Why Donald Trump Lost The 2020 Election

I outlined my theory last night on Full Haus.

It was White men who elected Donald Trump in the first place by rejecting Hillary Clinton in a landslide in 2016. It was a peculiar kind of White man who did it though.

In the 2016 election, Blumpf won 90% of Republicans and 81% of Conservatives. He performed better with the Right in the 2020 election. In the 2020 election, he won 94% of Republicans and 85% of Conservatives. Donald Trump won in the Center in 2016 and lost in 2020.

In the 2016 election, Donald Trump won Independents, 48% to 42%. He won 41% of Moderates to 52% for Hillary. He won 58% of the White vote to 37% for Hillary. He won men by 53% to 41% for Hillary. He won White college graduates by 49% to 45%. He won the White working class by 67% to 28%. He won White man in particular 62% to 31%. He won Americans making $50,000 to $100,000 by 46% to 49%. Indies were Trump by 4. Moderates were Hillary by 9. Whites were Trump by 21. Men were Trump by 12. The White working class was Trump by 39. White college graduates was Trump by 4. White men were for Trump by 31. The working class and lower middle class was Trump by 3.

In the 2020 election, Donald Trump lost Independents, 54% to 41%. The Independent vote shrank from 31% of the electorate to 26% in 2020. Joe Biden won 64% of Moderates to 34% for Trump. Trump won 58% of the White vote to 41% for Joe Biden. He won men by 53% to 45% for Biden. He won White college graduates 51% to 48%, but they shrank from 37% of the electorate in 2016 to 32% in 2020. Trump won the White working class by 67% to 32% which went from 34% of the electorate to 35%. He won White men in particular 61% to 38%. Joe Biden won Americans making $50,000 to 100,000 by 57% to 42%. Trump carried Americans making over $100,000 by 54% to 42% after splitting the upper middle class with Hillary by 47% to 47% in 2016. Indies were for Biden by 13 and shrank 5 points in their share of the electorate. Moderates were for Biden by 30. Whites were for Trump by 17. Men were for Trump by 8. The White working class was for Trump by 35. White college graduates were for Biden by 3. White men were for Trump by 23. The working class and lower middle class were for Biden by 15. The upper middle class were for Trump by 12.

Joe Biden won the election in the Center.

The problem for Blumpf was rightwing Indies. Observe.

Donald Trump 2016


Independents – 51% Trump, 37% Hillary

North Carolina

Independents – 53% Trump, 37% Hillary


Independents – 50% Trump, 40% Hillary


Independents – 52% Trump, 36% Hillary


Independents – 48% Trump, 41% Hillary


Independents – 44% Trump, 42% Hillary


Independents – 46% Hillary, 41% Trump

New Hampshire

Independents – 45% Trump, 45% Hillary


Independents – 47% Trump, 44% Hillary


Independents – 52% Trump, 41% Hillary


Independents – 50% Trump, 37% Hillary


Independents – 52% Trump, 38% Hillary


Independents – 47% Trump, 43% Hillary

In the 2016 season, Donald Trump had a player on his team who was like a star defensive tackle in the Center. Indies carried the day in all the swing states. Republicans and Conservatives were weaker. More of them rallied behind Trump in the 2020 election than in the 2016 election.

Donald Trump 2020


Independents – 52% Biden, 46% Trump

North Carolina

Independents – 49% Biden, 44% Trump


Independents – 55% Biden, 41% Trump


Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 54% Biden, 41% Trump


Independents – 57% Biden, 34% Trump

New Hampshire

Independents – 61% Biden, 35% Trump


Independents – 54% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 53% Biden, 44% Trump


Independents – 47% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 51% Biden, 45% Trump


Independents – 54% Biden, 42% Trump

The whole front between Right and Left collapsed in the Center. This is where victory was won in 2016. It is where defeat happened in 2020. It happened in my corner of the political galaxy.

Donald Trump lost the Racist Center.

The 2016 campaign was heavy on the racism and populism. The 2020 campaign was heavy on stock market cheerleading and pandering to based blacks with the Platinum Plan. The Alt-Right was told to get lost and walked off the team. The Far Right vote is in the middle of the electorate.

Elections are won in the Center:

The difference between 2016 and 2020 was rightwing Independent men making under $100,000 a year:

It is a downscale, blue collar Indie male vote.

