Facebook Shuts Down Steve Bannon’s “Stop The Steal” Grift

F**k this guy.

F**k his fake populism too.

The Washington Post:

“Facebook took down a widespread network of pages tied to President Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon for pushing misinformation about voter fraud and delegitimizing election results.

Bannon’s page also incurred penalties, including not being allowed to post content, but was not removed from Facebook.

The seven pages, which had a total of over 2.45 million followers and had pushed the “Stop the Steal” messaging that alleges election fraud, were flagged for Facebook by the liberal group Avaaz on Friday night.

The move comes just days after Bannon was permanently banned from Twitter after saying that Trump should execute Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious-disease expert. Facebook had also removed two videos from his page for inciting violence. …”

The election wasn’t stolen.

Who stole 2.17% of the vote from Trump in North Dakota?

Trump declined virtually everywhere except Florida and Utah because his presidency sucked and his 2020 campaign sucked and he lost Moderates and Independent voters. It isn’t complicated, Steve.

This map is misleading.

It is better for Joe Biden than it looks because mail in ballots are being slowly counted in Alaska, New York, Illinois, etc. It was people like Steve Bannon who lost the 2020 election. The cause being that The Other Biden won 43% of the White vote whereas Hillary won 37% of it.

Whose fault is that?

It is Steve Bannon’s fault.

Bannon’s strategy was based on releasing dirt on Hunter Biden that virtually no one cared about while relentlessly pandering to blacks, Jews and glorifying fags. Trump’s official position that he was the best president for blacks, Jews and fags in American history.


“Steve Bannon, a former senior adviser to President Trump, discusses the president’s performance at Tuesday’s debate. Reacting to harsh criticism of Trump’s failure to directly condemn white supremacy, Bannon tells Yahoo News that “ethnonationalism, white supremacists should definitely be denounced. I don’t think there’s any question about that.”

ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: Let me ask you this. The Proud Boys moment, the moment when President Trump did not denounce white supremacy, what do you make of that?

STEVE BANNON: [INAUDIBLE] he’s done it. He’s denounced it so many times before. Obviously, I think a lot of us wish it was a little harder. The– I’m not actually sure on the Proud Boys because I don’t really know the details of these ethnonationalist groups. I’m not so sure how white supremacist they are versus some sort of– you know, one these masculinity groups or all that.

But no, he should– look, it’s– it’s absolutely categorical. Ethnonationalism, white supremacists should definitely be denounced. I don’t think there’s any question about that. One thing these people don’t talk about is that, you know, in this Platinum Program that he put out a couple weeks ago addressing access to capital for the African-American community, he put the KKK up as– as something that should be designated a domestic terror organization.

At the same time, Antifa should be a domestic or international terror organization. I’m all for that. I’ve been– I’ve been saying for a long time, even with, you know, our rights to protest, that when these people bring clubs and shields and all this stuff to protests, you know, I’ve been very big that Antifa ought to be shut down.

But the same with the ethnonationalists and the white supremacists. You– you show up armed to the teeth and really there to fight, it’s– you know, to me, that’s a huge problem. That stuff’s got to be shut down. It should be condemned. I think he came out the next day and tried to– to sharpen his remarks, but that was– I think Brian Kilmeade said it best. That was a lay-up that he just– he just missed.

ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: So I’m hearing an evolution of where you were with some of those ethnonationalist groups. I think you had seen them as potentially useful to the movement when we–

STEVE BANNON: That’s– that’s– that’s so nonsense. You just– you’ll– you’ll never find anything like that. I thought ethnonationalists– I called those guys out from the very beginning as being a– a group of– a group of clowns, complete– completely a group of clowns. This– this whole thing about the alt-right that time I talked– I think it was “Nation” magazine or “Mother Jones”– is the fact that early on, you know, Breitbart– because Breitbart is a platform for the gay community.

For every different aspect of conservatism, Breitbart tried to be a platform as we built a– the mosaic of the Breitbart platform. Alt-right was originally just a reaction to kind of the– the country club Republicans. When that even got to be the first part of ethnonationalists, we– we shut it down. I totally just– I come from the American South. I was raised in a predominately black neighborhood in the north side of Richmond, Virginia.

