Ethnocentric Whites Have No Place In The Republican Party

I heard what she said.

The GOP is the party of based blacks and the Platinum Plan.

Ethnocentric Whites have no place in the Republican Party. The GOP did not want our support in the 2020 election. So, it is time to start voting on the basis of economics now.

I’m ready to support student loan forgiveness, a national health insurance program, Universal Basic Income and Universal Maximum Income. I’m ready to get rid of the Trump tax cuts and to regulate Wall Street. If anyone wants to Drain the Swamp of billionaires, I am ready to support that too.

Note: How many White people fit this description in America? How many of those people are voting for the GOP?

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  1. “I’m ready to support student loan forgiveness, a national health insurance program, Universal Basic Income and Universal Maximum Income. I’m ready to get rid of the Trump tax cuts.”

    Hunter, that stuff doesn’t work. It’s dumb socialism to appeal to people who have been ripped off by outsourcing, mass immigration and over-regulation and over-taxation.

    1) Student loan forgiveness: why not mortgage forgiveness? Why not credit card debt forgiveness? Why not business loan forgiveness? Why not simply wipe out ALL debts? Banks can shutter their doors, and everything can be purchased with gold nuggets or barter.

    2) National health insurance sounds great in theory, but – as examples from UK to Brazil demonstrate – the quality of care is vastly inferior to the American market system (flawed as it is). This inferior healthcare is paid for by ever-higher taxes which mostly go into a bottomless pit of expanding government bureaucracy linked to the NHS (see UK). Why not a market-based system with some public-private partnerships to affordably cover people with pre-existing conditions instead?

    3) “Universal Basic Income” – who pays for it?

    4) “Universal Maximum Income” – who’s going to bother earning it? Such schemes only drive the wealthiest/job creators/companies/entrepreneurs into the arms of countries with friendlier regimes. Whatever their flaws, you need these people to drive a country forward economically. Yes, they need regulation (e.g. antitrust), but they also need incentives.

    5) Trump tax cuts: did not go far enough. Taxes on American businesses are still way too high, and are a major factor in driving businesses to Mexico, India and China. A better idea would be to slash business taxes much further, but impose punitive taxes on outsourcers and importers. You assume that productive businesses will remain in the US, paying ever-higher taxes, plus with income capped. History shows that this is not the case.

    You’re basically advocating for an unproductive socialist system that would lead to widespread impoverishment, rather than a protectionist nationalist system that would harness capitalist features to generate prosperity.

      • The GOP is a VERY Socialist party, but not for Whites.

        1) They let Biden’s Super Predators out of jail, while calling the Democrats racist. When these blacks rioted and burned down cities the GOP rewarded them, by giving them half a trillion dollars of socialism.

        2) They support socialism so much, they set aside government jobs and contracts for blacks and hispanics, excluding White workers on the basis of race.

        3) They support socialism so much for the richest people and corporations, they bail them out to the tune of 10s of trillions of dollars when times are bad, and give them trillions in tax breaks when times are good. They support tax avoidance for the rich so much that when Trump a billionaire, who is such a good patriotic American he only paid $750 in taxes, Ann Coulter said he was genius for getting away with it.

        4) The GOP support socialism for jews so much, they bankrupted America, funding their Greater Israel Project, and fighting all of its wars, while Israel’s soldiers stayed safe at home. They break the First Amendment to insure that no one is allowed to criticize them, even though they are America’s most powerful and wealthy racial group.

        The only people the GOP opposes socialism for, is poor and working class Whites. These Whites and only these Whites are expected to be strong independent libertarians. If they succeed and pay their taxes to support the top groups, that’s great! If they fail, well thats too bad, the Republicans kick them into the gutter.

        • The Democrats do all this too… And have big plans for much more Anti-White legislation.