According to some of the geniuses in the White Nationalist movement, we should ask for nothing and expect nothing from the Republican Party. 5% of Whites say their race or ethnicity is extremely important to their identity. 10% consider their race or ethnicity very important to their identity. Needless to say, there are millions of racially conscious Whites and the idea that these people are not a significant swath of the right-leaning electorate is preposterous. It is 10 million to 29 million people.

The Racist Center is one of the most cynical swathes of the American electorate. They are traditional populist-leaning non-voters. Once in a blue moon, they vote Republican.


“More in Common calls this tribe the “Politically Disengaged,” a group comprising 26 percent of Americans, who are almost invisible in local politics and community life. As a group, they’re much poorer and less educated than the average American and much more likely to say that “being white” is important to being an American—20 percent, rather than 11 percent—to say people of other religions are morally inferior and to say that a “strong leader willing to break the rules” is needed to fix America, 57 percent to 45. They are much more eclectic of a group than More in Common’s other “tribes,” like Progressive Activists and Devoted Conservatives. …”

Hidden Tribes:

“The Politically Disengaged group most resembles Passive Liberals in having lower levels of income and education and being less engaged in following current affairs. Fully 41 percent are making less than $30,000 per year, and approximately one in four have gone without food or medical treatment at least somewhat often in the past year. They diverge from Passive Liberals in being more anxious about external threats and less open in their attitudes towards differences. For instance, they are the most likely to say that being white is necessary to be American and that people who hold other religious views are morally inferior. They are more concerned about the threat of terrorism and are quite closed to the view that Islamic and American values are compatible. They are practically invisible in local politics and community life, being one of the least likely groups to participate in political rallies or vote in local elections. They are the least well-informed group on all measures of political knowledge. They are also the most pessimistic about the possibility of reconciling differences between the factions. Overall, this makes the Politically Disengaged a challenging segment to persuade. …”

Usually, these people don’t vote. They are tuned out. I suspect that in 2016 that they were dialed in and checked out in 2020:

Compared to the average American:
Eight percent more likely to say that, to fix America, we need a strong leader willing to break the rules (56 percent v. 48 percent)

Nine percent more likely to believe the “differences between Americans are too big for us to work together” (32 percent v. 23 percent)

Nine percent more likely to say that “being white” is important to being American (20 percent v. 11 percent)

Nine percent less likely to make over $20,000 a year (74 percent v. 83 percent)

More than twice as likely not to be involved in any community activity (78 percent v. 34 percent)

Much less likely to share political content on social media (5 percent v. 26 percent)

Much less likely to be registered to vote (52 percent v. 72 percent)

Ten percent more likely to be black or Hispanic (34 percent v. 24 percent)

Six percent more likely to be aged 30 to 44 (31 percent v. 25 percent)

Sixteen percent more likely to have no college education (53 percent v. 37 percent)

In the Center of the electorate where elections are won, there is a group of rightwing Independents that Pew calls Hard Pressed Skeptics who have an equal mix of rightwing and leftwing positions. They are moderates and populists who are alienated from the system.

In the Center of the electorate, there is a stratum of financially distressed, cynical Independents who are White men. They are restrictionist on immigration, isolationist on foreign policy, believe they are getting cheated by globalization. They support a strong state. They were the Obama-Trump voters.

Hard Pressed Skeptics are populists who have an extremely negative view of Wall Street and the fairness of the economic system.

They have the most negative in the electorate of immigrants. They are second only to Solid Liberals in believing that too much power is concentrated in the hands of a few large companies.

Does this sound familiar? Strongly restrictionist on immigration, isolationist, critical of big business, supportive of government social programs, stridently populist, less religious, White male, Independent, financially stressed and cynical about politics?

Think of American politics as being like trench warfare in France in World War I. Young White men who are making under $100,000 a year who are populist leaning Indies are on the front lines.

Pew has tracked this swath of the Center electorate for years. It has gone by different names like “Hard Pressed Skeptics” or “Disaffected.”

Here are few myths that need to be exploded.

