Tucker Carlson Challenges Voter Fraud Narrative

The Grift Right is furious with Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson recognizes that the Right can’t afford to keep bleeding college-educated White voters, Independents and Moderates because of grifters and retards.

Note: In Milwaukee, Joe Biden got about 3,000 more votes than Hillary in a state he is losing by over 20,000 votes. In Philadelphia, he actually got 4,000 fewer votes than Hillary and won more Hispanics. Philadelphia swung red in the 2020 election. In Detroit, Trump gained almost 5,000 votes and Joe Biden got 1,000 fewer votes than Hillary. Detroit also swung red. Trump is losing Michigan by over 150,000 votes. He lost all three pivotal Rust Belt states because of White voters.

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    • @November…

      It has nothing to do with, ‘cucking’, Sir.

      Mr. Carlson was simply showing the rest of the media the job they are supposed to do, partisanship aside – be sceptical, inquire, and present the reality of that to The Body Politic.

      If only NPR, BBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, NBC, CNB, and MSNBC, not to mention radio stations, were actually circumspect about their ‘reports’.

      I really appreciated that he did that.

      That said, I appreciated that The Trump Legal Team kept the details close to the vest, until trial.

      Let the conspirators deal with 88mms at the last minute.

    • At the end of the day, no one can cuck like the Tuck. Carlson is an edgy republican CivNat.

      At the end of the day, Rupert Murdoch is the boss and producer of the show. Mr. Murdoch has decided that Blumpf is of no use to him anymore and that Biden will now do the oligarch’s bidding. Tucker Carlson, his highest paid actor, merely follows the script of his master.

      • @Xavier,

        I remember when a fresh faced Tucker Carlson would occasionally sit-in with The McLaughlin Group, and he was supposed to one of the “conservatives ” on the panel. Carlson was about as “conservative ” as fellow koshervatives George Will, Fred Barnes, Robert Novak.

        Tucker joined the two liberals on the panel in attacking the political analysis of Pat Buchanan who was one of the group’s permanent “guests.” Along the way, Carlson crafted a hybrid niche for himself as the right of center AmNat-CivNat, but avoided the anti-zionist minefields that Patrick Buchanan didn’t fear to transverse.

        I’ll have more faith in Carlson when he writes a book about the unnecessary wars America has fought for Israel.

        By the way, Greek emigre Ariana Huffington (creator of The Huffington Post) was also once considered a “conservative.”

  1. Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes on suicide watch right now. Tucker is their great Amnat hope, but now he has “betrayed” Trump by refusing to go along with baseless theories about fraud. Anglin was just jumping aboard with the Q cult in the last few days, too, but now all of the narratives are collapsing in on themselves. The grifter train is derailing and heading over a cliff

    • I wonder what the Fresh Prince of East Columbus’ next online persona will be like? I’m sure it will involve being very hip, edgy and ironic.

  2. Richard Spencer is a lisping fairy. Between Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer, if you had to guess by their voices alone which was queer and which wasn’t, you’d have to flip a coin. They’re probably both queer.

    PS. Southern nationalism is gay.

  3. Trump’s legal team obviously doesn’t have anything. All those curious-looking characters can do now is temporarily postpone the inevitable transition of power to the incoming Kabalah Harris administration. And unlike Mike the Kike Cernobitch, Alex Brain Force Jones and Lil’ Castizo Nick Mr. Carlson wishes to maintain a certain degree of respectability and legitimacy.

    • @Spahn…

      “Trump’s legal team obviously doesn’t have anything.”

      Is that why Dominion Voting Systems did not show up for their scheduled hearing in front of The Pennsylvania Legislature today?

    • My initial impression of Powell is that she is running a massive grifting operation. Much like a televangelist exploiting the simps.

  4. It’s amazing how mainstream politicians have to dance around the dead weight of the black vote. A small shift in white voting patterns, even if they still break as a demographic group for Trump, result in a Biden win. The presence of the black creates a neoliberal modus vivendi, where white people hare ruled over by their least popular leaders. It’s beyond Finkelthink. The situation is diabolical.

  5. Tucker is going for the nomination in 2024. He’d do well to quash Trump now. I can’t see Biden or Harris, it would have to be Harris, winning in 2024. Carlson has done a lot of the hard work for Trump, it’s probably time to cut away from the sinking ship.

