Core Conservatives

I’m not on the Right.

I’m a moderate, a populist, a nationalist and an Independent voter in the Center of the electorate. I’m definitely not a conservative Republican. In 2016, I voted for Donald Trump and became a Market Skeptic Republican. Who are these people? What do they believe?

The American Right is composed of four distinct groups.

The mainstream Right is anchored by the “Core Conservatives” and the “Country First Conservatives” who are respectively 15% and 7% of registered voters. These two groups are overwhelmingly Republican or lean Republican. They are the core of the Republican Party. We are the periphery.

The Market Skeptic Republicans and the New Era Enterprisers are 12% and 11% of registered voters. These two groups are moderate Republicans. The former are the populists and nationalists. The latter are libertarians. They are moderates in opposite ways. The populists are social conservatives and economic moderates. The Alt-Right was drawn from this group. The libertarians are social liberals and economic liberals. The Alt-Lite was drawn from this group. Conservatives are social conservatives and economic liberals. Market Skeptic Republicans and New Era Enterprisers nominated Trump. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were supported by the Core Conservatives and Country First Conservatives.

Core Conservatives are a whiter, wealthier, older and more educated group than Market Skeptic Republicans. They are far less likely to believe that government should help the needy. They are more globalist and pro-immigrant. They are slightly more conservative on race and homosexuality. The overwhelming difference between these two groups is on economic liberalism. 75% of Core Conservatives believe the U.S. economic system is fair compared to 5% of Market Skeptic Republicans.

Market Skeptic Republicans are the most peripheral faction.

They are the least likely group to say the GOP represents their values. Only half believe the GOP cares about the middle class or has high ethical standards. They are far more likely to see the GOP as too extreme on free-market economics and too quick to cut government programs.

The True Cons believe in Principles™.

They believe in MURICA … well, American Exceptionalism.

They believe in the American Dream.

They unironically believe in Zombie Reaganism.

They have a positive view of banks.

So does the rest of the Right … once again, we are the exception.

21% of Core Conservatives think the economic system favors powerful interests. 94% of Market Skeptic Republicans believe this.

46% of Core Conservatives believe economic inequality is a big problem. 86% of Market Skeptic Republicans believe it is a big problem.

88% of Core Conservatives do not believe that government has a responsibility to ensure Americans have health care coverage. Market Skeptic Republicans and New Era Enterprisers are far more moderate on the issue.

When it comes to corporate tax cuts, 51% of Core Conservatives want tax cuts. 40% of Market Skeptic Republicans would rather raise corporate taxes.

67% of Core Conservatives want to lower taxes on large businesses and corporations. 55% of Market Skeptic Republicans want to raise taxes.

Country First Conservatives are the most immigration restrictionist swath of the Right. New Era Enterprisers are more pro-immigrant.

72% of Market Skeptic Republicans want an “America First” foreign policy. 66% of the Country First Conservatives agree.

Market Skeptic Republicans are more moderate on the environment.

In an ideal world, the Republican Party would become more restrictionist on immigration, less interventionist on foreign policy, less globalist on trade, more focused on economic development at home, less cucked on race and political correctness, less obsessed with Israel, more moderate on taxes, health care and the environment and friendlier to the working class and middle class. This was the great hope that Trump represented in the 2016 election and which was stymied by the donor class and Core Conservatives who lost the 2020 election due to their obstinance to change on the policy agenda.

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      • You are guilty of looking a gift horse in the mouth. 10s of millions of whites quite clearly beleive that Trump was robbed of a victory here. By a city machine government run by blacks and discretely by Jews. While I do appreciate your intellectual honesty about assessing the shift in white voting patterns, a little here in this location a little there in that location and here in this class and there in that class… You’ve got a seething revolutionary mass to demogague. Don’t miss the opportunity to get out in front of it and stop the Alex Jones’s and Ali Alexander Akbars of the world wreck that moment. The crowd is there now, it is aggreived and it will listen to a well represented truth. I certainly don’t see this crisis as irreversible. Biden is a ruler with a cobbled together coalition that can’t work.

        • “You’ve got a seething revolutionary mass to demogague.”

          Well, its an opportunity to heighten things, which seems to be what the powers that be want. Unless the goal is to cause such people to follow for something serious rather than YMCA Qcuck cult nonsense, i personally am pessimistic about the ppl that love Fuentes, not because of Fuentes himself as a person but of what he represents (as Linder says, in the Anglo world we are ego obsessed rather than focused upon principles, putting the facts on the table whether we like what we see or not is not the prevailing way in our world).