        • Exactly. The de facto truth in ALL political systems is that there WILL be socialism – for the ruling group/tribe and in a more limited sense for it’s golem/janissaries/allies. For the subjects though, there will be ruthless voracious battle to survive from day to day/paycheck to paycheck.
          Whites who are “against socialism” are as stupid as whites who are “against identity politics”. The enemy uses those things to advance its interests, and the only way to advance one’s own group’s is to do likewise. To eschew these things is like a horse cavalry officer being morally opposed to tank/armor technology/tactics and adamantly refusing to use his obsolete tactics against modern armor.
          Do NOT fall for the Jew’s tricks.
          A similar analogy can be applied to individualism (pushed by Libertarian “thinkers” that all happen to be Jews) vs collectivism (which the Jews pursue unabashedly).
          Stop being a mark, ffs.

        • @Killiab

          I agree on all your points. GOP socialism for corporations & the rich is not what I’m advocating.

      • Socialism disincentivizes work.

        We need a nationalist model of capitalism that protects the country and helps the most vulnerable to earn a dignified living without discouraging enterprise and enabling parasites.

        • No – it doesn’t – Sweden(other than cucking on immigration) is an example of how Socialism can work in a White homogeneous society. Sweden is beautiful, clean, modern, technologically advanced, etc. Socialism WILL NOT work in a 3rd World Üntermensch shithole like the US

          • @c d

            Sweden’s high-tax, max-bennies, lite-work socialism turned them into a soft nation of faggots unable to resist the Third World skraeling invaders. Destroyed their legendary Viking spirit.

          • They don’t operate under socialism, they have generous social welfare programs funded by free market capitalism and high taxes. And their country(and gene pool) is going to shit thanks to all the orcs they have invited in.

          • @muhconstitutionalcuckservative and @jamesbongstreet – the US is the worst of all worlds – high taxes, invaded by shitskins, high crime, shitty roads, handouts to nibbas and Messicans etc but the (White) goyim can’t even get free Healthcare ffs – but it’s cool to give $1T/year to the DofD to fight Israel’s wars for them, tho. You can push the Constitution up your ass sideways for all of the good it does you, Whitey.

          • Yes, Sweden used to be awesome. High taxes, but you got a very high standard of living for it. Now, it’s going down, because of the “migrants”. It has to be a homogeneous country. Diversity is just parasitism.

        • You support Capitalism when Big Business and Wall Street make obscene profits, but then cry for Socialism when they need to be bailed out every 7-10 years by the taxpayer. Right, numskull?

        • Only if your view of “Socialism” is confined to what is given to non-White groups in post-WWJew America. National Socialism DOES contain elements of socialism, and it most certainly did NOT discourage work. Great accomplishments were achieved under said system. Hell, even Soviet Socialism/Communism achieved objectively great achievement (even though it was largely evil, at least until the Jews were removed in the ~1950-60s and they abandoned ship to the West and to Israel).

          • @Peter
            Socialism made military/scientific/industrial achievements in the USSR/China thanks to starving the peasants to purchase industrial plant & driving slaves in manufacturing camps, as well as stealing tech from the West courtesy of people like the Rosenbergs.
            Standard of living was always far, far below that of the Third Reich and pre- & post-WW2 West. Work ethic was non-existent and there was no incentive to produce.

            Someone I know who lived in Eastern Europe under the commies said they used to show up at the factory every morning, open a bottle of vodka and stand around taking shots all day!

      • @Hunter Wallace, you have been all over the page for years now you are a socialist. LOL check into a mental institution and stay there.

        • No, I am a populist.

          The banner of this website literally reads “Nationalism, Populism, Reaction.” It doesn’t say “Nationalism, Conservatism, Reaction” or Nationalism, Socialism, Reaction.” I’m not a socialist. I don’t want to get rid of private property or the market economy. I do think that it should be shackled for the common good and that extremes of wealth should be prohibited to maintain social stability.

        • @ mr.spahnranch 1970, lol, no sir i am not afraid of him at all, i kick his ass daily, my wife keeps him dressed in a jockey suit , with a lantern in his hand. Down by the driveway, it wasnt easy doing it, but i finally had to admit, that he was good for something after all, requiring only a little water, table scraps and my boot . i hope that has anwserd your question, incorrigible sir.

