The Long MAGA

If you weren’t receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in super chats and massive, anonymous Bitcoin donations from untraceable sources, you might be left feeling a bit high and dry at the end of the MAGA era. In this episode, we discuss rightwing populism as performance art by grifters.

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  1. Hunter. This will be the norm now. Air strikes for Israel. More deployments.

    And a lot of anti White policies at home. A lot.

    We had a few years off but it’s on again.

    You will miss Trump

    • Biden has not been sworn in. Trump the neocon turd is doing his last favors for Israel by allowing them to break international law.

    • @Ron,

      If there’s any justice in this world, your conman hero will be winning bigly in some New York State prison shower this time next year.

      Lock him up.

    • “I literally can’t have sexual intercourse with my wife unless she puts on one of my Trump masks first. I’ve got dozens of ’em!”

      – Ron, interviewed by Leslie Stahl, December 2018

    • Trump, to win needed to appeal to 62% of white voters. Riddle me this, how can any politico accomplish that feat? Whites like abstractions and causes, they are sectarians. AMERICA is hindsight in 2020.

      • Most whites are pretty liberalized now. They may not think so, but they approve of their kids dating outside of their race. They give money to countries that are flooding our borders. They think anyone who comes here is “an American”. They adopt nonwhites. They go to gambling casinos.

  2. I am looking forward to this. I like Richard a lot despite his obvious mistakes and missteps and the last show you two did together was fantastic. When Richard wasnt getting every aspect of the Civil War that is

  3. I just got a link Tweet where Anglin was fan girl cheering for Fuentes, Baked Alaska, Ali Akbar and the fat guy Ethan Ralphs next big MAGA rally. If anyone actually knows Anglin can they check in on him and make sure he is not being held captive with the constant “we must fight for Trump” craziness. I was never a fan of his vulgar and tasteless style, but this is a bridge too far even for him

    • Anglin’s just a grifter. He was all in for Yang but figured that shilling for Trump would bring in more bucks.

    • I can’t think of a more scurvy, disreputable crew than Asian sex tourist Wigger Anglin, the effeminate Castizo Nick and the notoriously untalented Braindead Alaska. With special guest appearances by “Lampshade Laura” Loomer and Lauren “I dye my hair blond to deceive the gentiles” Southern.

  4. Trump has less than 60 days left in his term. But, I’m sure he’s monitoring the situation. Incredible!

  5. Trump lost 2 votes that he spent a lot of political capital on, namely the Catholics and the Jews.

    Can’t say I hid my light under a basket.

  6. That stupid bearded poacher dotard. His hamburger for brains entertainer father is “King Cyrus of Israel”.
    The “aristocratic” Macri was a disaster in Argentina.
    The semi-literate vulgar troglodyte Bolsonaro thinks that the destruction of the Amazon forest by fire and mining and the inevitable huge favelas around is “progress.”
    Plua the clownish Salvini, Le Pen, the ludicrous fake-blond Hebrew Geert Wilders. Plus Daily Stormer.
    Those are the Right. The Left at least is not so laughable

    • The “right” are so despicable it actually makes you feel sympathetic to the left. Then you realize the left are promoting all sorts of anti-white garbage. At some point you just have to accept the fact we have no mainstream representation.

      • Yep. No one represented us in this election. No one. They were all competing for nonwhites. Don’t any of these people have children or grandchildren??

    • Salvini is f*cking awesome you knobhead! About the closest thing to a real leader the West has come up with in recent years.

    • “The left is not so laughable.”

      Have you looked at their selection of trannies in high places lately? I wouldn’t be so sure they’re not as laughable.

    • @Nemo..

      Some of the current positions of The Left…

      #1. There is only one race, The Human Race, but there are scores of genders.

      #2. Wear your mask and socially distance, while I go out and pack myself into thousands like a canned sardine to riot.

      #3. Racism is evil, but, we need affirmative action across the board for non-Whites.

      #4. Corporations and corporate politicians are evil, but, we will support Joe Biden for president.

      #5. We reserve the right to assault you, at anytime for your opinions or race, but, your lack of willingness to surrender your firearms is completely impossible to understand.

      #6. We must protect and nurture and woman’s right to compete, yet, it is okay to allow surgically altered males to enter and dominate female sports.

      #7. We are totally anti-war, but, we will support Joe Biden for president.

      #8. We believe in diversity, but, if your opinion is different than mine, shut up – or we’ll kill you.

      #9. We must secure a good living wage for workers, but, all borders must be open, at all times, even if this means that the portable slave force this invites, completely undermines the possibility of a good wage for a worker.

      #10. We decry the genocide committed by an oppressive White Supremacist society against Afro-Americans, yet, we wholeheartedly support a woman’s right to choose, even though this has led to the murder of millions and millions of unborn Black Children.

      #11. We believe in equality and hate supremacy of every kind, yet, if you disagree with out ideas, you have no place in ‘our’ country.

      #12. All Indian tribes are entitled to their lands, and to keep all who are not of their tribe off their lands, but, the borders of every White country must be completely open.


      What could be more laughable than this? The Left is irony-proof to such an extent that there could never be sufficient correllary on The Right.

  7. That was fantastic. I havent enjoyed a show this much in along time, it was really densely packed with valuable content something almost every other podcast suffers from. Too much filler. You two should do this more often, and my only criticism and it isnt even really a criticism is that Richard sounds like an eloquent well spoken man 99% of the time but opens his show with a lispy sorority girl soundbite about food. I assume he embraces it and just trolls everyone after the Swiss Burger melt meme.

    Really a great show and both of you guys were terrific. If Spencer did more shows like this he would go more mainstream. The N bomb and soundbite type shows we see so often are awful.

  8. Death data is now being published for annual Covid19 in UK. I compared the info to previous years in the UK. Looks like adsolute death totals bottomed out around 2008-2011. The population was increasing dramatically due to third world migration at that time. Since 2012 there’s clearly a steady increase in total dead and death rates. Whites hit peak civilization a decade ago and the decline exists. It is as clear as the birth rate drops in the USSR in the late 1970s. Covid19 is just part of that decline. Aging population, increasing numbers of darkies. Perhaps some sort of populist youth revolt is actually taking place even if the avatars of that revolt have been by turn Trump and Biden. We need an older Millenial or GenX white in a leadership role and rally round him or we will get buried by vandals and cannibals.

  9. I enjoyed listening to that podcast, which featured the Dissident Right’s two most celebrated public intellectuals.

  10. It would probably have helped Trump to regularly bring up that while Obama-Biden-Hillary started four new wars (Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine) he started no new ones.

    • But Trump didn’t end any of those conflicts either, did he? And he is provoking the Iranians by assassinating their top generals and scientists, isn’t he?

      • I think a lot of that has to do with the Pentagon being full of greedy, Judaized, lying, back-stabbing scum. Murrica is a Jewish tyranny but that’s mainly because of the low character of most of the Goyim.

  11. Trump had the opportunity to turn things around in the US, and he didn’t. He allowed nonwhite crime to become worse, and cities destroyed with the activists. He gave more and more money to nonwhites. What’s the difference between him, and any of the Democrats, really?

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