down as a race.

    The data simply doesn’t support those conclusions.”

    Except Jesus was a Jew, as he was circumcised. He was also called Rabbi many times in the Bible.

    Every normie Christian out there knows Jesus was a Jew. That is why they support the Jewish state of Israel with our taxes and soldiers. When someone says they hate Jewish Israel and then claim they worship Jewish Jesus, they are not fooling anyone, they are making themselves look silly.

    “”I generally keep my Christian proselytizing to a minimum”

    This Nazbol should also keep his Communist proselytizing on Twitter to a minimum, because every Communist government that has ever existed banned Christianity. A man who supports Christianity and the Communism that banned it looks ridiculous.

    That reminds me of a question I wanted to ask you Hunter. How do you explain all Communist governments banning Christianity, but their people not becoming degenerate like the West has?

    • That came across meaner than I intended. Calling people Nazbol sounds mean. Facts is facts though, Jesus was a genetic Jew.

      To be ideologically consistent you can either:
      Kick out all the Jews, and Jesus being a genetic Jew gets the boot along with his fellows.
      Or, you can worship Jewish Jesus and support the Jewish state of Israel, like the vast majority of Christians do.

      You can’t:
      Worship Jewish Jesus and/or support a Jew tool like Trump, and then make a living saying how evil Jews are like David Duke does. Well you can, but your credibility will be gone.

      • @ matty ” how do you explain all communist goverments banning christianity, but their people not becoming degenerate like the west has”?, i would assume sir, that they banned modernism just as well.

    • CHRIST WASN’T JEWISH. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Christ is Jewish. When He was asked directly by Pontius Pilate if He was Jewish, He even denied it. Do you people think you have some sort of superior insight on Christ’s origins that He didn’t have? He called Himself a Syrian gentile at his very first preaching at Capernaum. Syrian. Gentile. Did any of you cretins even know that? If not, why not? It’s your own religion. You are supposed to know this. Christ was subject to the Syrian governor. It says so in black and white in the New Testament, it even names the governor for crying out loud and you can look him up on Wikipedia.

      I don’t blame pagans for thinking He was Jewish. It’s what the Jews have propagandized for the last century to protect their own interests, and it’s not pagans’ job to protect the interests of a religion they oppose. I do blame every Christian living today for believing such an absurd-on-its-face lie and for not setting the record straight when you could and should have spent 30 minutes reading straight through your own actual religious text and realizing that Galilee was foreign and inimical to Jews and Christ had nothing in common with Jews except a step-father of ambiguous ethnic origins. If this is Christianity, a movement of slandering and Satanizing its own God, then Christians deserve hell.

      “CHRISTIANS,” YOU ARE GOING TO HELL. Your academics and theologians are garbage for promoting this heresy, and they had better reverse course on this issue while they still can, because this is not going away. Show this to your preacher. He needs the warning and a chance to redeem himself.

  5. Your intellectual pursuits will lead you to the one and only one reason for the current state of affairs, the Jew hatred for the innocent Christ. You are taking the long road home.

    But no man, no matter how smart or how much of an intellectual genius can answer the question why.
    Unless you accept the fact Christ was the son of God. Then there is understanding.

  6. After your refusal to admit that the whole covid-19 business was a hoax i swore i was finished with you and your website. Now, months later, not a word about covid on your website. Funny.

      • I happened to overhear some of the “No White Guilt” podcast yesterday, and was surprised that Jason was fully cognizant of the reality of the pandemic. He even castigated the majority of Alt-rights who are anti-mask, anti-science virus deniers.

        Right now, most of the new cases are younger people back to school or work, crowded indoor shopping and entertainment, who are much less likely to die. The surge of deaths will follow in about a month, and as the new wave of infection works its way from the young to the stay-at-home elderly, the death toll will increase even more nby early to mid-winter.

        Hunter, I do not share your optimism for a safe, effective vaccine to become generally available before next spring or summer. Yes, there is a much-improved medical treatment protocol now, but our main, best, and cheapest defense is the rules of public hygiene (most involving separation and cleanliness) that have been known for thousands of years, but millions of foolish, lazy and thick-headed people still deny and refuse to follow.

        • Virus denial and anti-mask “activism” exists almost as much on the “left” as on the right: https://www.jonathan-cook.net/blog/2020-10-01/doubt-path-despair-cynicism/ Jonathan Cook writes: “I have nothing unique, informed or interesting to say about the virus I haven’t already said in earlier pieces on my blog. I don’t write the same thing over and over – at least not intentionally. Were I to write at the moment about the pandemic, all I would add are statements that I think are relatively obvious and have already been made in the “mainstream” media:
          that most western governments have proved deeply incompetent or corrupt in handling the virus;
          that, even during a pandemic, there must be a balance between public health needs and our need for a tangible sense of community, and daily I entertain doubts about where that balance should properly lie;
          and that governments in trouble will try to exploit the pandemic as best they can to impose more repressive measures on their publics (…) Attacks on our freedoms need to be identified and addressed as they occur. I don’t see a global conspiracy to lock us all into our homes. Those who do see such a conspiracy should be writing pieces to convince me and others that they are right, not whining that I have not written the piece for them (…) The incompetence and corruption of our governments in handling Covid-19 are not specific to the virus. They are the symptoms of defective political systems that were long ago captured by corporate interests. Western, technocratic governments have no real solutions for the pandemic in exactly the same way that they have no real solutions for the collapse of eco-systems or for making our economic systems, based on endless growth on a finite planet, sustainable. The reason these challenges defeat them is because they have no values apart from ever greater concentration of wealth (…) (T)here are far more pressing things to talk about than the threat of masks and lockdowns. Such as how we have increased our exposure to new viruses like Covid through rampant colonisation and exploitation of the planet’s final wildernesses, depriving other species of their natural habitats. Such as how economic incentives in food production ensure we are deprived of proper nutrition and encouraged to stuff ourselves with empty calories, provoking an epidemic of obesity and chronic illness, that has weakened our natural defences to disease, especially a new one like Covid-19. I am less worried about lockdowns than I am about western lifestyles that make lockdowns our only way to prevent higher mortality rates.”

          By the way he also wrote an excellent (in my opinion) piece yesterday on how Capitalism impoverishes people with unpaid “externalities”: https://www.jonathan-cook.net/blog/2020-10-25/capitalism-double-billing/ and he is one of the best sources on the ongoing, mainstream media ignored so-called “trial” of Julian Assange.

      • Fewer than 10,000 Americans have died from the Wuhan Flu, HW. And the overwhelming majority of them were elderly people in nursing homes whose health and immune systems were in an advanced state of deterioration anyway.

        Your credibility is in ruins. But please, by all means continue your LARP as the Southern gentleman farmer turned scholar.

  7. Potato famine WAS NOT caused by free market policies. Everyone, not only libertarians, knows it was the corn laws that cause it.

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