Blue Atlanta

Data nerds are still arguing over what happened in Georgia:

There was a drop off in White non-college voters in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. Forget the election for a minute. Has anyone seen the round the clock “Hallmark Family Christmas” commercials everywhere featuring almost exclusively black, interracial and now gay couples? My parents gave their usual “Thats just the way things are. Every commercial has all black people in it. This will pass they are just trying to accommodate everyone”

    My dad still cant see the big picture. He supports BET and the gay channels but having a Christian Christmas movie is too far. Sorry to hijack your coverage Brad, I just needed to out blackpill the blackpiller

    • @Captain Schill…

      My wife and I loved Hallmark for years, most especially their usually shot in July Christmas films.

      That said, we reached the point about two years back when we could take it no more, for all the reasons you state, and we do not watch.

      When we are in the hallmark mood, we go to YouTube and watch one of their films from prior years, when they were about traditional White Folks doing normal things.

      Basically this culture has removed from me one thing after another – first I could take Hollywood no more, then I could enjoy ESPN sports talk no more, then it was Cable TV, then NFL football, etc, etc…

      Hallmark Movies was really the last straw, and, to that end, we canceled our cable, bought a Smart TV, and now, not only do we have a much larger variety of things to watch, we are able to maintain a strict control over it. for places like YouTube offer endless films from yesteryear, not only in English, but, in all other European languages, as well.

      Our attitude towards this culture, country, and government, is very clear : if y’all think y’all are going to shove y’all’s worldview down our throats, y’all had better think again.

      We won’t have it – now now, not ever.

      • @Ivan my parents are too set in their ways. We just went over this as I argued with my dad why spend the extra $9%+ just on the cable package and extra boxes when your tv already has all the apps you need built in. I was met with nothing but “that is what I like and know” an answer I will probably give when I am 70 as well.

        I dont think my dad is all wrong, because BET is fine and serves a purpose. The gay channel is what it is. I dont understand how they watch TV seeing one commercial after another with less and less white people and their beloved Christian values Hallmark channel featuring men kissing not seeing that there is more to this than just accommodating people.

        Dad is a good guy who watches a Fox and whatever the other garbage conservative news channel is I just think he is beaten down. Same with my mother. They have reached a point where it is easier to just go along instead of getting upset. It scares the hell out of me that i might also get this way.

        • *** NINETY NINE DOLLARS PLUS. Cable is expensive. About $200 and taxes a month in total for a landline, internet and a few cable boxes with premium channels

        • @Captain Schill…

          Thank you for your reply. Nobody is questioning that your parents are not fine people.

          I just thought I would mention that I and my wife, not far in age from your parents, undertook to can our 40 year relationship with cable because we would not take it anymore.

          Of course, there was a learning curve, as we had to figure out the new system, BUT, now that we have done that, things are going great.

          To be clear, I think it is a question of orneriness, because are of my neighbours are like your parents – they just want to watch TV without a hassle and they do not care how much thought control and usurpation they have to deal with.

          We, on the other hand, are ornery people, who do not take to being bossed around.

          As to money : our total monthly costs for Smart TV are $40 for internet hookup – which we already have to pay to have a computer that has internet.

          In our first year we have to buy a Smart TV and routing equipment which came to about $925 total – a little less than $80 a month.

          In the second year of having a Smart TV, we paid another $150 for better wi-fi routers. That averages out to be less than $20 a month.

          But, here is the kicker – we have a much much huger selection of programs we want to watch, can study Hungarian language for free, and can tune in to any program we like at any time of the day, and we never have to accept a Globalist Judeo-Bolshevik think!

          Having grown up in a day when the media was so controlled and there were only several channels we could get, each going off the air at 11:30 – it is really quite incredible to have Smart TV.

          How often can you buy something totally superior to what you had and pay much much less for it?!?

          • @Ivan I wish my parents were more like you and your wife. Due to personal and family issues such as health along with the state of the world in general, I believe they have just given up which is sad to see. Beaten people who just go along with the flow and whose response to every outrage and offensive new American trend is to say “its just like that now. You cant do anything about it”

    • I have heard many such anecdotes from people with boomer parents, Cap’n. I no longer watch any kind of TV programming except for Hogan’s Heroes and Maude.

