Blue Virginia: We Win “Populism” Or We Lose Everything

I basically agree.

Donald Trump lost the 2020 election because he was pulled too far to the Right on economics and health by conservatives and Republicans. Independent voters fired him.

Blue Virginia:

“Honestly, Donald Trump could have come out and said he wanted to nationalize the means of production to protect the proletariat from the bourgeoise, and the Republican Party and right-wing media ouroboros would have instantly rushed to laud him for his forward thinking and insist it had been their idea all along. Hell, he almost did just that– Steve Bannon wanted Trump to effectively translate that phrase into “alt-right” and have Trump run on that kind of platform. Unfortunately for Steve, but fortunately (as loosely as one can say that) for the rest of us, Donald Trump has the attention span of a gnat, and didn’t really care about power in that sense. He only cared about it as it specifically benefited him alone; not so much fascism as kakistocracy.

I firmly believe that if Trump had listened to Bannon, we’d have crossed the Rubicon, and this would be all over. But he didn’t. And now we need to take this opportunity to ensure that never happens again.

My favorite plank to win people over on this? Oh, you gotta know it’s Medicare For All. Obviously, this makes sense to me as an ER nurse, and seeing how that would actually save our country a helluva lot of money in aggregate and impact the health of every single citizen in a positive way. Beyond that, it also beneficially hits people directly in the pocketbook, on a core kitchen table issue, in a way that’s impossible to ignore. …”

One small quibble though.

Steve Bannon wanted Trump to run in 2020 on the Platinum Plan. He also didn’t think Trump had denounced “white supremacy” hard enough. It was Bannon and Miles Guo who also released the Hunter Biden dick pics which they thought would swing the election to Trump.

No one ever cared about optics or dick pics.

The optics of Hunter Biden smoking his meth pipe had zero impact!

The real problem is that most moderate voters are “cross-pressured,” which is to say, they are financially stressed and torn between voting on the basis of immigration or economics.

The key to winning is simple.


The racial equality vote is concentrated among core Democrats. Who is cucking on race supposed to appeal to among conservatives? Also, the tax cuts energize the actual Far Right, which is to say the extreme libertarian crowd who are Core Conservatives or Free Marketeers. The Center of the electorate is motivated by issues like crime, immigration, health care costs, bills, etc.

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  1. How do you know President Trump lost Virginia?

    After all, Sydney Powell has lain a lawsuit alleging massive fraud in that state, not just in the presidential aspect, but, numerous other offices, as well.

    Moreover, North Carolina and Virginia are not only the choice relocation sites for Yankees in tax and snow exile, we are dumpsites for umpteen millions of Globalist dollars!

    We are undergoing the same thing our forefathers underwent after Appomattox.

    Time will tell whether we have the fortitude to defend ourselves with another Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan.

    One thing I do know : if you analyze this election, before a more thorough investigation is made, it has no reliable empirical basis, and doing THAT is very very unlike you.

  2. Trump lost the center as shown in the swing states.For the past two years Trump pander to blacks on criminal justice reform and the platinum plan,if only he attached a one one ticket on cruiseline luxury ship with free dope and liquor and gambling.You maybe right the Independents was turned off of Trump broken promises the forgotton man and women he campaign for never matarialzed.

  3. My experience with the Hunter Biden incident was that it generated a humanization as well as empathy for him. A large portion of this country especially whites is dealing with some form of drug abuse usually opiates. Only the hardcore partisans thought it was a homerun to release the dick pics and they were voting Trump anyway. I still dont understand the logic behind making this the focal point of Trumps last minute reelection stunting.

    I enjoyed the podcast yesterday and always find Jeff Sessions talk to be interesting as I never viewed it as a negative when he recused himself viewing it as a sign of a sole person with ethics. It only made me like him more. He isnt my state rep but I have always really liked the man as well and wish he never got mixed up with Trump. The way he was treated by Republicans whom he loyally served for decades might have been the low point of the Trump presidency up with the Platinum plan and Israel worship. What makes Sessions appear so different than other Republicans? I am sure he is a mega Zionist as well, so is it just his honest hardline immigration stance or the man himself.

    • Sex scandal shouldn’t be released that late. Also I recall now that Operation Blackout 2020 ran a scenario with a late release sex scandal with a deep fake video. So this scandal was gamed between Israeli cybersecurity companies and US cops in a joint excersize. Sex tapes too late are of no use.

  4. Trump lost because he pandered to every minority instead of the Whites who put him in office. He has no one to blame but himself and the usurpers he out in his cabinet such as Barr.

  5. Republicans know all of this stuff, but they are ideologically committed to being anti-White due to the special interests that dictate their policy. Namely the national security state, big business, and zionists, all are dedicated to anti-White “anti-racism” for their own reasons. You will never see republicans give anything other than dogwhistles or utilize tactical racism against enemies like (formerly) middle eastern muslims or (currently) Chinese.

  6. Bannon says what Trump wants to hear, as do all of Trump’s gentile sycophants. It was Trump’s Jews who demanded the race-pandering, Trump’s Jews who wanted “credit” for the Criminal Justice Reform. You won’t hear them bragging about it now, but people like Bannon have to talk about Trump’s magical black voters, because that’s what Trump’s Jews want them to talk about.

  7. Trump didn’t lose because he tried to repeal Obamacare, he didn’t lose because of tax cuts. He may lost votes he would have gotten because his “America First” platform in 2016 was abandoned. He may have lost votes because of his warmongering and his verbal flatulence, and his ham-fisted reaction to coronavirus. Trump’s victory in 2016 has been credited to disenchantment with rising Obamacare premiums. Yet we’re supposed to believe something that hasn’t been news in years cost Trump victory?

    Trump lost despite increasing his votes in 2016 by over 10 million votes.

    But maybe you’re right, maybe the media censored and refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop and the evidence of Biden taking bribes through his son, because they were embarrassed for old Joe Biden and not because it could have affected the election. Maybe the mass media closed ranks around Joe Biden and pushed polls showing him winning by a landslide because they were just trying to do the right thing. Maybe the mail-in balloting wasn’t manipulated, maybe those niggers didn’t bother to cheat because they knew their man had it in the bag.

    Trump has been a total disaster, but not because he is a “conservative.” Trump and the GOP are both controlled by the Jews. Trump crossed the line in 2016 with his campaign rhetoric, and he wasn’t going to be forgiven, no matter how much he abased himself with niggers.

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