Sen. Mike Lee’s Visa Giveaway Passes Senate By Unanimous Consent

Less than one month after voting straight R to “buy us time” on the basis of immigration

No one could find a single Republican senator who could be bothered to block a cheap labor giveaway to Big Tech. Not a lick of support for 74 million Trump voters!

If the issue had been blocking free college, blocking the second stimulus check, conserving student loan debt or preserving the tax cuts, the GOP would have fought to the death on the Senate floor!

Note: As I have been saying, the GOP is a pro-Israel party that loves free-market capitalism. Ethnocentric Whites have no place in the Republican Party.

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  1. I’m glad you posted this HW.

    If you want more “legal” immigration keep voting Republican. The only difference between Democrat and Republican is one wants your country invaded legally and the other wants it illegally. At the end of the day, it’s the same thing. More beaners and Africans for the two parties to fight over. I’m sure Kirk and Fuentes will tell you there is a difference.

    • When it’s legal, it’s good and virtuous. Doesn’t matter where they come from, as long as it’s by the book. Don’t you know that everyone is the same?

    • People counting on Trump vetoing this bill are in for a surprise, the Senate would have never passed it except that they already know Trump will sign it.

    • @John…

      “If you want more “legal” immigration keep voting Republican. The only difference between Democrat and Republican is one wants your country invaded legally and the other wants it illegally. ”

      I’m afraid your analysis is not thorough, because not only is it true, what you said, it also is true that the illegal invasion that the Republicans would design is not only a ‘legal’ one, it is a much smaller one than what The Democrats would arrange, if you take them at their word.

  2. Their supply of cheap labour / domestic consumers must be kept divided and confused, and constantly renewed and increased.

  3. Maybe off-topic but I just have to say it.

    I am sick to death of hearing and reading the phrase “our democracy.”

    What a crock.

  4. Republicans are as useless as tits on a boar hog! We all need to get on board with red state secession and the formation of a White Heartland Republic! Get off the USS Titanic before she drags you to the bottom with her!

    • A “Heartland Republic” will need an ocean coastline in order to keep from being surrounded and starved out. A landlocked ethnostate just ain’t going to cut it. We will need the Pacific coast of the Northwest, a point Harold Covington harped on continuously.

      • @ capn stinkfinger, yes sir, a coastline to go along with that transgender root and that semite sausage you like so well.

      • Why the pacific northwest? just curious….the whole region is teaming with wogs and shit libs….I know the northeast isn’t much better…but it’s a lot closer to Europe than Seattle is?

        • The Northeast is too close to ZOG’s center of power – the Jew York megalopolis. Compared to that, ZOG is inclined to think of the Northwest as a backwater of little consequence. The idea is to get ZOG to cut loose a viable bit of territory for a White ethnostate (with an ocean coastline) if governing it becomes too difficult. The alternate really is to confront ZOG with the intention of overthrowing it in its entirety. Which do you suppose would be easier and more readily achievable?

      • by Heartland I include all red states that are majority white and conservative. That means states on the gulf coast

  5. In the first linked tweet from U.S. Tech Workers, most of the replies are condemning the passing of HR1044, however almost all of the replies praising the passing of HR1044 are from accounts with pajeet names. Imagine that, the pajeets are all excited to leave their polluted and crowded shitholes to come deprive tech workers in nice White countries of even more jobs than they already have and turn even more cities and suburbs of the West Coast into Hindu colonies. Some even have the goddamned nerve to call us who never wanted them here “hateful” and “discriminating”, as if they think we don’t see what Indians are doing to minorities in their own damn country in places like Kashmir. A local tip for these pajeets and H1-B newcomers: The next time an American gives you a dirty look in the office, on the street, in a grocery store, etc. and you can’t figure out why (or you think we are “discriminatory” towards you), just remember one thing… WE WERE NEVER ASKED!

    • Next spring China will start pushing its border dispute with India again. These same pajeets who are taking U.S. jobs will be demanding the U.S. support India militarily. Look for deployments of U.S. troops to help the Indians if the situation gets serious.