  • The idea that most people who identify as White Nationalist or Alt-Right or “Dissident Right” or whatever who are pro-White are conservative Republicans. A huge number of them are right-leaning Independents in the Center of the electorate. They are rightwing in the sense of being authoritarian, against political correctness and socially conservative. Their views on economics and their financial circumstances places them to the Left of Conservatives.
  • The idea that “normies” are College Republicans or conservatives. There are pro-White conservatives, but also pro-White moderates and populists and Independents. Pew divides up the rightwing electorate into Country First Conservatives, Core Conservatives, Market Skeptic Republicans and New Era Enterprisers.
  • The idea that Independent voters are anything but Independent voters and will vote for Republican candidates no matter what and be satisfied with doing so.
  • The idea that cynical, traditional non-voters can be treated like a doormat by the GOP and have “no place else to go.” This was the fatal flaw on which Jared Kushner premised the 2020 campaign. He treated Independent swing voters like base Republicans.
  • The idea that the Center of the electorate is less racist, less populist than the Right. Just the opposite is true. The Hard Pressed Skeptics are much more populist and racist than conservatives.

Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign was designed in a lab by Jared and other people who are equally clueless about why Trump won the 2016 election. In 2020, he won more conservatives and Republicans. Trumpism 2.0 crushed Joe Biden in the making over $100,000 electorate. Donald Trump moved from +15 to +30 on economics in the first year of his presidency. He came to be perceived as more rightwing on economics than Ronald Reagan. Gary Cohn and Larry Kudlow served as his chief economic advisers.

The people who elected Donald Trump in the first place were disappointed with his presidency and especially the 2020 campaign. They wanted to see him crush the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots. They wanted to see him deport illegal aliens and build the wall and ban Muslims. They didn’t want to see Lil Pump/Pimp and the Platinum Plan which was a slap in the face. They don’t want to hear about how Trump was the most pro-Jewish president in history and Ric Grenell and Charlie Kirk boasting about the legalization of homosexuality in Botswana. They certainly didn’t want to hear about DOW 30,000 or how a bunch of useless Republicans in the Senate couldn’t send them the second stimulus check.

In the 2016 election, Donald Trump excited this group of rightwing Independent men. They were his original supporters and backed him through the Republican primaries. Trump persuaded them to vote for him on the basis of BOTH social issues and economics. He made a full throated populist pitch to them in October 2016. In the 2020 election, however, his campaign assumed that they were there and could be taken for granted while Jared and Brad Parscale spent a billion dollars pandering to every group in America but them. The 2020 campaign was endless stock market cheerleading. Trump’s campaign attacked Joe Biden for supporting the 1994 crime bill and the Defense of Marriage Act. The 2020 campaign was less racist and less populist and was a failure that cost Trump a second term.

Everyone who is passionately Woke and who thinks “racism” is the most important issue in America is a Solid Liberal Democrat. Those people are outnumbered by White people in the middle of the electorate who were sick and tired of hearing about “racism” in 2016 and even more fed up in 2020 when Donald Trump just stood idly by and allowed them to run wild. In disgust, they either sat out the 2020 election, voted reluctantly for Trump or voted for Joe Biden for economic reasons. That’s what happened.

Note: I want to stress here that this was one reason and by far not the only reason that Trump lost the election. Part of it was seniors and COVID and economic distress. Part of it was that Joe Biden was never as unpopular as Hillary. Part of it was that Independents and Moderates were just sick of Trump flailing around and inflaming the country. Part of it was college educated voters who never liked his personality and thought he was an idiot. In my view, those are the Top 5 reasons.


  1. 1. Lower turnout among crucial swing vote of White men in the Rust Belt, because Trump didn’t deliver and people were sick of his bullshit.

    2. Ramped up cheating by Democrats, hence the huge number of “Biden vote only” ballots mysteriously found in the middle of the night.

  2. I don’t doubt that Biden picked up a lot of votes from his Roman Catholic co-religionists, and his Irish Roman Catholic co-religionists in particular. Some people are interpreting that as Trump losing a % of the White vote.

    If you noticed, at every chance, Democrats where calling Biden “a practicing Catholic”.

    Take it from me as a practitioner of the political arts, the Irish Roman Catholics would vote for a dead dog, if he was a fellow Irish Roman Catholic, and they did in this election. I’m sure Trump figured because he was anti-abortion, and had appointed 2 or 3 Catholics to the SCOTUS, he would get the Catholic vote, well he figured wrong.

    Trump may have gotten some more Hispanic Catholic votes this time, but, the other guy got 72% of them. LOL.

    As Hunter Biden’s laptop, and other information proved, the Holy Catholic Biden’s are scum. But, guys like Pat Toomey love him. So what do I know?

    • @Krafty Wurker

      Most Irish men voted for Trump, probably most Irish women as well.