    • Anti-Whites brag about our “inevitable” brown future, then call White Genocide a “conspiracy theory”.

  2. One doesn’t need to look at dozens of confusing bar graphs and pie charts to understand that Trump took his white working and middle class supporters for granted in a clumsy, embarrassing attempt to curry favor with based Negroes and flamboyant homosexuals. Good riddance to that orange swine!

    • Unfortunately for us, Spahn, a Biden/Harris presidency is going to be very destructive, if it doesn’t outright destroy the formerly United States. Which it may very well do. The Republicans certainly won’t stand up to them. Biden’s out in six months to a year, anyway. He or Kamala, the Ugandan Giant, Harris, might just be the last President of the United States.

  3. As usual, all the graphs and discussions point to the obvious- blacks bring nothing but trouble and will usher in communism and South Africa type gov’t. Blacks in Georgia gave Trump about 11% of their vote. Basically a few more points compared to 16.Toss them in with Hispanics and Asians who voted for Trump more than blacks did but in no way a majority and we see that through diversity Republicans lose. If nothing is done to reverse black growth in particular in Georgia then Georgia turns into another Democrat crap hole. This is why we get such arrogance from ” two tons of fun” Stacey Abrams. She knows full well that race matters and says it all the time. Only stupid Whites run away from the realities of race.

    I am sure that some race realist Whites stayed home. They got sick of Trump for various reasons. As usual, Republicans do not speak to real issues economically for White people except some tax cuts. I mean it’s truly insanely comical that only 1 stimulus check was sent out.

    This is why people like Aoc will grow more and more popular despite her being an anti White racist, baby killer promoter and open borders nutball- she speaks to the average person’s concerns on economics regarding the wealth gap, regarding getting extra help from the gov’t especially during this very shaky coronavirus time. She speaks of the non necessity of even having billionaires. Years ago I would have been against that. But now seeing how the ultra rich are a bunch of globalist, open borders, wage deflating traitors, I am all in favor of weakening them. I’ve seen enough of the Jack Dorseys and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world among many others.

    And it goes into what Hunter is saying. White folks who came out for Trump last time either did not vote or went for Biden because Trump either did not pursue- or did things halfway.

    I was watching some news show and they are interviewing a homeless, huge black woman. She looked about 340 pounds. She has three young kids and all are staying at a welfare hotel in New York. Of course no “man” is around since Tyrone did his ” hump and dump” job. This is America’s undoing. It’s truly incredible to allow people to have more kids as they live off welfare. And in blacks’ case it is so detrimental to the country like a poison. More out of wedlock black kids dumped on America. Then all turn around and vote Democrat. Republicans are truly moronic.

    Voter fraud in this election is obvious. Hopefully Trump’s legal team brings it out in deep detail at court proceedings. The jewsmedia has zero interest in discussing voter fraud. How do massive voter dumps at 4 in the morning occur with over 100 thousand votes coming in and literally all are for Biden?

    In Georgia, even if Whites did vote less for Trump, he still got about 70% of the White vote. Biden got about 30%. It’s the growing black population that ruins America. Throw in other non White groups and leftist Whites and the ” Obama coalition” is recreated.

    Diversity is a weakness that ushers in massive anti White hatred along with communism. Does anybody want black people deciding you or your loved ones future no matter how much Trump hypes up the 11% or so of blacks that voted for him? What about Laquasha and Tyrone who go for Obama, Abrams, Tlaib, Sharpton, etc.? Those are the people black Americans truly love.

  4. It’s displacement of native Southerners by Carpetbaggers, their negro tools of conquest, and the Mexican invasion. Plus Reconstruction, which has never really ended.

    Any respite that Trump gave us, was short lived anyway. The Democratic retaliation against White, normie America will be devastating.

    • @James…

      You seem really glum and down.

      I hope things are not so bad for you, down yonder in The Blue Star State.

  5. Short answer-Voter fraud -living in the Black Belt of Alabama, you should be very familiar with this, especially the low tech version. The Dominion high tech version , not so much.

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