Illusion Radio: The Dead End


We’ve reached a dead end.

This is the consensus in our corner of the internet.

I’ve been active in politics for twenty years now. I have participated in five presidential elections. In 2000 and 2004, I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry out of sheer hatred of George W. Bush. In 2008 and 2012, I voted for Ron Paul in the Republican primary and for the Constitution Party in the general election. In the 2016 election, I voted for Donald Trump. In the 2020 election, I stayed home.

From my perspective, I have lived through two Republican presidencies both of which were failures. The George W. Bush presidency was profoundly alienating. The Donald Trump presidency was a bitter disappointment that inflicted tremendous damage on us without many benefits. I have no regrets about missing out on the John McCain or the Mitt Romney presidency. I’m not a conservative Republican. I’ve always been a more moderate populist and nationalist Independent swing voter.

The primary problem is the Business Conservatives, Core Conservatives or Free Marketeers who control the GOP. These people set the agenda, strategy, messaging and policy agenda of the Republican Party. They dominate and define the American Right and we have not had any success in changing it. They are out of sync with our values, beliefs and interests and even more out of touch with the public in general on a host of issues. We can continue to vote for the GOP, but it effectively means empowering people who care about free-market capitalism and Israel and really not much about anything else.

What’s the alternative to voting for the GOP?

  • Blackpilling on mainstream politics. Focusing on other things.
  • Maybe organizing an outside pressure group or lobby.
  • Organizing a third party or voting for a third party.
  • Going back to the Democrats and offsetting the damage that the Far Left can do by reinforcing the moderate wing.

There are people who disillusioned with the GOP and who do not believe it is capable of being reformed who are currently going in all of these directions.

In my own case, I have become more introspective. The American Right is defined by free-market capitalism. The American Left is defined by social liberalism. I don’t fit into either camp. I’ve never fit into either camp because my views are moderate, populist and centrist. I’m an ethnocentric White voter who wants a smart, competent government who is a social conservative and economic populist.

White populism, identifying as a moderate and a centrist, moving on from the Right and working on finishing my book is the direction that I am going in at the moment. In this episode of Illusion Radio, I talk to Doc and his lovely life and their Serbian friend Eugene about the National Justice Party and those of us who are moving not so much to the Left, but who are now identifying with the Center.

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  1. The “GOP” was never intended to be “successful” at anything, for the last century it has done nothing but run interference for the left, and is controlled in such a manner that it cannot be “reformed”.

    If you think moving into the dimtard party to reinforce the “moderate wing” will achieve anything positive, again, it ain’t gonna happen; the people who own them are focused on destroying you, your family, your civilization, there is nothing centrist about it, where they want to go is set in stone. With the left firmly in charge, the soviet union of Amerizuela is the future.

    America was sold out before any of us were born, now the bill is due, and the final take-down is in progress. If White people want to survive as a people, there is only one way forward.

    • Europeans often consider the Democrats a center-right party. The GOP is the cancer. Creeps like Bloomberg and Adelson are only powerful because conservatism — a postmodern, Cold War ideology — has been a colossal self-own for white America.

      The solutions are easy.

      1. Punitively tax the rich and the corporations. If they have billions to donate to BLM, they can give it to us via the state.

      2. Reduce our insane military budget. A fat Pentagon has much utility for Netanyahu, but limited utility for us.

      3. Make Americans economically independent through generous gibs: health care, education, UBI, etc. This will reduce the power that HR departments — the hammer of the 1964 Civil Rights Act — have over us. A dox then becomes no big deal; our numbers swell.

      4. Regulate big tech, regulate finance, etc. “Build your own DDOS protection company, domain registrar, hosting service, payment processor” — should be seen as a reductio ad absurdum of laissez-faire.

      And so forth. If we don’t get a grip on economics, we’ll never have cultural self-determination.

      Conservatism is the blocker here.

      • What Europeans think about the party of Obama is bullshit. Most commonly cited “European” attitudes towards the United States were established by American occupation. The conservatives area are a plague because the Jews and their helpers, the Freemasons and evangelicals, are a plague.

      • In their own words, for the last 30 years, the left wants you DEAD, White man. If you think you are going to squeeze gibs out of them, like they give to their anointed, you are dreaming. Your future is to be replaced with the third world, and you will regulate nothing. You might as well believe some “Qanan” BS.

    • Activism is Community Theater for ugly people. The “1488” movement and all its variations are nothing but a partnership between ugly nutjobs and the SPLC to get broadcast time on network TV. If anyone has any connection to the “1488 movement” – run the other direction, quickly.