My parents did not run and leave for the suburbs back in the ’60s. My dad just turned 99 and lives in the same house we bought back, I think, in 1957, a predominately black neighborhood today. I was raised in a predominately black section of Richmond. No, I think ethnonationalism– I’ve condemned from the beginning. First off, I think it’s ridiculous and stupid, any type of ethnonationalism.

And people can see, you know, I’ve dedicated my life, the last four or five years, whether it’s being the chairman of the– of the– the Republican Hindu Association or really my work in China and free– really the freedom of the Lao by Xi is– is, you know, one of my driving forces in my life. So no, I think ethnonationalism is ridiculous, not only stupid politically, but regardless, it’s ridiculous as even a construct.

ALEXANDER NAZARYAN: So how would you have answered the question when Chris Wallace asked it? What should– how– what should Trump have said exactly?

STEVE BANNON: I think a– I think a more– I think a better answer is what he’s done in the past. Just say, hey, look, there’s no room in– to me, there’s no room in politics for– for these ethnonationalists and white supremacists. I think it’s– I think it’s a ridiculous concept, and I think they– I think they are dangerous. But at the same time, Biden didn’t– didn’t– you know, didn’t condemn Antifa. I think Antifa is just as dangerous. They’re not ethnonationalists, but they are radical anarchists.

So you have danger on both sides. One is the ethnonationalism is– is very dangerous. I think parts of Farrakhan’s movement have been dangerous, right, black nationalism. Although, I fully support economic nationalism for the African-American community. That’s why I was one of the big proponents of this Platinum Program. I’ve said for years that working-class African-Americans are going to be a big part of the Trump program over time because of– because of economic nationalism.

And I think that the Platinum Program talks it, about getting access to capital to the black community, which I think is very important. But no, I think anything ethnonationalists, not just white supremacists, other ethnonationalists, right? There’s even aspects of– in China where they’ve got the Han, you know, ethnonationalists that are dangerous. I think ethnonationalism is dangerous across the board. I think white supremacism is definitely ridiculous and– and dangerous. And I think President Trump could have done a better job in doing it.

I think Brian Kilmeade said it best when– I think it was on the show the next day, he said, hey, it was a lay-up, and you just– you know, you shot a brick. So I– I believe– he’s been pretty good, I think, about condemning the past. I think the media way overplays that because they’re obviously biased against Trump. But I– I don’t see any room in the Trump movement for ethnonationalism. Or white supremacism.

The message was received.

There was no room in the Trump movement for ethnonationalism. Instead, Bannon wanted to pander to blacks with the Platinum Plan. Trump rolled out coveted endorsements from Ice Cube, Lil Pump/Pimp, Lil Wayne, etc. Jay Z retracted his endorsement under pressure.


Did blacks turn out in force for Trump? Of course not.

Did Independents flip on Trump? Yes, they did everywhere it counted.

This graph is misleading.

The black share of the electorate declined in Pennsylvania and Michigan. The White share of the electorate went up. In Wisconsin, Trump won 7% of the black vote after winning 6% of it last time. In Michigan, Trump won 9% of the black vote after winning 6% of it last time. In Pennsylvania, Trump won 6% of the black vote after winning 7% of it last time.

This washed out Boomer is a wreck.


  1. Whatever one thinks about the election results and whatever one’s opinion about whether the election was stolen by the Democrats or not, being happy someone is getting censored and supporting censorship is not exactly smart — because in a society where censorship is the norm you yourself most likely will eventually get censored also. Praising the censorship of someone you don’t agree with is really childish and vindicative.

    • HW is already being censored and has been deplatformed from several services. What were Bannon and GOP doing when HW and many other people were suspended en masse from social media in the wake of the Charlottesville rally? Oh yes, they were celebrating “Nazis” were being kicked out of tech platforms. Now that they are getting the same treatment themselves we are supposed to feel sorry for them?

      • “HW is already being censored and has been deplatformed from several services.”

        What is this Horse Sh*t? ‘Our guy’ has been deplatformed just as much as your guy, nyah, nyah, nyah!??????

        This site is descending fast to the level of something approaching MILO’s version of conservatism, albeit on the ‘I’m not gay, so don’t say my politics are [fake and gay]’ side.