    • @James did you step in a time machine and arrive in 1959? The things you are speaking about are now long dead and buried. The books by Von Mises, Rush and Buchanan I read as a teen no longer apply and it is time to adapt. I realized this about a decade ago when I saw my grandfather, the best person I have ever known, get fleeced from doctors, the hospital, and pharmacies. I also saw almost every other person whip out their welfare cards and get the same things on my dollar. On my grandfathers dollar.

      White people are being replaced and under constant assault, yet we are the only ones still speaking about fiscal responsibility. Half the country pays no taxes and is only going up. Millions get affirmative action, minority business loans and other programs. Why are we the only ones paying into the system and getting nothing.
      At a certain point pride and values need to adapt to the state of reality. This country is not returning to a position of greatness and responsibility in its current state. There is no reason why any of us should be arguing against getting the benefits we pay for and everyone else gets.

      I am with you in spirit but you are talking about a country which no longer exists. We can remain unmoving on our social values but on the economy it is time to adapt

      • This man is correct. In our communities, we must have fiscal responsibility. In the US of A, we must rip the flesh from the bone just like the other vultures.

        I highly recommend military disability for those who “served.” If you are still serving, document everything, and keep copies of everything medical, deployment, training, jump related.

      • I am with you. The US is in collapse, and we’ve entered the looting phase.

        At this juncture, when Jews, blacks, Latinos, billionaires and even newly arrived immigrants are demanding special treatment, whites who stand on principle, instead of trying to preposition themselves for what comes next, for themselves and for the people they love, are naïve.

        I wish it weren’t so, but it is, and we now must be as clever serpents, because everyone else is trying to be.

        • I’ve thought about that too, having to be more calculating and sly than the other side. A lot of paleo conservatives live in a bubble. They still think if you work hard at your job, you’ll get ahead. They, and the Republicans, think they have to be honorable and upright in their dealings, and the leftists walk all over them. They’ll be yelling, “We didn’t lie, you did” as the country collapses. They are docile and weak. We need a new party that represents whites. When I think of Republicans, I think of Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

      • @Captain
        They’re timeless principles, based on my own experiences living and working in America and other countries. Spigot for parasites needs to be turned off. Workers need to be rewarded. And yes, it would work better in an all-white country with kinship solidarity.

      • @Captain Schilll..

        “We can remain unmoving on our social values but on the economy it is time to adapt”

        Conservative to reactionary on social values, while being Progressive economically makes you a Dixiecrat!

        Imagine that – you’re one of us.

        How long will it be before you pack your parents up and head down to friendly folks, lots of sunshine, low taxes, and an open carry state?

  2. I would not dispute what mr.trump has or has not done, not even for a moment, i still consider him the symbolic middle finger of white america, that being said, only demonstrates how desperate we are for someone, anyone to lead us.

    • Here is the problem that even the best leader may do something wrong. Now, when Donald was betrayed, who should be this dumb fool who want to be in charge only to get his life ruined ?

      I think that Donald will pull this off. But when not, then US will be like Germany after Hitler. Nobody want to touch this toxic thing ever again.

      • lol – “Now, when Donald was betrayed,…” – Trump was always (((their))) Trojan Horse sent into the midst of White America and it was you who he betrayed.

        • Why “they ” needed Donald ? How last 5 year mess was good for the Swamp ? What was wrong with old good stable Bush Clinton clown show ?

          • Juri is correct.

            The fact that most of the Republicans want to get rid of Trump, too, should tell you everything you need to know.

            The Uniparty, the media, and the leftist NPCs are one giant chorus of opprobrium against Trump. Have been from the start. Block him, defame him, mock him, and do their best to get rid of him at every turn.

            The Uniparty establishment, the entire (((corporate-media complex))), despises Trump totally.

            Ever thought about that, and the fact that you people are in agreement with them?

            I can’t really decide if Griffin is just stupid near to the point of retardation and easily manipulated by the media, or if he’s on their payroll. It could go either way, really. But his drumbeat is:

            — Orange Man Bad
            — Deplorables are ignorant, loathsome, brainless, vile, uneducated, hillbilly rubes who deserve to be ruled by the Educated NPCs
            — Mainstream media is correct
            — Democratic and Republican parties are correct
            — Elections are honest, there is no fraud, go back to sleep goyim, the USA is running perfectly

            Sure, he throws some vague dissident dogwhistles, but his position is indistinguishable from that of the mainstream media and the big political parties once you strip off the occasional right-wing rhetoric.