      “So what do I know?”

      How to constantly shift the focus away from anti-white Jews towards some sort of irrelevant non-issue, like “Irish Catholics.”

      • It’s real phenomenon. In the UK men of Irish decent take perverse delight in voting Labour. And several inexplicably backed Biden. Sone with an eye to preventing Brexit. There is a sectarian element sold with Biden. Even though it turns out his grandchildren are all Jews.

        • Probably, years of Irish Holocaust Propaganda, otherwise known as the Potato Famine.

          Our second Catholic President, and our second Irish Catholic President! Regardless of Hunter Biden, or Joe’s brother Jim Biden, it’s a great day for the Irish (Catholics).

          How about a few choruses of “Oh, Danny Boy”.

          • It’s been non stop Good Friday Agreement from Biden Spox on the BBC, ITV, Sky, Channel 4. Fix is in.

          • At least the Irish didn’t fight the Boers in South Africa and two other brother wars on the European continent for the jews like British shabbos goys did.

            Brits moved on to fight Israel’s wars alongside fellow AngloZionist Canada and the United States in the Middle East.

            To hell with GB or UK, or whatever name it calls itself.

        • @Captain John Charity Spring MA

          “a sectarian element sold with Biden”

          Not in America. “Irish” is the number one “white” ethnicity in America, with the majority of Americans listing “Irish” as at least a partial ancestry, and “Catholic” is the largest religion listed, despite only a minority actually attending Church.

          In Boston there are some “Irish Catholic” neighborhoods, and they vote for Democrats like everyone else in Boston.

          In Raleigh, all the “Irish Catholics” vote Republicans and are especially keen on pro-life.

          Plus, there are no “Irish Catholic” organizations of any size and clout like, say, AIPAC.

          It’s virtually the exact opposite situation with Jews – universally liberal, even the tiny minority of Republicans, majority funding of the Democratic party and huge funding of the Republican party despite virtually no Jewish Republicans.

          In Dayton Ohio there is no significant difference between “Irish Catholics” and “German Lutherans.”

          What differences actually exist are never mentioned by Krafty Wurker, who is not the slightest bit interested in the actual differences – merely the rhetorical differences.

    • The Irish Catholic side of my family all voted for Joe Biden for economic reasons when they voted for dumpf in 2016 to get rid of Latinos. They were disappointed that there was no wall and no massive deportations so they returned to being the Democrats that they are. I’m sorry they denied flumpf a second term and perhaps even his long-awaited daca amnesty bill.

  3. I’m no fan of either uniparty corporatist puppet, but it’s obvious that Biden benefited from widespread fraud. Even though the corporate press has tried to minimize or ignore it, most normies are aware of the tampering. Things like this deepen the rural/urban divide, which was already pronounced, because it’s in cities and suburbs where this bs occurs.

    With a total lack of faith in the system, this is an excellent time for separation without secession. That can be a first step towards new states, or de facto states within states. There’s a fear of starting a second civil war, so I don’t think that will happen. Savages will be allowed to riot and steal in the cities in protest over Whitey because reasons, but (largely) not in the countryside. Those wanting decency and order will quietly pick up their lives and move to a safer place. Interesting times are quickly coming.

  4. “The Racist Center is one of the most cynical swathes of the American electorate. They are traditional non-voters. Once in a blue moon, they vote Republican.”

    Not trying to put words in your mouth, but you sort of sound like you are suggesting that only people in the political center and in the Midwest are based. You make it sound as if only 5% of Whites are based and all of these people are moderates.

    The based Whites in southern and rural California as long as the Upper and Deep South supported Trump.

    Nobody expected Trump to come out with the Platinum plan and Dreamer plan, that was a last minute surprise. Those plans were not even sincere, they are just election pandering to minorities.

    I have noticed that certain elements in the “dissident right / alt right” feel it necessary to ridicule Trump supporters. I even asked one of these people why he insists on doing that to which he replied “these people don’t matter, they don’t shape politics”.

    So what is the remnants of the “dissident right / alt right” movement trying to prove? That being anti-Trump is a right of passage to becoming based?

    Trump is most likely done unless he pulls out some miracle out of his ass and brings this to the supreme court where he may have a chance.

      • @Captain John…

        “Southern whites who are well aware of the race issue did support Trump.”

        And how – overwhelmingly so. Very few Rural North Carolinians & Virginians regard President Trump in any other light than he is a modern day Robert E. Lee.

