Poll: 60% Support Cancelling $50,000 of Student Loan Debt

After four years of MIGA, I now have a dimmer view of rightwing populism. I now think of it as a circus with various grifter sideshow acts like Infowars and Baked Alaska surrounding Donald Trump’s personality cult. Trump is delivering MIGA, corporate tax cuts and the usual conservative policy agenda. He isn’t doing much of what he promised in 2016 and certainly not much for me.

The Hill:

“A majority of voters support President-elect Joe Biden cancelling up to $50,000 of student debt per person, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.

Sixty percent of registered voters in the Nov. 17-19 survey said they support the idea.

By contrast, 40 percent of voters said they do not support the measure.

The survey follows a push from progressive Democratic lawmakers and activists to cancel at least some of the estimated 1.6 trillion student loan debt that roughly 44 million Americans owe.

Eighty-four percent of Democratic voters support Biden cancelling up to $50,000 in student debt per person along with 57 percent of independent voters.

By contrast, 66 percent of Republican respondents oppose the measure.

Seventy-three percent of 18 to 34 year olds and 68 percent of 35 to 49 year olds are in favor of cancelling the student debt while 50 percent of 50 to 64 year olds and 54 percent of 65 year olds or older oppose it. …”

Give me something.

I don’t want more MIGA. I don’t want more Hunter Biden dick pics. I don’t more useless Law & Order tweets. I don’t want the Platinum Plan. I want something that is going to start to materially and meaningfully improve the lives of White people who make under $100,000 a year.

I didn’t vote Joe Biden.

I don’t expect Joe Biden to abolish student loan debt. It would be a nice place to start though particularly for Gen X and Millennial voters. I’m for getting banks and debt collectors off their backs. If nothing else is going to get done anyway, then that should get done.

Naturally, mainstream conservatives are against it.

FOX News:

“The debate about whether or not we should “cancel” or “forgive” student loan debt has been raging for years, but a pretty crucial point keeps getting ignored — the fact that doing this is impossible.

When I say “impossible,” I don’t merely mean that the proposals are too expensive or that they wouldn’t achieve the economic boost that they promise. Although I do believe those things are true as well.

A recent Fox Business article by Megan Henney does a good job of explaining those details. …”

Steve Forbes is a conservative multimillionaire.

He is opposed to doing anything for people outside of his class. After the last four years, I am increasingly opposed to doing anything for people like Steve. The GOP got the votes in 2016 but failed to deliver the goods on foreign policy, trade, immigration, political correctness and other areas. It can either give us what we want on the social issues or start paying for it on economic issues.

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    • No, 60% support erasing the student loan debt burden including 2/3rds of everyone under 50 years old. Trump’s policy has been to do nothing about the issue for the last four years.

      • That promise by Uncle Joe could account for how he kept pace with Trump among whites. College degree holding Baristas. Not that there’s anything wrong with smiling girls who make you a coffee though. College Educated Baristas could be a sociological category.

      • Trump, to his credit, did reduce immigration, thereby putting upward pressure on wages and downward pressure on housing costs – providing real economic benefits to *all* working class and middle class White Americans, not just those who foolishly went into debt purchasing useless overpriced degrees from hopelessly anti-White, anti-Christian universities.

        Trump’s tax cuts also provided real, if inadequate, benefits for the working and middles classes.

        The same can be said about deregulation which benefited miners.

        Granted, it would have been better if Trump had done *more* to restrict immigration, and if he had given much larger tax cuts to the working class and middle class while *raising* taxes on the rich, but it is disingenuous to pretend he did *nothing* for our people, and ludicrous to imagine that we can expect any good whatsoever from the Harris administration.

        If the college bailout is enacted, expect tuition costs to continue increasing at an outrageous rate. Parents and students won’t demand lower tuition if they think that college debts will eventually be cancelled anyway in the next round of college bailouts.

        On the other hand, if the college bailout is rejected, if people are disabused of the notion that tuition debts are funny-money that will eventually be cancelled in the next round of bailouts, then parents and students will become deadly serious about finding the best value education. When that happens, cultural-left academia will be massively defunded.

