Top 12 Chump Arguments

1. If you don’t vote for the GOP, you are a low-IQ, high time preference wignat.

2. If you don’t support the GOP, you are bad optics.

3. We have to vote for the GOP in order to “buy us time.”

4. You should be satisfied with no representation.

5. We have to vote for libertarian scumbags like Mike Lee because they are white.

6. You want to appeal to the normies, right?

7. The GOP stands for White identity and National Populism.

8. It is treason to the White race not to vote for the GOP.

9. We are not in a toxic relationship with the GOP.

10. Why don’t you trust the plan?

11. If you don’t vote for the GOP, the normies will blame us.

12. The GOP is the party of the working class.


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  1. Even the later day pre-Trump Dobbs was already cucking on immigration. You have to go back a little further.

  2. 4. You should be satisfied with no representation.

    Unironically, YES.

    It doesn’t make any sense for Pro-White individuals to expect either the Republicans or Democrats to give a shit about them. Complaining about it and saying bitchy things like “WE’RE GOING TO PUNISH YOU IF YOU DONT GIVE US WHAT WE WANT!” just further cements the status of Whites, especially Pro-White individuals, as people who don’t deserve to be listened to.

    I prefer the Republicans simply because their ideology and economic agenda aligns much better with my personal interests than the Democrats, and also, the Republicans are finally coming around on social liberalism after being in thrall to Evangelical/Boomer social conservative nutjobs since the 1980s. But, when it comes to core identitarian issues – immigration, race replacement – the two parties are exactly the same.

    I’ve learned to accept that Whites have no representation on those issues, and you all should too. Resistance is futile. Give in, accept your fate. Hell, vote for Democrats if you feel its in your personal interests. Just don’t expect something unrealistic, like representation on immigration. The United States will, in all likelihood, remain a 1st world country for the foreseeable future. The federal government is very good at keeping the gravy train going. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    • Might not last as long as you think. Hard to see how we’re not going to experience some kind of currency devaluation. Have you noticed how much more expensive groceries have become lately? That’s because too many dollars have been printed. Backed by absolutely nothing except the willingness of people to accept them. I have a 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar note here at home.

      • According to Bloomberg (the company, not the 4 foot tall dwarf) the exchange rate of the U.S. Dollar to the Euro, its main competitor, is now about 1.2156 whereas the exchange rate was about 1.17 a couple of months ago. This is a significant move lower for the dollar in a short period of time reflecting the deterioration of the country’s finances and economy and a loss of confidence in the U.S. also.

        The next president is going to have to deal with a currency crisis, economic crisis and raging inflation all at the same time and all linked together. Senile Joe is obviously incapable of dealing with anything but the Hindu-Dindu who will replace him is also incompetent. Add to this possible challenges from China over Taiwan and on India over their mutual, 2,500 mile long contested border and the next president is going to be overwhelmed by troubles.

        The colored woman in the White House will, of course, blame White people i.e. “racism” for her miserable failures. It’s unfortunate that the Republicans will probably benefit from these failures in the next midterms.

        • Objectively, I just don’t see a good outlook for the Dollar. The stupid lockdowns (not emulated in many other large economies) are trashing our economy, our massive outsourcing of jobs and production to Asia has not been remotely addressed (despite Covid and Trump’s bellicose remarks), and competitors are gaining on us or even passing us in every field (from manufacturing to Middle East policy). Ammo is looking like a far better investment than the Dollar.

          • “The stupid lockdowns (…) are trashing our economy”:

            Some nations’ lockdowns and other public health rules are actually obeyed, and completely successful, and their economies are booming as a result. But if the U.S.’s lockdowns are stupid, ineffective, and the economy crashes anyway, it is because the American people and their leaders are mostly stupid, lazy, and undisciplined except when it comes to making money / trying to rip other people off, which they are masters at.

          • I agree, anon. Some people try to blame Trump for every Covid death, when in fact it was the behavior of the spoiled, idiotic, and short-sighted American populace.

          • UK is in a similar position with draconian, pointless lockdowns tanking the economy. Sweden never had any lockdowns and their Covid deaths are lower than the EU average. In the US, Covid has been (according to “official figures”) far more of a problem in lockdown-heavy states like NY and CA than no-lockdown SD, TX and FL. If masks work, why lockdown? Why didn’t the first lockdowns eradicate the illness? And why are we so eager to get injected with a vaccine released after only 10 months when vaccines usually take 10 years before being released? Some one very old related to a friend of mine died recently. She was tested daily in the hospital for Covid. The day she died, she (apparently) tested positive and was decreed a “Covid death”. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

            People at risk can choose to be isolated. The fatality rate for Covid is very low. Draconian lockdowns are madness at this stage. Wasn’t it “2 weeks to flatten the curve” back in March?

