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  1. Saying that I leaned Dim after identifying as an Independent made me Devout and Diverse. Leaning Recuck made me a Country First Conservative, even after going left on all economic and environmental issues.

    • I got the same result as Boomer X. “Devout and Diverse” if I said I leaned Democrat and “Country First” if gave the exact same responses but said I leaned Republican. In my entire life I have only ever voted for third-party candidates!

      As someone who knows a bit about designing political surveys, this “quiz” breaks most of the rules about how to get a robust result.

  2. I got “disaffected democrat.” Like most political quizzes, the questions come loaded with certain liberal presumptions that make them hard to answer. For a few I didn’t like either choice because of the implicit assumptions underlying the question.

    • @Dart

      I thought the foreign policy questions were particularly bad. Choose between a strong military or diplomacy… Choose between war or isolation…

      I suspect the reason for these is precisely to craft political talking points that can split groups and force an false dilemma. The purpose of these polls is obviously not to find out what people think in order to influence public policy, the purpose of these polls is to market test political slogans that can then be used to sell one candidate or policy or another.

      Obama was sold as a “peace candidate” – even got the Nobel Peace Prize – and proceeded to bomb more brown people than George W. Bush. But the talking points never changed. Trump’s slogan was “American First” which polled really well, but obviously that had no effect on his policy.

      I mean – obviously, right? I thought everyone thought this way. Politicians are crooks, they lie every time they open their mouths, they don’t care about voters except to figure out which lie to tell to get their votes, and they do whatever the lobbyists tell them to.

      Am I alone in this political philosophy? I don’t think so.

      • You’re right. The sad reality is that most people don’t know how to distinguish between what a politician says and what he does. That’s how you end up with all these people who believe donald trump already built the wall, or conversely people on the left who believe he’s a fascist dictator (despite being possibly the weakest and most ineffectual president in history). In normal interpersonal relationships it’s a good thing to be trusting, but it becomes a problem when you’re ruled by psychopaths who exploit that trust by blatantly lying every time they speak.

  3. The questions are asked in that usual nebulous and biased way where they give literal insight. I was once asked “do you think the poor and in peril around the world, especially children, should be left to die” or “i believe America should do all it can to take in immigrants”

    Who answers that? I want zero immigration but like Mosley, i feel it is a duty to try and throw some aid to those around the world when your own people are taken care of. Not to mention the survey poisons the well at the end by asking whether you lie closer to Republican or democrat. It is a waste of time.

    I got market skeptic republican like everyone else

  4. Versus this framework – of the USA two big political parties, being separable into roughly 8 political sectors, 4 within each party –

    In Continental Europe there may well be 8 or more political parties in the Parliament giving each of these sub-divisions a ‘party’, instead of two giant parties frustrating most within them

    Voting in Europe gives you a greater chance of at least being able to vote for a party gang more directly reflecting your views – And it is much easier to start a party successfully, amidst often limitations on financing, media buying etc

    With proportional national voting, you hit a threshold of 3% or 5% and voila! you are in the Parliament making speeches etc

    But there is a more complex system of disappointing European voters, to go along with this multi-party structure

    To have a government, you need to get a ‘coalition’ of parties … so a lot of things people vote for, get sidelined in the ‘coalition agreements’ … so it is (1) gridlock, followed by (2) disappoint the voters … a game plan which is more complex but well-oiled, and this is how elites get served in Europe

    So you get repeated outcomes that few voters want, e.g., participating in Nato wars, which most European voters detest

    Tho at least one thing, Europe fixed the health care issue decades ago, you don’t have a USA-type horror show; some countries have state health care, others have cheap insurance that is universal tho doctors are private

    European gov works better, and there is much less terror via law, legalisms, lawsuits, jailing etc … life is calmer and even assets and property are more secure than in the USA, tho obviously you can point to injustice, sometimes of types the USA does not have so much

    Western European voters are of course often easily gamed by claims something is ‘racist’ etc … people want to be thought of as ‘nice’, given a system that in some countries has coddled everyone for half a century

    1 out of every 150 Americans in jail … 1 out of 1000 Continental Western Europeans in jail … less crime too in Europe … and unknown to many Americans, Continental Europeans do have tens of millions of legally-owned handguns, rifles, shotguns, tho not the carry laws

  5. Market skeptic Republican. For a rough profile, I’d say I compare closely to Mike Enoch. My father is a first gen European immigrant, mom is third gen, they eventually divorced. Grew up in a large NE metropolis and everyone but my grandparents (whose families were killed by communists) were/are huge bourgeois liberals, and so I was by default. But living in various regions of the country, working with and living around blacks and Mexicans, and absorbing a lot of European history eventually demolished all my liberal preconceptions regarding race, ethnicity, culture, etc. However, I have always seen neoliberal capitalism as inherently inhuman and the greatest threat to our culture (and all cultures). In my view, Milton Friedman and Walmart have done a million times more damage to this country than any Black Studies professor. It’s appropriate that you write about the Lost Generation, Mr. Wallace, because I think there is a similar process of estrangement and disillusionment occurring to the men of Gen X and subsequent generations. The promises of our age sound increasingly hollow and contradictory. But whereas the Losters inverted the values of Western Civilization, we are being destroyed by that inversion. So what is the inversion of an inversion? Do we return to a tradition most of us have never known and only read about? Do we create something new? If so, what? And how, in a perpetually worsening demographic situation? I try not to be black pilled, but it’s hard not to be.

  6. Both parties has been hijacked by war hawks the right is neo con and diversity is the left.Pre-1950s Republican or Democrat were conservative in nature.

  7. I’m a Country First Conservative, but I wish more of the questions specified, “Do x regulations hurt *white* businesses?” or “Do poor *white* people need more help?”

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