        Should we also bailout people who racked up credit card debt consuming Hollywood products? That would constitute a similar indirect subsidy to an anti-White, anti-Christian institution.

        Boycott Hollywood, boycott academia, and for goodness sake don’t advocate for subsidies, either direct or indirect, for these evil institutions.

        • @BTI,

          Covid-19 has reduced illegal immigration, not Kushner cracking down on illegal crossings or over-staying Visas.

          Don’t give the king Israel credit he doesn’t deserve or earned. Look at the deportations under Obama during his first term versus Trump’s.

        • “not just those who foolishly went into debt purchasing useless overpriced degrees from hopelessly anti-White, anti-Christian universities.”

          These high school councilors pretty much force you to go to college. Back in the late 80s choosing classes for my Junior year I mentioned I wanted to take Wood Shop and Metals and my councilor, an old Jewish woman, said “No, your going to college” and signed me up for more useless social studies and literature classes. Fortunately College back then wasn’t that expensive and my parents demanded I go and paid for the thing themselves even though I had absolutely no interest in attending college. What these high school councilors and administrators do is moral equivalent of having a car salesman in the schools signing up a 17 year old up for a loan buying an $100K deluxe vehicle. Nobody that age has the life experience to make a good decision taking on that much debt. They’d be better served buying a home with that money instead of funneling it into the education racket. I see this as predatory lending.

      • There is no “issue”. These people were not forced to go to college or take on massive debt to get worthless degrees.

        • No, they weren’t forced. But ever since they were children, they were told that a college degree was pretty much essential to getting a good paying job and that any degree is better than none. Don’t underestimate K-12 propaganda and familial pressure. There’s also a sort of class aspect to it, the college educated vs. those without a college degree.

          • Almost everyone has some kind of a degree now, due to that thinking. A lot of college is dumbed down degrees now. Having a degree isn’t the big thing it used to be.

        • Most degrees may be “useless” in the academic sense but are very practical in the “getting ahead” sense. Degrees are an unwritten requirement for advancement and everyone knows it. Hence, the “need” for a “college education”.

          • Only applicable in certain fields. Getting degrees in Psychology, Women’s Studies, Black History, etc. are useless. So are degrees in History and English, although they are great topics to be educated in, not many jobs to acquire. Many employers “want someone with a degree”, only because they can filter job candidates that way, and hopefully get someone better for the job, than is required.

      • The 2/3rds includes the many people who have already paid back their debt and would get hit with a “rules are for suckers” penalty. I totally agree with “ignoring the issue,” just as I agree with ignoring most of the Left’s “issues.” If you took on a bunch of debt to get a degree that wasn’t economically useful, that’s your problem, not mine. And that’s not even getting into the downstream effects. Reduce the price of something and people buy more of it. This is econ 101. This will lead to ever more credential inflation and corporations demand that workers get ever more and longer education. This will directly reduce white fertility rates.

        The most underserved part of the electorate are people like myself who are violently opposed to both tax cuts for the rich and student loan debt forgiveness. Let’s go back to the values that made this country great:

        1. Get a job.
        2. If you took out debt, pay back the debt.
        3. Don’t spend money you don’t have.

    • @BTI…

      I totally agree – though I feel education ought be subsidized, to make it once again affordable, I do not wish to contribute anymore than we already to to Judeo-Bolshevik training centres.

      Until schools force professors to take a Von Seeckt-like oath of being apolitical, and it is backed with enforcement, I cannot find an ounce of support in my bones for our higher education system.

  1. Need to do some real cancelling and shut down and liquidate the assets of all these Marxist/Communist/Socialist/anti-White indoctrination centers and then take the money and divide it up and send it to all the suckers who got in debt attending these Commie propaganda machines.

  2. Do you think it’ll be done? Or done acceptably? I recall the 2000s when Joe scoffed at this notion of debt relief as Senator of MBNA.

  3. I worked at a job I really hated just to pay off my student loans. I wouldn’t want to see anyone else in that kind of situation. Cancel that $1.5 trillion of student loan debt and fuck the debt servicing industry!

