The Plan

I keep seeing this question in the comments.

What’s your plan for our people? I can only speak for myself. I refuse to go along with this idea that Donald Trump and the Republican Party are entitled to my support. They don’t have to represent me or do anything for me. Supposedly, the GOP is a symbol of implicit White identity or something and because our culture is declining it automatically follows that voting for them is the solution.

I’m not a conservative Republican. I have never been a Republican. I’m a moderate, a populist and a nationalist voter. I am an Independent voter. Occasionally, I will vote for a Republican candidate because I like that candidate, which is why I supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election. When it started to become clear that Donald Trump was not who I thought he was in 2016, I quit supporting him. By the 2020 election, I had concluded that the cost of Donald Trump was greater than the benefits.

There has been an enormous effort by some websites in our sphere to gaslight people into believing that being pro-White is synonymous with being a conservative and a Republican voter and that all the “normies” are college Republicans when that has never been the case. The majority of people who are pro-White in this country are Independents and non-voters. Once in a blue moon, they will vote for a Republican candidate, but most do not because the Republican Party isn’t offering them anything. The effort to transform the Alt-Right into a Republican voter bank like the Religious Right failed.

This is where I am at in the political galaxy:


Moderate White Populist

“Far Right”

Social Conservative/Economic Populist

If a politician wants my support, then he better do something for me. He has to make his case and then deliver the goods. I’m not a simp, a doormat or a battered wife who can be taken for granted.

This is my conception of political engagement. I’m an Independent voter in the Center of the electorate. I’m not a conservative Republican. I’m not on the Right. I’m a social conservative and economic populist. The GOP needs people like me in the Center of the electorate to win elections. When they lose the support of people like me by relentlessly pandering to minorities, they tend to lose elections.

Lets look at the swing states in the Rust Belt:

In Pennsylvania in 2020, Moderates were 42% of voters and Independents were 19% of voters. They decided the election.

In Michigan in 2020, Moderates were 39% of voters and Independents were 27% of voters. They decided the election.

In Wisconsin in 2020, Moderates were 39% of voters and Independents were 32% of voters. They decided the election.

In my own state of Alabama in 2020, Moderates were 35% of voters and Independents were 22% of voters. We DO NOT decide the election in Alabama because 54% of the electorate is Republican and 50% is Conservative. There are far more Conservatives in Alabama. Even here though, Independents are a respectable 22% of the electorate. Plenty of normies are Independents.

“Normie” DOES NOT equal College Republicans from upper middle class suburbs. There are pro-White Republicans, Democrats and Independents. There are pro-White liberals, moderates and conservatives. There are people who are pro-White who are voters and non-voters. There are many more non-voters than voters because racially conscious White people are justifiably one of the most cynical groups in America.

As far as elections go, I am going to continue be what I been for 20 years now, which is to say, a White populist, nationalist and moderate and an Independent swing voter. I do not believe any politician or party is automatically entitled to my support and particularly those who do not share my values. In the 2020 election, the GOP pandered every group in society but White people.

If the Republican Party wants to win my support, it has to do three things. It has to stop being so cucked on race and making my life as a White male impossible because it is afraid of being accused of “racism” by people who are going to accuse them of “white supremacy” anyway. It has to moderate on economics. It has to start delivering victories on social conservatism and particularly on breaking up the stranglehold of political correctness over American culture. Alternatively, it can stay cucked on race and run as “the lesser of two evils,” offer the Platinum Plan only to blacks and disavow “white supremacy” a thousand times and twist itself into a pretzel whenever it is accused of various -isms and -phobias by BuzzFeed.

Having said all of this, I have been losing interest in mainstream politics for a while now. I plan to devote the vast majority of my time to my other interests. American politics is a zoo and we have elected our first senile president to get rid an incompetent Orange Zionist who the media insisted was Adolf Hitler. We had our greatest success when we were more detached and had nothing invested in the guy in the White House. At least we are under no illusions that Joe Biden is going to represent us.

Long story short, I am not going to be super invested in a guy who did nothing for us for four years especially now that he has lost. I’m ready to move on to other things.

Note: If CW 2 breaks out over Trump’s refusal to concede the election, who knows what will happen? I didn’t vote for either of these Boomers and reserve the right to make fun of them both.


  1. “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that MODERATION in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

    – Barry Goldwater

  2. You know what would be funny Hunter? If someone made up thousands of red hats, T-shirts, and signs, with demoralizing slogans on them instead of MAGA, and displayed them at future Republican events.

    I can’t think of anything more demoralizing than the ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ and ‘Buying More Time’ memes that Republican astroturfers have been repeating at White Nationalists for the last five years.

    If someone displayed such gear at MAGA and future Republican events, the people there would find the messaging so dumb/demoralizing/subversive, they would chase them out like they were Baked Alaska.