      The China – India border is at altitudes + 10,000 feet above sea level and is impassable starting about October through April. The U.S. Government is more concerned about India’s and Israel’s borders than U.S. borders. Eventually all these military commitments will require conscription of White males to have a large enough, high functioning military to meet these commitments.

      • Next spring China will start pushing its border dispute with India again.

        Pajeets are pushing the border dispute with China, not the other way around. Historically, India and China never shared a border. The current border is just another legacy of the British, who annexed the territories bordering China to the British Raj, including some Chinese territory.

        Neville Maxwell’s book India’s China War explains the border dispute very well.

        The U.S. Government is more concerned about India’s and Israel’s borders than U.S. borders.

        Exactly. And the sad thing is Israel and India don’t even have legitimate borders. Our (((government))) helps these “allies” to expand their borders while failing to secure our own borders.

    • @Moosedrool I noticed that as well and couldnt believe the number of Indian names one after another praising Lee for looking out for them. The MAGATARDS were all throwing out copes that Trump would veto it as he is still the savior in their eyes.
      It wont effect me because my area turned into India, Bangladesh and Pakistan around five to ten years ago. One day it was all working class whites and churches, then one day it became Indian centers and mosques.

      The older people are actually okay and keep to themselves but the ones our age and younger love the rap music and flashy cars, acting like they own the city. My relatives names might have plaques and street names for now, but it is no longer ours anymore

      • @Captain Shill of the Blackpill Tribe
        “The MAGATARDS were all throwing out copes that Trump would veto it as he is still the savior in their eyes”
        Trump said it himself: “We need more immigration than ever before.”

        Also Trump in 2016: “The wages are too high.”, “We can’t compete with the world.” Translation for MIGATARDS still bolted to the Trump Train or still voting Republican: “we need to become the Third World to compete with the Third World.”

  6. Ironically, when the original version of this went through the house last year, both Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar voted against it. The republican senate is so anti-White that they make two brown SJW radical socialist muslim women look pro-White by comparison.

    • @Dart they didnt vote how you think they did. It was not that they want less immigration they just want more Latinos and Africans. This new bill will result in three quarters of a million Indians or more while cutting back on Africans and Hispanics. I guess they will have to increase their effort in cutting through Trumps border fence to keep up pace.
      We are doomed

  7. With all these street shitting dots heads coming to America, how long will it be before our rivers resemble the Ganges with partially cremated corpses flowing down them? Maybe the invasive Asian Carp will find them tasty.

    Import India. Become india.

    • @November

      This is exactly what the Libertarian tech workers say. They say “these Indians suck, they can’t program computers!”

      But they can program computers. They aren’t sending the street shitters who dump bodies in the Ganges. They are sending mostly the top 1%.

      Some of those 1% are quite intelligent and quite capable. They are also extremely racist and consider themselves to be “high caste” compared to white Americans. They openly refer to themselves as “the new Jews” and are at the forefront of anti-whiteness in America.

      So America is going to become more like India, but white people will be the new Untouchables living next to rivers full of shit and the Brahmins will be the ruling along side Jews.

      You’re a big Hitler fan, right? Hitler said one of the reasons Germany lost WWI was because their propaganda portrayed the British like comic losers that would be easily defeated by the superior Germans.

      Meanwhile, British propaganda showed Germans as literal monsters, demons from hell that must be utterly destroyed.

      Not coincidentally, the Confederates made much the same mistake with the Yankees.

      The Republicans just agreed to import millions of new right, elite, Brahmins, and you are pretending they are Somalians.

          • November,

            German invasion of Belgium triggered the British intervention. The British were treaty-bound to protect Belgium in the event of hostile invasion.

          • So you are saying that the British Empire allowed a tiny country to dictate when it would go to war?

            Well, I hope the karmic blowback the Anglos are receiving was worth defending Belgium in WWI and Poland (which Churchill and FDR gave to Stalin) in WWII.