    • @Terry Smith…

      In recent years we have had Ron Paul, and longer ago – Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan, but, Mr. Trump has been the only one in the last decade, much less successful at organizing a hostile outside takeover of The United States’ Government, as currently constituted.

      Above all, that was the reason I voted for him in 2016, and, indeed, voted for him again in 2020 – to aim a legal missile at those who have pilled us from head to toe.

  3. @Brad Did you ever find out what the name of the plan was for Hispanics/Latinos/Catholics? The “Dreamer Plan”, wasn’t that it? That was another half a trillion dollars? LOL.

    Santa Ana and Poncho Villa were incredible? Right?

  4. Kay Kay Kay,what the hell these phony conservatives are talking about,Ku Klux Klan of 20th century preserved an apartheid,separate but equal.

  5. “Would you support Universal Maximum Income? It is an upper ceiling on income, say, $10 million to $500 million. It wouldn’t eliminate the wealthy, but it would cancel billionaires like Mike Bloomberg throwing out enormous sums of money at politicians like chump change”

    The top 1% could do a lot of damage with that kind of wealth. I’d restrict it to 5% of 500 million.

    The rich that ruined the West with mass immigration, should be identified and made to pay for their treason. I would however support exclusions for those that opposed it, though I don’t think there will be many.

  6. Just take a look at South Africa for a glimpse of the future. There is a country that is 15% White and still has affirmative action against Whites and a mealy-mouthed GOP clone in opposition to the brown ruling class. This is proof that demographic decline will NOT spur Whites into action. Civic Nationalist groups will continue to prevent Whites from demanding minority status even as their numbers slip into single digits. Ethnocentrism is not increasing as Whites fall in numbers.

    The time for abandoning GOP type parties was yesterday. Conservatives are the biggest obstacle in the path towards White self-determination.

    • Oh yes, the ANC (African National Congress) treats the tiny White majority sooo much better! Lol.

  7. It’s true that ethnocentric Whites have no place in the Republican Party. They ignore us, and treat us as if it were 2040 already, when Whites will be a minority nationwide.

    But in order to support the economic issues you listed above, we would have to vote for the Democrats.
    No way in hell I’ll do that! The Republicans may ignore us, but the Democrats HATE us.

    As long as Democrats are the Party of Non-White based Identity Politics, we may as well never vote at all.

    • “As long as Democrats are the Party of Non-White based Identity Politics, we may as well never vote at all.”
      Why do you think Trump was permitted to win and then be relentlessly slammed by the same jewish media who are related to the the kikes he personally serves?
      Its to get whites to ditch the voting booth and stay home until we are outnumbered demographically , and thats when the real fun will start.
      Celebrate your genocide!

    • @Kapper.

      “It’s true that ethnocentric Whites have no place in the Republican Party. They ignore us, and treat us as if it were 2040 already, when Whites will be a minority nationwide.”

      Not exactly. TPTB have belatedly realized that there is already too little White Privilege to pay the bills, so they are planning to phase out the one-drop rule. I suspect they are going to eliminate the Hispanic category which the Nixon administration stupidly put in. Most Mestizos and Castizos identify as White Hispanics on the census anyway.

      My thoughts are that they are going to reclassify everybody under the traditional races of Caucasoid, Mongoloid, or Negroid.

      So, I believe that, along with Heritage European Whites, Mestizos/Castizos, Hapas (Asian/White), Jews, Arabs and dot Indians would select Caucasoid. Probably many Amerinds, too. They might get their ow classification, but I think they will require documentation to get that classification.

      Since East Asians are doing so well – many doing better than Heritage White Americans, I think they won’t be classified as any race needing protected status.