  4. To hell with normies and boomers, I want to hear “Nigger, nigger, nigger” proclaimed at every public event!

  5. If Trump had proposed loan forgiveness, most of the people complaining about it now would be supporting it and saying it’s a genius 4D chess move that would own the democrats.

    • By signing the CARES Act, he suspended student loan debt payments, but it was too controversial among conservatives to take credit for it. So he didn’t. Instead, he rolled out the Platinum Plan and lost the election pandering to blacks who didn’t vote for him in either election.

      • I’m just shaking my head at Steve Forbes it’s unreal. The con that is America on his dweeby face.

  6. “60% Support Cancelling $50,000 of Student Loan Debt”

    I guess it’s a good idea then.

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      Let me guess – those making this poll were assiduous in making sure to fairly poll Rural Americans, instead of what some socialist pollsters do : oversample urban populations!

      Yeah, right…

  7. What anti-student loan forgiveness people don’t get is that that debt was already paid to the financial institutions with the first bank bailout in 2008, subsequent “quantitative easings” during the Obama Administration, whatever they called it during the Trump Administration pre-Covid before they called it the stimulus post-Covid. By my guesstimation, John and Jane Q Taxpayer have paid off those student loans at least five times already. The average American should have demanded more bang for their buck in 2008. IOW, Banksters, you should NOT get to keep your “toxic assets” and get paid for them, too.

    It’s time to void ALL student loan debts. Not a single savings account is collecting any real interest these days, anyway. If Wall Street is too big to fail and our financial institutions are too big to fail, our children should be too big to fail, too.

    Moreover, if TPTB were serious about stimulating the economy, what better way to do so with young people being able to afford new vehicles and homes? Why force these kids to fatten up a bunch of accounts stashed in the Cayman Islands or other secret banks?

    Either force these institutions to write off these debts or go up their collective anuses with massive audits, is what I recommend.

  8. It’s not a bad idea in itself, but the chances of Biden doing so (if he pulls off his fraudulent win) are approximately zero.

  9. The Conservatives and Republicans no longer offer anything for America. Steve Forbes is a perfect example of that. He and his policies will never do anything for the Working Class. Trump was nothing but a reality show host that faked his entire political platform. He was nothing more than a fake pop culture figure head for the Jews / Right Wing Libertarians that have complete control of the Republican Party. It really begins with good populist nationalist Republicans jumping off the Trump Titanic and jump off the Freedom Caucus as well. You can’t run this country with Muh Constitution dominating the mindset of the American Right. It’s super obvious that America is way behind other countries and Mississippi is last in everything. All because Republitards run the show. We need a European style Nationalist movement that completely replaces the Conservative, Republicans, and Libertarians in the politics. We Nationalists embrace things like Free College, Medicare For All, smaller class sizes, more Teachers in Schools, a Living Wage, Nationalism, plenty of paid Sick / Vacation days, more people working from Home, more Parents involved in Education, Small Businesses, the elimination of Interest / Usury, more investment in Hydroelectric/ Solar / Wind Power, making Social Security / Disability stroger, Border Security, English as the official Language, real Immigration Reform, the elimination of Right to Work / replace it with strong Unions, a Universal Basic Income, Lower Taxes Vocational Schools, and a strong Working Class. We’re the future…that future is now!!!! Deo Vindice !

  10. I get liking this idea on the basis that it’s a big juicy crumb, that will benefit a relatively tiny amount of actually decent white people and understand the settlement.

    But in reality, this will benefit a far disproportionate amount of low iq sheboons and anti-white leftists.

    JFC People are touting this like it was Hitlers policy of subsidizing white families by forgiving loans based on the amount of white children they produced. News flash- its far from it and will only make our enemies more comfortable and happy.

  11. Hunter Wallace has gamed you extremely maladjusted and gullible fools into supporting lockdowns, voting for Kamala Harris, supporting student loan forgiveness, and I’m sure a thousand other DNC policies.

    Is the plan to just support Democrats and Democratic policies until, what, Hunter Wallace takes over America? You’ve all adopted a set of ideas that puts you almost completely at odds with the entire American right, and almost every Southerner. Great job!

    • LMAO.