    The question remains, are these floating white voters naturally at home with the minority of whites or at home in a coalition of niggers, Jews, feminists, mestizos, fags and hipsters? Where is their political home?

  6. People forgot what an odious shill Tucker Carlson has been for his entire career.

    He says some good things for two years and everything thinks he’s some truth telling hero, when he’s just another TV talking head. Ann Coulter was even worse.

    • Yes, in some ways he’s worse than Fox’s previous top star Glenn Beck.

      Some of the disinfo is deadly and some is relatively innocuous. There is a saying: “Telling hundreds of truths, to get you believe one crucial lie.”

  7. This is really sad a take on Tucker’s part. Notice that he only focused in that segment on Powell’s software fraud. Even if that were hard to prove, you still have the affidavits, states not following their own election laws/rules, the odd ballots showing up with only Biden but no downstream voters.

  8. The boss, Rupert Murdoch, must have passed down an order for the establishment shill to tone down the voting fraud conspiracy theorizing a little, while it’s still okay to c.t. about Covid. Faux News is truly sickening (literally), actually deadly, with its constant drumbeat of lies about the pandemic: that hygienic masks don’t protect, that Covid is just like a cold or flu, and that the most basic rules for public health in a pandemic, that have been known (and scientifically proven) for more than a hundred years (and even thousands of years) are unnecessary, invalid and unconstitutional.

    The “flutards” are all crowing now about “a Danish study that proves masks don’t work.” Deadly nonsense. “Flutards” may believe only what they want to believe, but only reality is real.

    • @anonymous – and the reality is: no one is sick, the tests are bogus, the lockdown has one purpose: to destroy all small businesses. Fuck you so hard. All the way to hell.

        • Letting this disease and other diseases rip through “the herd,” and finally become endemic, destroys more than small business, Powell. If you truly favor small business, realize that the policy of “herd immunity” strongly favors the largest ones. Laissez faire is simply letting the most infectious germs multiply and the biggest business firms MONOPOLIZE. It is the essential nature of business to strive for maximum profit and monopoly.

          Yes, as a Christian I’m not a supporter of the acting out of “the profit motive” (greed) from top to bottom, both as “small business” and large business.

    • A real pandemic has you tripping over dead bodies in the street every day. Number-wise, this IS like the flu. A bad flu, but a flu nonetheless. Only the chronically sick and degenerated will die from this. The rest of us lie in bed, at home, and suffer for several days.

      Those who claim that their brother in law, age 50, was “perfectly healthy”but died of the corona -19 will, on being pressed, have to admit that while he was never diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, he was 350 pounds and didn’t move around much or have much of a life.

      • @Samia,

        Too bad Project Veritas doesn’t investigate how many graves have been dug and cremations preformed against the the timelines of previous years.

        America has a large population of senior citizens that would have been passing away from “natural causes,” but given a push by influenza and pneumonia on any given year prior to covid-19.

        From my own observations of being outside with the public for hours each and everyday touching handles, doorknobs, door bells, with bare hands, and go for long walks with my dog sans a mask (I haven’t caught covid-19). I have not heard more than two or three people cough(all cigarette smokers btw), seen any evidence of an unusual uptick in ambulance runs, bodies being removed from their residences, hospital ERs packed with covid-19 patients during the last seven months the the msm hysteria over the covid-19 “pandemic,” and I live in a large urban metropolis.

        I’m not saying that SARS2-Covid-19 doesn’t exist. Covid-19 is a virus that is contagious and could possibly increase mortality like influenza and pneumonia to the elderly and others with pre existing conditions.

  9. A Trump friend of mine gets excited about all this post election maneuvering. I keep telling him it will come to naught like all the other cons they’ve used to stir up the rubes and then let them down.

  10. You guys simultaneously want to be taken seriously by the media, by sucking buzzwords like “baseless” out of its dick, while you put on romper stomper costumes, smoke some meth, and get into incestuous trailer park battles with each other.

    You’ve combined everything everyone hates about the left and the media, with literal fucking esoteric hitlerism and romper stomper costumes, and act like this isn’t clear to everyone except the dozen schizoid trailer park freaks you’re entrapping that this is a federal op.