    • >the Republicans are finally coming around on social liberalism after being in thrall to Evangelical/Boomer social conservative nutjobs since the 1980s.

      The Republicans already would allow their kids to get them half-black grandchildren.

      >But, when it comes to core identitarian issues – immigration, race replacement – the two parties are exactly the same.

      They’re liberals.

      • Racist Liberalism is the future of the Pro-White Movement. Traditionalists don’t belong here. They belong with Judeo-inspired religions – Christianity, Islam – making colorblind, class based, one struggle alliances against the very people – Jews – who created the religion that they follow.

        • >Racist Liberalism is the future of the Pro-White Movement.

          We already had “racist liberalism.” It turns out that society post-liberalism will select for absorbing more and more outsiders like Niggas or Pajeets, make degenerate behavior more and more acceptable.

          >They belong with Judeo-inspired religions – Christianity, Islam – making colorblind, class based, one struggle alliances against the very people – Jews – who created the religion that they follow.

          Let me guess: You say that the Ancient Greeks and Romans totally accepted being a tranny or taking dicks up your ass or were totally diverse n shieet.

          • Powell,

            I really don’t see how Racist Liberalism would fail. Imagine if the United States never implemented the 1965 Immigration Act or any of the Civil Rights laws. We would have continued our upward economic and cultural climb, our neighborhoods would be clean and safe, the trillions wasted on non-white “development” would have been invested in our own people, and virtually none of our modern-day social problems would exist.

            Besides, it wasn’t “Liberalism” that opened our countries up to non-whites. It wasn’t even Progressivism that did that. Look up who pushed the 65 Immigration Act and all the Civil Rights laws: Jews and Jewish organizations. Sorry, but blaming “liberalism” for the Great Replacement is a cop-out and a cover for Jewish agitation. Liberalism was a belief system developed by Whites for Whites. It has served us well these last 200-300 years. We would not have created our modern standard of living and all the comforts and freedoms we enjoy without Liberalism. It is a superior system in every way to what came before it.

            The only mistake Liberalism made was extending the Rights enjoyed by Whites to non-whites. Content of character should determine whether ANYONE gets rights, and clearly, Whites have good character whereas non-whites, generally, do not. The content of the character of Jews is worthy of hell. If you want to throw out Liberalism because it extended rights to non-whites, go ahead, but you’ll just be slitting your own throat.

            White men and White women have earned the blessing of liberalism. Non-whites have not. Hail Racist Liberalism.

          • Weird how every single post-liberal society that’s not Muslim or Timor Leste is letting in immigrants and refusing to breed.

        • @ dp84 you and those who share your view point, will never lead our people. You offer nothing except insulting slurs, whining and complaining, your very tone is.feminine.i will pray a quick prayer for you , my misguided friend, you sound hopelessly defeated, you never have marched and sang, have you? Anyway i hope you feel better, your too young to be so bitter, too much fun to be had in this land, too be haiting the republic. Get in shape, try too practise better hygine and grooming, you never know yiu might get yourself a girlfriend, but you will never get one, sitting there in the basement , hating christians and our republic,ask jesus to forgive of your sins and make a man out of you. If you do your part, he does his part.

          • Terry Smith,

            For the record, I think incels and the Manosphere are cancer, and I wish that everyone who promotes their vicious agenda gets mercilessly bullied out of Pro-White activism. A movement that claims to stand for the White Race does not alienate or subordinate half its population (women).

            As for me being bitter, all I can say to that is, I take seriously what’s happening to Whites, and I want my pound of flesh from everyone who is responsible for facilitating our extinction and making us as miserable as possible. Christians are one of the biggest facilitators of the Great Replacement, and their conservative views on social and cultural issues are oppressive and unjustifiably restrictive, hence my comment about how its a good thing that the Republican Party is leaving them behind and embracing social liberalism, which, although somewhat cringey, is much better than garbage like “abstinence education” and “purity balls.” Social liberalism may be weird, but social conservatism is just gross.