      Did you know that conservatives were less than 24% of the electorate in 2016? The entire American Right is a quarter of the population. The only reason that Trump was elected in 2016 is because he won 65% of populist voters in the Center who were 28% of the electorate.

      2/3rds of all voters under 50 years old and over 70% of Millennials agree with me on the student loan issue. I don’t give a shit what the entire American Right thinks about it.

  12. The best solution is maybe a different one – restore the ability of people to declare bankruptcy on student loan debt

    That law in the 1990s making student loan debt non-dischargeable, is at the core of the whole higher education con

    The essence of the bankruptcy law – envisaged in the Constitution, in turn grounded in the Bible accounts of debt being limited in time, and not a form of endless slavery – is that lenders must eat some losses if they go too far in scamming the average joe or jane … which is what happened here

    Bankruptcy also has some negative consequences for the person who declares it … whilst those who paid their bills keep their good credit rating, so the savers & bill-payers do not need to feel abused

    Going bankrupt on student loans would then put those little people on an equal footing to Trump and other rich people, who defaulted on their big loans … that’s fair

  13. As someone who paid off my student loan debt, I say fuck the freeloaders.

    Now I know what legal immigrants who dutifully go through the process feel like when illegals start screaming for benefits.

  14. Traditional colleges are pricing themselves out of existence. I see a future of on line college education for a fraction of the cost and far more affordable to far more students. It’s already happening. Perhaps in a roundabout way debt forgiveness is simply a means to keep traditional college afloat?

    • Oh so you oppose jewish domination, but support usary?

      The government shouldn’t be in the business of lending money. Period.

      Get government out of the business of lending money, and the problem with WOKE education will go away.

      Forgive the debt AND stop lending money for degrees, should be your MANTRA.

      Strange, I didn’t see the Republican ‘white positive sphere’ complaining about Trump offering a 1/2 Trillion to rioting blacks, or saving the rich a-holes on Wall Street from their bad investments to the tune of 11 trillion dollars. They voted for both of those things! When asked about it, none of them ever answer.

      I think nazis have not infiltrated the Republican Party at all, it is the Republican Party that has infiltrated nazis. Explain to me why should nazis get a target on their backs as real dissidents, for conservative/libertarian policy outcomes? What do national socialists get out making liberarian dreams come true?

      I wish Bob was still alive so I could ask him to explain that one for me. Would Bob answer or would he ignore me? As Bob would say, Listen to the silence.

  15. Subsidized education led to the exponential growth of college adminstirators. Student grants and student loans have caused college costs to rise significantly faster than inflation.

  16. Democracy means you can choose between sodomy and usury. Either you vote for tax cuts for the rich and crushing debt for everyone else or you choose abortion, transgenderism, and gay “marriage.” The only thing you don’t get to choose is foreign policy, because the Jews choose that for you.

  17. I want something that is going to start to materially and meaningfully improve the lives of White people who make under $100,000 a year.

    Not worth it when most of those “White People” who would benefit from student loan forgiveness are Leftists, which means, they are enemies and race traitors. They don’t deserve a penny of relief. Also, even among the Whites who might deserve it, they should still be forced to pay back what they took out like I did and other good-hearted Whites did. White people need to do the right thing, and it’s the wrong thing to bail them out of their mistakes. You can dress it up as “helping whites” all you want, but in that case, you might as well just support the entirety of AOC’s agenda, as it would objectively benefit poor whites if it was ever instituted (which, mercifully, it won’t be).

    I’m for getting banks and debt collectors off their backs

    They can’t bother you if you don’t accrue debts in the first place. This is a false concern.

    Steve Forbes is a conservative multimillionaire. He is opposed to doing anything for people outside of his class. After the last four years, I am increasingly opposed to doing anything for people like Steve.

    The irony of this statement is that neither Steve Forbes nor any other rich conservative is opposed to a regular person such as yourself from getting wealthy and enjoying it. What they are opposed to, and what you support, is using the government to artificially elevate poor people by redistributing wealth from the rich. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” as a famous Communist once said. I’m sure you agreed with that statement on the Political Compass test.