            I lose not one wink of sleep over what is occurring on cuck island. They made their bed with the jews in both world wars, so fuck them.

      • “Right Wing” Muricans who yap about beating Hitler are no better than Anglos who sing the praises of Churchill while being “Right Wing.”

        You both refuse or are incapable to making the associations between the current ordering of society which you hate and the defeat of Nazi Germany.

        • @Aldon,

          I chat with White Nationalists around the world, and they all consider the “Third Position ” and National Socialism the way forward as our sword and shield. No one is considering anything else to my knowledge.

          One example would be Australia’s preeminent Nationalist Blair Cottrell who considers himself NS. There are many others like him in all the nations of Europe, Canada, South America, and the USA.

          • @November…

            Yes, but, White Nationalists represent a minority fraction of The Western World, so, what they are considering, or not, is not indicative of much.

            If their views are to be much more than a small minority, they will have to find a way to market their views past what The Mainstream stills regards as the still abundant stench of WWII, and National Socialism’s part in that.

          • @Ivan,

            What I was pointing out was that no one is considering democracy, monarchy, communism, or theocracy as the system to replace ZOG.

            Sure our numbers are small, but what did Margaret Mead say about who changed the world?

      • @Bannedhipster,

        India has a population of 1.35 billion shitskins, so it isn’t beyond the realm of impossibility that their top 1% are very impressive academically. I’ve met plenty of East Indians that were very bright during my time at university. If that’s who will be coming over here, White American tech nerds better be up to the challenge, or they’ll be steamrolled by the curry express train to Silicon Valley.

        I looked into that atrocious, slanderous, and libelous anti-German propaganda produced by the AngloZionist empires. That the sheeple would fall for such unhinged propaganda speaks volumes of their ignorance.

        If these tier one East Indians are referring to themselves as “the new Jews,” that means that John Bull WASPs have have been replaced by Pajeet Patel in the tribe’s beady eyes.

    • November,

      You made a good comment on the WW1 Belgium issue. I cannot imagine Britain going to war against France in 1914 if they had invaded Belgium. Also, I believe the British were looking for any reason to fight Germany and would have used another excuse to do so. Those looking to fight a war always find a justification.

      I believe the war might have been a stalemate without the American intervention. Both sides were exhausted by 1917. With Russia knocked out of the war I do not see how Germany loses.

      What the German invasion of Belgium in 1914 did however was to get Great Britain into the war early and that probably cost Germany a good chance at a quick victory in 1914. All sides made horrible moral and temporal decisions in that disaster of a war.

      Many of our relatives are in the military or are policemen. I ask questions, they give me answers.

      • @Christina,

        Yes, World War One was a disaster for Europe that should have been avoided.

        There was a poll on Telegram asking what would have been better for Whites. The options were:

        1. Germany wins WWI.

        2. Germany wins WWII

        I chose the second option because the jew would have been dealt with

        The first option would only have kept the antiquated monarchies in place, and the jewish bankers still pulling the strings in Europa.

        I do agree that AngloZionist America’s involvement changed the calculus of both world wars. Who benefited? Who lost? Both times they entered the European Theater of Operations due to false flag incidents.

        May your God damn the jewnited states.

        • November,

          In regards to your last sentence i believe the USA is only reaping what it has sown. It is possible that the United States is approaching Sodom and Gomorrah in overall evil.

          Thank you for the information/link below. I skimmed it once and then saved it where I can read it at leisure.

        • If Germany had won World War II, the US would have become the (((headquarters))) to an even greater degree than it is now. There would have been no Israel, while Europe would have been inhospitable, so (((millions))) more would have ended up here.

  8. Hey Hunter,

    Can you explain the reason for your strong opposition more expansively? From what I have read this bill doesn’t expand the number of legal immigrants at all, it just removes the per country cap for green cards for people already here on work visas. Am I wrong in this interpretation?

    It is fairly confusing because sometimes descriptions reference visas other times green cards. However based on the huge number of Indian coders flooding into the country there is no way they are being limited to 7% of skilled worker visas currently (they already have to make up 60% + of h1b’s) so I assume it’s green cards?