          I’m sure some of them have good intentions, and yet in my experience those types simply are hostile towards even discussing anything serious. And if you won’t even discuss something (ie – revolution) without flying into a hysteria & what seems like a homicidal rage towards those bringing such issues up, you certainly ain’t gonna do a damn thing. Hope i am wrong.

          Do those guys really want an Aryan only ethnostate where you agree to put race first? Instead of denouncing the real fraud, democracy itself, the entire system; they want “god emperor, glorious wwwwwleeeeeeeduuuuuuur Zio Don.” They embrace Americanism and mock the one group that has a track record of success openly fighting the most sophisticated hyper-organized enemy our people have ever faced in the time of the greatest socioengineering brainwashing dystopia ever. And that enemy can be beaten, frankly i just think that if you’re begging Republicucks to do something substantial & trying to blend in with that crowd (as has been tried, maybe it’ll change, if they start fearing racialists more than they fear Jews), they’re going to walk into a Jewish trap. Inaction is the only worse option i can imagine overall. I definitely think that embracing the “trump got robbed y’all” is a moronic position for a racialist to take. Whatever/whoever you are promoting, you become.

          How’d it work out doubling down on Trump instead of disavowing him (like certain individuals who presented themselves as Aryan racialists first & foremost promised to do if Trump failed &/or betrayed his “implicit” promises) when he repeatedly showed his true colors basically the night he won?

          Aryans really could benefit from uniting, should unite if we can all get on the same page, pro-Aryan,anti-Jewish, and not willing to accept “no” for an answer. Ever read David Irving’s “Goebbels” bio (available for free on his site)? “No compromises, either we win full power or we remain an opposition group…anything that helps us win is good, anything that does not is bad. Any means necessary. People who worry about bans and/or sell out their comrades who are loyal & doing their best = cowardly traitors.” They faced much the same persecution/tyranny/terrorism.

          How wise is it to disavow & reject the one group to ever succeed in trying to overthrow this enemy, and who did so in an arguably less serious a mess than are we? (Not that everything must be copied…just saying…hostility towards N.S. is a common thing among American racialists).

          Your heart is in the right place, keep up the good work man.

          • The “Trump was robbed” meme is all good, especially if, as seems likely, Slow Joe puts his hand on the King James Bible in January next year. The Hindu-Dindu will follow in short order confirming the narrative that Slow Joe is fading fast from Alzheimer’s and the ruling class all knew it all along. This greatly undermines the legitimacy of the ruling class; they have been caught again engaging in public deception, especially the Lügenpresse.

            Add to this unfixable economic problems and Democrat “solutions” that make everything worse and the country will be ready to melt down. No doubt next Spring BLM/Antifa will be back at work once temperatures are back into the 70’s F.

            This time they will take their righteous anger to the white bread suburbs, encouraged by the Usual Suspects in the so-called “Justice (sic) Department”. It will be a shock to the normies and the “I don’t see race” civnats that race sees them even though they have a “Black Lives Matter” sign on their well coiffed lawns. They believe those BLM signs are a magic talisman protecting them from the chocolate hordes they truly fear.

            All of this: “Trump was robbed” meme, the Hindu-Dindu becoming President, BLM getting busy in the suburbs and intractable economic/financial problems may finally get the attention of the normies. They may learn the hard way that watching Tucker and hoping for politicians to do the right thing doesn’t fix anything. Destroying the legitimacy of the ruling class is paramount and the ruling class itself is speeding this process along right now. “Put not your Trust in Princes . . .” (Psalms 146:3), but in politicians?

        • @ cap’n we would.need a voice, that actually.had something to say, can you think of anyone on the current national scene? It seems except, at the grass roots level, any.voice you hear, is owned by someone or something.

      • The Seattle – Tacoma area is just too screwed up, you have to go east towards the Cascades to find sanity but there is much less population and wealth there, same as Portland, Oregon. There are still many decent people in Seattle – Tacoma but the wack jobs, homos, communists, BLM types, Antifa, freaks of nature et al. have complete control over the local government there, ruining the place.