    Anyway, you’re not advocating “moderation” on economics, you’re advocating total submission to the Leftist economic agenda. Strictly speaking, Social Democracy and Communism are not the same thing, but there’s a reason why the Commies tried for decades to infiltrate Socially Democratic parties in Europe: Because both ideologies are based on the same garbage beliefs about successful people acquiring wealth “illegitimately,” that, for the sake of “fairness,” this wealth must be redistributed, that even something like land ownership should be collectively owned instead of privately owned, and, most odiously of all, that because a large mass of individuals happen to share the same country and government, that this means we have some sort of “moral obligation” to “take care” of our “fellow citizens.” This thinking is needy and primitive at best, and absolutely destructive at worst. It’s a retrograde worldview that denies the existence of the individual altogether. It should be rejected wholesale, and honestly, the Republicans should not compromise on economics even if it means they never win another election. The Left and their Jewish masters are in charge now anyway, and I for one am prepared to watch them drive this country off the cliff, which itself will accelerate the radicalization of the Right the Center against them. But Populists should not be compromised with under ANY situation. Your views are cringier than any of the silly things the AmNats promote.

    The GOP got the votes in 2016 but failed to deliver the goods on foreign policy, trade, immigration, political correctness and other areas. It can either give us what we want on the social issues or start paying for it on economic issues.

    My gawd, what a childish attitude. “IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME ALL THE COOKIES FROM THE COOKIE JAR, I’M GOING TO KICK AND SCREAM!!” Attitudes like this make me want to see the Republicans double down on their agenda, no matter how many Diamond and Silkes they pay off as stage performers. I’ll say this for a third time tonight: Huey Long is righteously dead, and the government doesn’t exist to serve you. The whole point of living in America is so that we as individuals can reach our full potential and become whoever we want to be when we grow up, without preying on or parasiting off others. We are NOT a nation with some bullshit collectivist ethos. Move to Britain or some other country in Europe if you want economic and social collectivism. The government exists to protect us from enemies, both foreign and domestic. It does NOT exist to give us gibs or to “redistribute wealth” or to “take care of others” (read: Enslave others).

  18. Nathan Bedford Bonsai
    NOVEMBER 29, 2020 AT 8:14 AM
    “As someone who paid off my student loan debt, I say fuck the freeloaders.

    Now I know what legal immigrants who dutifully go through the process feel like when illegals start screaming for benefits”

    Imagine how I feel after working multiple full time jobs consecutively while waiting in line behind whites with mulatto kids at the grocery store with $350 in groceries that are paid for with food stamps. (My tax money)

    Fuck freeloaders of any size, race or gender, but ESPECIALLY whites.

    This includes any of you here that want a fucking handout, UBI, debt forgiveness. Something, ANYTHING for nothing.

    Act your race. Get a goddam job and work for it.

    You’re turning into niggers.

    • Fuck freeloaders of any size, race or gender, but ESPECIALLY whites.

      This includes any of you here that want a fucking handout, UBI, debt forgiveness. Something, ANYTHING for nothing.

      Act your race. Get a goddam job and work for it.

      You’re turning into niggers.

      I’m going to use a major pop culture reference here: We need a Thanos Plan for the White Race. For those of you who are too arrogant to enjoy Marvel movies for what they are – damn good entertainment – Thanos is the super villain who snaps his fingers and wipes out half the population of the universe. He became a meme in 2018 when “Avengers: Infinity War” avoided the typical feel-good happy ending and showed Thanos winning by accomplishing his plan to wipe out half of all life.

      When the NPC meme became a thing that same year, Andrew Anglin estimated that about 49% of Whites are NPC’s. These are the whites that William Pierce referred to as “lemmings.” They aren’t capable of thinking for themselves and can only act in response to stimuli from those with agency and initiative. Because they arent capable of thinking for themselves, by extension, this means they aren’t capable of figuring out how to behave morally. They will conform to whatever the dominant narrative of society is, and they lack any capacity for abstract reasoning beyond figuring out how to satisfy their primitive desires, such as the need for food, shelter, and clothing

      WigNats are NPC’s. They have conformed to the dominant narratives pushed by the Leftist Media and the Democrat Party, both in economic and even social terms. They unquestioningly embrace and cheer for every single policy proposed by the Democrats, especially the radical policies such as student loan forgiveness and the Green New Deal. There is literally no difference between WigNats economics and DNC economics, which of course is a series of gibsmedats that steal from the successful and productive to redistribute to the lazy and underserving.