      If a bunch of people were to join the Democratic party, with the purpose of either turning it pro-white, or failing that, destroying and disrupting it, it would be far more effective and useful than anything the fringe “1488” movement of whatever variation has ever done.

      Once you understand that the people who control the Republican party are the enemy, you could in fact invade the Republican party with the intent of either changing it, or failing that, disrupting and destroying it.

      In fact, a civil war in the GOP between the Trump Bitter Clingers and the Never Trumpers would be great and hopefully hollow the GOP to an empty shell, at which point it will be easier to gain control over it.

      Third parties are stupid, obviously, as they don’t have enough lines on the ballot to matter. The Dem and the GOP are just “Team A and Team B” – they are indistinguishable, that is the point. The point is you take over “Team A” or “Team B” – preferably both – to use them for what you want.

      The Trumptards did the opposite. They changed their agenda to Trump’s agenda and then cheered for everything Trump did for the foreign state of Israel while excusing Trump not doing anything for America. That isn’t taking over a party, that is letting a party take over you.

      • Do you know anyone who got a job in the Trump Administration, or a nice position in the Federal Government during the Trump Administration. A real person that you know! Not some make believe friend. @Brad Jeff Sessions doesn’t count. LOL.

  2. I despise these people like “Doc” who talk about themselves and their idiotic “principles” all the time instead of what is good for White people. I’ve listened to Doc and Pikachu in the past and my conclusion was that they are disgustingly venal and stupid. I prefer black people to these clowns, at least black people are capable of acting rationally in their own self interest! Insufferable buffoons like “Doc” will “muh principles” the White race into oblivion as they demand that White men brainwashed into bankrupting themselves with student debt and White women afraid of not being able to afford decent hospital care in childbirth don’t get married and don’t start families because bootstraps hard work yada yada bullcrap.

    Doc’s wife is more intelligent than him, but Jesus my Lord and savior these idiots like “Doc” are why we are losing. I can’t stand these right wing morons. Their primary goal in life is to lose and loudly tell everyone that they don’t mind watching the White race die because they stood by their fucking principles. Fuck these fucking people to hell.

    Oh and the Serbian guy is 95 IQ at best and sounds Jewish.

  3. “Independent swing voter”

    You can only be a swing voter if you’re willing to vote for the Democrats. Not something to admit to. Withholding votes from the Republicans is probably necessary. Voting for the Democrats at the national level can never be justified.

  4. “The primary problem is the Business Conservatives, Core Conservatives or Free Marketeers who control the GOP. These people set the agenda, strategy, messaging and policy agenda of the Republican Party. They dominate and define the American Right and we have not had any success in changing it.”

    The reason they control the party is they control its money supply, because the donor class likes their politics. In politics having billions of dollars is the ultimate high ground.

    Those dopey AmNats who think they are going to take over the party, they have no understanding of the above. If the donor class doesn’t like you they will cut your funding so you can’t campaign and win elections. Yet another Republican takeover foiled!

    “What’s the alternative to voting for the GOP?”

    Become a billionaire, so you can change the Republicans. Or learn Russian and move to Russia. Or stick around and watch the USA become a disfunctional third world crap hole, while saying, I told you so!

  5. Thank instead that the Republicans are the 0.5%. The non Jewish part of the elite protecting their selfish private domains. You all are just guests in that club. The other 0.5% are the subversive Jews and they are close to hegemony.

  6. @ politics isnt everything, far from it, running around looking for something to politically attach myself too, i dont think so, are problems are not all political , that being said, the solutions to are problems are not all poltical, either. The democratic party has no use for me, nor i for them, the party of lincoln, born, bred and bathed in southern blood. I have no trust for them either, we are right, what we want is right, speaking for myself, i remain on the right, we dont have the luxury of disillusionment. We must remain engaged, not married to any party, this fight for resources, in this balkanized, fragmented society of factions and p.blocs is far from over, stay vigilant and ready to take advantage of opportunity and too move forward. We are the wildcard in all of this.

  7. >>> In 2000 and 2004, I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry out of sheer hatred of George W. Bush. >>>

    I get that, in 2000, you could really vote for Bush or Gore – both Southern governors, and Gore was considered a “conservative Southern Democrat” when he ran for VP the first time. Personally, I voted for Ralph Nader, on trade issues.