      So, I think the country is “evolving” from the Black versus White paradigm towards Black versus Non-Black. I don’t think the idea of Blacks being so oppressed that they deserve reparations is going to be as easy a sell to the Non-Blacks as it was to wealthy White Liberals.

  8. As you’ve said before, Hunter, as long as the Republican Party is there taking up the space of a real opposition, there will be no improvement for whites.

  9. You and I most definitely agree. All those things you mentioned would really benefit Students and the Working Class. Something the right wingtards should embrace but “Muh Constitution” always gets in the way. Funny enough that photo you shared of the “Socialism Sucks” T Shirt with a big ole Jew Flag in the background. Interesting that Israel has no problem with Socialist programs but the Right Wingtards reject it while embracing aka fighting stupid Wars for the Jews. I’m off that wing for sure. Not left or right….just focus on solutions that I believe Nationalists embrace. Deo Vindice !

  10. “I’m ready to support student loan forgiveness, a national health insurance program, Universal Basic Income and Universal Maximum Income.”

    Nobody is entitled to “support” any of that.

  11. I’m sure the Democrats will welcome the Romper Stomper-Communism coalition with open arms.

    If any of you have any brain at all, abandon the absolutely toxic nihilistic cesspool of anti-social goon marchers shilling fucking the exact same talking points as Rachel Maddow and TYT, and join your fellow Americans in the streets.

    Nick is making the same talking points as Hunter, to large cheering crowds, with a fan base that is energetic and funny, like the alt right was in 2016 before these fucking autistic anti-social freaks demoralized you all into Orthodox-Nazi-Socialism and voting for Kamala Harris. If Hunter tried to harness any of these crowds he would be booed off the stage and attacked, rightfully so.

    • No, he isn’t.

      He is out there rallying with conservatives who are angry that Donald Trump lost Arizona and Georgia. He appeals to paleocons and conservatives who were already Republican voters and who are wrapped up in the Trump personality cult. The alt-right appealed to an entirely different demographic that was populist, more moderate and who were racially conscious Independent voters.

      • It wasn’t the alt-right and Richard Spencer that appealed to those voters, it was Trump’s 2016 Campaign rhetoric, which impressed you.

        • The “Trump lost” thing is more of a translation of “We are white, no one represented us, and the voting system is as corrupt as everything else.” Where are we headed?
          Nick has a great message. We need a new party. We need to abandon the Republicans. Maybe listen to some of his podcasts.
          Spencer was sick of Trump abandoning us. But personally, I think his endorsement of Biden was more of “A white supremacist endorses Biden!” because of Bidens’s alleged “racist past”. It was a good move.

    • I think this troll that keeps bringing up “Romper Stomper” crap is Gryphon Faggotosity.

      The closest thing to larping romper stomper are the proud boys who are a bunch of trump supporting multiracial CivNats.

  12. Good post. I agree.

    There can be no successful ethno-nationality “without the peasants” – without fraternity, without equality. Global-international “free market” economy is the enemy of ethno-nationality. The people of Bolivia show us the way: They seem to be successfully resisting and throwing off the hold of U.S.-based global-international elites on their freedom and natural resources – especially the lithium. Bolivia has about three-quarters of the world’s reserves of lithium. This is very good news, perhaps too good to be true:

  13. The new plan for disaffected white voters:
    Become bolsheviks (if you are middle class or an intellectual) or become nogs (if you are working class or the super rich). Might as well live like a welfare queen while you face your gradual death. Oh boy, where do I sign up?!?!?!

    Somehow Social Nationalism or another arrangement of those words strikes me as neither bolshevism nor negroid-aping behavior. In multi-racial America though, that is the closest things there are. I unironically would rather the FBI spook-pork kick in my door and kill me right now.

    • @esoteric there are white people outside of America. Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark, Canada, and basically every European nation has some form of socialized medicine many two tier with basic for all and if you want to upgrade or buy your own supplemental speciality care you have that nation. Africa and the third world doesnt have this level of care so by implying that people who pay taxes demanding healthcare makes them black people you are incorrect in every manner.

      Turkey has some of the best and most reasonable healthcare in the World. Clean and efficient either totally covered by your taxes or so affordable that you can afford it. $400 for a dental implant versus $8,000 in America.