        Perhaps the CINO’s still left here (also descending in number, daily) might understand what is/was at stake, if you would take the time to read Am VIs’s most recent column: https://americanvision.org/25025/compromise-can-kill-you/

        This is not, nor has it ever been, about one man (even such an one as DJT) and his personality.
        That point is steadily being lost, over the sophomoric rants of the ‘Amen’ corner of HW’s cult of followers- i.e. the ‘trust the science/look at my graphs’ elements of HIS personality.

        And trusting JEWbook for factual reportage? Come on! THEY ARE THE ENEMY.
        And y’all just don’t seem to ‘get it.’
        More’s the pity.

  2. @Brad Hey Bucco, I warned you about Irish Roman Catholic Bannon many moons ago. LOL. Bannon has some Southern heritage, but, I don’t know how deep his roots go?

    By the same token, Bannon is no more of a grifter than most State GOP chairpersons!

    I’m glad to see Dave Yost has joined Trump’s legal team. Yost is a stand up guy, and I doubt he would have got involved if he didn’t think the election was rigged, votes stolen, identity theft took place, dead people voting, etc. etc.

  3. Trump was never more than a last gasp for white, postwar boomer America. This country will now continue its decline and fall unimpeded!

    • Spahnranch 1969,

      You’re more aware then that.

      As I wrote a few weeks ago, America and the rest of the West aren’t collapsing, they have already fallen. The reason you don’t witness the complete devastation is due to the jews printing their fiat currency, but that trick is running on fumes.

      • @November…

        Yes, to you premise that the bankster racket is hiding the country’s economic weaknesses.

        That said, this country has many other problems that are also very pressing.

        The entire country, as an entity, is running on fumes, which is why so many people are coughing up at each other.

        This great once great country has become a toxick place.

  4. The media decided the election. Who controls the media?

    I mean, we know their names. It’s not hidden. Bob Iger of ABC, Jeff Shell of NBC, Les Moonves of CBS, and Meredith Kopit Levien of the New York Times, Jeff Zucker of CNN.

    What about the “new media” – the “social media?”

    Well, there’s Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook – who bans anyone Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL asks him to. There are the founders of Google, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt of Alphabet/Googleand their S habbos-Hindu-of-Color, Sundar Pichai. Susan Wojcicki controls Youtube.

    Then there is Jack Dorsey of Twitter, who also does whatever he is told by Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL.

    All the media companies label everything Trump and the Republicans say “lies” and “debunked” and “unconfirmed” and “racist” and “anti-semitic” and a “conspiracy theory.”

    These people aren’t going to let Steve Bannon in on their own, much more profitable, grift. Plus, remember when Kushner fired Bannon and the Huffingtong Post celebrated with the headline, “Goy, Bye!”

    It ain’t rocket science, now is it? Obviously, “normies” more or less believe whatever is on TV or in the “official” media like NYT.

    Republican officials that challenge what the media says are called “QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Spreading Hate and Disinformation.”

    Again – NOT rocket science. It’s quite obvious what is going on.

    Do a few percentage points of the vote even matter?

  5. Steve Bannon is a Patriot, a Catholick, a Political Pugilist, a Veteran, and an American Nationalist, or, as some here would prefer, a Civick Nationalist, which is why he is an avid Trump-supporter, as are tens of millions of others of that ilk.

    Though his concept of this nation is not quite mine, I think is heart is in the right place.

    I thank him for his efforts, for, at the minimum, he creates problems for The Globalist-Left Establishment that rules The United States.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend, or so the saying goes.

    To that end, Mr. Bannon is my friend, and, indeed, the friend of every American who does not wish to be further subjected and subjugated to a lawless tyranny.

    • Steve Bannon is a Goldman Sachs executive, an intelligence operative and a neocon piece of shit. But the cherry on top is that he is a conman gifting off the remnants of the MAGA movement. It’s hard to imagine a more despicable swamp creature. He is actually against everything you stand for, maybe one day you will understand that.

      • Was Bannon’s heart in the right place when he did the build the wall ponzi scheme and lied and stole peoples money?! Lol Lmfao seriously Ivan please don’t fool yourself. Bannon isn’t even a civic nationalist he’s a scum sucking greedy rat

  6. Why is it that all these cucked whites at the behest of Jews are all Irish?

    Biden, Bannon, etc. they’re all Irish.