        They speak of him with the greatest of reverence that they have not held for a commander-in-chief since President Reagan.

    • “That being anti-Trump is a right of passage to becoming based?”

      Yes. If you can’t understand Trump is a Zionist puppet you are worthless.

  5. Off topic
    Does anyone take the COVID 19 serious,lets go back in time during the Cold War with Russia and the doomsday clock of nuclear Armageddon.People were built nuclear bunker shelters,school had drills kids duck under the desk,etc.Guess what? It was a hoax from start to finish because both sides of the regimes cabals were just keeping the gentiles pre-occupied.Look at change has occured of 60 years demography change in the Western and the centralized power that voting makes no difference between parties.

    What were facing is China strength grows our politicians are corrupt and traitors to its people.

    • You must not know about the times when generals on both sides of the Cold War ordered nuclear missiles to be fired at the enemy, but the individual officers receiving the orders wouldn’t follow them. Those in the higher echelons were willing to set the world on fire and let it burn down, but commoners under their control wouldn’t let it happen. Astounding. I wonder if people now would have the balls to tell a general to f off.

      • Boomer X,

        Like in the American movie Wargames with Matthew Broderick with the Americans refusing to fire.

        • Would I what, Terry? Take the printing press away from the banksters? In a heartbeat. Jesus chased out the moneychangers from His father’s house with a whip. I’d use something stronger and more permanent, but the lesson would be learned. The people’s house would be cleansed of that pestilence. Destroy the elites’ access to free money through currency control and the banning of their other free-money trick, usury, and you’ll have put the world on a much better path overnight. I would also ban AI research, with VERY harsh penalties for violating that restriction. That particular Pandora’s box contains a hellish world of extremely evil potential.

          • Yes, I would, Terry. Human existence is more important than whether or not I make some egomaniac more secure in his power trip. I’m definitely independent enough to tell an officer “no.”

            Here’s a personal anecdote that may let you know I mean what I say. (I don’t know why I’m telling it, but for some reason it seems right.) I was in the Army for a short time after high school. I was supposed to be in intelligence. Truthfully, I was just going to sit in a room with headphones and listen for specific radio codes, then write down the message in regular English and pass it on. My recruiter had the same job. I had a severe stutter at the time, so my recruiter and I jumped through many, many hoops to make sure I would be accepted in my chosen job category. Not freaking out over there being no speaking at work (no talking was allowed at highly secure locations in the work areas), or having the ability to be comfortable with not having a lot of contact with others (I would work totally alone in an isolated location), would strongly work in my favor in that job, after all. A lot of people would have trouble with those two things I mentioned, but not me, for obvious reasons.

            After I got to basic training, though, some intelligence officer had a conniption after meeting me. He tried to get me thrown out of my job classification without my approval, which was a no-no. He wouldn’t let me have access to a JAG representative, which was a bigger and more serious no-no. He encouraged NCOs doing the recruit processing at the base to give me a lot of grief. And they did. As a buck private, I had no power whatsoever, of course. What I went through was difficult, to put it mildly. I never had one day of basic, actually. That’s how much trouble this one ass gave me.

            Anyway, the sergeants in my platoon (or whatever it was — I forget) were pressuring me to tear up my contract and become a bus or truck driver, the only jobs a person who stutters can supposedly have in the Army. Everyone was brutal to me. Doctors were going to set me up for a medical discharge based on mental illness if I didn’t go along, which they assured me would screw up my chances for decent work, keep me out of college, whatever. (BS, as I later found out, but it really worried me at the moment.) I wasn’t allowed to consult with a JAG lawyer, even though that was my right.

            I had the entire Army, as far as I was concerned, set against me. I was most definitely alone and friendless, betrayed and pressured almost beyond measure. I was only eighteen, nervous and scared. What did I do? I told them all to fuck off — in different words. I wasn’t stupid. Telling them off for real would’ve landed me in jail. (Which they also threatened me with for awhile.) You broke my enlistment contract, I said. I don’t need a lawyer to tell me what that means. With no contract, I’m not under your control. You don’t want me, fine, the feeling’s mutual. I’m gone, Jack. So it came down to two weeks of intense pressure on me, followed by four weeks of aimless waiting in the discharge barracks for the official paperwork.