          • I don’t know from personal experience but people I know who have travelled and lived there for a while liked it. Much different vibe from all West Coast cities though, much more like Idaho next door. After putting up with Venice Beach lunatics, LA traffic, all the wogs crawling all over S. California (including OC) the change was a relief but took some adjusting to.

      • A mainstream, popular movement for Red State secession can be ginned up now using outrage over electoral fraud as the raw material. The goal is to dismember ZOG!

        PS. Southern nationalism is gay.

  1. In a country where the core ethnic group isn’t outnumbered by darkies the center right coalition could just dismiss the Nationalists. They can’t win without delivering that sliver of nationalists now.

  2. 1. Have YOU ever been polled? I haven’t. Neither have anyone I’ve talked to. You can’t bank tooooo much on those “supposed statistics.”

    2. We should be focusing on WHAT “WE” are actually going to “DO” to create our ethno Utopia over Trumps next 4 years. And yes, he’ll be POTUS for another 4. Get the popcorn ready … over the next 4 weeks!!!!!!!! Watch Naturalnews, Thegatewaypundit and Infowars.

    3. I’m flabbergasted you guys haven’t mentioned one of Trumps HUGEST blunders : Failure to rescue us with Stimulus II !!! There are a LOT of his supporters starving, unemployed and about to be in the streets … yet he leaves it upto sock puppets like McConnell so nothing will be done in time. Here’s what left wing news vlogs are telling the sheeple – and it’s not good for Trump :

    • The hundreds of billions in profits that Bezos, Zuckerberg, et al have made off this scamdemic should be redistributed to millions of real Americans who have lost their jobs and small businesses to the Kung Flu Hoax. P.S….whenever you Southerners are ready to get serious about Secession II let me know.

    • “Have YOU ever been polled? I haven’t”:

      Don’t you have a listed phone number and street address? I have been polled several times, one quite prestigious. But the “scientific research” is mostly multiple choice to keep the findings within certain parameters, and my answers are not included.

      “I’m flabbergasted you guys haven’t mentioned one of Trumps HUGEST blunders: Failure to rescue us with Stimulus II !!!”

      It was not a blunder, but deliberate. One “principle” is even more important than winning an election.

  3. The subject broached by the title of this article is a complex one.

    In a nutshell, Conservatives are mostly Libertarian-Oligarchists. The reason why I add the word, ‘Oligarchist’ to Libertarian in the title is because, if you are in favour of small government to preserve individual rights, as were The Founding Fathers, Oligarchy is what results – in the old days, plain individual oligarchy, today mostly Corporate Oligarchy.

    Some complexity enters into this, however, because the Religious ‘Social- Conservatives’, who comprise a large minority of the Conservative Movement, are principally focused on using government to preserve The United States as a Christian Nation, which, as you realize, is anti-Libertarian in it’s focus.

    To this end, The Republican Party, post Reagan, has been this odd alliance of antithesises.

    That this developed however, is because Dixiecrats wound up fleeing their own Democrat Party when it was, over more than 5 decades, successfully overwhelmed and taken over by Northeastern Judeo-Bolshevik-Progressives.

    In my view, both Democrat and Republican Parties are ripe to blow up, which, perhaps is only apropos, in light of the fact that the entire nation seems primed to do the same.

    • @ ivan turgenev , bypassing the border states for a moment, did not the state legislatures in csa states all vote to secede , that being said ivan, now that seccession is being discussed. It would seem the next logical step, would be the circulation of.petitions, in any state, county, or city. ,to put this issue on a.ballot, in coming elections, if that is still peacably possible?

      • @.ivan turgenev , today as in. 1860, i dont see the seccession issue as going past the conversation stage, without the backing of monied interest, if worst.comes to worst and the bolshevics do win this election, the issue of seccession could once again, have the backing of the monied interest, with the marxist tradition of state control and over taxation.

      • Dear Terry,

        I have no idea what can happen, because at every level in Dixie we are run through with termites, and the wood that has not been run through is generally weak wood, incapable of doing any heavy lifting.

        In some ways you say we are back, as you say, at 1860, this, in my view, because our opponents, those who are the tyrants and who love them, have every structure in place and yet we have none.

        However, we have a growing community will to straighten this situation out, something I am utterly shocked to see.

        Many many White Southerners are in a funk and searching themselves to understand what is going on, this because they have not wanted to see the truth of this situation for many decades.

        The only thing they know for sure is that they are unwilling to back down any further on any issues of nationality, elections, and sovereignty.