      • Turkey has the best dental care services. Very good surgeons and cosmetic care. A lot of people would go on holiday and finish it with a crown or whatever before lockdown.

      • @Captain Shill: You are quite right, and I don’t mean to say that socializing the cost of healthcare is undesirable or even impossible (it would be very easy indeed if the US’ overseas military presence was rolled back substantially, and the taxpayer wouldn’t notice a difference). My criticism was not for the policy but for the politics. White people cannot support the Democrats because the entire party platform is designed to make sure what our thing calls ethnocentric whites have no voice, power or can even derive benefits from the programs it pushes through. And what’s more, things that white people should not give up on like 1A, 2A, 4A, etc., will all be crushed – for what, the promise of cheap healthcare that white people will never get? The reason whites are preoccupied with making healthcare affordable is because, as a class of people, whites have credit and don’t want to break rules. When patients of other races don’t have the money for care, they just don’t pay it, and so what if their nonexistant credit is ruined, and they don’t often even have a job with wages high enough to garnish. Hospitals emergency rooms, which blacks, illegal immigrants and so on use to the exclusion of getting set up with a primary care physician for obvious reasons (physcians are obligated to care for everyone) just write the costs off – or more accurately charge the responsible patients who only use emergency services in a life of death emergency much, much more. I agree that nobody should be financially ruined by seeking necessary medical care, but the way to achieve this can’t be through supporting the Democrats if we lose everything else in the process. The Republicans will similarly never change their ways and won’t really fight for us either, although the party relies on our people’s votes. I think the only hope we have short of a total systemic collapse is something like supporting a PAC such as what the NJP is trying to do. But white-positive politics are so “toxic” in today’s milieu that that also is probably a fool’s errand as it isn’t likely to go anywhere either due to middle class apathy, upper class disdain and working class fear/lack of resources, and that doesn’t even get into the combined efforts of the media, academia, the churches, the GOP and Dems against any such movement.

        How anyone in our thing cannot pray daily for a meteor impact, civil war, extraterrestrial invasion, etc., is beyond me.

        • Everyone invading us can have a voice but us. They want us to be another silent group. I gave up on the Republicans and their neocons long ago. There is no one in government who represents me or my values. Everyone worries about nonwhites. What they think, how much free money they get, what free passes they get, etc.

  14. RNC chairwomen,something about her nose,related Madeleine Albright.The Republican party goes against its people that voted for them under the color blind policy.White people don’t have true party representative which the GOP pretends to be.Validates illegitimate governments.

  15. The Democrats and Republicans are no different than one another, especially when it comes to pandering to minorities and Israel. I would take the old Dixiecrat’s over the modern day Republicans any day. They don’t want us and we should show them the same respect. Until they start looking out for White interests, we shun them.

    • Yes, both are one party. It’s all play acting. Like some fake wrestling match. I didn’t feel we should reward Republicans for being “the lesser of two evils” and they thought they had us cornered. They only care about giving “minorities” money and free passes, while whites pay for it all and struggle. The Republicans are so worried about being called “racist”, that they shun whites.

  16. “Nick is making the same talking points as Hunter, to large cheering crowds, with a fan base that is energetic and funny, like the alt right was in 2016 before these fucking autistic anti-social freaks demoralized you all into Orthodox-Nazi-Socialism and voting for Kamala Harris. If Hunter tried to harness any of these crowds he would be booed off the stage and attacked, rightfully so.”

    I see you get your opinions straight from Anglin.

  17. “I Am Become DR3” — we move forward by gentrifying the Democrats. There will be a mix of excellent, meh, and gross policies. We know what we’re getting. With the GOP, we get nothing except for multiplied enemies plus the humiliation of simping for Zionist billionaires plus the degrading association with the lowest of grifters.

    Many fish in this pond have exposed themselves as true conservatives. They’re in it to play the heel, to twirl the mustache, to imagine themselves fighting a lost cause that is desperately running out of time for the world’s salvation against invincible power. If there was any chance of moving the ball up the field, these melancholy Romantics would envision even larger mountains to climb, would conjure even greater conspiracies, would conceptualize omnipotent powers of even greater malevolence.