  3. Whoever can convince me they will STOP IMMIGRATION I will gladly support wholeheartedly.

    Trump stopped pretending to oppose immigration before he was even sworn in.

    We know that Biden is going to import millions of new “voters” the day he is inaugurated, so this is literally the Republican’s last chance to win any office other than dog-catcher.

    If all the new “conservative” Supreme Court justice’s want, they can rule Biden’s invaders voting unconstitutional. Which they should.

    Anything else is just a big waste of time.

    • @BannedHipster, take a look in the mirror. Had the “Alt-Right” in 2017 simply but aimed to do so (“our” mentality was nowhere close,still isn’t,sadly;so Clown World shall keep getting..gayer), “we” could have probably pulled off a divorce with ZOG, to some extent.

      Supposedly there are millions of Aryan men in America alone who explicitly want an Aryan only ethnostate. You really think *if* such millions – even if “only” numbering 1 or 3 million – decided to not take no for an answer the trannies & females operating drones could stop “us”? The armed forces of this rotten cuck cult of a country are a glass cannon, but the rise of robotics+A.I. (Boston Dynamics) is cause for worry.

      Anyway, Alex Linder says what I am certain needs to be said about our plight.

      Uncomfy tho, our estrogen polluted water does it’s work well, wherein even many of the best of the best Aryan men left who are able to start stumbling out of the Jewish matrix still obsess about making petitions & selling themselves short like abused serf’s…i guess “Stockholm’s Syndrome” is really real. It’s not in a vacuum, but pretty much the majority of “us” still suffer from a defecit of courage (and please tell me precisely – where does one draw the line between “recklessness” & “courage”?…rhetorical question btw, seems pretty subjective that so far is defined on an individual basis…a lot of “us” too easily embrace the “reckless/foolish” mindset/label to give ourselves a pass, imo).

      If you go public rather than prudently yet cowardly staying (me included so far) anon.. & if you prove you can attract an audience,you get treated like the most heinous sort of literal “murderer/terrorist” for your words/thoughts. If they treat you like that for speaking…think about how well petitioning someone else to stand up for you is likely to work out well. The harsh truth is too many of “us” who say “we” want an Aryan only ethnostate act like a medieval “M’Lady” in the films who find their champion knight to go fight *their* battles for them (or better put, act like the pondersome dwarf in GOT who got the viper bro to be his champion who fought & got his skull squeezed by Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane).

      Highly highly recommend you read David Irving’s “Goebbels:Mastermind of the Third Reich” and at least listen to the audio version of Revilo Oliver’s “America’s Decline:Education of A Conservative” (you can find the latter at audiobooks). Though in the latter work Revilo Oliver does warn you that if you’re the type who needs to cling to pretty lies then do NOT read that book, even if you’re curious.

      And there it is, one of the major problems i see among “us” (i keep putting “we”/”us” in quotes cuz “we” aren’t very good at knowing thyself generally speaking, Hunter Wallace seems to be an exception) is that too many of “us” pathologically prefer and will indeed *fight to cling to pretty lies* rather than see what our real eyes see regarding very important issues.

      Revolutionary stance, not reactionary. America can’t be reformed, and too many of “us” are understandably reluctant to toss the whole rotten apple into the dustbin of history as the failed experiment it was pretty much from the beginning.

      How much of real American history do you know?

      We naturally want to be proud and find something potent in our country’s history wholesome enough to at least kinda redeem it, to not be forced to conclude whatever their intentions, our ancestors were foolish. America produced within decades of its founding an abomination like John Brown. How much do you know about him and just how insane that one (of many like him) sob was?

      Before a century had lapsed after the founding of this country, America was waging a genocidal *anti-Aryan race war*, and that wasn’t the last outburst of madness en masse. I am from “Dixie,” and one of my ancestors came here around time of the Mayflower (believe or not i am descended from Teddy Roosevelt Jr aka POTUS, still waiting on some sort of perks other than not being related to that bastard FDR), yet I am not very impressed with the South either. They weren’t nearly as awful/cucked as Yankees, but they too were gripped by cuckoldry. The Confederates were deep into that gay “white man’s burden…be good shepherds who go out our way to help the poor savages that can’t do civilization.”

      It would have been wiser had they just saw the writing on the wall and deported all blacks instead they cared more about economics. You know about how white-Aryans were literally exterminated wherein our race/species went locally extinct in Haiti in the slave revolt there in the early 1800’s? The Southerners were painfully aware of that horrifying event, but they took the easier short term approach and tried to “have it both ways.” It would have taken tremendous will and strength for them to have deported all blacks, well aware of that, but when that insane hyper-cuck John Brown was hailed in Yankee media as a literal second coming of a “messiah,” which shocked Southerners, well, getting rid of the blacks would have been the best possible move. And screw Lincoln too.