        So, we shall see.

        In my view, The Globalists (U.S. Government included) are about to get desperate, this because they are about to be exposed like never before.

        That so, they may do things even more ill-advised than what they have already done all year – starting with the Colour-Revolution/Destabilization campaign waged with the ‘pandemick’, contrived shortages and riots, and lockdowns, and now this – the presidential election heist.

        All of this comes after 4 years of endless coups against our chosen president.

        Time again to put on The Grey, and not put it down until those that know no respect for anyone, but themselves and their own designs, learn to get right.

        • @ivan turgenev, you always make good sense, good sir, i hope more and more of our common folk, are preparing themselves, everyone should be vigilant and keep watch, let us not be fearful, but prepared to take advantage of any and every opportunity that presents itself, where their is a will there is a way.

  4. HW’s attempt to create dozens of voter categories reminds me of the Far Left’s assertion that there are dozens of “gender identities”.

  5. Core conservatives also tend to be deniers that the U.S. is passing a quarter-million Covid deaths on the way to a half million or more.

    Incidentally, the “hoax” or “just a flu” is rampant inside Belmarsh Prison, and among the block mates of Julian Assange: It is very likely that he will be infected and die of it in his chronically-tortured, very weak condition, which would be convenient for the Empire.

  6. This bean counting can be somewhat helpful. Yes, older whites got a pretty good deal economically, and they defend that. They say the system is fair, and will keep saying it, as long as the checks keep coming, and the real estate bubble holds.

    And they tend to say that the reason younger whites are failing is their own fault, not the fault of the system. Younger whites know better.

    But “market skeptical”, come on, you know the “market” is all rigged. Younger whites oppose the system because there is no market, and the whole newfangled merger of Capitalism and Communism is rigged to destroy them.

    The CapCom system was planned from 1948. The goal was to merge the two systems. That has been largely accomplished, and this Great Reset is a means to solidify this New World Order of CapCom.

    CapCom is not the market. It is Capitalist with the Corporations and the Stock Exchange, but each industry is controlled by one or two companies closely controlled by the government. There is no market, there is monopoly/duopoly. Choose tweedle or choose dum, that is your choice, but it is all tweedledum.

    Keep searching. You will happen eventually upon Deng Xiaoping, and how this evil genius developed the theory of CapCom and pursued it successfully in China, becoming the actual architect of the New World Order.

    Dump Goyim rarely understand the dialectic, but Deng got it. Forty years later, Americans still don’t get it. They have merged. They are one and the same.

  7. Hunter/Brad/whatever-you-call-yourself-these-days:
    You might want to check the cotto-gottfried Youtube channel. They seem to be right up our alley.

  8. I scored as a “Core Conservative.” I didn’t like the All-or-Nothing nature of the questions though. Most of them needed more nuance. I’ve consistently scored almost dead in the center of the four way Political Compass test. I hate the social conservatism of the upper center where all the red dots are, and I hate the economic and social liberalism of the bottom left where all the blue dots are.

    Anyway, the big take away from these charts is how “Solid Liberals” have absolute ideological hegemony, particularly on the issues of healthcare, environmentalism, and immigration, where 99-100% of them (!!!) agreed on national healthcare, deep green ecology, and open borders. You can disagree with “Core Conservatives” all long day Hunter, but your real enemy is the Solid Liberals and always has been.

    I don’t think there’s going to be any sort of natural correction to Solid Liberals like you predicted last August in your theory of changing eras every 70-120 years. The colleges and the schools will continue to push the envelope on indoctrinating White students. This indoctrination will continue unabated until Solid Liberals form a plurality, if not an outright majority, of the White American population.

    Don’t expect Whites to care that they are being indoctrinated. As far as they are concerned, everything they learn in school and college is the absolute truth. Why, they’re “opening their eyes” to the “reality” of “White Supremacy” and “systemic racism.” Everything they learn in the universities, and the churches, and the media, is designed to inculcate and crystalize a single idea: “The White Race is naturally evil and deserves to be raped and exterminated.” Your average college-educated White person on the streets believes that now.

    Do WigNats have a plan for counter-acting this? Or we destined for another 10 years of takes that amount to one-upmanship and “who can be the last person to say something original and edgy?” It’s like every voice in the movement has become a caricature worthy of a Wyndham Lewis novel. (I’m specifically thinking of The Apes of God here).

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