    If that’s the case what’s the difference from your perspective if the green card goes to an Indian or a to someone from a smaller third world country?

    • The Indians coming here are mostly capable and intelligent and work out well for big companies that hire them. The difference between Indians (dot, not feather) and chinks coming here and other third worlders is that the Indians/Chinks take high wage jobs that would otherwise go to White workers, most of whom have families.

      This Republican policy of substituting foreign workers for White American workers further impoverishes White people, one of the goals of both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats are not hypocrites though, they have become the Colored Party and their hatred for White people is right in the open on display. See AOC and Ilhan Omar for examples.

      The Central/South Americans and other third world types take low wage jobs which were done mostly by negroes before the so-called “Civil Rights(sic)” legislation was passed. Also, welfare expanded so negroes didn’t have to work much. The growth of Affirmative Action programs also guaranteed easy jobs with good pay for negroes who know how to work the system.

      Businesses hiring Hispanic and other unskilled illegals keeps down wages and also retards the adoption of high tech, labor saving technology like robots. When business substitutes labor for capital it keeps the U.S. even further behind countries like China and Japan that emphasize robot technology.

      This policy provides short term gains concentrated in the hands of the few through manipulation of the corrupt political process. This is a prime example of democracy on the march: the few benefit enormously at the expense of the many while the nation is ruined for the benefit of cheap crooks within and without the government.

  9. “Treason never prospers, what’s the reason? For when it prospers none dare call it treason”.

    F**K the Republican party.

  10. Unfortunately, Mike Lee is an archetupe for the modern senator : came to the senate full of Conservative ardour and virtue, but, eventually rethought that to become Silicon Tech’s biggest advocator.

    This puts him in the category of Joe Biden – willing to sell out his people for foreign money.

    His story is a very sad one and if there is any justice in this universe, he’ll wind up in a bad place for his treacherous behavior.

  11. Mike Lee taketh, Mitt Romney giveth, and Reed Smoot is vindicated. The Utah contingent stirs the pot again.

    It’s the 244th birthday of the USA and wickedness along the people seems to be peaking, so a fitting passage from the Book of Mormon (1830) if I may?

    “And it came to pass that two hundred and forty and four years had passed away, and thus were the affairs of the people. And the more wicked part of the people did wax strong and became exceedingly more numerous than were the people of God.”

  12. Lee is an LDSer, so he was born cray-cray. He knows when he dies he’ll get his own planet and, therefore, he’s not going to give a rip about Ogden becoming Calcutta.

  13. Thanks for this info, Hunter. You’ve made up my mind for me, for which my thanks. This Georgian will never vote GOP again. Fuck ’em. And for me, this is more about the Confederate names than for the new flood of dot-heads. The gall of these “people” is something to behold, I’ll say that much for ’em.

  14. Fake nationalist Josh Hawley could have stopped this and chose not too. Let’s all pray that the GOP is crushed in the GA primary and we can start building a post GOP future for nationalism.

    • @ATBOTL…

      I do not agree that this one measure, in and of itself, is sufficient to either confirm or deny whether a Senator is nationalist or not, unless you modify that to be that Hawley is not a pure nationalist.

      By the same token, I totally agree with you that this is a bad mark against Hawley, and indicative of the fact that those of us who might support him in 2024, ought keep very careful tabs on him.

      The same for Cotton, as you point out.

  15. In three years, we will have commenters on this blog insisting that Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley are tough on immigration and that we must vote for them to keep out the DemonRats.

  16. The children and the grandchildren of the White lawmakers who prefer foreigners over White Americans, their progeny will be pushed aside by all the new immigrants from India and everywhere else. Their progeny will be third class citizens and will be disenfranchised. Their children and grandchildren will not be lawmakers. Their progeny will be lucky if they can get jobs digging ditches.

  17. The kushner administration never did anything about chain migration, right? So these Hindus could eventually bring over their families too.

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