      In social terms, although WigNats don’t like the anti-white rhetoric of the BLM protestors and the political correctness of the media because it makes them feel personally attacked, they reject any rhetoric or polices that would keep non-whites out of this country and would send non-whites in America back to their homelands, as this is deemed either “unrealistic” or “racist.” Last month when a Muslim beheaded a teacher in Paris, and French White Nationalists called for the repatriation of Muslims, WigNats attacked them by saying “Liberalism” was to blame and not the presence of Muslims.

      While WigNats will try to save face with their Pro-White audience by saying that Liberalism “harms Whites” and that AOC’s economic policies “help Whites,” this is nothing more than a convenient cover for what they really want, which is more or less the same thing as the Progressive Left, particularly its gibsmedat economic agenda. They are NPC’s who are unable to see the long-term destructive consequences of their policies, and the immorality of them. It is immoral to not work and demand handouts. Moreover, its anti-Aryan. Its the opposite of Noble.

      The bitter truth is that while half the White Race is biologically white, they are spiritually negro. They don’t have the spirit championed by Teddy Roosevelt, Madison Grant, and Austria’s best painter. Such is the case with the WigNats. They supported the totalitarian lockdown that exacerbated our nations mental health crisis, caused untold misery, shuttered small businesses run by normal White people and White families, massively increased the wealth of all the rich corporations like Amazon, and consolidated power among the state governors who are, in theory, the political enemies of WigNats (CC: Charlottesville). Now, they are enthusiastically supporting every awful DNC economic policy because maybe they’ll get a few Lazarus crumbs from the table, and who cares if working Whites of all economic classes pay for it all.

      WigNats only pretend to feel solidarity for the White Race. Whatever feelings of racial self-defense used to exist in their hearts has slowly but surely evaporated since 2015. This year was the endgame. Only “Racist Liberals” support repatriating and keeping out non-whites. Only “Racist Liberals” are against lockdowns that never had any scientific or medical justification. Only “Racist Liberals” like White Women (don’t worry, we WigNats like White Women too, just as long as they become wives and mothers and submit to their husbands…). Only “Racist Liberals” support private property rights and individual freedom. There is nothing genuinely Pro-White about Wigger Nationalists, and no, getting crumbs tossed to us by the Democrats alongside negroes and latinos like all the lost souls opening their mouths for water in “Mad Max: Fury Road” doesnt make WigNat economic policies “pro-white” in the slightest.

      We need a Thanos Plan, because half the White Race was born without nobility, and for the noble half of Whites to survive, the other half must be allowed to be taken away by whatever combination of Jewish and Corporate Power will most efficiently put them out of their misery.

      All Hail Neoliberalism, the destroyer of the mediocre and failed half of the White Race.

  19. Re: “Huey Long is righteously dead, and the government doesn’t exist to serve you”:

    Man (homo sapiens) is a political creature, and the polis/state/government is essential to human life. We are in it and of it, and yes it DOES exist to serve us. But most government is not real government of, by and for the people, but instead an organized theft operation by powerful (wealthy) elites.

    Re: “The whole point of living in America is so that we as individuals can reach our full potential and become whoever we want to be”:

    “We” is people, plural, not a selfish individual. But capitalists want to believe as Margaret Thatcher said: “Society does not exist.” The whole point of capitalism is to be able to ignore society and do things at the expense of others that we could not get away with in real socialism.

    “The government exists to protect us from enemies, both foreign and domestic”:

    Capitalist militarism/imperialism exists to protect the wealthy elites by enforcing their “property rights” and putting down foreign competition (especially any socialism or semi-socialism that may appear) so the ruling elites can continue to enslave and steal from the entire world. Capitalism is the BAD side of human nature. But there is another side, something else in man: God is in man.

    Tolstoy said: “Wealth is a great sin in the eyes of God. Poverty is a great sin in the eyes of man.”

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