            One more thing: Unlike a lot of immature young men, who feel entitled to an attractive, loyal wife, I have learned to accept my natural place in the social hierarchy, as I’m not physically attractive enough to impress women. In the same way that Jews, Blacks, and non-whites must learn to accept their subordinate role to Aryans, the bottom 80% White men must learn to accept their subordinate role to White women. All is fair in love and war.

          • Not a single notable society beyond the Stone Age before the French Revolution didn’t regulate how males and females can interact. Seeing as how women by nature have no loyalty to their clans/ethnicity merely their immediate blood and peer circles and who they sense as the top male.

  3. This Mike Lee stunt is just an impossibly-timed slap in the face to all RW Americans hoping that the GOP just might do something to help them.
    They used Trump to get out the vote, now they’re quietly ditching him while pushing through shite like this. I sense great punishment coming their way in Georgia…

    • In a just world, Mike Lee this grinning piece of shit should not be breathing air right now what a evil traitorous scumbag

  4. Not speaking out against this might have been a big mistake for those two GOP senators from Georgia about to be swamped by a tidal wave of unexamined mail or drop-off ballots– Loeffler, the alleged insider-trader, and Perdue. Who knew the power not only of tech firms but also of the pajeet lobby? A new wave of would-be overlords. A future ally of or rival to jews?

    I hope Trump vetoes this but they might be able to override him.

  5. @ c d…

    I liked Lou Dobbs before Trump and I like him now.

    He has a view, is straight about it, and has the courage of his convictions to call out anybody for anything.

    Imagine just how could the media would be, if it were run by the Lou Dobbs of this world

  6. Many people do not understand conservative Mormon thought on war, politics, and anti-Communist tactics. One of the richest, well kept areas in the nation is liberal Bedford-Burlington-Lexington MA and it’s had H1b Indian high tech folks galore for decades. There is more and better technology in the area than silicon valley. Clintonite Neera Tanden grew up there and I speak from personal experience on the matter. Romney was once governor of H1b heavy Massachusetts, so naturally, Mike Lee wants to bring some of that prosperity and stability to *top-ranked place to live* conservative Utah.

    So let’s not make this into a race war or GOP death knell rallying cry.

    Is it any wonder there is an LDS National Security Advisor in the White House at this very moment? The position once held by zio-cons actors like Bolton and Flynn? Be aware if there are any adults left in the political room, they might just be Latter Day Saints.

      • The Race Traitor Mormons would drive by 10,000 destitute Whites to go to a “Mission” to help a family of shitskins.

      • Check out : “No Man Knows My History” by Fawn Brodie, 1945 ISBN-13: 9780679730545, paperback edition published 1995. This is a biography of Joseph Smith and a history of the religion he founded. It is a great read.

        One example of the author’s analysis: There is no original documentation left behind by Jesus or Mohammed, their works and sayings were recorded by others in holy books. Likewise in all ancient religions, the sources are from followers such as the Gospels in the New Testament and not from Jesus directly, he didn’t write the New Testament. This is not to say the Gospels or NT are false however.

        When Joseph Smith started his religion in the early 1800’s he left behind many authoritative records but they aren’t the kind people are proud of. Joseph Smith was repeatedly arrested for fraud and theft by means of deception in New England and NY State. The original arrest and court records are available today in state archives in Boston, Vermont, Rhode Island and NY. They show him constantly trying to get money by one dishonest scheme after another and getting caught. Legal records are some of the best preserved records for an historian to study.

        That is the basis for Joseph Smith’s founding of Mormonism and it isn’t a pretty picture.

        Much of the prosperity in New England comes from high tech in the Rte. 128/Rte. 495 corridors but that isn’t because of dot heads, it’s because of WWII and MIT. The U.S. Army and Navy funded research into radar in general and particularly radar that could automatically track and fire AA guns. This program was enormously successful and led to massive defense spending in the area during the Cold War.

        This was where many early computer developments were made to support the SAGE air defense network such as time sharing, linking computers, transferring data, real time processing etc. IBM was heavily involved along with AT&T, Raytheon and other defense contractors. This lead to the spinoff of companies such as Digital, Prime Computer, Wang (calculators and word processing), etc.

        The people who founded these companies and did this pioneering high tech work were mostly of old New England Yankee stock, not Mormons and certainly not Indians. As the area grew and prospered people came from all over to work in high tech.

        We don’t need third worlders to invent our technology or run our countries, they are at best interlopers. They wouldn’t be here if the politicians, particularly the Republicans weren’t such traitors selling out the nation for thirty pieces of silver.