      Whatever he claimed to the contrary, cuz he did write some edgy stuff (but he also wrote/said super cuck stuff too, & his deeds only matched his super cuck stuff), Lincoln should best be viewed as a liar regarding the edgy stuff. He never planned or tried to deport all blacks, it was never even contemplated to make the repatriation for blacks (to Africa) after the war *compulsory*, it was always a voluntary thing on an individual basis. Only blacks who volunteered were to gtfo, and as you might imagine, when push came to shove, few blacks wanted to divorce the white wizards who bizarrely fight each other to do favors for them.

      What would we do if there were beings 500% better than us at life and who never hold us responsible for our behavior and who are always bending over backwards to “help” us & to give us free stuff?

      And apparently, the last speech Lincoln gave to congress was to grant the vote to blacks. He was a disaster.

      I also highly recommend you consider reading, “March of The Titans: A History of The White Race” by Arthur Kemp.

      Basically, history is made by the small minority willing to Act. The masses follow whoever they’re most afraid of (generally speaking, & only with extremely rare possible exceptions, if such exceptions are even true/possible). Point being, it is “we” pro-Aryan racialists who are the best hope for actually creating an ethnostate. And finally, think this over, who wants to join a “movement” that always only suffers blows from their enemies and never delivers blows? Do you want to be a martyr or a perpetual victim? I don’t. A true warrior culture must be created.

  4. I think we have to let go of the idea that voting changes anything, and look for other solutions, for the simple reason that the oligarchy always gets what it wants. The only time the majority of voters get what they want, is when the oligarchy also wants it.

    Duck-duck go:
    USA is an oligarchy not a democracy stats

    Political junkies following Republican/Democrat elections like it is the end of the world, is like men who fantically follow their favorite sportsball team on weekends. Which team wins or loses doesn’t change anything.

    Also stopping immigration won’t change the outcome. Even if they stopped all immigration tomorrow, whites will become a vanishing minority due to the people already here having more children, and the forced assimilation policies of the government.

  5. Hunter, if CW2 breaks out you will have to pick a side or leave the country.
    México has better weather but Canada has better fishing.

      • Are WN allowed to travel internationally? I understand the leaders can’t travel to Europe and especially the UK. The Canadian government is so anti-white it stops nationalists at the border. I watched part of a Lauren Southern video on Bitchute recently, and she said she has been banned by Trump’s DHS from entering the USA.

        “Hunter, if CW2 breaks out you will have to pick a side or leave the country.”

        Here’s my civil war plan. WN stand back and stand by while Republicans and Democrats kill each other off. Then when only one side remains and is still weak from the war, move in and take over.

        • Yes, high-profile WNs may not be able to travel to Canada, UK or EU. Australia doesn’t ban WNs unless they did something stupid. It’s the most White-friendly country in the Anglosphere. Personally, I’ve never encountered any trouble with regard to international travel.

    • @Jannie…

      Our Founding Fathers did not skip off to Mexico, nor all our ancestors who wore the grey, so why should we?

      • Well, after the Revolution there was a lot of score-settling…a lot of loyalists were either intimated out of voluntarily left for Canada. Some embittered Confederates also left. Around 10,000 moved to Brazil, and their descendants (os Confederados) hold a festival every year to celebrate their heritage:

        • @Jannie…

          Actually, Dear Jannie, my research, as an author, revealed to me that, in New England and New York, folks did not wait until the end of ‘The Revolution’ to settle scores, Dear Jannie, but, did a whole lot of that throughout the war.

          AS to North Carolina in the 1860s, those who defied the Scarlet Ku Klux Klan (Confederate veterans) came to sudden ends.

          This was an equal opportunity war waged against those, of any race, creed, or nationality,who would stand with The United States’ Government against The Southern Man.

          President Grant sent thousands of U.S. marshals down here, to get things in hand, but, alas, they did not succeed.

          • President Grant did succeed in suppressing the Klan. It re-emerged under other names though after the Federal troops were pulled out by President Hayes in 1877.

      • Not that I’m necessarily advocating that. I think the best solution is some kind of partition – a peaceful “Velvet Divorce” like Czechs and Slovaks accomplished, but with population transfers (e.g. Whites in California traded for Blacks in Atlanta). However, the Left obviously wants the whole country (like the ANC in South Africa); I don’t think they will compromise at this stage.

        • @Jannie…

          I am with you, Dear Jannie – I pray for a good and peaceful dissolution, much like what happened in the Soviet Union, as alluded to by Juri, right below.

          That said, I see no signs that folks in Washington have any intention of loosening up their ill-gotten grip.