            But I always fought back. That’s part of who I am, I suppose. Even though I was abused at home, moved around a lot and was continually picked on at school for being a freak who couldn’t talk, I never gave in. I don’t know why. I should thoroughly hate all people, because of how I was treated. White people were hardest on me, so you might think I would hate my own most of all. All my authority figures were White, and almost all were bullying cowards. A lot of my peers were, too. That’s not how it worked out, though. I’m always open to going where truth leads me. The past is dead, unless I raise it up in my own mind. Move on, keep moving on, towards the light. No matter how dimly it may shine.

            Thanks for indulging me.

  6. Off Topic:

    @jack nuked the US immigration and customs enforcement Twitter account. We all know what POTUS Blompf will do about it.

    Anti-pope Francis has congratulated Biden on become the 46th POTUS.

    • @ boomer x thank you for sharing that with me i appreciate your honesty, the army !? What can i say, that hasnt been said already, i idid a stint, in thee army reserve, my mos was armor crewman, sir.i know how they are and i am sorry for all this unnecessary shit been thru, if i may” i would like to share this with you, my grandfather was a ww2 vet, infantry man , he survived made it home to kentucky, with 2 purplehearts, well he went to work in the coal mine, met my grandmother, got married, my mother was their first, one morning like any other morning., went to work, rode that lil train, deep in thee earth, there was a explosion, in the mine, a timber came down, cut my grandfathers leg off, he almost bled out, before they could get him out of the mine, he survived he also survived, the morphine addiction that followed. They sent him from southeast ky to new jersey to recover. It traumatised him terribly, to say the least, part of his recovery was learning how to speak again, my papaw stuttered awful bad, this happened my mamaw was 20 years, my mother was about 2 years old and i was told she started stuttering too, i guess because of my grandfather, my grandmother told me they took my mother to a rex humbard crusade, they laid hands on my mother and prayed over her shortly their after, she stopped stuttering, thats.what i was told. Sir i sit here welled up between your story and thinking of my loved ones who are gone now, i pray the lord bless you , keep you.and heal you, i leave you with a bible verse, if i may, i dont remember, what book or chapter or verse ., but this i do remember, ” before one can know joy, one must first know sorrow”, peace be with you brother.

      • Thanks for opening up to me, Terry. Much appreciated. Your grandfather was a tough, tough man. Stuttering after a stroke happens, unfortunately. It’s highly unusual for someone to copy a stutter, though. Your mother learned to speak around her speech-disabled father, so that might be where it came from. If your mom is extremely empathetic, very sensitive towards how others feel, that would also explain it. She took on her father’s pain, in a way.

        I’ve had people try to pray my stutter away, but it didn’t help. What did help was reverse engineering a process Dr. Morton Cooper developed to help famous actors and singers with strangled voice syndrome. (Cooper became rich helping people like Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews regain their voice without steroids or surgery.) He based it on a discovery he made during his internship with an adult stutterer’s group when he was a Speech Pathology PhD candidate at Stanford. I figured out the mechanical process behind speaking that Cooper based his secret on, and simplified it so others could also use it. I then shared the easy-to-use technique on Facebook with a lot of fellow PWS (People Who Stutter), even starting a group to promote alternative therapies shown to help people become more fluent. I’m happy to share tips with anyone. Standard speech therapy is a dismal failure, only helping 1-3%. Alternatives tend to work much better, and the best ones are offered for free.

        Your good wishes and prayers are also very much appreciated. God bless you and yours, Terry.

  7. Despite your opinions on Trump (despise or tolerate), always vote Republican in local and state-elections, otherwise your property taxes and real estate (and other local taxes like income tax) will go through the roof and crime will go up.

    Northerners are fleeing the Northeast in droves because of how it is governed. Look at Midwestern cities governed by Democrats, they are violent unsegregated hellholes.

    Whatever your opinions are of Rand Paul, he is correct when he says that income inequality is always much higher in states that have been run by Democrats.

    Based Whites are panicking in Orange county, California because Democrats made gains in local elections. They don’t want to be driven out of their homes by skyrocketing property costs and taxes.

  8. “It was White men who elected Donald Trump in the first place by rejecting Hillary Clinton in a landslide in 2016. It was a peculiar kind of White man who did it though.”

    I take it you mean a “landslide” among white men, not a landslide overall. Overall, he lost the popular vote; and in the electoral college, he barely prevailed—or do I have that wrong?