    I could kind of see voting for Kerry in 2004 – my wife did – but I just couldn’t hold my nose and vote for Bush’s Skull & Bones buddy that was going along with the 9/11 scam. It would likely have been more defensible to have voted for Howard Dean. Although I have to give Kerry credit for basically telling the public that Bush had purposefully let Osama Bin Laden escape from Tora Bora in December of 2001. Howard Dean straight up said Bush had prior knowledge of the attack, which was obviously true.

    Of course I supported Ron Paul once or twice as he was the only half-way decent politician in America, despite his loopy goldbuggery.

    Joining a politician’s Cult of Personality – including Ron Paul’s – is just stupid. It’s no different than what teenage girls do with Justin Bieber. It’s Cringe and Bad Optics.

    A pressure group would be nice. CIS is likely the closest to the mainstream I think.

  8. build community. focus on families. prioritize real life over matrix-net relationships. That’s another option not mentioned. Politics tends to put the cart before the horse, draining energy and emotion. Somewhere between WN 1.0 and 2.0 (3.0 perhaps), we stopped meeting each other in face to face contexts. Our activism has gotten totally sucked into content provider celebrity and subscribing as virtual audiences. In old WM 1.0 we actually had local meetings and knew people in the region where we lived. Internet use was comparatively minimal– only a website and email. Now everything seems like an avatar and it takes very large investments of time to get past anonymity. Our lateral ties are extremely weak and tend to overestimate our flex.

  9. However, China is successful with only one political party – evidenced by building the world’s largest productive economy, and by yet another successful Moon landing, just yesterday, which will bring the first samples of Moon rock to Earth since 1976. A permanent Moon base is being built by China in less than ten years.

    Maintaining multiple political parties as the U.S. does is confusion, distraction (from economic evils), and a great waste of time, energy and resources. The U.S.’s multi-party system has much less democracy than China, which actually has full. direct democracy on the local level, party-guided meritocracy further up.

    Moon landing yesterday:

    “America is going crazy, but in China everything is going according to plan”:

    “Top ten misconceptions that Americans have about China”:

  10. Your friend “Doc” is an idiot on multiple issues, but his statement that he wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $35/hr made me want to give him a hook to his solar plexus. A lot of people would kill for $35/hr.

    • Is that $35 dollars an hour with or without benefits?

      Unskilled and semi-skilled labor with benefits is figured at around $50 dollars an hour or more by most corporations. So, $35 dollars an hour without benefits is not unreasonable.

      Negotiating for a job, requires you to tell people to go fuck themselves. Playing hard to get works.

  11. UBI, student debt, government infrastructure or similar economic populist issues wouldn’t mean more taxes. The government spends, it doesn’t tax and then spend. When it spends the money goes into the economy, so it’s not being wasted. The check to it’s spending is inflation (price instability) then it has to draw back. Your friend won’t be taxed more, which seems to be the only reason he is laissez faire. He would actually benefit since there would be increased employment (which is why the federal gov needs to spend) and demand for service (since people would spend more).

    The biggest misconception is that the government’s budget is like a household budget, it’s not if your the monetary issuer (which the USA is).

    This view might be considered fringe (modern monetary theory) but it originated as a descriptive theory as to how modern monetary policies work, including also ancient ones. And it isn’t too divergent from Keynesian economics (which is mainstream), except instead of bailing out the banks you help the people & the real economy.

    Note it isn’t “leftist” per se, a lot of people think Marxian but this isn’t about redistribution of wealth at all. A lot of MMT theorist are on the left but they argue for re-distribution / distributive justice (as they call it) not in the framework of MMT but irrespective of it, one of the main theorist Warren Mosler is a super rich financial trader and it’s popular among investors (Marxian economics is not). There is no “seizing the means of production” like what people usually think of with left economics.

  12. Wigger Alaska has to be one of the biggest conman in the wignat movement. I recall him trying to get people to pay his airfare to Charlottesville. He is a liberal masquerading as whatever the con calls for.

  13. I loathe these conservatard types. “I don’t get out of bed for less than $35 an hour and I don’t want anyone else to have more than crumbs from the table.” Dude, fuck you, you’re no better than a kike. America is in an advanced state of decay. We can’t afford for the dumbest motherfuckers like this cunt to be influencing the “right”. What a fucking joke.

    • I really dislike those Muh Bootstraps guys. They try to convince you they worked themselves up from digging ditches for 7 bux an hour to not getting out of bed for less than $35 an hour completely on their own. I’m calling bullshit on that.

      • And if Doc was a decent white guy who really is as successful as he claims to be then he would be helping out other white guys who are down on their luck, instead of giving them the Muh Bootstraps / “sucks to be you” lecture.

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