          • I’ve said for years that the only realistic catalyst is a disastrous military adventure somewhere like Iran or the South China Sea where our vaunted drone warriors get spanked. The public backlash would likely see the Fed Gubmint fall. Similar to how the Afghan war undermined the old USSR, but quicker and more spectacular.

            Another thing that could galvanize Whites is a “Bloody Sunday” incident where the Feds publicly shoot up a crown of peaceful protesters.

            God forbid any of that should happen! I pray we get our Velvet Divorce and Berlin Wall crumble without a shot being fired.

        • I think we need a “smart secession”. A state which facilitates ignoring certain federal laws like fair housing, affirmative action etc. As a precursor, that state should set up a state bank like North Dakota so that it could offer an alternative to the fed-controlled banks. Also a state protective force that would offer an attractive alternative to the national guard (better pay, no overseas deployments) to deplete the existing national guard which is one of the federal government’s primary means of enforcement.

          It would be nice if several contiguous states would do this. Again, they would have to be smart about this. Either it catches on or the feds try to crush it but if the states don’t pull a Fort Sumter, the feds will have to be careful.

  6. “What’s your plan for our people?” – Hunter Wallace

    I’m not a White Nationalist so I don’t really have a plan for our people. Although if I could make a suggestion I would say that Whites need to clean our own house and correct our own people before we can start blaming others for our demise. Some are irredeemable though, so that’s what I mean by “clean house”.

    In terms of politics, the politician who comes closest to me is Richard Ojeda. However I do strongly disapprove of his anti-gun rhetoric and medical marijuana proposals. Despite these two issues, he’s anti-immigration, pro-working class, anti-war, and hates corruption. He’s a populist. Ojeda is a former paratrooper officer who spent decades in the Army and became a West Virginia state senator, ran for president, and then ended his presidential bid early.

    Richard Ojeda:

    Ojeda is not a perfect politician but he’s probably the closest thing to a populist politician in America. I don’t think he’s currently serving in office.

    When I used to be a White Nationalist, I was all about PLE. I gave up on PLE when I realized it was being led by people like Billy Roper who hijacks the PLE agenda to serve his own agenda of preparing for civil war and encouraging Whites to be as extreme as possible. Roper may be nuts, but he’s more power hungry than he is crazy. His operation is more of a cult rather than a community.

    The Pacific Northwest was supposed to be a PLE area for our people until the organizers behind it just gave up and shut down operations.

    Besides immigration, our number one political priority would be to strengthen the working class. We need to end White poverty and fix the drug zones in White communities. That means strong drug enforcement and getting the drugs off the streets. That means more manufacturing jobs, that means a higher minimum wage, that means to strengthen unions, that also means anti-immigration policies to prevent Brown people from taking White jobs.

    End White poverty, get drugs off of our streets, end immigration.

    • The weak whites are culling themselves through hedonism, drug use/suicides, and race-mixing. But the ones who remain will be surrounded by an ocean of brown. Will they be able to survive? This will be answered probably after all of us are gone.

  7. Well, right now I do have a plan. Because I still trust The Plan. This coup will end up like the Soviet one in 1991 .

    After that I have lot of plans and joining global commie hunt is on top of them.

  8. Next month the wife and I are taking a house hunting trip to FL. We used to live in (((Palm Beach County))) but 20 years ago moved to Orange County CA for job reasons. Although it was expensive, Orange County was a great place to live. However the quality of life has noticeably declined in the past 10 years or so. High cost of housing has resulted in most of the new housing either being expensive $1 million + homes for foreign investors or condos/apartments. The result has been an increase in traffic, petty crime, graffiti, litter etc. Half the periodicals in the public library are now in Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindi or Korean. The last straw was the most recent election where a slate of SJWs won the mayor‘s race and several seats on the city council. They will push for affordable housing, wasteful measures to fight climate change and other social justice measures and the local taxes to pay for them. The single-mom democrat congress critter that was initially elected by trickle in votes in 2018 was re-elected. At least several bad state-wide ballot initiatives went down to defeat.

    So we are looking at the Ponte Vedra area near St. Augustine. No large corporate presence. No large university. Very white demographics, even the promotional video had only two token negroes for like two seconds. Close enough to the beach to moderate the temperatures. Close enough to the border to get the hell out if a Cat 5 Hurricane. No state income tax but housing is expensive enough to keep out riff raff. I have a few large financial transactions that will subject me to hefty federal taxes and I’ll be damned if I pay any to California.

    Also have a condo in a foreign county for investment purposes if things get THAT bad but it is in a densely populated urban area so I really don’t want to live there myself.

    • We need to think of the vast American heartland as our friend. Most hardcore lefties and their POC pets are shit-scared of it. It’s our natural habitat as hunters, outdoorsmen and pioneers.

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