      • “Mormons don’t have thought”:

        They do have thought when it comes to making money, lots of Mormon millionaires. They have “Silicon Slopes” (see comment below) and global surveillance data collection industry.

    • Re: “people do not understand conservative Mormon thought on war, politics, and anti-Communist tactics::

      Yes, most people do not know they are the very center of the war industry and mass surveillance and incarceration industry. LDS are hyper capitalist and militaristic. It is not by chance that the main “national security” data storage center was built in Utah.

      Calvinism is another heresy that is closely associated with the U.S. war industry, law enforcement and anti-socialism.

      • “One hundred and eighty-two years after its founding, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is certainly prospering. The Church has diversified into commercial enterprises, owning television and radio stations, universities, farms, banks and, most recently, retail. Last month, the Church opened City Creek Mall, a stunning billion-dollar downtown renovation in Salt Lake City featuring the Utah debut of Tiffany Jewelry, Michael Kors and Porches Design. This ambitious temple of high-end commerce sits adjacent to the iconic LDS Temple where sacred rituals are performed daily by the Mormon faithful. Mitt Romney and City Creek represent the culmination of a great transformation within Mormonism. As an outcast faith, early Mormons experimented with communal living and alternative marriages. This original brand of Mormonism was typified by their rugged frontier prophet and polygamist outsider Brigham Young. In 1848, Young famously declared, “’here shall be no private ownership of the streams that come out of the canyons, nor the timber that grows on the hills. These belong to the people: all the people.’ Young’s egalitarian separatism has long been superseded. The living embodiment of the 21st century saint is now the slick (…) politically malleable super-capitalist Romney who shares ‘humorous’ tales of layoffs and factory closures. Romney perfected the art of ‘creative destruction’ through leveraged buyouts and junk bond financing that enriched his investors at Bain Capital while at times devastating common workers. His critics from the 99 percent, he argues, are driven by envy. Ironically, while Romney would prefer to discuss wealth inequality in ‘quiet rooms,’ the topic consumed both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young’s sermons and writings. For a short time in the Book of Mormon, the Nephites abandoned their love of riches and established ‘Zion’ — a classless utopia that ‘had all things common among them; therefore there were not rich and poor, but they were all made free.’ The Nephite story provided the template for Smith and Young’s social experiments with communalism. They would both try repeatedly to replicate the mythic Zion. Smith repeatedly told his followers, ‘if you are not equal in earthly things you cannot be equal in obtaining heavenly things.’ Young also championed wealth redistribution, ‘We have plenty here. No person is going to starve, or suffer, if there is an equal distribution of the necessaries of life”:

    • @All Things Foretold

      >>> So let’s not make this into a race war or GOP death knell rallying cry.

      Uh, yes, let’s’ do exactly that. Republicans are traitors, literally bringing in foreign occupiers to America. Let this be their political death.

      • The Republiscum need to go. I don’t like the Democrats, but they keep their promises to their base unlike the Repugnants who break all speed records to betray their base, figuring they have no place else to go.

        The swamp is Republican. They are nothing more than controlled and false opposition to globalism. They need to go.

  7. But, bro,……Trump is 6 for something or other, and German, and like Our President. MAGA Fuck Yeah!!!!!|
    Those billion+ Indians are actually Aryans if you REALLY think about it, or something

  8. Not a single Senator rose to object to the unanimous consent motion, not one, not the Senator from Blackrock (Loeffler), and not Sen. Purdue.

    They all sided with the street shitters over Americans, then they expect Americans to re-elect them

    Stay home Jan. 5 Georgia.

  9. Yes, and these self-same Republicans want Trump out just as much as the Democrats.

    Did you ever pause to wonder why you’re in vehement agreement with a pack of traitorous Republicans?

    Nah, the Trump Derangement Syndrome shouting in your head is loud enough to drown out all thought. Pure emotion. Orange Man Baaaaaaaad! Deplorables evil stupid racists!

  10. @ dp84, somethings we agree on, somethings we dont, you seem like a decent sort at heart i apologise for some earlier remarks i made.speaking for myself in conversation i will gladly explain what i believe and why i believe it, but i would not force my faith on anyone. I believe many of our women are in degraded state at the moment, as are many men, i do not want too mistreat women period, but i do not want to be ruled over by them. One day you will meet someone and get married too, then let me know, how you like being bossed around by a woman.thank you for your response sir.

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