    I’ll say again that I don’t see what it is you wanted him to do, Mr. W. If the members of his own party had not prevented him from building the wall—i.e., had not made him a political eunuch—he might have been able to run, in 2020, a campaign like the one he ran in 2016, or at least much different from the one he actually did run in 2020. As it was, the Republicans boxed him in for four years and thus left him no choice but to run a campaign more like a usual Republican campaign—as you yourself have described it here, at Occidental Dissent, I believe. Consequently, he did do a bit better with Republicans this time around (as, again, you yourself have reported here), but he came up short overall.

    I say again: You do not seem to me to be making clear what you think he could have done to keep the voters he lost without alienating an even larger group of voters. Lethal drone strikes on any spray-paint-carrying person approaching a statue of Robert E. Lee? No, I don’t think that would have done it, though I’m sure it would have won him many a “Deo Vindice” here, at Occidental Dissent.

    Trump, it seems to unpolitical me, has been fighting for his political life since his inauguration day (at least). His opponents seem to have prevailed. The faction for which you appear to be speaking had nothing to offer him this time around—as you are unwilling to recognize—and he campaigned accordingly. That’s the only thing that even kept him in the running.

    • @ john bonaccorsi. Mr.trump was too ” alpha” and way too ” mack” for their, rather bland taste, thee testosterone thing was very unsettling , perhaps the bent over position , that president harris likes so well, will provide the comfort , their delicate natures require.

      • The mounted .50 caliber machine guns on top of those Humvees would have been more efficient in liquidating the vermin that would have be spared outside of the blast radius of a Hellfire missile.

  9. The cat lick vote is very odd. It’s filled with many borderline atheists. These were kids you went to Catholic school with and many were pretty wild kids. Religion class was more about remembering things and being afraid of the nuns..lol.. I was very happy finally done with Catholic school after eight years.

    Realistically Biden is a prime example of the cat lick. He favors the mass murder of the unborn, is for homosexuality on the same level as heterosexuality. He never ever promotes JESUS CHRIST despite the fact Biden will probably be dead within 10 years. He is a lie and a cheat like his cat lick son Hunter. They only go to church once in a blue moon or for a funeral. That is the classic and growing cat lick as opposed to Catholics who actually do read the Bible and put it into practice.

    Don’t forget Catholics have many blacks and Hispanics who vote Democrat. They are total hypocrites. Just on the openly pro baby killing and pushing homosexuality, voting Democrat should be a complete ” no way” for these ( cough) church goers.

    The above survey was very true. Blacks make being black their god. Of course all the other groups are well represented except Whites who are so obsessed with not being viewed as racists. This is why these other groups are getting all the goodies- they push for it based on race/racism but the jewsmedia is incredibly quiet on it being their usual hypocrite selves. The jewsmedia only gets upset when Whites use race. This is why these treason folks filled us with Charlottesville forever while ignoring thousands of black crimes be it Blm, be it black gang bangers, be it the black killings in every city they exist in any real numbers. It’s truly evil and disgusting.

    If Trump does officially lose this election, no doubt he starts a Trump tv type thing and makes big bucks as he plucks off Fox Noise hosts. He wants to wreck Fox. It also keeps his name consistently in the political game. If he did run for president again he would be pushing 80. Personally I would want the Tv programming to do well but not for him to run again. We need younger, smarter candidates to build off some Trump positives.

  10. “Why Donald Trump Lost The 2020 Election”

    If lose it turns out that he did, then it would be from one reason and just one reason alone : because neither he nor the GOP properly paid attention to report issued on September 20, by Freedom Caucus Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, that on the widespread fraud that The Democrats and The United States Government were planning, this in effecting yet another coup against President Trump.

    That was a serious miscalculation, though, not necessarily terminal.

    Robert E. Lee made a nu8mber of miscalculations and recovered from them on the fly.

    George Washington, as commander of The Colonial Army, never decisively won a pitched battle until the very last at Yorktown.

    That was 6 years of failure and defeat.

    Perhaps his greatest victory was keeping the faith of his men and The Continental Congress through it all.

    Great men make errors, so it is not that which makes them great, but, their ability to recover from them.

    President Trump has had war made upon him by a vast array of conglomerates – from the Western Media, to the Globalist Oligarchs and then numerous governments, themselves, foremost among which are the Chinese Government, and, yes, the very government President Trump is supposed to command – The United States’ Government.

    It’s quite a weight, and no other president has ever gone up against so much.

    Whatever I think of his policies, I respect his strength and guts.