    • Amnat seething, “it’s the 2 dozen trailer stahlhelms that stops us infiltrating the GOP! fucking wignat, why can’t you just accept our based trannies, catbois,street shitters and negroes in MAGA hats!”

      Casting stones at trailer parks from your mongoloid coalition of Amerimutts wagon, is pretty funny.

  11. Ngl having spent 4 years fighting Doug Mackey/Amnats and watching them fall into the abyss of reeee is giving me grins i get sore cheeks from everyday. It was all so predictable. Anglin yelling at everyone not to hit the streets for 3 years because “optics” is now hitting the streets with street shitters, cat bois and various other multikulti goons is absolute gold.

  12. I listened to a demographer last night on Coast To Coast. He self-identified as a Republican but said that by 2025 redheads would go extinct and he jokingly said if parents have red headed children they better hold on to them! He also said America will become a lot darker and bigots better lean to suck it up!

    • Well, he’s a bit off on the timeline, but reds and blondes are headed for eventual extinction if we keep on with our current lunacy. Pretty sad, if you ask me.

  13. 1. Spencer is a poster child of a non Christian right winger. His principles are built on sand, not on a rock. One day he’s pro all white ethno state making us proud … even to the point of thinking maybe someday he could be VP or more … the next day he’s selling his soul to not get kicked off Twitter, even to the point of actually “promoting” Biden!!! Total non trustworthy milk toast not fit to run a hotdog stand in CSA 2.

    2. Tucker likely got threatened to lose his multi million dollar bribe, ( er I mean contract, ) which would mean he couldn’t go anywhere else or even start his own show for like 5 years. Tucker ( and we, ) know, Powell can’t blab all the evidence yet AND it’s still coming in. Anyone with a brain will not be watching Fox or any other controlled media AND will customize your cable contract to eliminate fake news and sports.

    3. When GOD decides something that’s it. It’s a done deal. This is a great learning experience for all our white but non Christian brothers. Watch … as Trump is declared winner and serves 4 more years. And AGAIN, it’s 4 years for us to DO what?

    4. Trump will need to do one heck of a stimulus II very very quickly if he wants to reduce the intensity and size of riots that will explode when he’s announced winner. Sock puppet McConnell aint gonna cut it!!!

    • PS : Hunter … when you’re on Google n try to go to OD, the “it’s not secure” page pops up and won’t let you on. You have to go on by way of Bing. This just started today. You probably should get a secure page? But (((they))) are attacking you.

      • @Gray Ghost,

        It doesn’t matter what operating system you use to comment on OD. That message of “your comment is unsecure” is consistent.

        I suggest that you use a VPN, if you fear ZOG back tracing your ISP number. Download the Aloha OS, it comes with a free VPN.

  14. Will Fuentes’s voice ever change, or are we stuck with this barely pubescent gnome character forever?

  15. Watching Richard Spencer is odd. He looks so much like the younger version of an uncle of mine it’s freakin’ scary. But when Little Lord Dickie speaks, it sounds more like Paul Lynde than my uncle.

  16. For those keeping tabs, Tucker Carlson wears a red Kaballah sting bracelet on his left wrist. Devon Stack aka “Blackpilled ” noticed this and documented carlson’s choice of jew-lery in a short video.

    By the way, the TruNews crew have disavowed Fox News and Carlson.

  17. It’s disingenuous to demand evidence when there is an abundance front of you. Information will not come pre-masticated as the media would have you expect. The “demand for evidence” simply sets up a dialectic which is designed to snipe and nit-pick without having to demonstrate or grasp the specifics while demanding the same.
    Also, the demand sucks all the air out of the dialogue. It is a dialectical sleight of hand which places the burden of evidence on one contestant, who is supposed to have all the specifics on hand – which most laymen do not. In colloquial dialogue, the burden of evidence is on both. In informal reasoning, we adjust prior probabilities, not demonstrate in court. The fact that “courts” are often less reliable than ordinary common sense shows that the latter is, if anything, is less compelling.
    That said, explaining the presence of computer systems which were designed for fraud, the counting of ballots in secret in terms which do not involve fraud is beyond plausibility.

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