    Meanwhile, on planet Earth, the GOP funds a giant war machine for our greatest allies (notice how they never use it to secure borders or put down insurrections), raids the treasury for massive tax cuts and bailouts for Wall Street, all while maintaining it is immoral to use government to help white communities hit hard by Reaganite trade and immigration policy. No Platinum Plan for you! If they’re not giving us anything — and while purging people like Kobach, Sessions, and King — voting Republican should be absolutely out of the question. Think McFly, think!

  18. These normie bootstrap fiscal conservatives, still shilling mainstream GOP talking points that think of themselves as dissidents are adorable.

  19. “Where do we go from here?”

    For the time being, National Justice Party deserves a look. Just imagine if the 15% of Whites (conservative estimate) that identifies strongly with their race began supporting NJP candidates for political offices; koshervative, inc. and the GOP establishment would no longer be able to win statewide or national elections.

    Of course, the scumocrats would still be around selling their gelfilte scented cultural marxism, but it is only a matter of time, before schisms open up between there coalition of POC. In California, Asians and non-white Latinos voted against on affirmative action preferences for blacks in higher education and employment.

      • @Kevin Brannen

        >>> There is no such thing as “the White race”. How do you define “White race”? <<<

        You certainly believe in the "white race" when you want to call someone a "racist" don't you?

        Let me guess … there is so such thing as "the Palestinian people" either, right? Merely a social construct, so it's ok to genocide them?

        • “White” is not a race and is a social construct. There are ethnicities and cultures but “race” doesn’t have any scientific basis.


    Just wait. The coming months and years will so change the political landscape as to present you with a menu of choices which, as of yet, are not clear.

    The Republican Party, as is, will not survive this voting/constitutional/election scandal.

    It will either be abandoned for new parties or the coalition that originally elected Trump in 2016, will take total control of it and turn it to better use.

  21. I do not understand the conversation here.

    Biden is neither proposing socialism nor will he pass on that advocation from The Progressive Wing of his party that now, having served their function, will be cast aside to the wind.

    Biden, if he wins, simply represents an attempted return to the Totalitarian Corporate Globalism of The Greenspan Era.

    Biden does not have a reforming bone in his body, and, verification of that is watching how carefully he has cut Warren and Sanders out of his cabinet.

    • This is precisely true.

      Biden is a military-industrial complex puppet, a wiling serf of the jews and big financial interests, and an Immigration Capitalist. And most likely a warmonger who will end the 4 years of peace we had with an assortment of blood-and-treasure draining “interventions.”

      It’s insane to think he’s anything but another Uniparty hack. You might as well say that Trump is being shoved out for some unholy hybrid of Clinton, Bush, Romney, and the rest of the Swamp vermin.

      But I guess Griffin needs to reassure himself that his support for the Uniparty through Biden is justified, through the simple expedient of making shit up.

  22. “to start voting on the basis of economics now”

    I. Which is precisely why it always makes sense to vote for the candidate with the best NumbersUSA score.

    Immigration is an economic issue – the less immigration, the better for middle class White American economic interests.

    For 3 reasons:
    1. Wages (immigrants increase supply in the labor market)
    2. Housing costs (immigrants increase demand in the housing market)
    3. State and local taxes. Unlike federal taxes, state and local taxes disproportionately fall on the middle class. (Immigrants place an added burden on the services provided by state and local governments).

    II. With regards to government, academia, Hollywood, mainstream media, finance industry etc., we should be starving the beast. To starve the government, vote for Republicans who can be counted on to cut taxes. With regards to the others, don’t spend your money on such things.

  23. America is a corpse being consumed by maggots.

    The left is rooting for the maggots.

    The right is rooting for the corpse.

  24. Imagine putting that fat, dumb broad in charge of the RNC! Why would any self-respecting white man want to belong to a party like that?

  25. If you don’t identify as “White” being an identifier then you don’t have to lose sleep over this shit. IMO.

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