    Like andrew Jackson, to whom he can be most likened, President Trump never quits.

    He is the first president since Reagan who was prepared to give orders, and not just take them from the shadows behind The Oval Office desk.

    • Ivan, the reason the Gop and Trump did not pay attention to the voter fraud stuff is the same reason Trump never called out domestic terrorist, Marxist, Black Lives Matter- fear of upsetting blacks. In true comical( and pathetic) fashion, Trump called out and allegedly deemed Antifa a terrorist organization but somehow skipped Blm? Lol. Sad.

      Trump got caught up in getting the black vote and figured calling out a black terrorist organization was not smart to do. Wrong!. This basically speaks to what Hw is saying. Trump lost key White constituencies by blowing them off. In truth, Trump’s White vote would have gone up by going after Blm. Instead he basically increased his black vote by 3 or 4% while White men cut their vote for Trump. Insane. Republicans always run from their key voters- Whites.

      So it goes to the heart of voting. Trump pussied out on truly going after voter fraud. Most Republicans did. They ran the govt the first two years of Trump’s presidency and zero was done about voter fraud and the wall for that matter.

      If you allow blacks to steal votes the way they clearly did against Romney( literally zero votes for him in many Philadelphia voting precincts as well as some in Ohio) they will continue to rob all day long. After all ” muh slavery” is the justification for all black dysfunction. Of course there are lunatic leftist Whites who join in. They know they are protected by Democrat mayors in the cities.

      It always goes back to race. Blacks are simply more honest in their outright contempt for White people while whitey comforts himself to treat all equally. Check that. Many Whites will put down other Whites and promote blacks. Not all wiggers wear hats backward with a slew of tattoos saying ” Yo, what up, Dawg.” Some wear suits, have a relatively high Iq but are twisted by cultural Marxism.

      In the end I am overall disappointed by Trump. I certainly voted for him because he opened a door no Republican has on issues like a wall, immigration, America First, etc. His execution on some things was late and sloppy. He outright lied about deporting so many people. Once big business got to him suddenly he was more interested in getting rid of gang bangers mostly and not overall deporting people.

      It’s not easy. Trump dealt with an obvious coup to get rid of him from day 1. He dealt with a heavily Jewish press that caused a 92% negative coverage against him. It’s pretty disgusting. I give him a C plus grade. I was hoping for an A and would have been cool with a B plus but not to be.

      I do expect him to go after voter fraud as much as possible. It sends a message for future elections. I expect Republicans to clean up in 2022 since Biden and his affirmative action Queen will be a disaster. King Hairdo Kevin McCarthy is basically saying 22 is a cakewalk for Republicans. Republicans did radically better in the House than our fake media told us. Dems barely are going to have a lead when it all settles. That will be long gone by 2022. That being said, demographics is still destiny and especially with blacks that means stone cold South Africa standards and Marxism. So learn a few foreign languages and know the immigration laws of a select few nations…just in case. In Ivan’s case I know that’s being done already..lol

  11. Yes, there was voter fraud. Voter fraud has been going on for decades, especially with electronic voting machines that can have their programs hacked or overridden. That the price you pay for progress. Despite the voter fraud, Trump will concede because the oligarchs in charge want it that way. No one will go to jail and no one will be held accountable. HE lost for other reasons but it was made easier when he was steered in the wrong direction by his jew son in law and others he trusted. My prediction: The riots will fizzle out and so will covid when Biden gets in. The Democrat commies are delusional but they’re not going to stab themselves in the back. If Trump pulls it out in the courts, it will be another 4 years of hell, riots and “pandemics”

    • @John…

      “Despite the voter fraud, Trump will concede because the oligarchs in charge want it that way. No one will go to jail and no one will be held accountable. ”

      It’s a very likely scenario.

      The wildcards are the character of Trump, himself he who cannot countenance losing, the fidelity of the higher courts, and the gravitas of those White Men who run the Swing State legislatures.

      As always, the human element looms large in historick events.

      • @Ivan,

        What if Trump himself didn’t ‘deep six’ his own presidential commission on election fraud in January of 2018? Bad decisions lead to bad outcomes.

        • @November,

          Bad decisions have bad consequences. Trump made them and now he wants our help when he was nowhere to be found when we needed him. Shills like Anglin want us to take to the streets and defend the orange man but where was the orange man when we were being purged on social media? Monitoring the situation.

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