    The Irish literally destroyed this country.

    • @Kronos…

      Oh, yeah, Dear Kronos – The Irish are sure to blame for everything!

      Keep up the great detective work!

  7. I have never ever trusted Bannon. I knew from the very very beginning he was a mistake. Keep in mind this is the man who gave us Milo and Rasheed Kassam.

    Milo is flaming homosexual who brags about sleeping with Black men but apparently he thinks that’s ok because he’s a conservative or something.

    Rasheed Kassam is a Muslim-born atheist who keeps trying to guilt White conservatives into “dems are da real racists” and pushes the ideas that White countries were never really White countries in the first place.

    Bannon was also CEO of Breitbart and he allowed that website to have a Jerusalem section on an American political site.

    Lady MAGA, MAGA LGBTQ pride, Platinum plan, Dreamer plan, the We Build the Wall donation scam, “Dems are da real racists”, Milo, Rasheed Kassam, Dinesh D’Souza, were all inspired by Steve Bannon.

    Steve Bannon is basically a WOKE SJW pretending to be a nationalist.

  8. As far as I know, Mr. Bannon was banished from The Oval Office by the machinations of Mr. Kushner and Miss Ivanka, and that occurred early in 2017.

    If memory serves, that is when President Trump got way off track, and, ever since, Mr. Kushner has been the chief architect and campaign chief which, our blog host duly noted, a few articles back.

  9. “Trump declined virtually everywhere except Florida and Utah because his presidency sucked and his 2020 campaign sucked and he lost Moderates and Independent voters.”

    Trump had massive rallies in the 2020 campaign and received an enormous vote total of 71 million votes!

    The facts prove that this dastardly besmirchment of the God-Emperor to be wrong!

  10. I’ve never liked Bannon. He’s a Goldman Sachs guy and Council for National Policy member, but somehow people believe that he’s a populist or a nationalist? He’s just a standard old cold warrior type. It’s not surprising he has been leading the charge for Cold War II against China. These CNP and John Bircher guys don’t feel complete without a global communist menace to fight against.

    Lingering cold war nonsense is actually one of our biggest problems in American politics. It’s part of the reason so many on “our side” are willing to throw in with the republican party that hates them. They see commies behind every tree and view the Republicans as some defense against this, even though the Republicans only exist to empower the actual neoliberal plutocrats who are destroying us. This is exemplified by Republicans complaining about social media censorship and cancel culture while giving Jack Dorsey and CNN tax cuts. The entire “right wing” in this country is just fighting communist windmills while the neoliberal billionaires they champion grind them into dust.

    The only difference between Bannon and other cold war relics is he understands the internet and marketing and knows how to play to the crowd. He just had to insinuate that he read Moldbug and people thought he was “based.”

    • @Dart

      “he’s a populist or a nationalist?”

      Those are marketing terms. “Populist” to Bannon means “spread CIA propaganda against China over the Uygers and pair that with some talk about jobs.”

      “Nationalist” to Bannon means “demonize Muslims and support Israel while not actually stopping immigration.”

      They are marketing terms, that’s it. Bannon wanted the Republicans to try out his new grift, his new marketing scheme, but the Jews in the Democratic party overruled Bannon and told Trump and the Republicans to fire him.

      The Republicans dutifully obeyed and pretended to not understand what happened when the Huffington Post printed a headline: “Goy, Bye!”

      Celebrating Kushner taking direct control of the Trump administration.

      The Republicans didn’t say anything and they even pretended to not know what “goy” meant – and even tried to accuse Bannon of being “anti-semitic” themselves.

      It’s not like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Josh Hawley – and Tucker Carlson – don’t know. They know. They just won’t say anything because if they do, Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL will call them “anti-semite-neo-nazi-hitler” and the entire media from the New York Times, to ABC, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX – even Wikipedia – will obey the ADL and start the smears.

      Jonathan Greenblatt might be one of the most powerful people in America. Who knows? Maybe he has all those Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell tapes and that is why not a single politician or CEO will dare cross him.

      Weird, isn’t it? Considering how racist Greenblatt is, and his open support for racial apartheid in Palestine.

      • @Bannedhipster,

        There is no doubt that Bannon was an insincere and phony AmNat. He knew what buttons to press to make desperate White Americans believe and follow his and Trump’s convoy of misdirection and lies.

        That being said, once Bannon left the West Wing of the White House, it became in not in name but in deeds a Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue.

      • Yep. It’s like I have said about Trump. His idea of “nationalism” is America-based multinational corporations having higher market cap than non-America-based multinational corporations. That’s why MAGA means Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple. It’s about american stock exchanges having higher value than non-american stock exchanges. That’s what Bannon and Trump “economic nationalism” means. It means google and amazon profiting from all of your personal data instead of chinese tik tok doing the same. All while throwing just enough rhetoric at the proles to keep them placated while they’re being swindled.

  11. White supremacist is a community that don’t want high crimes,no taxation without reprsentation from parasites,safe streets and share common goal for improvement.

  12. Economic nationalism for blacks is okay, but not for Whites, because that would mean we’re engaging in a form of ethno-nationalism? The cogdis necessary to “think” that way must threaten to pull apart the man’s tiny mind.

  13. Hunter in your blindness to the reality of this stolen election you show your true colors. You make the good the enemy of the perfect. You are the definition of a wignat.

  14. Only one of two people were going to get elected. Trump was never one of us, so we should not cry over that. He did several things though: reduced legal immigration, reduced refugee influx, he did build some of the wall, he kept the US out of a larger war in the mideast ( that is what irked Bibi so much). He stands against those racial guilt training seminars too….Biden, on the other hand, will reverse/ undo all of that. If you. think censorship is bad now, it will get worse under Biden. Trump offered us something, while Biden offers us nothing- his economics are trash just like his social policy ideas.

    • Still more people who refuse to understand what Trump was all about. No, he didn’t try to fight the anti-white left. he joined it by pandering to minorities and refusing to even mention whites by name. He made no difference to legal immigration, he refused to deport the illegals, his wall was a joke. The refugee cuts and “Muslim ban” were gestures to his Zionist paymasters and were entirely about keeping antisemitic people out and nothing to do with keeping America white.

      “But he was a little bit on our side.. He tried his best..”

      No he did not! He was a Jewish puppet.. How difficult is this to understand? After 4 years he left America more anti-white and more gay. You got conned. There is no shame in that, it happens to all of us at various times. Just accept it and move forward.

      • I got conned too by Trump in 2015/16. Good for you for recognizing it if you got conned as well by the people who promoted what I now see as probably a full-on psyop (Trump) from the beginning.

        Can’t remember who said it, but a good quote is about how it’s very easy for most people to see when people other than themselves get conned, but very few of such individuals are ever able/willing to see when they themselves get conned.

        Anyway, unfortunately, though there were signs from the beginning (“destroy Iran! Praise Israel! Gays r okay! My daughter is Jewish”) about Trump, I think it was fine to make supporting Trump what it was presented as by the supposed pro-Aryan racialists at the time, a last ditch desperate attempt to make a paradigm shift in America from which America might be saved without massive bloodshed & chaos. The people I was listening to at the time were swearing that if Trump failed to deliver &/or betrayed his “implicit” promises to Aryan America, then off the Trump train “we” would go. Of course, when push came to shove (at latest when Trump did the nuclear brinkmanship missile strike for Israel in 2017, that was my last straw), those guys proved to be spineless (at best, that’s being generous to them).

        The fact Qcuck came to be such a widely embraced phenomena is very troublesome, and it proves that the whole Trump psyop is a full on religious thing. We are seeing true Zealotry. Good luck winning many of them over, most of them are just gone and unreachable (at least for now, but they’d probably still be “trusting the plan” even if/when the Jewish masters dismiss Trump…I wouldn’t be too shocked if the Jews calling the shots do an about face & keep Trump on his puppet throne…obviously, idk…but it seems like they might want a hotter civil &/or global war…they definitely want to kill all of us & our posterity, to “cull” our herd…think about it, they actually have many ostensibly Jew-wise individuals demanding & cheer-leading for martial law by the American gov’t).

        Neoteny really is a major vulnerability and it has been brilliantly exploited & harnessed against us. Children cannot discern the information/belief systems they are taught. It takes a good long while for any of us to develop faculties wherein we have some chance to evaluate whatever we are taught and decide if we agree with it or not.

        Curse Constantine “the great”!!

        That was *the* critical wrong turn our race made, and until enough of the right Aryan men recognize & accept that, there’s no escaping this Hell on Earth. Without it, how would the Jews ever have been able to take over? One major result (way back then, which remains in effect today) was a belief system was imposed (by fire & sword, the first to slaughter all of it’s competitors,1/3 of *all* Germans died in just 1 of the many wars it has caused) which totally de-values this world/life and encodes rational thought as being “evil.” Qanon is a splinter cult from that same old rotten trunk (that I myself was indoctrinated into), just like liberalism.

        “Just believe. Recruit everyone you can to believe.” It’s been killing us, set us up perfectly to be genocided by Jews, and stops us from organizing to defend ourselves. And the fact that it is the greatest taboo for mere discussion among “white nationalist”‘s proves the rot got all the way past our skin, devoured our muscle tissue, ate away at our bone marrow, and is in terminal stage.

  15. Bannon promoted black nationalism and condemned white nationalism. Bannon was for the Platinum plan and cheered when WN were banned from social media. Bannon is nothing but a snake.

  16. Steve Bannon and the Jewish grifters in “National Conservatism” promote “economic nationalism” and demonize ethnonationalism as evil (but not for Israel of course). Apparently to them, White nations are defined not by their people, but by their economy and wealth. Not a bad scheme if your main goals are to continue the White erasure program, while keeping the stock market flying high so the goyim can be fleeced for maximum profit at the next economic crash.

  17. The rapper endorsements by Blumpf have been beyond cringe. From Asap rockys prison release, to his weird fake friendship with Kayne West. I hate all these talentless joggers their contribution to music is a steaming pile of shit! Who in their right mind buys this crap?! Only libtards and republicucks buy their ‘muzak’ I’m guessing

    Blumpf must be a absolute tard with dementia because one of the reasons he won in 2016 was because people hated that Hilary was being endorsed by practically every celebrity, rapper and musican in the country. I hate Bannon that fat bloated grinning turd

  18. While I never trust blacks( most) to do the right thing racially and politically, this White man obsession with being the ” least racist” is killing the Republicans. Trump was initially viewed as the big, bad racist but wound up chewing on black, pumpernickel booty. So do nearly all Republitards. Remember Steve Scalise and some other Republicuck denouncing Marjorie Taylor Greene as a racist and all that jazz? Yeah, well she was elected as a Republican Congresswoman easily, boys. The woman has more balls than these safe, boring conservative men.

    I know Hw’s take is that Whites basically left Trump and that’s what did him in. Do we trust the exit polls of these Whites? The lame stream media is celebrating yet again treason black people ( and brown) as being the key reason for the victory for Biden. Blacks are never to be trusted. Trump got what? 11 or 12%? Sure, it’s an improvement over 8% but it’s still garbage. Trump and Kushner took the White vote for granted. Hispanics? Sure, 36% is a heck of a lot better than the hapless black vote but 36% is not close to a majority, either.

    I am a big believer voter fraud happened. Black majority Kill a delphia is known for voter fraud. The weirdness of voter dumps in Wisconsin of 138 thousand votes all for Biden is comically insane. Trump only ” lost” Wisconsin by 1 percent so it’s something to pursue.

    Trump clearly changed from populist to semi populist conservative. Sucking up on blacks never works but Republicans insist on wasting their time. Sure, getting a few more percent of the black vote helps but you can never do that at the expense of Whites.

    I always laugh when I think of that Kim Klasick black chick who ran for Congress in Baltimore of all places..lol. She got just under 30% running cool commercials which is probably a ton for a Republican in a cesspool like the black part of Baltimore. People like her only ” hit” when they move to a much Whiter area. She would be smart packing her White husband up and moving to Virginia or North Carolina. Maryland is a nearly complete shithole that is arguably the most Democrat state in America. New York is ” right wing” compared to Maryland.

    Republitards are so slow. We have been hearing about voter fraud forever in Democrat places. Yet, Republicans did nothing when they ran it all. It’s time to call conservatives ” constipatives”..All bloated and slow to move.

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